So, the worship of your mother, or all mothers, or the mother concept, the beginning of all life – was forbidden. It was called evil, because man wanted control of religion. Religion was erased of influential women. Women were portrayed as prostitutes. A man was inserted as the intermediary between God and other men and women.

So, all men and women are created in the image of God, but it became forbidden to say you are at least part of God. The church taught man was not God. But, as I understand it, if we are in the image of God, that means we are God. God was never meant to be understood by a human, God is all. So, I am God, you are God, we are God. God is the universe and an atom. We are God. That was forbidden, because God was what the man told us it was.

I have seen evil in pagans and in the religious; I have seen good in the religious and the pagan. I do not judge either except for evil actions. I am not bound by old religious zeal; I am not bound by rigid science. I do not have to carry the weight of good and evil, I have decided years ago; these attitudes have become who I am. I will shed your timid rhymes.

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