On this day of my 50th birthday, I want to say that all is happy with my soul.

I have come a long way to arrive in this perfect place. I was lost for a number of years, finding mist in the fog. I thought I understood the mystery of life, I thought I had control of uncontrol. There were even times when I deliberately hurt another, through the transfer of my pain.

But, today, on this day, I am forgiven, I am a whole piece of the puzzle.  I finally fit.  And what have I found.  I have found that the world loves me and I love the world, I have found that a little dream as a child never fades away, I have found that there is a God, I have found that family is my heart, I have found that even the lost have vision, even the foresaken find love, that all life has energy and this energy is love and all true love is blessed by God. I have found that reason sometimes doesn’t have to speak, it only has to do. That there is synchronisity in true full faith. There is nirvana and it is being happy with your soul, you do not have time to defeat yourself, you are your best ally, you are your best friend, and in this love you can change the world, because love only comes if you feel it for all. There is no better day than today, for all of us. And the planet has feelings, we are all part of a whole.

I have found that the real world isn’t always what perception shows, there is alot that is just to slip up your mind and soul, but love can pure your mind, to realize peace. There is no power greater than us, there is not power that will not change to be pure. Because we must all get in the groove, the pain is over and now we will become something more. Improvement is a natural flow, so we either get with it or we get pulled along by it.

On this day, I know that the world is changing to peace. I know that I am at peace and I know that I love everyone and everything. And I know that if my fellow human beings, my brothers and sisters, can’t yet see it, I will show them the way. I know that I am nothing without God and life energy and I know that I am at peace with these things that are larger than me. I know that I love my life and my dreams are still alive. I know that I am on the right path of destiny, and if I veer off, I am humble enough now, to accept getting back on the right track. I am not perfect, but I will be, we will be. Because we do it everyday and accept it as common.

I know that pain doesn’t last forever and happiness never goes out. There are places in the human spirit that can never be taken away. There are laws to life, such as, energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be transformed. You are who you were all along, you’re just getting better.

Thank you, God, for such a variety life :), it has made me strong.

On this day, I am ready and content. God bless us all, God grant us all overflowing peace, God grant us all the vision of true wisdom, bring on the good change for our universe.



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