Pedophile Scum

A study revealed that 93% of sex offenders describe themselves as “religious”. Other studies have found that sexual abusers within faith communities have more victims and younger victims.

An estimated 1 in 4 girls and 1 in 7 boys has been sexually abused as a child.  Whereas only 1-5% of the general population is estimated to molest children, in stark contrast, a projected one third of those employed at the highest levels of the federal government are believed to be out-and-out child rapists.

Human trafficking as modern day slavery hit a record high in 2016. Last year’s 7,572 cases of human trafficking jumped by 35% over the previous year. The UN estimates 1.8 million kids are trafficked into the global sex trade every year.

4% of Catholic priests in the USA sexually victimized minors during the past half century. The 4% figure appears lower than school teachers during the same time frame and certainly less than offenders in the general population of men.

The first book on clergy sex abuse in this country, Betrayal of Trust, was published in 1988. The perception that Catholic priests are over-represented among offenders is correct. They do offend at a higher rate. But because this country is predominantly Protestant, more children are abused by Protestant ministers than by Catholic priests. In 1990, the Freedom from Religion Foundation issued a study on pedophilia by clergy. At that time, two clergy per week were being arrested in North America for sex crimes against children. Fifty-eight percent of them were Protestant.

In her book, Predators, Pedophiles, Rapists, and other Sex Offenders, clinical psychologist Anna Salter outlines the results of numerous studies that clearly demonstrate the prevalence of this offense and the dangers of those who offend. Here are just a couple she mentions:

Abel Harlow Child Molestation Prevention Study:
This study found that pedophilia molesters average 12 child victims and 71 acts of molestation. An earlier study found that out of 561 sexual offenders there were over 291,000 incidents totaling over 195,000 total victims. This same study found that only 3% of these sexual offenders have a chance of getting caught.

Russell Study:
This study revealed that up to 38% of women were molested before turning 18 years old. This same study found that up to 16% of boys are molested before they turn 18 years old. Dr. Russell also discovered that only 5% of child sexual abuse had been reported to law enforcement.

In her book, Dr. Salter revealed that her own interviews of sexual offenders found them admitting to having perpetrated between 10 and 1250 victims. She also writes that every offender she interviewed had been previously reported by children, and the reports were ignored.

The Abel and Harlow study revealed that 93% of sex offenders describe themselves as “religious”. Other studies have found that sexual abusers within faith communities have more victims and younger victims.

Lifesite news reported in 2010 about a “forgotten” government-sponsored study showing that the incidence of child sex abuse in government schools was 100 times the magnitude of that among priests and is still ongoing; despite this, the 61 largest California newspapers ran almost 2,000 stories about the church scandal during just the first half of 2012, but only 4 about the school scandal during that period.

Orgy Island & the Lolita Express

The biggest names as patrons in the billionaire Jeffrey Epstein scandal are Bill Clinton, Donald Trump and Prince Andrew. Obtained flight logs going back to the late 1990’s through mid-2000’s place Bill Clinton repeatedly on board the private jet dubbed the “Lolita Express” belonging to convicted pedophile Epstein in the company of a soft-core porn actress and underage girls listed in Epstein’s black book under “massage.” The flight logs implicate Bill as a possible participant on board Epstein’s planes where girls as young as 12 provided sexual favors for the financier’s most powerful friends. Records confirm that Bill Clinton flew on the Lolita Express, 26 times and Hillary Clinton flew 6 times.

The scandal involving the Epstein’s Boeing 727, and his private Caribbean Island of Little Saint James first came to light in December 2014, when Virginia Roberts – now a married, 31-year-old mother of three – filed an affidavit in a Florida federal court charging that at age 15 she was procured by socialite Ghislaine Maxwell to satisfy the sexual needs of Epstein and his friends.

The New York Post reported: According to Virginia Roberts, who claims to have been one of Epstein’s many teenage sex slaves, Clinton also visited Epstein’s private Caribbean retreat, known as “Orgy Island.”

“I remember asking Jeffrey, ‘What’s Bill Clinton doing here?'” Roberts said in 2011. The former president, she added, was accompanied by four young girls during his stay — two of whom were among Epstein’s regular sex partners. “And [Jeffrey] laughed it off and said, ‘Well, he owes me a favor.’ He never told me what favors they were.”

Flight logs show that Clinton shared Epstein’s plane with Maxwell and Sarah Kellen, Epstein’s former assistant, on at least 11 flights in 2002 and 2003.

New York magazine reported that in 2002, Clinton recruited Epstein to make his plane available for a week-long anti-poverty and anti-AIDS tour of Africa with Kevin Spacey, Chris Tucker, billionaire Ron Burkle, and Clinton confidant Gayle Smith (who served on Barack Obama’s National Security Council). The logs from that trip show that Maxwell, Kellen, and a woman named Chauntae Davies joined the entourage for five days. Davies is a soft-core pornography movie actress, who appeared in Epstein’s address book under an entry for “massages.” Clinton allegedly severed his connections with Epstein once allegations over the millionaire sex offender’s illegal behavior surfaced and he was arrested back in 2005.

Virginia Roberts gave her detailed account of how Epstein recruited her at age 15 forcing her for an extended three-year period into a life of sexual servitude as his sex slave, also coercing her into having sex with Epstein’s high roller friends, allegedly among them royal Prince Andrew as well as renowned American attorney Alan Dershowitz.

When Harvard law professor Dershowitz’ name came up as a frequent flyer on the Lolita Express, he plunged into full damage control in an interview with American Lawyer insisting that he has always been a faithful husband of 28 years to his wife who he claimed always traveled with him. Yet the flightlog records show while flying with Epstein and company he never was accompanied by his wife. Another discrepancy was his statement that he was only a mere “professional” acquaintance with Epstein because Epstein was a financial donor to Harvard and since Clinton’s former Secretary of Treasury Larry Summers was a close friend of Epstein’s, while Summers was president of Harvard, it was only in this “job related” context that while Dershowitz was raising money for his and his boss’ top Ivy League school did he briefly interact with Epstein at all.

Records again dispute this claim as well showing that Dershowitz knew and flew with the billionaire pedophile on numerous occasions as early as 1997. Looks like the fast talking lawyer was just doing some fast talking damage control. In a more recent interview with Gawker, Dershowitz did some fast explaining when he suddenly remembered flying back in 1997 to Epstein’s friend’s birthday party where former Israeli Prime Minister Shimon Peres and ex-astronaut-Senator John Glenn were also attendees. Again he unequivocally denied having sex with any young women. Sounds vaguely familiar to another Lolita Express frequent flyer named Bill. Wonder what Bill and Hillary Clinton were visibly arguing about at a recent public event. Perhaps how the latest bad press might be hurting her 2016 presidential hopes.

Regarding that brief, strictly professional acquaintanceship between Epstein and Dershowitz, during Epstein’s pre-pedophile arrest days back in 2003, attorney-author Dershowitz in a Vanity Affair interview boldly boasted, “I’m on my 20th book… The only person outside my immediate family that I send drafts to is Jeffrey.” That sounds not nearly so professional as personal and chummy. Yet when Gawker confronted him with this discrepancy, Dershowitz maintained that Epstein was only “a friend with whom I talked about ideas. We never discussed women or his social life.”

Epstein, who is registered as a “Tier 1” sex offender with the US Virgin Islands department of justice, served 13 months in jail after signing a plea agreement with the US government in 2008. The FBI is said to have identified about 40 potential victims of the former investment banker.

“If there is nothing to hide in the Epstein scandal, then why did the Obama administration break federal transparency laws rather than giving us information about his travels? That we’ve now had to go to federal court to try to get this Secret Service information speaks volumes,” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton. “Beginning with his misuse of state troopers when he was an Arkansas governor, Bill Clinton has a long record of abusing his taxpayer-funded security details to facilitate and cover-up his illicit sexual activities.”

Seven connections between Trump and Epstein’s sex slave endeavors:

1.Trump himself has said that Epstein is “a lot of fun to be with,” adding that he admired the sex offender’s affinity for beautiful women “on the younger side.”

“I’ve known Jeff for fifteen years. Terrific guy,” Trump once said about the convicted sex offender. “He’s a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side. No doubt about it — Jeffrey enjoys his social life.”

2. Trump was named in Epstein’s “little black book.”

Epstein’s “little black book” was stolen by a former employee in 2004. The book, nicknamed “The Holy Grail” by the employee, revealed the name of Donald Trump and listed “14 phone numbers including emergency numbers, car numbers, and numbers to Trump’s security guard and houseman.”

3. Trump has allegedly flown on Epstein’s private plane — a hot spot for under-age sex orgies.

“Mark Epstein, Jeffrey’s brother, testified in 2009 that Trump flew on Jeffrey’s private jet at least once,” reports VICE News. “Meanwhile, message pads from Epstein’s Palm Beach mansion that were seized by investigators and obtained by VICE News indicate that Trump called Epstein twice in November of 2004.”

4. Both Trump and Epstein are named as sex abusers in a case with an under-aged girl.

Radar Online reports that a woman in California, “identified” as Katie Johnson, filed a $100 million lawsuit against Trump on April 26, accusing the real estate mogul of raping her when she was just 13 years old.

Johnson “claims Trump raped her when she was 13-years-old and forced her to engage in sex acts by threatening to harm her and her family,” notes The Independent UK. “She claims the alleged abuse took place over a four-month period at underage sex parties held in New York City in 1994.” Epstein was also named for alleged sexual misconduct and threats.

5. Epstein admitted to knowing Trump under oath, and curiously pled the fifth to Trump attending sex parties with underage girls.

Back in 2010, Epstein admitted to “socializing” with Trump, but when a lawyer representing an under-aged victim of Epstein’s asked if he has “ever socialized with Donald Trump in the presence of females under the age of 18,” Epstein curiously pled the Fifth. Per Vice News:

Q: Have you ever had a personal relationship with Donald Trump?
A. What do you mean by “personal relationship,” sir?
Q. Have you socialized with him?
A. Yes, sir.
Q. Yes?
A. Yes, sir.
Q. Have you ever socialized with Donald Trump in the presence of females under the age of 18?
A: Though I’d like to answer that question, at least today I’m going to have to assert my Fifth, Sixth, and 14th Amendment rights, sir.

6. At least one of Epstein’s underage sex victims was recruited from Trump’s Mar-a-Lago — which he frequented often.

Virginia Roberts, an alleged victim of Epstein’s, “was recruited to perform a massage for Epstein while working as a $9-per-hour locker room attendant at Mar-A-Lago.”

7. Trump was subpoenaed in 2009 for his connection to Epstein’s under-age sex slave rings. Trump has denied ever being served.

In 2009, Trump was subpoenaed in a case against Epstein concerning victim Virginia Roberts.

Back in the mid-1980’s during the Reagan presidency, Lawrence King became the fast rising star of the Republican Party, singing the national anthem at the Grand Old Party’s 1984 presidential convention in Dallas. For many years Lawrence King had been in cahoots with the priest who was second in command at Boys Town, a pedophile himself who helped funnel a steady supply of innocent victims for King’s syndicate crime ring.

Because the child victims at Boys Town came from disadvantaged, parentless homes mostly from the foster care system ranging from age six through adolescence, they were easily exploited and manipulated by King into becoming abuse victims. Crime kingpin King not only used his young victims as “boy toys” for gay politicians at after party Republican fundraising events during the Reagan and Bush years of the 1980’s, they were also used as drug mules moving shipments of cocaine out of California that Reagan and Bush senior deployed the CIA during the Iran Contra years running guns and money trade for cocaine from Latin America that flooded urban ghettos in the US creating the crack cocaine epidemic. King’s Franklin Credit Union was laundering drug money from the Iran Contra scandal. Another major player in Washington was lobbyist Craig Spence who longtime investigator-author Nick Bryant believes was a CIA asset that notoriously ran midnight tours with the boys to the Bush White House. King hired photographer Rusty Nelson to take photos of the politicians in compromising positions as blackmail insurance. Young victims were not only sodomized by the powerful pedophiles in Congress but often King would drug, sadistically burn and torture them for sexual sadism as well as terrorizing them for control purposes.

Once a pedophile, nearly always a serial pedophile until one gets caught and apprehended. A Massachusetts study confirmed that 56% of those who underwent comprehensive treatment as a pedophile were rearrested for the same crime. Considering that most sex offenders’ crimes don’t even get reported much less the guilty get arrested, pedophiles repeat their crime on average of 13 times before they’re caught.

A prominent Saudi Arabian preacher who raped his 5-year-old daughter before torturing her to death has been spared a death sentence or even a lengthy prison term after agreeing to pay “blood money” to the slain girl’s mother. He was arrested and charged with brutally raping and torturing 5-year-old Lama al-Ghamdi to death.

According to a medical report, the little girl had been tortured with whips, electric shocks and an iron. She had broken arms, a broken back and a fractured skull.

The man, Fayhan al-Ghamdi, is a respected Islamic scholar, and a regular commentator on issues of religion and morality for several Muslim TV channels. He’s a bit of a holy man, really.

According to social worker Randa al-Kaleeb, Lama had been raped “everywhere.” Agence France-Presse reports that hospital staff told the girl’s mother that her “daughter’s rectum had been torn open and the abuser had attempted to burn it closed.”

Jimmy Savile was a DJ and BBC television star who worked with children. It’s estimated he abused over 1,000 girls and boys. He ran a pedo ring involving elite, government and even royalty alleging Princes Charles himself. MI5 has been helping to cover it up for years. Saville was “knighted” by the Queen in 1990, also “knighted” by the Pope in 1990 by being “honored” with a Papal knighthood. His title was ” Knight Commander of the Pontifical Equestrian Order of Saint Gregory the Great”.

Jon Robberson is a 16 year veteran of Hollywood feature film, television, and commercial production. He worked behind the scenes at all of the major studios and networks, having worked on projects for such notables as Spielberg, Bruckheimer, Silver and Abrams, to name a few. He also left that scene because he says it is rife with pedophilia.

Dave Daubenmire, the host of the webcast Pass the Salt Live, interviewed Robberson this week. During the interview, the former insider spoke about an alleged global Satanic pedophile ring that controls Hollywood.

“Much of what is used in Hollywood today that would be considered Luciferian in nature really comes from a lot of the Druidic incantations, the Druidic witchcraft, the worship of Gaia, of earth, in ninth and tenth century England,” Robberson said on the webcast. “And prior to that, you can trace that through Kabbalistic witchcraft and Jewish mysticism all the way back, really, to what was going on in Babylon.”

“There is a distinct through-line from the time of when the Babylonians were sacrificing kids to Moloch in the temple at the top of the Tower of Babel,” Robberson noted, explaining the dark history of this sadistic ritual. “From the time that they attempted to slap God in the face with that stuff to Hollywood today, you could do an exhaustive study and find a distinct through-line in the practice of witchcraft.”

“There is pedophilia running rampant in Hollywood,” Robberson said. This ring preys on young children and it is made up of the “highest upper echelons of Hollywood, executive VPs of development, producers, mega-power agents and the international bankers that fund all this stuff.”

Robberson made damning claims, including pointing out that members of this depraved pedophile ring throw parties at which they drug children and film them engaged in “multi-partner homosexual [orgies], bloodletting, and animal dismemberment.”

Roman Polanski, a Polish filmmaker born in Paris, made some of the most famous movies in history. In 1977, he was charged with five offences against a 13-year-old girl, including raping, drugging and sodomizing her. Fearing a jail sentence, Polanski fled the US and remains in exile in Europe, where he continues to make films and has received an Oscar while being the subject of an Interpol “red notice” for absconding.

Woody Allen’s adopted daughter, Dylan Farrow, has accused him of sexually abusing her as a child. Dylan — the child of Allen’s ex-girlfriend, Mia Farrow — alleged the now 79-year-old sexually assaulted her in their attic when she was seven years old. Allen, left her mother, Mia Farrow, for her adopted daughter with composer Andre Previn, Soon-Yi, then 19.

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