Alpha and Omega

Revelation 22:13 – I am the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End.

Christ and God are the Alpha and the Omega, the first and the last.

The story of the Sun as it travels its path through the zodiac signs.

In ancient times, the Precessional cycle of the equinoxes was in the age of Taurus, the Bull, the year began in the sign of Taurus, which was the First house, and the year ended in the sign of aries, the Ram or lamb of god, which was the last house. One cannot possibly understand the implications of this passage without referring to visual symbols, images and pictographs to portray the words full meaning.

The first letter of the Greek alpha-bet is the Alpha or Hebrew Aleph which is the known as the “Most High,” (which is the term used for god in abrahamic theology) and is the symbol and pictograph of the Taurus Bull. The last letter of the alphabet is Omega which is the pictograph and symbol of the Aries, the Ram/lamb (which is the symbol for Christ).

Every opening in the human brain, through which the elements of life constantly flow, has a unique name. Those openings, in the medical dictionary are called ForAmen.

For the life within you that flows in harmony with the universal power of electromagnetism is the power of light. The power of the Sun. The light which brings Life to this world, which brings the fertility of the earth and causes crops to grow, the grain to ripen and turns water in the grapes to wine at the end of the harvest.

Aside from originating from the ancient Egyptian (Khemetian) sun god, Amun/Amin/ Amen Ra, meaning “the hidden God” and thus, the phrase “Amen”- in esotericism, means “Let it remain hidden/secret.” The very word itself, when broken down via phonics (from Phoenician) et means:

A- as in to Neutralize something…. (example: “Asexual, or Amorphous”) and -MEN stemming from the Proto-Indo-Eurpoean root *MEN- “think” (see MIND). MIND/MOON etymology:

So, Men/ Mens/ ment/ mind/ mentis/ mensis/ menses/ menstrual, also all have their original roots in Egyptian theology, all coming from MIN (mind), the ancient MOON GOD, which relates to our MIN-D, as well as THOTH (hence the word THOUGHT) who was ALSO an ancient egyptian moon god/ the scribe who scribbles down the thoughts on the papyrus/paper!! So of course these words and theological terms always have roots in ancient solar and lunar calculation, which in turn, stems from the MOTHER OF ALL SCIENCES, which is ASTRO-THEOLOGY (the study of the stars and heavens as the ultimate study of Gods heavenly abode, our natural world and kingdom).


“IAH ( EGYPTIAN: JˁḤ, TRANSLITERATED AS YAH, JAH, JAH(W), JOH OR AAH ) IS A LUNAR DEITY IN ANCIENT EGYPTIAN RELIGION. HIS NAME SIMPLY MEANS “MOON”. By the New Kingdom, he was less prominent than other gods with lunar connections, Thoth and Khonsu. As a result of the functional connection between them he could be identified with either of those deities.”


(/ˌhælᵻˈluːjə/ hal-ə-loo-yə) is an English interjection. It is a transliteration of the Hebrew word הַלְּלוּיָהּ (Modern halleluya, Tiberian halləlûyāh), which is composed of two elements: הַלְּלוּ (second-person imperative masculine plural form of the Hebrew verb hallal: an exhortation to “praise” addressed to several people and יָהּ (THE NAMES OF GOD JAH OR YAH)!

Most well-known English versions of the Hebrew Bible translate the Hebrew “Hallelujah” (as at Psalm 150:1) as two Hebrew words, generally rendered as “PRAISE (YAH)” AND “THE LORD”, but the second word is given as “YAH” in the Lexham English Bible and Young’s Literal Translation, “Jah”, but in the New World Translation, “JEHOVAH” in the American Standard Version,

“Asherah is identified as the consort of the Sumerian god Anu, and Ugaritic El, the oldest deities of their respective pantheons, as well as Yahweh, the god of Israel and Judah. This role gave her a similarly high rank in the Ugaritic pantheon. The name Dione (DIANA, roman moon goddess), which like ‘Elat means “Goddess”, is clearly associated with Asherah in the Phoenician History of Sanchuniathon, because the same common epithet (‘Elat) of “the Goddess par excellence” was used to describe her at Ugarit. Her other main divine epithet was “qaniyatu ʾilhm” (Ugaritic: 𐎖𐎐𐎊𐎚 𐎛𐎍𐎎 : qnyt ʾlm) which may be translated as “THE CREATRIX OF THE GODS (ELOHIM)”. She is also called Elat (Ugaritic: 𐎛𐎍𐎚 : ilt) (“Goddess”, the feminine form of EL; COMPARE ALLAT (ALLAH, ALYAH)

“Allah (/ˈælə, ˈɑːlə, əlˈlɑ Arabic: الله‎, translit. Allāh‎, pronounced [ɑɫ’ɫɑh] is the Arabic word referring to God in Abrahamic religions. The word is thought to be derived by contraction from al-ilāh, which means “the god”, and is related to El and Elohim, the Hebrew words for God. Which we will explore later on towards the end of this article.

The word Allah has been used by Arabs of different religions since pre-Islamic times. More specifically, it has been used as a term to refer to God by Muslims (both Arab and non-Arab) and Arab Christians. It is now mainly used by Muslims and Arab Christians to refer to God.”

“In Mesopotamia the Sumerian god Nanna, named Sin by the Akkadians, was worshipped in particular in Ur, where he was the chief god of the city, and also in the city of Harran in Syria, which had close religious links with Ur. The Ugaritic texts have shown that there a moon deity was worshipped under the name yrh (YUR, YEAR, YAH!) On the monuments the god is represented by the symbol of the crescent moon. At Hazor in Palestine, a small Canaanite shrine of the late Bronze Age was discovered which contained a basalt stele DEPICTING TWO HANDS LIFTED AS IF IN PRAYER TO A CRESCENT MOON, (coming from the egyptian KA, linked with Egyptian and extending to the paleo hebrew letter HEH, or HEY, reversed is YEH/YAH, ) indicating that the shrine was dedicated to the Moon god. ”

EAST, as VENUS (fertility, beauty, love, sex) is the EASTERN STAR (EAST STAR/ ISHTAR, EOSTRE, OESTRUS) of abrahamic and ancient Mesopotamian religion (see my full video on that here as well as the fertility symbol of the black Yoni stone as a masonic CORNERSTONE. Latin: vagina ” sheath of an ear of grain, hull, husk,(CORNHUSK)” The masonic CORNerstone ceremony is ultimately derived from agricultural fertility of Phoenician (syrian) SATURN EL who I will fully explain at the end of the article, the agricultural God of the Levant, whose symbol is the BLACK CUBE, the cube or hexagram (star of David) on the north pole of SATURN which is a storm that rotates COUNTER CLOCKWISE AROUND THE KAABA ON ITS POLE, WHICH IS EXACTLY WHY MUSLIMS “TURN” COUNTER CLOCKWISE AROUND THE KAABA “BLACK CUBE” 7 TIMES!

the prophet Muhammed rode the WHITE WINGED STEED named Buraq which means “Lighting” (white lightning) and ASCENDS TO THE “7 HEAVENS,” and at the final or “7th heaven,” he communes with Allah.

This is very obvious because Al Buraq is IDENTICAL to the Geek Pegasus, also a WHITE WINGED STEED WHOSE NAME ALSO MEANS “LIGHTNING (white lightning!)” A proposed etymology of the name is Luwian pihassas, meaning “lightning”, and Pihassassi, a local Luwian-Hittite name in southern Cilicia of a weather god represented with thunder and lightning. It was said that Pegasus carried thunderbolts for Zeus.

EXACT SAME as the SEVEN heavens or celestial spheres as in ancient alchemical mystery school teachings and the very same origins of the SEVEN LEVELS OF THE SUMERIAN AND BABYLONIAN ZIGGURATS DEDICATED TO The 7 celestial spheres, the SEVEN planets visible to the naked eye, of which SATURN EL is the “most high” or 7TH HEAVEN because he is the LAST PLANET or celestial sphere visible to the naked eye!


the ascension to the “Most High” or 7th Heaven is a DIRECT allegory of the ascension of the Kundalini up the seven chakras or central nervous ganglia of the spine and the 7th being the CROWN OF THE HEAD (HEAVEN!)

Three pillars stand inside the Kaaba, with a small altar or table set between one and the other two. THIS IS THE EXACT SAME LAYOUT OF THE FREEMASONIC TEMPLE ALTAR. Three pillars, two of which separated by the altar. Just as the THREE PILLARS OF THE JEWISH KAABA ALLAH (BLACK CUBE “GOD!”) AND THE JEWISH BLACK TEFILLIN CUBE!

Kabbalah is a set of esoteric teachings meant to explain the relationship between an unchanging, eternal, and mysterious Ein Sof (infinity) and the mortal and finite yoniverse (God’s creation). Cabal comes from cabbala “tradition of mystical interpretation of the Old Testament,cabal (n.) LATER “SECRET SOCIETY, SMALL GROUP MEETING PRIVATELY”

“The four corners of the Kaaba roughly point toward the FOUR CARDINAL DIRECTIONS OF THE COMPASS. (ZODIAC WHEEL!) Its major (long) axis IS ALIGNED WITH THE RISING OF THE STAR CANOPUS toward which its southern wall is directed, while its minor axis (its east-west facades) ROUGHLY ALIGN WITH THE SUNRISE OF SUMMER SOLSTICE AND THE SUNSET OF WINTER SOLSTICE!! just like every other religion in the world, has all its major SIGNificant dates, signs and holidays, and temples aligned with the zodiacal axis and the sun rising in the EAST ON THE SPRING EQUINOX and setting in the WEST on the fall equinox, and the summer solstice SUNRISE and the WINTER SOLSTICE SUNSET!” NOW WHY?? I THOUGHT IT WASNT ABOUT ASTROTHEOLOGY OR ASTRONOMY??

” Prior to the spread of Islam throughout the Arabian Peninsula, the Kaaba was a holy site for the various Bedouin tribes of the area. Once every lunar year, the Bedouin tribes would make a pilgrimage to Mecca. Setting aside any tribal feuds, they would worship their “pagan” gods in the Kaaba and trade with each other in the city. Islam would later adopt the established traditions of the Bedouin tribes, such as encouragement of trade during the Hajj, but replacing the worship of their pagan (celestial nature) gods with Allah.”

“It was common to venerate some one by giving them the name of their Elohim as YAH-SHUA and Eli-YAH. Likewise, the Greek world would name their sons after the name of their deity Zeus. As Zeus’s two sons were named after him, Dionyssus and Perseus. Others who were named after Zeus were; Odysseus [Ulysses] and the deity of healing Iesusus, was also identified as Iasus Christ in the Greek, phonetic Iesus [Jesus].”

Horus: the only begotten Sun (son) of God, aka the only Sun in the sky, whos uncle Set, betrays the only Sun of God and has him executed, which gives us SUNSET, but the Sun is then Risen again and gives us such words as Horizon= Horus is Risen, and in Spanish: Horas, or in English:Hours, “what Hora is it?? where is Horus in the sky!?” THE SUN OF GOD!! the Light of the world…. OUR ONLY LORD AND SAVIOR FROM DARKNESS of NIGHTTIME AND THE BITTER DEATH OF THE WINTER SEASON! THE SUN!


THE CHARACTERS ARENT LITERAL, THEY ARE LITERARY, ALLEGORICAL, METAPHORICAL, thats why we refer to them as Biblical CHARACTERS, just like ACTORS in a PLAY, just as letters and ancient pictographs are known as CHARACTERS, which are SYMBOLS that portray a STORY!! THE STORIES OF RELIGION ARE ONLY THERE TO TEACH US ABOUT NATURE, TO PASS DOWN THE WISDOM OF THE AGES THROUGH STORY TELLING, SO THAT IF THE BOOKS AND TEXTS GET DESTROYED BY ROME, THE WISDOM WILL LIVE ON TRHOUGH OUR CHILDREN, WHETHER THE CODED WISDOM HIDDEN WITHIN THE STORY IS APPARENT TO THE TELLER OR NOT! But the controllers of the world want us to THINK its LITERAL rather than LITERARY, so we OBEY and go out CRUSADING AND KILLING EACH OTHER OVER STORIES while they sit back and profit from our labor and procreate with our wives while we’re out at war, while they laugh at how stupid we are!! ROMAN EMPIRE: DIVIDE AND CONQUER! RULE THE WORLD!

Again just as Horus and Jesus, the story of the SUN of God, as it travels through the Zodiac, who is said to be “crucified” and rises again on the 3rd day, which is actually Dec 25 of the winter solstice when the Sun is Born on the Ecliptic. His day is known as the Holy Day: Sunday, SUNS DAY! The 12 disciples are the 12 signs of the ZODIAC! The Cross is the Southern Cross constellation seen on the Ecliptic.

One major obstacle that faced Alexander and the church was the fact that Jesus, who their entire religion was based on was physically the same as the Islamics that they were fighting against. He was represented in all paintings, carvings and sculptures as the dark skinned man of Middle Eastern origin that he was. Nazareth certainly was in the Middle Eastern area that later came under the influence of Islam. How could they possibly convince their constituency of the wickedness of the enemy when their own messiah looked like them? Although the original Christians were certainly Middle Eastern people of color, by the time Alexander ascended to the papacy, Europeans had long taken control of the church.

Pope Alexander VI’s solution was to have every image of the real Jesus destroyed and literally had the Vatican gutted and redone. He commissioned Leonardo Di Vinci to recast Jesus in the image of his son Cesare Borgia with the express intent of passing off historical Jesus as European in appearance. To this day, there are armed guards stationed around the clock at the entrances of the catacombs to keep anyone from viewing the original wall carvings of Jesus in his legitimate ethnic representation.

Hare Krishna’s Nativity Story is the same as Jesus and it happened a long time before. How many of us have heard the story of the Nativity of Hare Krishna? In that story the wicked king Kansa has the same fear of the birth of the child as did Herod, and kills the children. Little Hare Krishna was taken away by Vasudeva to hide from Kansa. As Vasudeva carried the child, Lord Sesa in the shape of a serpent spread his hood over them to protect them from the storm.
King Kansa And King Herod Two Kings With The Same Problem-Two kings who are afraid that the child God would overthrow them forcing the child to be taken away to hide.

A third king with the same problem. Cronus (Time) intercourse’s with Rhea. As she is about to give birth, Cronus fears that one of the children will try to overthrow him, so he devours each one. Rhea protects Zeus. When Zeus is born, she wraps a stone in swaddling clothes and Cronus swallows that. Zeus is then taken away to Crete and placed in hiding until the threat is gone.

Zeus grew up and overthrew Cronus/ Saturn. Jesus grew up and overthrew Satan. Krishna grew up and killed Kansa/Satan.

Everybody grew up to overthrow Satan. By the way, Cronus is Saturn or Satan, CHRONOLOGY, FATHER TIME, THE GOD OF TIME. This is why the Roman Catholic Church imposed their Gregorian Calendar of Anno Domini, to disrupt the TRUE CYCLICAL 13 MOON CALENDAR aligned with the Universal Laws of Nature/God, because they worship Satan/ false time against Nature!

The poison makers didn’t want the people to see the power / significance in the number 13 (12 + 1) so they attempted to kill the number 13, knowing that it was the geometry of God …. Christ had 12 ‘apostles’ plus their Magdalene consorts, out to the 144,000 ‘masters of light’ …. In the human body we have 1 pineal gland in the centre of 12 sets of cranial nerves, that go out to the 144,000 nerve endings … 12 + the One = 13….. We each become ‘the 13th’ by being in a specific pattern of family that Yeshua demonstrated and as in many other examples nature shows us, the 13 Native American Indian tribes in the League of Nations, the 13 colonies in the beginning of USA, THE LUCKY 13, the 13 symbolism of the US dollar bill, the 13 Solar planets, the 13 Archimedean polygons, The 13 Astrological personality natures, 28 day moonth x 13 = 364 days…3+6+4=13, 13 x roughly 2,000 year periods cycles ‘ages’ = 26,000 years around the galactic center. In geometry, in order to stabilise any physical system, it takes what’s called ’12 degrees of freedom’ – imagine the system/ structure/ wheel we want to be stabilised, by utilizing the 12 spokes (houses of the zodiac, the 12 disciples, the 12 tribes of Is Ra and El) and the 13th warrior, The Christ at the center, just as depicted in Da Vinci’s Last Supper painting, with the ONE surrounded by the 12.

Female veneration in religion and the origins of god being a female predate the origins of god being a male. And I can PROVE THAT OBJECTIVELY. And NO, IM NOT A FEMINIST! But i DO LOVE WOMEN! The Very origins of the word god, PIE Gheu “to call, invoke” QUOTE: “ORIGINALLY A NEUTER NOUN IN GERMANIC, THE GENDER SHIFTED TO MASCULINE AFTER THE COMING OF CHRISTIANITY,” shares the very same root etymology as GAP, GAPE, YAWN, YONI, CHAOS and CUNT via proto indo european “gheu” “HOLLOW PLACE” with “GAPING VOID, DARK WATERY ABYSS, THAT WHICH GAPES WIDE OPEN, IS VAST AND EMPTY,” from PIE root *gheu- “to gape, yawn”
Yawn: from yenen, yonen (YONI), “open the mouth wide, yawn, gape,” (source also of Old Norse GINA “to yawn,”
gyne (VAGINA) “woman, female,” from PIE root *gwen- “woman” root of queen and Greek gyne “woman.

(Luke 22:10), the Age of Pisces ends when the 12 followers asked the apostle Jesus, “Where are we to go when you leave this world?”
Jesus tells his apostles, “Go into the city. You will see a man carrying a pitcher of water. Go into the house of the man with the water pitcher.
The symbol for the Age of Aquarius is of a man carrying a pitcher of water.
The last supper was in the Age of Pisces, the two fish and now we are going to go into #AQUARIUS the house of the man with the water pitcher, the next 2,000 year coming which is called the “Kingdom of God.”

The symbol for christianity is PISCES THE FISH!! The Zodiacal sign of Pisces is “I BELIEVE”. We are now in the age of AQUARIUS, which is SPIRITUAL and the sign of “I KNOW.” The last age of 2,000 years of ingore-ance and blindly BELIEVING has now finally given way to the age of SPIRITUAL KNOWING!

John M. Allegro proved through the science of etymology, The names of Jesus, James, John, Peter, Moses and many others in the bible and many terms and descriptions in the bible were synonyms, puns, and other literary devices for the hidden identity of the sacred mushroom, Amanita Muscaria.

This inner treasure of life has had many names. Plato refers to it as the Good and the Beautiful, Aristotle as Being, Plotinus as the Infinite, St. Bernard of Clairvaux as the Word, Ralph Waldo Emerson as the Oversoul. In Taoism it is called the Tao, in Judaism, Ein Sof. Among Australian aborigines it is called the dreamtime, among tribes of southern Africa Hunhu/Ubuntu. The names may differ, BUT THE INNER REALITY THEY POINT TO IS ONE AND THE SAME.
In every case, it’s understood that this inner, transcendental reality can be directly experienced. This experience has likewise been given different names. In India traditions, it is called Yoga, in Buddhism Nirvana, in Islam fana, in Christianity spiritual marriage. IT IS A UNIVERSAL TEACHING BASED ON A UNIVERSAL REALITY AND A UNIVERSAL EXPERIENCE.

You see, the TRUTH about god and life, is that we are all living organ-isms within the body of an inconceivably LARGER organism that we could conceive of as “god.” Life is Fractal, meaning that every individual part contains the entire sum of the parts of the Whole. So every cell (human) contains the entire genetic information of the whole Organism (god). And the even greater Truth, is that as a direct result of INGORE-ANCE of this Knowledge, MOST of us are actually PARASITES and viruses causing the toxification of our environment, or this body of god, ESPECIALLY the Corporations and all who are complicit in the “whore of babylon” corporate lifestyle/society. How can ANYONE claim to “know god” if they can not even CONCEIVE of this understanding?! How can one “know god” without even knowing what they themselves are and how it all goes TOGETHER! ON EARTH, AS IT IS IN HEAVEN! AS ABOVE, SO BELOW!

JOHN 14:12 “Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me, the works that I do, SHALL HE DO ALSO; AND GREATER WORKS THAN THESE SHALL HE DO”

“This is leading us to the rudimental « eye » in the human brain : the Phtà (linked to the word :ophtalmos : ὀφθαλμός, ophthalmós (« eye ») ), the “all seeing eye,” ( the pineal gland), the Phtà that Iamblichus (c.245-c.325 AD) is writing about in his book De mysteriis Aegyptiorum as the creative intellect : the Lord of the truth and knowledge, the Phtà who will become Ptah…. all the past and all secrets are in the words and sounds….. a long journey from the origins for the most sacred artefact of Egypt…..”   – Antoine Gigal            

optic thalamus = oPTHAlmos = PTAH!

“Behold the Ram, (cerebRum, cherubim) Aries, the first, the Alpha, the One, the I Am, the Lamb of God, the throne of heaven (heaved up), the High Ram, HiRam Abiff, architect of Solomon’s (Soul of man) temple, Rama of the Hindus, also Ramayana, ‘the journeying Ram’ charging ever forward, the Golden fleece of Jason, the Spring, the Blossom season, le Printemps, the trail blazer and leader, also BRahma of the east, otherwise known as AbRam in the west, Crios, the Judge, lord of the equinox, the balancer, judging between the forces of light and darkness, always overcoming and vanquishing the darkness, hence the celebration of Easter is the resurrection of the Lord, the Lamb. Sign of the Exultation of the sun, Aperio (April) means to open, abRa (as in abracadabra) means to open. R.A.M. (Right Ascension of Meridian) begins at zero degrees Aries. The bRAin in the cRAnium, the knower, the thinker, ,Jupiter Ammon, this is where Moses blow’s the Ram’s horn on mount Sinai and destroys the bull (cerebellum below cerebrum) when he descends, symbol of elevating oneself to the higher mind Aries, from the lower, Taurus, hence ascending the bride (the Chrism) to be with God and the Lamb standing upon MT Zion.” – SANTOS BONACCI

“Vedic Devata are the various aspects of Natural Law that organize the entire universe and maintain it in perfect order. They are Laws of Nature, or collections of Laws of Nature, with specific administrative functions that provide for the creation, maintenance, and dissolution of the universe. The Devata are integral aspects of our own human physiology. They are embodied in every human being with the same forms and functions described in the Vedic Literature. The Devata are present in the physiology of everyone, no matter what one’s race, belief system, or religion, no matter which political party one associates with, or in which geographical area one is born. -Prof. Tony Nader M.D., Ph.D. in Human Physiology: Expression of
Veda and the Vedic Literature, p. 333

The ventral view of the brain, (the brain seen from underneath), shows the clear correspondence between the Vedic devata Ganesh and the pons, medulla, and cerebellum. The face of Ganesh corresponds to the pons. The medulla represents the trunk of Ganesh. The roots of the trigeminal nerves represent the eyes of Ganesh. A group of nerves at the pons represent the tusks of Ganesh. The cerebellum constitutes the ears of Ganesh. These structures not only look like Ganesh, but their functions in human physiology correspond to the functions and activities ascribed to Ganesh. (See pp. 341-347, Human Physiology: Expression of Veda and the Vedic Literature.)”

“Ganesha’s place is at the door of the brain, called medulla. The enlarged image showed two big ears, a trunk and tusks. So Ganesha sits at the door of the mind; he is the gatekeeper and decides who should go in or not. If a negative influence tries to enter the brain, he stops it right there. Therefore, he is called vighna vinayaka, remover of obstacles. These obstacles are in the mind.”

is DIRECTLY alluding to 144,000 major cranial nerve endings in the human cerebrospinal system, stemming from the 12 sets of cranial nerves, The 12 tribes of Israel (ISIS) Ra and EL. I will explain the significance of EL shortly…

The seven seals described at Jericho are the seven chakras, hence, the significance of the number 7 everywhere we look!
The base chakra has 4 petals in it’s lotus flower. The sacral has 6. Then 10, 12, 16, and 96 petals. That adds to 144.
Multiply 144 by 1000 petals in the crown chakra. The 144,000!! BINGO!!

Top left image of Dec. 21 winter solstice alignment at Angkor Wat, in Cambodia.
On the equinoxes and other important astrological dates, many ancient sacred sites align perfectly with the heavens, making it just how clear the ancients’ advanced astronomical knowledge of cosmology was, and the importance of the message that they symbolize.

They clearly depict Jacob’s Ladder as he had a vision while he lay his head upon the stone of scones, the sacrum of the spine, and he looked up and saw angels ascending and descending, and Is Ra El saw God face to face and he named this place PINEAL, the pineal gland within the brain, the awakening of the Kundalini Energy channels of the body to attain full God Consciousness!

Through the the advanced understanding and avid practice of ancient science and wisdom we can consciously control our full Divine functionality, the Mer Ka Ba star tetrahedron, uniting Heaven and Earth, the As Above and So Below, on Earth as it is in Heaven, the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine, the Spiritual Union of the Ida and Pingala Kundalini serpents merging the right and left hemispheres of the brain in full balance! Linking the elements of the physical Earth as mirrored in the spiritual Heavens.

Bi-bull, meaning TWO bulls (old and new testament, the archetypal Winged Bull of Heaven and Bull of Hell in the stories ) comes from the ancient Canaa/Phoenician city of Byblos, which is a greek word, meaning “BOOK”/ BIBLE / BIBLIOS.

BYBLOS was known as the city of the TWIN BULLS. The Canaa Phoenician Druidic Priesthood paid blood ritual sacrifice offerings to EL also known as Moloch, who is the Semitic God also known as Kronos in Greek, Saturn in Rome, and Satan in modern christianity, which is who the Illuminati EL-ites STILL WORSHIP AND PAY BLOOD RITUAL SACRIFICE TO THIS VERY DAY! Canaa Phoenicia is now the modern day land of Israel, which is NOT A COUNTRY nor a group of people, but an EL-ite Zionist Illuminati political agenda for war and domination of every banking and legal system on the planet. 


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