Money to the People

Raising the minimum wage in America is a good thing for small business, the American economy, the citizens and the government. If you put more money into the market – on the street, in the stores – that is spent by John Q. Public, then you not only raise small business, by giving them a chance of competing against big lot stores – because people can then choose and its not all about price, but you also create a greater federal and state sales tax base. Put the money into the spenders hand. As far as companies moving out of America to do business, because they can’t afford to pay the American worker, that usually applies to big businesses, not small businesses. If Citizens United is such a great idea, like the conservatives say, then why shouldn’t we demand companies be patriotic and support America and American jobs. American companies can make money by staying in America. Profits are not more valuable than our country. Also, Americans can do a better job than China, the Chinese copy us, we live in a free country, we are a unique work-force. And if there is any self preservation left in our government then they should increase their investment in the creation of small business and the American worker. Otherwise, government becomes irrelevant. Trade and exchange becomes local – this for that, no money, just trade. In the end, the only power we have is how we spend our money, and how much money we can make – not in what political actor we are suppose to vote for. The countries of Andorra, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Monaco, Netherlands, New Zealand, San Marino and the United Kingdom, all have higher minimum wages than the US. The US federal minimum wage is $7.25 per hour. That leaves workers with take-home pay of $6.26 per hour. Try to live on 6 bucks an hour. The United States is better than that.

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