Only A Three-State Solution!

They can say what they will, but there will only be a three-state solution.

The legitimacy of Israel was created by the UN in 1948, because there would be three states: a Jewish State, a Palestinian State and an independent State of Jerusalem.

There are no other choices.

All of the West Bank is Palestinian territory, Israel can wrap it up in bows and say it will be a one-state solution, but that state will be apartheid. The Palestinians have no equal rights in Israel and they never will.

Until Israel acknowledges that the West Bank and Gaza are free, independent countries, then the legitimacy of Israel will always be in question.

Netanyahu jeopardizes the welfare of a proud country, Israel. He does not represent the well-being of the Jewish people, until he recognizes that the Palestinians are not slaves. They are not subject to the whims of Israel. The Palestinians are free and the world community will never recognize a one-state solution.

A one-state solution is a complete an utter lie.

Furthermore, Trump knows about as much on this subject as he knows about women’s rights. Trump has no standing on the rights of the Palestinians.

The world demands a free Palestine, plain and simple.

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