An Open Letter To the Illuminati

Our story begins, with a people from the Caspian Sea area, called Khazars. They decided to convert to Judaism; it was good for business. They were between the Byzantine and Arabs. They migrated into Europe. Even though they were converted Jewish, they belonged to secret societies of the occult. In Frankfurt, Germany, they changed their name to mean “Red Shield” in German. They posted the red shield outside their place of business, on this red shield they placed a hexagram, a Star of Moloch, Seal of Solomon, one of the most revered symbols in the occult.

They opened banks across Europe and ruled imperialistic endeavours from England for over a century. It wasn’t personal, it was business. Make a profit from both sides of a problem, indebt governments and then run the country. The Central Banks would control economies; so as power grows, all countries must reliquish their banking systems to them. A world order of the most powerful make the rules. Also, there must be a good propoganda machine to deliver the message that they want to get out. This country is against this country, wars are on the verge. Make wars if needed, to make profits. Make famine, if it meets the cyclical cycle.

Then, there is a country that it presented to you, it is a country that serves the Jewish people, but when the Jewish people are being murdered across Europe in millions, this country refuses to give refuse to the Jewish people. But, they are given the country. They put their red shield symbol, the hexagram, on the flag, and paint it blue instead of red. In Hebrew, they name the country, “struggles with God”. Then they work to push a world order that their war stooge carries out for them. The only goal is to control the world, there is only one option, own everything and everyone. Oh, they use Islam as their enemy “du jour”, only because of the oil resources and open banks.

Since 911 – Afghanistan, Iraq, Sudan, Libya – need their banks – got their banks. That only leaves Cuba, North Korea, and Iran, without your banks, right. But, with a little fact finding, Iran and Cuba are already gone. So now there is only the new kid in North Korea, that does not have your central bank. North and South Korea will be unified, with North Korea taking a leading role in the new political regime. In exchange, your central bank will be set up in the Korean peninsula.

I am glad I finally woke up and began to understand the real world. It is ruled by you. All this time, I never knew about you and now I do. What a family you all have become; an incredible organization. I understand the greed, somewhat, but I don’t understand the non-value of life. If I ran the world, I would educate with the truth, instead of erring on the side of the negative. It is your planet and you should, in my opinion, heal it. It would be more profitable in the end. And then you could pass on to the next world exactly as your father wished you to be, an honored King of the Jews.

I do not want to be your enemy. I am just trying to live in peace.

Michael Ruark

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