Peace Plan – Author Comments

It matters not that history has been changed to suit the victor. That is the world we live in. The books have been written, through the prophets of time. Right changed to wrong and wrong changed to write. The victor told the story of defeat, to set up the next battle and war. History has a way of washing out the truth, soon all in this world will be known. To achieve a higher goal, we must be wise from the past and brave for the future. We have no limits to our evolution, we have no pier, we are the beginning of time.

If all the world has been taught one version of history, then you save that world. What has been done has been done, thou shall not kill was ignored. Thou shall not change the Partition Plan of 1948, it makes three countries real. An independent Jewish State, Israel; an independent Palestinian State, Palestine; and an independent country, Jerusalem. These are the plans for the former Palestine, which was held by Britain, and before that was held by Muslims for 1500 years. These are the mandates for peace in the Levant, there is no other plan than this, the UN will not accept it.

So, it matters not who won or who lost, how we got here through all the change. It does not matter, it only matters that we save this world. It only matters that we achieve the loftiest of goals of peace in Palestine. Brother, when an offer is set on the table to increase yourself by 147%, then you should take it. Or you should know that you are your own worst enemy. The world is not persecuting you, you are persecuting yourself. Do not fight ghosts. We live in today. Brother, when an offer is set on the table to do trade and have true peace with one of the most prosperous countries in the world, and one of the most dangerous countries in the world, you accept fair peace from this day forward. If you do not accept peace, then it is not another destroying you, but you being manipulated into destroying yourself. Furthermore, religious sites should not only be for one religion. Let me as a Jew go to Mecca and circle seven times, let me as a Muslim go and pray in the Third Temple. Let the Roman go to worship in the Temple of Jupiter on Mount Moriah. Freedom of worship to all. The Holy reviles violence. If you want to go against being positive, then make war.

Would you religious people please do what you know is right? Would you just accept the fact that you are supposed to have peace with your fellow human beings? Would your actions just show that you love your planet and all life?

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