Wadd was the Minaean moon-god. Snakes were associated with him. An altar dedicated to him was erected by Minaeans living on the Greek island of Delos. The altar contains two inscriptions, one of which is in Minaean language and the other in Greek. Minaean inscription on the altar begins with symobols of three Minaean god one of which is of Wadd whose symbol is a snake. The Minaean text text on the altar reads, “Hāni’ and Zayd’il [of the lineage] of Hab erected the altar of Wadd and of the deities of Ma’in at Delos.” The Greek inscription reads, “[Property] of Oaddos, god of the Minaeans. To Oaddos.” He was also worshipped by Minaean colonists in Dedan (modern-day Al-`Ula) during the Lihyanite rule. A temple of Wadd evidently existed in Dedan. There is evidence from Minaean inscriptions of the presence of Levites in the temple of Wadd who according to some scholars were either as priests or cult servants who could later be promoted to higher positions.

The Banu Kalb tribe worshipped Wadd in the form of a man and is said to have represented heaven.

He is mentioned in the Qur’an (71:23) as a deity of the time of the Prophet Noah.

And they say: By no means leave your gods, nor leave Wadd, nor Suwa’; nor Yaghuth, and Ya’uq and Nasr. (Qur’an 71:23)

The Temple dedicated to Wadd was demolished on the orders of Muhammad, and those who resisted the demolition were killed, in the Expedition of Khalid ibn al-Walid (2nd Dumatul Jandal).

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