The History of Ireland

Prior to the arrival of sons of King Milesius the mythological tribes in Ireland were said to include the the Fomorians (Fomhóire), the Partholonians, the Nemedians, the Fir Bolgs and the Tuatha de Danann. Stories of these people are among the more prominent among the pre-historical accounts of ancient Hibernia (Eire, Ireland).

From Geoffrey Keating’s Foras Feasa ar Éirinn (The History of Ireland) comes the following paragraph:

“The Book of Invasions states that it was, three hundred years after the Deluge that Parthalon came, and that his descendants remained in possession of Ireland three hundred years, and that Ireland remained a waste for thirty years, till the descendants of Neimhidh arrived there, and that these descendants ruled Ireland two hundred and seventeen years, and that the Firbolg held the sovereignty thirty-six years, and the Tuatha Dé Danann two hundred years less by three; and, adding all these together, they make a total of one thousand and eighty years from the Deluge to the coming of the sons of Milidh (Milesians) to Ireland.”

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  1. I too am fond of this history, but on a much larger scale than merely european scholastics or according to european theologist.

    The truth is, “The Book of Invasions” is the Anglicized usage of translation and thus lacks much weight. The very word Geb is the same as Gab according to european etymology. And, knowing this takes us true seekers on a much deeper path then just accepting what we are told as truth. Truth, according to who? Who declared it was true? I am sure it was some european esoteric scholar and not someone with a genuine interest in “real” historical facts. So with that said, allow me to share some genuine knowledge on the subject.
    Both Gabriel and Gebriel are one of the same. In Europe it’s one way, and in ancient Kemet it’s another. Geb/Gab represents the otherworld aka underworld. So, the very prefix of Lebor Gabála actually had it’s origins prior to any biblical references. In addition, the second compounded word is “bal” as in the Bull deity of European mythology. You see words like Kabalah and Qabalah are the same and also have their origin within the Bantu Tribe of both West and East Africa. For example, the Igbo tribe which is part of West Africa’s Bantu people’s refer to Kabalah as Kwubaala and have thousands of years prior to the Bi-ble or any reference similar to the Bi-ble. I hyphenated Bible because it’s very important that people innerstand what it truly represents. If Bi weekly means getting paid twice a week, and Bi-sexual means having a sexual interest in 2 people, then Bi-ble is obviously speaking of 2 Bulls or 2 Bowls. The Red Bull drink displays 2 Bulls with Lugh (Lucifer, Lucas, Luke ect).

    Now, please excuse my wanderings, back to the point, although it all relates. Partholon Is Bartholin/Bartholon as in Bartholomew one would think and it could be. However, it could also be Fartholon (Fhartholon/Phartholon) or the letter “h” could be a silent letter or it could also be swapped for the letter “J” as it is in Latin and Spanish among other’s. Next, the Firbolgs were black (Swarthy) little people and their actual name is TWA as in Batwa and yes they too relate to the Bantu Tribe.

    Moving on, we come to the Formorians, who the Irish Annals claim were “Swarthy” and ugly and came from the sea. Swarthy is a Germanic word and means the same as the Irish word ‘Dubh’ which also means Black. Interestingly enough, another word that means black, is ‘Nigredo’ which is used by esoteric type folks who practice magik/magic commonly known as Alchemy (Alkhemy/Alkemy, which also had it’s origins in Khemet/Kemet as well. Lastly, the Formorians have something of the utmost importance right in their names. Maur’s or Moor’s are also known to be Berbers of ancient Libya at the uppermost region of Africa. These same Formorians (Moor’s) are found throughout the world and we’re even in the Americas prior to the East and West Indies slave trade that Europeans definitely had a part in. If one simply looks a the Olmec spheres that were discovered by ancient explorers in South It’s undeniable these people were there. Oh yes, two more big facts that are enormous! .First, St. Patrick did not remove any snakes from Ireland because there are and we’re not any sort of slithering creatures in Ireland. However, there were the people who worshipped the snake and prior to the Scandinavian people’s and the Celts (Skitian’s/Scythian’s/Gæls)and yes these people were also Swarthy folks known as the Firbolgs. You see, the Firbolgs were little people (half-sized), like that of the Leprechaun who also wore the snake on their head wear because of their ancestors were/are.

    Even the word Galicians/Galatians/Galajian/Galazians may actually be related to an Africa people’s who very much so did reside in Ireland, England, Scotland the Hebrides and much of the rest of Europe including America (Amorica). Their images can be viewed standing alongside Washington and other presidents as free men.

    Lucky for humanity, the sleeping giants are beginning to awaken from their slumbers. They realize they have been lied to on a massive scale about everything in history and especially that of the Celts. It’s not a coincidence that white supremacy dominates the world when they are writing the history books, “killing in the name of,” or naming everything throughout Europe. Conversely though, their downfall will be their symbolism.

    It’s just too blatantly obvious what’s taking place when the Department of Transportation logo in A-Mor-ica (America) has the same Triskelion, Triquetra, sym-bol as the Isle of Manx has on it’s flag…

    Enough with regurgitating bs. Please be genuine. The world already knows who the real Jewish people are and they are not ‘Ash’-‘ke’-nazi…Again, it’s the same people who have had their cultural identities, history and spiritual practices taken, plagerized and rewritten.

    What good is sharing information if it’s incorrect? If it’s not genuine and honest then it’s not worth telling…

    1. Shane, you are a very interesting person and I am honored to have you comment on this site. I truly enjoy your insight and I am trying to learn as much and as fast as possible, I can assure you. I will continue to strive to only share the truth. Thank you.

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