All books are stories, science is always proved wrong, eventually, because improvement and more growth will always happen. What we know today will change tomorrow. There is a solid base to being, if you have love in your heart, for yourself and all others, then you will always have that to lean on. When you are kind to others and when you give of yourself to others, then you become your true self, your best self. If you destroy, then you are destroyed. If you lift up, then you rise. There are not any words involved, you either do it or you don’t, history will be your judge. People speak of how great they have become and they live in a blindness of thinking the job was complete. Actions are the only history, not words. When I read of accomplishment, I only believe of what I see. There is not impression of one’s ideas, unless they are strong enough to put them into action. A hypocrite, a liar, a warmonger, will always have their lies that torment their souls. Evil even has a price, no one gets to go free. Power has always come with the question of an acceptance of death, even one’s own. There is no thing as collateral damage, it is all planned. Evil wants people to be killed, so we know that. So, basically, when faced with evil, good must defend itself. There is only peace with equal force. Even in nature every living creature has the right to defend itself. I am no predator, nor prey. I live my life free and at peace, I will defend myself to the fullest, and I am willing to be as mean as I have to be. There is a mechanism in one’s brain that just trips, you fight or die. When you win, you live. I do not blame the bass for eating the fry, it is his way. I blame the fry for not swimming faster. That must be in their nature. Fight or evade. Evade if there is a retreat, attack if there is none. If we both chose to live in this world, you got to know not to mess with me, or you know you can’t catch me. We have peace. Things certainly die, but it is all life’s responsibility to live as long as possible. No one rules the world and no one should.  We all succeed and fail. If there was some dark plan by the elite, it must be very old, because great society refuses to give up. The elite try to manage history, but history has a heart. It is the people the customer that has the rights, elitism creates the problem, provides the answer and implements great societal change in restraining individual rights, through nationalistic fervor. It is the oldest book in the chain, blame the other guy, tell the people they are being attacked and should be afraid, they get scared and say protect us, then take over. History has been full of lies and deceit, stories put in books to bring propaganda to our children. History is written by the victors, not always the truth. Power is

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