People Caring About People

For sustainability, first we have to return to people caring for other people. We must not assume that someone else will take care of us, not even our government. We must begin to work as a village, again. This requires starting to produce something to trade, then trading as close to home as possible. All trade needs to be done locally first, to decrease the overall carbon footprint. Due to possible inflation, we need to minimize the value of paper money, and promote trading locally in goods – derivatives of the village market. Also, we should locally produce as much as possible and give at least 10% to the local poor. Religious institutions should be more efficiently empowered to distribute the resources to the poor. A portion of all governmental open-space land should be invested in growing food for the hungry (volunteer internship programs should be introduced, so that those tending the crops can  be compensated with food) and to the creation of renewable energy production fields, dedicated to producing a free electricity resource to heat and power homes of the poor. Natural soil enhancers, such as perlite, vermiculite and biochar should be utilized and replace chemical GMO processes.  There should be no tax based on one’s income, but a FLAT tax (maybe 5%) on all revenue – equally. Corporations should not be excluded. Government should be required to run a balance budget – be patriotic – and uphold the Constitution. The defense of the country should never exceed 40% of the over-all budget – and should be audited annually – including shadow operations. The Federal Reserve, as a private institution, should be held to the same strict laws of any independent corporation, including an audit process. Federal regulation should first and foremost always address the well being of all Americans, not just the profiteers. Border laws should be stringent and efficient, such as a one year citizenship process and any undocumented worker in the country at present, must complete the citizenship process within a certain term, to remain in the country. Laws regarding suppressed technologies must be eradicated, such as the ban against the industrial crop hemp, which only contains 1% of the THC content of marijuana, and as one of the strongest natural fibers can replace many standard applications used with oil (such as plastics, building materials, etc.) and also the use of algae as a transportation fuel source, possibly to be industrially grown on our oceans (70% of the surface of the Earth) – as the fastest growing plant, it will maximize the capture of major carbons from our atmosphere and thus decrease its overall warming – algae on our oceans will create a food source for the ocean, as well. Ancient sciences that have been repressed because of profit, should be made available, such as infinite Free Energy (naturally occurring electricity from the planet’s electromagnetic field) and the promotion of water atmospheric generators, producing clean potable H2O from the water vapor in the atmosphere (55% of the atmosphere is water vapor). All products must become recyclable – every single American produces a ton of waste per year (2000 pounds) and we must begin to see that as an unlimited resource to be reused more efficiently. By using recyclable materials to make our products, we now can sustain the resources used by only requiring them once in the cycle, for multiple use. Every home should become an efficient energy producer, so that America might lead the world in renewable energy revenue – selling energy in the open world market. Accessible energy is the new boom. The ultimate goal is, whenever possible, resources should be drawn from renewable natural occurring products. Harmful scientific genetics, in the pursuit of profit, should be held accountable. In fact, all science and invention, past and present, should be reviewed and those that harm human beings and the planet, should be stopped completely. The products produced in America should get back to when it said – MADE IN THE USA – meant something. It should now begin to read: MADE NATURALLY IN THE USA. America should stand as a world leader for the core principles of our forefathers of freedom and liberty for all, which would include the health of our planet. Americans should lead the  world in sustainability and sustainability is only possible through caring.

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