When The Wind Speaks

Oh, Israel, how I love you. Oh, Israel, how many times must you break my heart. When I was a boy I was taught that Israel was sacred, Israel was divine. But, as I am now an older man, I see clearly, I see pure. Why, oh, Israel? Why? Why must you think other humans are less than you? Why must you rip the world into pieces, to make you feel whole. Don’t you understand that a planet death is suicide. I don’t understand. I mean you have your country, you have your ancestral land, you have risen to become power. Your life is pleased. Why then do you make the world even despise you. All the world wants to do is hold you to her heart. All the world wants to love you for the land you now live. Why must you make the world feel hate, why must you end the lives of your brother neighbors. Why, oh, Israel. I was born to protect you, Israel. I was created to love you. I want to give you peace. But, why is that not enough. Why must you have the entire world, bow to your feet, only to cripple your walk, why must you want it all, but not enough. You are the size of New Jersey, you are the 153rd largest country in this world, there are so many more than you. Why must you destroy the world for your vanity, why must you believe that all life is not valued. Oh, Israel, turn from your rath, or God will persecute you. God will win. Haven’t you learned your lesson, how many times must you be chastised. Can’t we love you. Can’t you find it in your heart, to let us love you. I know all about the things they say about you, that archeology shows that there was no mass migration through the Sinai, I know that the Mount of law is in Arabia, as Paul said, I know that archeology shows no conquer in Canaan, just one of many in the land, I know that the father had two sons at his burial, that shem land in iran, that phillistines were around long, if not more, that Pharisees robbed the church, that Ephraim birthright, not Judah, that Talmud believes am animal, that cheat me, kill me is nothing, I know the protocols be forgery and yet true, I know of Gomer and Ashkenaz, the Scythians, convert of Khagan Khazaria, the kaiser role, the sea called by another name, the migration heads east, that Solomon worked demons, that calf in the desert was moloch, that flag star is moloch and solomon, that the triangles weren’t David the king, that swastika ruled long before the mustache, that Bauers changed Red Shield, that square compass rules religion, that against Law to state, that nationalism not religion, that ovens chambers millions moved away, about the kicking out of countries, that home caucasus, that indo-european rock at the foot of Aryan, that ashkanaz is rhine, that red hoard in rus, that ashke, nazi, the results of semi-dna, the old politics of immigration for the land and the sacrifice own, the fire drums for the children, the satan synagogue, the false face, the newest world of disorder, the yoke of debt that bankrupts the world, even you, the false flag waved in the ninth month of eleven day, the rule of the eagle from the end of the shore, the liberty bomb to cover the attack, the victim culture shouts to hide the silenced pain. I know all these and more. But, I do not care. I came to save the world and that includes. Go and sin no more. But, please do favor and open eyes to see that they are people, not animals. Even the animals choose to keep themselves from eating our flesh, and we are minds of human not animal. Make peace, now, I have shown you the way, as I was supposed to.

“All of Ramallah is a jungle, there are monkeys, dogs and gorillas. The problem is that the animals are locked, they can’t come out. We’re humans. They’re animals. They aren’t human, we are.” – words of a crossing guard in Israel

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