Michael (“Who is like God” or “Who is as God.”) – an angel who is a warrior, protector, healer, and guardian. Originally a Chaldean divinity, in Christian, Jewish, and Islamic writings, he is the greatest of all angels, and is sometimes identified with Metatron. His mystical name is Sabathiel and in Islamic writings he is called Mika’il. In the Avesta he is “the deliverer of the faithful,” Saosyhant the Redeemer. And the Muslims describe Michael as having emerald green wings and being covered with saffron hairs that each contain a million faces and mouths, which ask Allah, in a million dialects, to pardon the sins of the faithful. He has also been labeled as the Holy Ghost, Logos, and God.

Michael is the ruling prince of the Fourth Heaven, Chief of the Virtues, Chief of the Archangels, Prince Regent of the Seraphim, Prince of the Divine Presence, Angel of Repentance, Mercy, Righteousness, and Sanctification. In the Avesta (a sacred scripture), he is called Saosyhant, the Redeemer of the Faithful. He is the angel of rectitude and compassion, and the Guardian Angel of Israel and Germany. He is also the Prince of Light, Guardian of Peace, Commander-in-chief of the Heavenly Hosts, Guardian Angel of the Catholic Church, Angel of the Earth, and Prince of God. Another of his roles is to serve as the divine arch-strategist who protects Heaven from the legions of evil. He is a benevolent angel of death through whom it is possible to receive God’s forgiveness and eternal life. He is also the patron of firefighters, policemen, sailors, soldiers, and shopkeepers, and the Persian Beshter, “he who provides sustenance for mankind.”

Michael will be one of the angels, along with Dokiel, Zehanpurya and others, who weighs men’s souls on Judgment Day. He is also the symbol of perfect divine justice who holds all of the keys of Heaven. He is both incorrupt and incorruptible. He is perfect and pure and there is no blemish upon him. And it is written that the Cherubim were created from the tears that he shed over the sins of the faithful.

He is the regent of the Sun, Leo, Sunday, and the cabalistic ruler of the eighth sephira and the planet Mercury, and is also said to have written Psalm 85, which is read to invoke him. As chief of the archangels and virtues, a prince of the presence, and the angel of repentance, righteousness, mercy, and salvation, he can help us to stand strong in the face of adversity, resolve our personal negativities, and to find strength when we are alone or feeling like outsiders. He is associated with the element of fire, which symbolizes the burning away of what is transient so that only the pure and essential light may shine forth. He is an angel who grants miracles and fosters mercy, repentance, truth, love sanctification, blessings, immortality, and patience. And, Christians invoke him as St. Michael, “the benevolent angel of death,” seeking deliverance and immortality, and to lead the souls of the faithful to their heavenly abode.

To call on him for assistance, burn a red apple with laurel leaves while reading Psalm 85 on a Tuesday during a waxing moon. Place the ashes into a small red bag and carry them with you until your desire manifests. Then, throw the ashes outside your home for protection.

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