Ether – wind of god?

Michelson-Morley experiment was devised on the premise that if Ether exists in space, then Earth moving through that Ether medium would result in ‘Ether wind’ just like how a car moving through air would cause air wind.

And it was premised that light beams passed in different directions i.e. one beam passed perpendicular to the direction of the Ether wind and another beam passed along the direction of the Ether wind would take different times to travel the same distance.

Michelson apparently used swimmers analogy to illustrate the logic behind the above premise – When two swimmers with equal competence are asked to swim to and fro for equal distance in a flowing river, the swimmer who swims across the river apparently will take a shorter time for the round trip than the one who swims first down the stream and then up the stream. So it was predicted that the light beam which travels perpendicular to the Ether wind would take shorter time than the beam which travels down the Ether wind in the first half and then against the wind in the second half of its journey. So scientists predicted that the two returning beams would be out of phase when they meet finally and hence would result in interference on the detector screen. Further they thought that the time delay and hence the degree of interference would vary depending upon the orientation of the interferometer arms with respect to the direction of the Ether wind.

The setup consisted of a monochromatic light source, a half silvered mirror, two reflecting mirrors, and a light detector. All these are fixed on a rotatable frame. A beam of monochromatic light from the source impinges upon the half silvered mirror at 45 degrees angle. While part of the beam goes unhindered through the mirror straight, part of it gets reflected by the half silvered mirror and travels in the perpendicular direction. In other words, the half silvered mirror splits the original beam of light into two beams and sends them in two perpendicular directions. These two beams get reflected back by the two mirrors placed at equidistance from the half silvered mirror. The returning beams join each other at the half silvered mirror and reach the detector screen as shown. The experimenters then study the interference pattern produced on the detector. The experiment is then repeated after rotating the whole setup so as to alter the relative velocity of Ether wind with respect to the two light beams. And each time the pattern of interference produced on the detector screen is studied.

To the astonishment of the scientific minds, the experiment yielded no interference between the returning beams. It implied that both the returning beams have arrived at the half silvered mirror at the same time contrary to their expectation that the ‘perpendicular beam’ would take longer for the return trip than the ‘parallel beam’.

To the scientists, the null result i.e. the lack interference between the two beams implied two possibilities:

1) Either there wasn’t anything called Ether

2) or the Earth must be dragging a layer or blob of Ether around it in which case there wouldn’t be any Ether wind to detect.

Apparently evidence from other observations (aberration of star light, Fizeau exp, Sagnac effect etc) has disproved the possibility of Ether drag, so the scientific community is left with the first possibility. Thus scientists have interpreted the null result in MM experiment as disproof of existence of Ether medium.

But relativists are extremely good at (or more correctly, extremely vulnerable to) misinterpreting experimental data and claiming every observation as highly supportive of their stupid religion of relativity even when the observation in fact proves the opposite. And Michelson’s experiment is not an exception to their distorted thinking.

Understanding Ether wind and Ether drag

To understand why MMX is based upon a wrong premise and hence incapable of drawing any valid conclusions about Ether, first we will have to answer two important questions.

1) What is actually the basis of the so called Ether wind?

2) What is the relation between Ether wind and Ether drag? Is it really true that Ether wind wouldn’t exist when Ether gets dragged?

We all know that, even when the climate is calm and the air is motionless, we experience air winds if we go on a bike ride. Similarly a ball moving inside a pond of still water would experience what may be called as water wind. But how do we explain this phenomenon of wind? In other words what is the physical basis of this experience of wind?

Whether the wind effect is because of air currents or our own motion in still weather, it is ultimately collisions that our body receives from the air particles which makes us experience the so called air wind. And same is the case with the ball. As the ball moves through the still water, it receives collisions from the water particles and it is these collisions which make the ball feel the ‘water wind’. And what happens to the water particles? As the water particles get hit by the ball, they obviously move in the direction of the force. In other words the water particles which collide with the ball get dragged by the same. And, the ball drags not only the particles which collide directly with it, but also the farther away particles by way of ‘indirect’ collisions.

In summary, whenever a body moves through a stationary fluid medium, the body drags the surrounding fluid particles with it. So the scenario of a body (Earth) experiencing a fluid wind (e.g. Ether wind) but not dragging the fluid doesn’t simply exist. And so is the scenario of a body dragging the fluid medium but not experience the fluid wind. The wind effect and the drag effect are inseparable because they both result from the same fundamental mechanism i.e. collisions between the body and the medium’s particles. It may be true to say that while it is the moving body which experiences the wind effect; the medium’s particles ‘experience’ the drag effect.

Our physicists’ assumption that Ether winds wouldn’t occur if Ether gets dragged clearly proves their lack of understanding about both Ether wind and Ether drag.

And these ‘great’ physicists, despite their vast ignorance, claim to disprove Ether wind and Ether drag  and there by disprove the existence of Ether altogether! And science students religiously believe in and chant what the ignorant physicists preach them. That is the plight of the most intelligent discipline of science today.

What does Michelson’s experiment actually prove?

Despite the fact that physicists hail MMX as highly supportive of relativity, the experiment actually proves that the motion of a light beam gets affected by that of its source and thus destroys the superstitious theory of relativity. From commonsense we know that the direction of travel of a projectile gets affected by the motion of its source. For example imagine a bullet being shot towards the north from a stationary train. And now compare the same with the scenario when the bullet gets fired while the train moves towards the west. In the first scenario, obviously the bullet travels straight north and in the second scenario, it travels in the northwest direction, according to a stationary observer.

And same is the case with waves. As I have discussed elsewhere, at the most fundamental level, what underlies wave motion is nothing but to and fro motion of particles and the various phenomena of wave motion (e.g. interference, scattering) can be explained purely by particle model. So why should we expect waves to behave differently from particles? Imagine a stationary ‘oscillator’ generating water waves which propagate towards the North. Now imagine the oscillator moving in the westward direction. The water waves that it generates now propagate mainly in the north-west direction instead of travelling straight north.

Similarly, as Michelson’s interferometer moves westward, the perpendicular light beam (which would travel northward if the earth/ interferometer were to be at rest in the Ether Ocean) travels along the northwest direction as it reaches towards the opposite mirror, and travels along the southwest direction during its return journey to reach the first mirror.

When the mirrors are stationary, the photon travels with velocity ‘c’ straight towards the north during the first half and then straight towards south during the second half of its flight.
‘Trajectory’ of the light photon when the mirrors move westward: the photon, as it gets fired from the first mirror, moves northward with velocity ‘c’ and westward with velocity ‘v’. Obviously the photon’s velocity in the northwest direction would be √v²+c².

Imagine what would happen if the light beam’s motion doesn’t get affected by the westward motion of the mirrors/ interferometer. The light beam would travel ‘straight’ northward and would ‘miss’ the opposite mirror because the mirror would have moved westward by the time the light beam reaches the opposite ‘bank’. And even if it doesn’t miss (imagining that the mirror is long enough), the light beam wouldn’t return to the same point on the first mirror from where it originally got departed because this mirror would have moved westward.

If the photon’s motion is unaffected by the westward motion of the source, it would miss the opposite mirror and hence wouldn’t comeback. Even if it doesn’t miss (imagining that the mirrors are long enough), it wouldn’t return to the original point on the first mirror.

So the observation that the perpendicularly ‘fired’ light photon comes back to the same point on the half silvered mirror suggests that its motion gets affected by the motion of its source (i.e. the interferometer or the Earth) like the case with any other projectile in our everyday world. This obviously destroys the superstition of constant speed of light and the superstition that SOL is unaffected by the motion of its source.

Basically MMX is incapable of detecting the Ether wind because, as we have noted above, the experiment was conceived and interpreted amidst a background of vast scientific ignorance. As explained elsewhere, while the wave like interference pattern produced by photons in the double slit experiment provides a clear evidence for existence of Ether, the phenomenon of gravity serves as a clear proof of differential Ether drag or ‘Whirl pooling’ of Ether around the spinning celestial bodies.

If Michelson’s experiment was really capable of detecting Ether wind, the ‘intelligent’ physicists should have devised a similar experiment with sound waves and water waves and detected air winds and water winds. In any case because the deluded physicists ‘confess’ that the lack of interference in Michelson’s experiment is compatible with Ether model if Ether drag is taken into account, we will not break our heads arguing why MMX is incapable to detecting Ether wind, instead we will look into those observations and experiments (eg. aberration of star light) which are claimed by the relativists as disproof of Ether drag.

What does Michelson’s Experiment actually prove?

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