the Bush cartel did this:

An initial coup d’état to win, a brother that just happens to be the govenor of the state that gives him his win, by a couple hundred votes.  Have the Supreme Court say all the votes can’t be counted.  A false flag operation in his first year.  Arab highjackers, that are on the watch list, that supposedly go 19-0 on one day in our airports.  Planes that almost do a complete u-turn from flying to California and fly 50 minutes over the eastern seaboard and no one stops them.  A steel building that is built specifically to have a 707 fly into it, with over 60 steel columns, the size of a Volkswagen, up the middle of it.  But, has steel that melts at 1500 degrees, when it takes 2500 degrees.  They say it gave way at 1500 degrees, but in the history of steel buildings not one other steel building has ever fallen because of fire – except three on 9/11.  But, then the entire building happens to fall at the speed of gravity or faster, through 1300 feet of resistance, it took 10 seconds to fall, that is free fall in a vacuum.  A civil rights grab with the Patriot Act that was 2000 pages long and was passed in the dead of night.  An unprovoked war that will take 4500 American lives and cost this country 712.5 billion dollars, and for what – oil.  A ruined foreign policy, that had the platform of: you are either with us or them – that aliened a great nation and made everyone know that our government lies.  A sanction of torture after hundreds of years of protecting human rights, or at least having the veil of justice.  And lastly a bankupt nation, that bails our Wall Street criminals because they have cut all federal regulations.

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