WikiLeaks Leaked Clinton Email Reveals Election Truth

They always wanted Trump.

So we bring you this leaked Hillary Clinton email that is incredibly revealing and basically tells you exactly what’s going wrong right now in America.

Hillary Clinton and her team wanted Donald Trump to be the candidate. They wanted this because it was her only chance of winning. If you haven’t kept up with the polls and the electoral college prospects, rest assured, that strategy is working great.

Now, you may say “well Fred, just because they wanted him doesn’t mean they are why we got him,” but you would be wrong. At least, if you accept the proposition made by Trump, his supporters, and every Republican for the last million years, which is that the Dems control the press.

Follow along here: Dems control the MSM. Dems want Trump to win primary. Dems instruct press to take him seriously so he will get elected (you will note this is part of the strategy outline above.) Dems vote in primary. Trump wins primary. Hillary is winning election.

Status: Achievement unlocked.

This is what they planned, and with the media’s help, it’s what they got. And frankly, after watching Trump’s behavior, and in light of his destruction of the Republican party at all levels, they are not only getting a bargain but it’s not even slightly hard to imagine his complicity.

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