Income equality in selected countries
Country/Overall Rank
1. Sweden
2. Norway
8. Austria
10. Germany
17. Denmark
25. Australia
34. Italy
35. Canada
37. France
42. Switzerland
43. United Kingdom
45. Egypt
56. India
61. Japan
68. Israel
81. China
82. Russia
90. Iran
93. United States
107. Mexico
125. Brazil
133. South Africa

Note: These figures reflect family/household income, not individual income.
Source: Central Intelligence Agency (2010).

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  • Jack D

    Ask people in China, Russia, and Iran if they would rather live in the US or those countries. Just because they have a better income equality does not mean that their quality of live is better. The other countries on this list have a better… score on the income equality because most of them are closer to a socialism type of gov’t and with socialism you have a lose of liberties no matter how you slice it. The more a gov’t is involved in the lives of its citizens the less liberties those citizens have. This has been prove time and time again through out history.
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Michael Ruark  come on now, 80% of the population holds less than 20% of the wealth. That has been the down-fall of societies from the beginning of time. The ultra rich try to control the people and then the empire falls.

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  • Jack D

    And how are you going to re-distribute the wealth? The gov’t? The Gov’t and the Big Public Unions are all in this also and some of the most corrupt entities we have today though they want you to think they are there to help you in your cause. The bottom line is that too many people in this country have quit relying on themselves and have come to expect the the handout and bail out from Big Gov’t. And when people start becoming not productive then you start to see what we have today, a society that thinks everything is a right and should be given to them instead of standing on their own and working for what they want and need.
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Michael Ruark

Yeah, like the Wall Street blood suckers who want a bail out.  Is that who you are talking about?  Because it is not the everyday people, they have had most programs cut or they have had thier houses taken because thier job has been out-sou…rced to another country or thier health insurance has been whittled down to nothing because corporations would like to squeeze a penny more in profit.  Why blame the people – why not blame the white collar criminals and corporate greed.
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  • Jack D

    I blame the Gov’t because they have regulated the companies to death. And whether you want to live in reality or in some world where profit is a bad thing, companies are in business to make a profit not to supply jobs so so everyone has a j…ob. If Gov’t would get out of the way with so many regulations then you would have more companies that keep the jobs here in the USA which we all want. To completely ignore the role that Gov’t has played and is responsible for in this situation is completely fool hardy. The Gov’t has been responsible for a lot of the issues we are facing today. Are there some bad individuals in corporations? Absolutely there are! But for me this is a Gov’t created situation. I believe that a limited Gov’t is the best way to go.
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Michael Ruark

Deregulation was the reason for the $900,000,000 bailout of Wall Street.  Deregulation assumes that all people will respect Americans and our country.  Regulations keep our country from becoming all other countries.  We are supposed to be better than them and we base our government on the founding principles of all men are created equal.  To say that deregulation will cure the ills that befall our country these days is living in a dreamworld that no one has greed.  I believe America should take care of Americans, there should still be benefits to being born in this country.  Why do we pay into a system that does not care about our well being?
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  • Jack D

    The Gov’t puts out these regulates and then does nothing to protect the companies in the Global economy. If the Gov’t makes it more expensive to produce and manufacture in the US and then also sets up trade agreements that hurt American com…panies and make it impossible to compete with other products in the world economy, there is no wonder why they go overseas with their jobs. Because our Gov’t creates a situation where they have not choice if they want to stay in business. We actually agree on most things but we lay the blame on different entities. You go towards the occupied crowd and I towards the tea party crowd. So I guess we agree to disagree.
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Michael Ruark

Hey, I am not against corporate profits, I agree corporations should profit – that is the beauty of the US, but when corporations put profits before country and the welfare of thier own employees or the tax payer that they utilmately ask to pay the bill, I don’t see the justification in that.  As far as having no choice but to send jobs overseas, I believe that in alot of cases it is based upon the want of the corporation to make more profit – not because they can’t compete in a global market.  And if the global market would have America go bankrupt – then I say – screw the global market and take care of home.
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