What the World Needs Now

The world is backwards, it must be frontwards. Many things have been taken from the human beings, by a greed of such magnitude that it could only lead to the host dying. When such corruption grows unlimited then the risk becomes evident that there is no sense of survival, only an immense fear of no tomorrows. In nature, if any object gets to much of one thing, it begins to die. Greed of the vampires, never can get enough blood and can only live off the life of others. So, what must be done.

There must be reason with every action. If there is a way to improve in what we do as human beings, ways that might have been taken from our ancient knowledge – yet always still there, then we must return or move instantly forward to a balance of life harmony and the absolute most current modern technology. Reengineer all that we do, where there is an automobile that runs on gas, capture the pollution it puts out the tailpipe, where there are industrial plants pumping pollution into the atmosphere, use the pollution to grow algae. It is not impossible to use our existing power sources, without polluting the air we breath.

Carbon should be captured on an immense scale, just because we have let our planet be sucked dry of oil (blood) and our lands (body) ravaged with mines of coal, doesn’t mean we need to make our air die. Besides, why shouldn’t we use that carbon over. Why do we believe that resources are unlimited and efficiency and improvement is unprofitable. Eventually, all things must come back to a balance, it is inevitable. Improvement is inevitable. As human beings, we have given up too much already to just change our sources of power, oil is here, coal makes our country run – besides it is a good energy source. So, how do we make it clean. We begin to grow a biofuel with the carbon, so that when the oil is all gone, then we have a new energy source, and hopefully inflict an immediate change off of oil, if only for the security of our own and prudence for the future.

Also, an evolutionary paradigm of remembering who we are, we are all the chosen people – for we are the living. Water was given to us, make energy from water. Sunshine warms our day, let it be stored up for energy at night. Wind blows sometimes, capture the wind. Creation of natural energy gives us, as human beings, the process of unlimited possibilities. The opportunity to be the best chef in the world, with the food you grew in your house. The fuel you grew to run your automobile. The water you created right out of air. Taking no more than we need as human beings and doing everything we do to accomplish a greater perfection of all life. And also to grasp a much greater appreciation and awe of our blessed planet.Free human beings do not require an abandonment of our current resources, just give us back our clean air, that is what we require. And one more thing, let us have the human rights to improve life and survive in peace.

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