Gun Control

Note: I agree that there should be a ban on assault weapons, large magazine clips and back-ground checks should be done on everyone.

Beyond that –

The push is on for gun control, another measure to take liberty from the free. I do not advocate violence, in any manner, but others do. I realize this fact, I do not bury my head in ignorance, and assumption, that others have the same values as me. I know there is evil, I have lived with it everyday. I have no illusions to cloud my mind. There is only reason that equals good.

So, I realize that, though, they set-up false operations that never arrest all the shooters, they cannot change freedom. This country, the United States of America, a beackon of light on this planet, will not, and will ever be fully lost to the lies and corruption, you cannot take our country, even though you almost have.

We are the consumer, we buy your shit. so, it is our dollars in your pocket.

500 people killed in Chicago, 28 people killed in CT. Did they use an AR-15 in Chicago? In Chicago, only the criminals have guns. When a man comes to my house to kill my family, I hope I have the latest technology to stop him.

I do not reason with fools, I do not bargain with thieves. I understand that harm has a possibility, I do not relish with pain, I run away or I stand and fight. I have not many other options. And if I stand and fight, I better be prepared, otherwise, I am a fool. So, this myth that we should place our well-being in the hands of the corruption, is not an option.

The Patriot Act, is unpatriotic. Congress is a house of deaf ears and ill willful tongues. There is not justice in a house of corruption. First the house must be torn down, and then built up on truth and the ever-living foundation of our forefathers. The script is already written, more than centuries ago. True freedom for this country started long ago.

Let’s not forget the White House, where a nice coat of makeup is supposed to cover all. You give in to the evil, to stay alive. It is a bargain of compromise of letting people die. That is the only way of not winning for good. But, what can you do, anyway, but try. And in the end, what really did you get done to live up to the ancestory of your office. All men are eventuallly held to a standard of thier giving.

Don’t take liberty. don’t assume you understand better than us.  If you choose to change, then change on assisting the person who is not killed with a gun and then working up. Pain is in America and you talk in shock of the result you created.

Love the United States and then jail the unjust, I am totally with you, then. Do not try and fool the people, we are not easily waxed by your lies, we are not as easily corrupted, by your silver. This country is of the people, by the people, and for the people, forever. But, when it really comes down to it, it is bought by the people, your computer chips, haven’t bought a dime. You still need shoppers, we make it happen.

We are only loyal, first and foremost, to one country, the United States of America. We have no other fathers, we have no other leaders, we are Jefferson, Washinton, Franklin and Lincoln. We are the greatest country, not because of the corrupt fools trying to change it, but because of a hope of an entire planet in us. You cannot take that away.

Interesting: Maya” means a compound word, formed from “ma” which means “no” or “not,” and “ya” which means “many” or “plentiful”.  We should of known the world wouldn’t end.

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