Sun 11, Moon 7, Saturn 11

Sun 11: groups and friendships a very important matter, Moon 7: partnerships and everything that has to do with unification, Mercury 10: multitasker, and is a brilliant placement for the career, Venus 10: definitely one of the best placements for career matters, Mars 5: blessed to live a life full of activity, Jupiter 12: beneficial rays guarantee protection and generally soften most difficult traits, Saturn 11: very careful and serious about friendships, Uranus 6: eccentric-feels rather uncomfortable, Neptune 8: strong receptor of spiritual currents

Sun in Aquarius

When a person has his natal Sun in the 11th house, the bright star of our system makes groups and friendships a very important matter in his life. The native shines through groups and feels like a hyper-organism rather than an individual since his perception of Ego also involves the larger units to which he belongs. His “Me” is more of a “We”. The person with such a placement tends to make powerful friends and indulge in a lot of group activities. He will probably belong to fraternities, political parties or other types of organization. He takes pride from his social life and adores teamwork, while also can have strong leadership abilities. His friendships, particularly with male friends, might last very long; this natal aspect also gives the tendency to become friends with people that have a similar character to the native’s father. This pattern can also bring many friends with heavy Leo emphasis, being public figures or having some authority positions in society. Such an individual will prefer spending his time with his friends than alone, while this placement can also bring misunderstandings with his love affairs, as he may frequently choose his friends over his significant other. This is most likely to happen if the natal Sun in the 11th house is in opposition with some malefic planets in the 5th house. As the 11th house is traditionally ruled by Aquarius and Uranus, the native will be of a tolerant nature and will believe in equality between friends. Such kind of people promote brotherhood in a group and help it function harmonically. They are not judgmental, and will frequently befriend unconventional individuals. The Sun in the 11th house can bring a lot of help through friends. In case that the 2nd or 8th house cusp falls in Leo, that help could even be financial. If their Sun or Leo is connected with the 6th or the 10th house, their powerful friends will help them find jobs or elsehow establish a career. This natal placement will frequently make someone hold an office or a special position in an organization. The native may be accepted by most of the members as a good choice for the group’s stability, and for bringing consensus even between parts of it that confront each other. Indeed, such a native can bring harmony to the group, making as a center of it the targets and values that all the members can relate to. Of course, if the Sun in the 11th house is adversely aspected, then a variety of problems can occur. The native can totally detach from his private life, dedicating too much of his personal time to the groups he belongs to, without having particular benefits in return. Also, hard aspects from malefic planets like Mars or Pluto might mean betrayals from friends or group members, while also immoral means of rising in the hierarchy of the organization. An 11th house Sun makes the person a humanist, having romantic or even delusive visions of a better society. This placement may lead him to fight for such causes, and in case that the Sun is well aspected, then he will even achieve some of his goals. With hard aspects, he is susceptible to lose the initial romanticism somewhere on the road; his personal egoism might devour his altruistic tendencies and make the groups he belongs to a source of power, fulfilling his needs of self-confidence. Indeed, following the romantic vision is not easy, especially when one will is tempted by benefits that a powerful position in a group can offer. On the other hand, it is definitely better to try rather than not.

Moon in Libra

Having the Moon in the 7th house has a drastic effect on partnerships and everything that has to do with unification. Should it be marriage, a stable business relationship, or other types of contract, the light of the Moon gives a special hue to these matters. The feminine energy of the Moon makes an individual drawn to relations and blending with another soul, preferring avoiding any type of solitary activity. The need for emotional support and fulfillment is strongly present. The Moon is the fastest-moving celestial body. As such, this can bring hastiness and instability in the house it is located. With the Moon in the 7th house, this could result in jumping from one relationship to another, many times having delusions that the significant other is the one and only. This, in particular, is stronger in people who were born at a Full Moon, because then, the Moon acts as a shining pendulum of hypnosis, reflecting in full the light of the Sun. Such kind of people should be careful, for what they are really seeing is the reflection of the Sun which is located in the 1st house. They actually seek to be themselves and to strengthen their Sun placement, which is responsible for the body and vitality, but they look towards the opposite direction, magnetized by the beauty of the Full Moon. The opposition of these two celestial bodies gives great possibilities of a problematic family in the early years of the native, with the parents either separating or quarreling. The fear of being alone makes the 7th house Moon people jumping to new relationships rather quickly, and building dependency faster than other individuals. In a man’s horoscope, the Moon placed there gives big importance to the women of his life. He wants closeness and security in his relationships. It is very common that such a person is attracted to people with a prominent Moon or having many characteristics of Cancer. There is a high possibility of the mate to have physical looks that are of Moon and Cancer. It can draw a Cancer ascendant person, or a Moon in the 1st house person, which both tend to give white skin, dark or even raven-black hair, general paleness and slimness. It could also bring Goth-style significant others, especially if Uranus or Pluto are involved with some aspects to the Moon. Another general rule is that it attracts sensitive partners, and the feeling of mothering or being mothered is typical in the couple. The exchange of energy comes highly through sleeping hugged together, caressing and nurturing each other. If the 7th house Moon lays in Taurus, the couple might express their affection in feeding each other and indulging in gourmet experiences together. There is high osmosis between the partners, and feelings are flowing strongly, thus also being vulnerable to outside interventions. The couple sleeping together can bring a merging of dreams or even prophetic abilities through dreaming. Of course, the Moon also influences moody behaviors, and when heavily afflicted by Uranus or other “malefics”, the result could be the tendency to relate with hysteric or depressive characters. More than one marriage or long-lasting relationship is highly likely, and the shine of the Moon can trigger a public type of official vocation. The native can receive positions that are connected with a public image, and make him generally known. Of course, the Moon can never guarantee a prolonged publicity by itself – it is rather drawn towards the opposite unless there are slow moving planets strengthening the placement of the Moon by trines or sextiles. In a man’s horoscope, when the Moon in the 7th house is only positively afflicted, it gives a very good wife. The pattern should also involve a very good mother, who is later emotionally replaced by the spouse. It indicates good business partnerships, especially in what has to do with design and art. On the other hand, when there are a lot of hard aspects, both the emotional life and work life have quick ups and downs. They have a strong ability to absorb other people’s mood, and if in hard aspects with Neptune, they can be very easily hypnotized or emotionally used. Their psychic ability is strong, depending also on which other planets exist in Water signs and on aspects from the outer planets (Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto). These planets affecting the Moon can open gates to the realms of collective subconscious and mass psychology, which also empowers artists and designers. They can feel generational waves of styles and patterns arriving in the material world, and create such products before the beginning of the wave. Thus, they can even become influential leaders in new waves of art. Many are also good cooks or involved in the cooking business. It is not unusual for a 7th house Moon to turn the native in the co-owner of a restaurant, with great care being dedicated from the native to its functioning. In case of a conjunction between the Moon and Venus, the native will dedicate a lot of effort in the appearance of the food, making it perfect for high-class gastronomical business. When the Moon in the 7th house is in conjunction with Mars, one should be aware that his spouse might tend to participate in violent and rude behaviors, which will be in the native’s hands to soften. Saturn in conjunction can bring problems and delays for marriage, which could be afterglows of a cold and distant approach pattern of the native’s mother. Jupiter, in contrary, brings a wealthy and happy partner, enhancing and strengthening the fragile and moody light of the Moon. A person with the Moon in the 7th house can heal himself and others through nurturing, and taking care of people can even balance negative natal aspects. If he manages to stabilize the moody characteristics of his relations, the Moonlight can guarantee a pleasant unification, full of sweetness, mutual acceptance, and romantic love.

Mercury in Capricorn

Having natal Mercury in the 10th house creates the multitasker, and is a brilliant placement for the native’s career. Such people can focus and schedule their movements very thoroughly, while can quite easily transfer their knowledge through speech and writing to others. Due to the fact that the 10th house is ruled by Capricorn and Saturn, the Mercurial traits of the native have a rather serious approach. His way of speaking is carefully chosen and there can be exquisite rhetoric abilities. The audiences and readers that receive the native’s words in any type of speech accept without obstacles the pieces of information that he wants to pass. These traits may be developed with the help of the native’s father, who is also a good speaker. The chart owner copies the skills and style of the father, who might even be for the native a mentor figure in addition to a parent. People who have Mercury in the 10th house can excel in careers connected with public expression. Journalism, writing and everything in the area of the media is a job choice that should eventually go very well. Mercury placed here grants harmonic communication with those who are in power, no matter if it is the native’s employers or generally people of authority. A tenth house Mercury can be very helpful for people whose occupation is sales. As the 10th house rules being a business owner rather than an employee, a native with such a placement will be successful in owning companies which deal with communications, publishing, news, and finances. Accounting is also an area where the person can succeed, just like anything that has to do with mathematics, calculations and data processing. The 10th house rules the person’s public image, and Mercury placed here will make him appear rather intellectual towards the masses. This planet does not usually bring fame, unless aspected by other planets responsible for that. Nevertheless, such an individual will be certainly remembered as a smart person, and there might exist a bunch of admirers of his mind. Of course, if he follows some public profession as for example a writer, Mercury can also aid a lot in gaining fame. Mercury in the 10th house enhances the native’s abilities for multitasking and gives a lot of possibilities for having two jobs at the same time or being involved in numerous projects simultaneously. He will like having a variety of subjects to concentrate on, and his mind is stimulated by not repeating the same work patterns all over again. Also, as Mercury is a fast-moving planet, there might be many changes of work during the native’s life. This is received pleasantly by him, as it is perceived as a fresh inflow of energy and kills any possible boredom in the individual’s life. Mercury has another positive trait which can be rather important for career matters; the native is gifted with great strategic abilities and can wisely choose his career steps. His mind is capable of noticing possible gaps and windows in the market, through which he can establish himself due to lack of competition from others. In addition, his tactical movements may aid him in rising up through a structured system in a corporation or a governmental service. Finally, a native with Mercury in the 10th house can use his Mercury in an even smarter – yet not fair – way. He may just speak behind others’ eyes to people of authority in order to get a higher position, and unless Mercury is ill aspected, he will receive it. After all, flexibility is Mercury’s second nature and a cunning old fox like the native just knows how to move in order to get what he wants! If Mercury has difficult aspects with Mars or Pluto, this placement can make the native be gossiped by others and frequently insulted behind his back. In some situations, the native can receive attacks through written words or speech. His image and ideas will not be appreciated by everybody – and this is natural – but some individuals who maybe view him antagonistically, may find quite a lot of ways to damage his reputation.

Venus in Capricorn

The presence of natal Venus in the 10th house is definitely one of the best placements for career matters. Such people can rather easily fall in love with their job and will definitely excel in it; Venus is holding the keys to the Saturnian world of work and opens it wide quite easily. The smooth Venusian energy will have a very positive influence on the individual’s profession, mostly helping in job areas where the native is either the master of his own work or even an employer of others. Venus will definitely connect his job with the respective occupations that the planet rules; those that contain beauty and harmony. When this benefic planet is present in the tenth house, it can lead to professions that involve arts. People with such a placement can excel in the theatre world, in fashion, music or even cosmetology and other products for beauty. Venus in the 10th house will bring pleasant working surroundings, helpful co-workers while also harmonic relations with people of authority. The person who is blessed to have the benefic here will love his work, and all his time and efforts are dedicated with a great amount of passion. The individual will never be tired or bored while working, as his occupation is a way to externalize his love. In addition, a lot of doors will open to the native just because of his beauty and charm; he definitely has what it takes to be accepted as a positive presence and will deal better than most others in interviews and similar filtering activities. The 10th house rules the native’s more dominant parent, which usually is the father. Venus here means that the parent has a Taurus/Libra emphasis in the natal chart, or elsehow a very strong Venus. This placement usually gives smooth relations with the parent, and can frequently indicate that he is an artist or otherwise a public figure. Venus in the 10th house tends to attract romance through work, and if the 7th house cusp is located in Taurus or Libra, a marriage with a co-worker or business partner is very possible. Also, as the 10th house is traditionally ruled by Saturn and Capricorn, Venus placed in his realm may indicate attraction to older individuals, who many times can be in an employer/boss position or elsehow influence the native as a mentor and not only a lover. Another situation that can frequently appear is getting married with the work itself; the person may not need a significant other as he can reach fullness and equilibrium by evolving himself as an organism through what he does for a living. Venus in the 10th house gifts a lot of charm to the native, and even masses can accept his image and bliss quite easily. If Venus is strongly supported by other planets, the whole formation is an indicator of fame. The native’s public image may be strongly enhanced through artistic filters, he is very photogenic and when he appears on screen, he often looks even more beautiful than he actually is. The public will quickly admire and love his image, and any attempts of creating a “fan club” can be highly successful. Such an individual knows better than anyone how to play with his appearance and seduce the cameras and lenses. When natal Venus is in the 10th house, there can be great abilities for public relations, and appearing in front of an audience produces positive effects. The native has the gift of diplomacy and knows how to use his words, gestures, and appearance in order to magnetize the audience. People might pay a lot more attention to how the native appears and acts in front of them, than to what he is promoting to them. Thus, people with such a natal placement are frequently used by groups and organizations of a dubious nature, in order to present a false and positive image of the otherwise suspicious activities that they indulge in. Usually, the native will know the big picture and consciously accept this role; especially an adversely aspected Venus will grant the native a flexible morality towards such roles. After all, for him it is just a job; being on stage for his employers and renting them his image. Finally, a tenth house Venus will make sure that the native will choose the best clothes for his job. He will usually spend a lot of money when deciding what to wear and his appearance will be further enhanced by the preferred style. He has strong insights of what is modern and will keep up with fashion, usually being the first to foresee a new trend current and of course implementing it in his reality. Other people can be easily influenced by what he wears and copy his style.

Mars in Leo

Those born with natal Mars in the 5th house are blessed to live a life full of activity. As the fifth house rules everything that is recreational, fun and promotes self-expression, Mars makes the native dedicate his energy towards affairs ruled by this placement. With the 5th house traditionally ruled by Leo, Mars finds a positive fiery surrounding to express itself and feels quite at home. This placement is rather positive and, if supported by beneficial aspects, can lead to a very vivid and joyful life. The 5th house involves everything linked to playing, should it be flirting, being involved in physical recreational activities, gaming or even gambling. The red planet placed there influences all types of pleasure and indulgence, offering to the native a playful reality. Fun is something very important in their lives, and they strive to engage in activities with friends, usually being the one in the center of attention. The strong competitive spirit usually makes such natives bad loser, but even then the procedure of the game is what matters for them the most. Such kind of people are great for becoming sports coaches and for working with children athletics, they can easily become a role model for them. Leading an active lifestyle is something very important for people with Mars in the 5th house, and outdoor activities in nature are pretty common. These people just cannot enclose themselves within four walls; Mars needs freedom and does not accept being captured in a stable reality. As the fifth house is also connected with love, Mars placed there would make the native approach his sympathy without shame. Indeed, they tend to make the first step, and numerous love affairs is a common pattern to be observed. Mars loves to conquer, and he does not easily accept losing in this particular game. Multiple partners, sudden attachments, and breakdowns are frequent to appear, and this could lead to the natural outcome of breaking lover’s hearts and emotions. Mars needs to socialize, to conquer more and more, and does not feel well when everything is programmed and stable. Such kind of people enjoy the struggle of obtaining something new; they see that as a game and sometimes cannot even realize that this could lead dear people around them to disappointment. Mars in the 5th house is beneficial for having children, and it is likely that the first child will be a boy. If not, then it will either have a lot of Aries/Martian characteristics or will be hyperactive and behave like a male. In any situation, the child will copy the parent’s approach towards life, fun and physical activities, and become a very active person itself. The native should be very careful to be soft and tender in his approach towards the child. Mars usually brings strict discipline, and the parent should always keep in mind not to exercise physical or psychological violence on the child. Both the child and the parent should exercise sports or hobbies, to channel the possible aggressive behaviors into constructive activities. This placement makes the person highly creative, investing a lot of his energy in his hobbies. Hobbies tend to become their personal way of meditation and of expelling superfluous energy. Taking risks makes their adrenaline and serotonins flow strong, even if this can also lead to the natural consequences of losing. Gambling is a beloved activity for a 5th house Martian, but in case there are negative aspects with “malefics”, big losses are indicated. Having a difficult aspect with Neptune can make the native combine gambling with alcohol or other substances; of course, the most possible outcomes in such situations are disappointments both for them and people around them. Nevertheless, if there exists a trine with Jupiter or Venus, the native has high possibilities of earning through such games. The same applies when Uranus is in positive aspects with Mars in the 5th house but, in such a case, the gain would come unexpectedly and not through regular gambling. People with Mars in the 5th house can excel in theatre; most times this will not be something professional but rather exercised as a hobby. They can join amateur artistic clubs, but usually, their need for competition brings tensions and they can frequently change groups. They tend to also use melodrama in their personal life, which can sometimes be funny but also turn hurtful for their dear people. They like to show off their abilities and adore getting attention; of course, this could even ridicule them if their abilities have not reached a respectable level. A person with this placement should be careful not to explode his suppressed anger onto dear people, especially in situations when he feels losing in some competitive action, or that control is out of his hands. Softening can occur when the positive qualities of Mars are used for channeling the aggression. The person must realize that egoism is his primal enemy and that in controlling it, he can actually enhance the quality of his recreational time. The people around him would feel fair-treated, and would enjoy such activities; else it is probable that the native will not be followed by them into games and fun. If natal Mars is very close to the 5th house cusp, and in very difficult aspects to Uranus or Pluto, the native can have suffered child abuse. In such a situation he should be very cautious that this pattern does not occur towards his own child because it is deeply hidden in his subconscious and can appear as an uncontrolled motive. The native will strive to give love to his child, but will not understand that his eruptions can create an unhealthy environment. When the aspects involve Neptune, the native cannot even remember his acts or words of violence. This can happen both by being under influence of alcohol and other substances, or by neurotic subconscious outbursts that will be buried in the depths of the mind quickly afterward.

Jupiter in Pisces

When Jupiter is in the 12th house of a natal chart, its beneficial rays guarantee protection and generally soften most difficult traits that the house represents in the native’s life. The 12th house is ruled by Pisces and planet Neptune, and is strongly connected with places of restriction. Jupiter here may bring some type of involvement with institutions such as monasteries, hospitals, and prisons. This placement makes the native a very compassionate person, willing to offer his services in order to comfort others. The presence of Jupiter here gifts a great intuition and a thirst to expand in the fields of psychology and healing. As the twelfth house is responsible for both the collective subconscious and the individual’s deeper layers, Jupiter here will expand knowledge and will need less effort to understand the hidden functions of the human mind. A person with such a placement can even get deep into metaphysical studies, while the benefic planet grants protection from malicious supernatural attacks and accidents during roaming the inner fields of minds or the outer areas of reality. On the other hand, Jupiter in the house of secrets might bring up some issues, as the planet’s expansive nature may create difficulties in keeping secrets, both the native’s own and of other people. In case that Jupiter is adversely aspected with Mercury, the individual should really be careful to think before revealing sensitive information, as he can hurt others or create misunderstandings. Generally, Jupiter placed in this rather difficult house can be of great aid against all types of unexpected difficulties. Jupiter will protect from hidden enemies, and actually even make them change their approach towards the individual. The planet will not only shield the native but also can make the enemies realize the wrongness of their actions, and bring honest apologies towards the chart owner. Such events can create great friends afterward, even if this procedure of making your foe a friend can feel rather awkward. Natal Jupiter in the 12th house can many times signify that the chart owner hides his religious or philosophical beliefs. He might have been brought up in a family that does not really accept the child’s road to spirituality, and so the young native develops his beliefs away from other people’s eyes. Alternatively, the native can be living in a cultural surrounding that does not tolerate differences in beliefs, and can even be pretending to follow a different religion just so that the people who surround him do not mistreat him. This natal position of Jupiter in the 12th house can bring quite a lot of paranormal events, mostly of an uncontrolled nature. Of course, the benefic energy that planet Jupiter bears will mostly bring positive outcomes from such bizarre situations. The combination of Neptunian and Jupiterian energies can even create miracles, the materialization of prayers and other profound and life-changing spiritual experiences. Many of these experiences will manifest while the person chooses to live some periods of solitude and to meditate, and he should be careful of whom to reveal them to. There are quite a lot of possibilities that he will not be believed by others. In addition, the Neptunian traits of the house will make such events strictly subjective, passing certain meanings that can only apply to the life of the native. This will make such events barely understandable to other individuals. Jupiter in the 12th house will make the person an altruist and a dreamer, frequently indulging in visions of utopian societies where personal benefits do not matter. No matter how wonderful such ideas sound, the native with Jupiter in the 12th house is advised to always keep one foot on the ground. His philosophical approach about universal love may be theoretically correct, but it is always better to keep a trace of common reality. In fact, a stable basis on reality can be of great aid to expand towards alternative realities; the best way to jump to the skies is to have stable ground under you. When Jupiter is residing in the 12th house, the individual should be careful not to allow the planet expand any possible “martyr syndromes” that can dwell deep in his mind. His self-sacrifice tendencies for others can often help other people, but it would be quite wrong to constantly create similar situations, just to feel being of use. In the end, this can lead to being taken advantage of, or elsehow self-destruct – even if Jupiter is well-aspected.

Saturn in Aquarius 

An individual with his natal Saturn in the 11th house will be very careful and serious about his friendships. The barrier the planet imposes may sometimes alienate him from groups and companies; nevertheless, it can also act as a great filter for making the best choices concerning his friendships. As many other astrological houses that are above the horizon, the 11th house is a rather good placement for one’s natal Saturn. The house is ruled by Aquarius and planet Uranus, yet we should not forget that before Uranus’ discovery, the ringed planet Saturn was considered as the sign ruler. Indeed, Saturn feels quite comfortable in Aquarius, and even functions in a rather open and liberated way, inheriting many of the sign’s traits. In case that Saturn is well-aspected, the planet will actually manifest as a benefic planet, building long-lasting relationships with friends and groups that are becoming even better when they mature. Saturn’s good side indicates stability and support, and the native’s eleventh house will eventually become a basis on which he can always find shelter and safe-haven through difficulties. Saturn can bring quite a lot of friends who are of an older nature than the chart owner. This usually indicates a wonderful relationship with one (or more) grandparents, which the individual was considering as real friends during his childhood. This pattern continues during his whole life, as he has learned to communicate on a higher level with older people. They perceive the native as one of them, even if he is still lacking in experience. Indeed, he can frequently follow a lot of the elders’ traits, and many times find through them shortcuts to wisdom that another person would need years to reach. On the other hand, an adversely aspected Saturn can bring quite a lot of loneliness. The native may not trust his friends and generally abstain from group gatherings, while also have an automatic disdain towards being a member of organizations. He will like his loneliness and find comfort in it; large groups of people suffocate him and he builds an inner barrier towards such kind of events. Difficult aspects with Mars or Pluto may indicate traumas concerning friends in his childhood, which probably made the individual feel as a social outcast. Alternatively, he may have been pressured a lot by friends and feels that a friendship requires a lot of responsibilities; this may lead him to spend a lot of time on his own. A person with Saturn in the 11th house does not open his gates easily to strangers. He prefers to hang out with people he has already trusted for a long time, and who have proven to be real friends. This characteristic may even lead to rejecting new acquaintances, which can be rather unfair if exercised towards everyone without even giving a chance. When being a part of a group, such an individual will always preserve his individual traits and will never blend totally. Even in social circles that function with balance he prefers to be a lone wolf placed at the borders of the group than to lose his identity in the collective soul. The 11th house rules goals and dreams, while also is the hidden house responsible for large wealth. Saturn placed in the 11th house does not necessarily mean failures in these matters; but definitely will delay them until the second part of one’s life. Of course, the aspects to natal Saturn have a very strong influence and adverse ones may make such achievements a quite difficult battle. Nevertheless, a well-aspected Saturn can bring a lot of fortune during the native’s old age, which can be also connected to good karma worked out through giving care and attention to old people. One could say that the grandfather’s blessings to the grandson will come into action at the right moment, and even grant a very pleasant last part of life to the individual. Natal Saturn in the 11th house is probably the best placement for planning and organizing of a group of people. Saturn grants a strategic mind, being able to understand thoroughly the way a group is structured and how to choose correct patterns for building it. The native views groups as an architect would view a building to be constructed. A small disadvantage would be that such a native will be rather slow in developing the structure of the system, nevertheless this would enhance its stability and it would last longer. Curiously enough, the native himself would not like to be a part of it, even if he was the major contributor in its creation! If you have Saturn in the 11th house, enhance it as much as you can through caring of the elder people around you. By giving love to people that most others forget, you can brighten up their lives and make their final stage a lot more pleasant. In return, Saturn will not forget about you- his gifts may take some time to come but are also long lasting.

Uranus in Virgo 

Uranus, being the most eccentric planet, feels rather uncomfortable in the sixth house. Indeed, its urge for freedom does not comply with the nature of the house, which is work and service towards others. Also, the 6th house is highly responsible for health issues, and Uranus usually brings unexpected troubles concerning the native’s body, mostly if it is adversely aspected. The sixth house is responsible for work and service and having planets inside this house can be rather unfortunate. If he is the owner of a company, his employees might be better than him in his job, while their actions towards him are uncontrolled and they tend to end up running his business as they want. The curious thing is that in the end, this might bring financial gains to him, but at the same time will definitely hurt his ego. In case he serves other people, the native’s attitude towards his work is rather rebellious and he feels his job being some kind of imprisonment, from which he yearns to escape. This can frequently manifest in reality and the native will quit jobs, but more problems can arise because his rapid decisions have not planned the next step, resulting in periods of unemployment. The best way to work is with flexible schedules that give him a lot of independence and freedom, both in his work schedule and his decisions. A great way is to work through the internet, as Uranus rules technology and offers him the necessary distance from co-workers, while he can also schedule his time in a preferable way. In case that Uranus in the 6th house is positively aspected, working through the internet or otherwise getting involved in technological jobs is a great decision for the native. Other jobs that should go well are those concerning electricity and mechanics. Inventing new types of jobs could also go quite well; Uranus likes discoveries and likes to offer genius ideas from out of the blue. A person with Uranus in the 6th house can become a great inventor, when Uranus is positively aspected by Venus, Jupiter and other planets. On the other hand, this does not guarantee success; such type of inventors usually stay unknown unless there are planets in the 10th house making positive aspects to Uranus and other astrological points that signify fame. One should have in mind, however, that adverse aspects could bring accidents, and the native who has them is advised not to work with electricity or machinery as this could severely harm his health. The worst indicators are squares, oppositions and conjunctions of Uranus with Mars, Saturn and Pluto. The presence of Uranus in the 6th house can bring unexpected diseases, which are mostly connected to the nervous system or mental health. During the early years of the native, the placement could signify a lot of stress due to excessive hard work, which can manifest as nervous breakdowns or other psycho-somatic diseases. It depends on the sign in which the cusp of the house lays; Aries brings problems of the head, Scorpio brings unexpected issues with the reproduction system and so on. There is a high possibility of stroke or other nervous diseases in the latter stages of life. Parkinson, Alzheimer or other mental debilitation issues could also appear. Search for squares, oppositions or conjunctions with Mercury in the natal chart; if they exist then you are in a danger group. Also, Uranus being located in Gemini or Virgo makes you vulnerable to such kind of health problems. The native with Uranus in the 6th house must be careful with his health and frequently examine his body, as Uranus is responsible for sudden changes and not chronic diseases. The best thing he can do is keep his body in a generally good condition, in order to overcome any possible disease quickly. The most important thing they should do is concentrate on living a carefree life, as it is his worries that are responsible about such kind of diseases. Focusing on general well-being will diminish any effects that these sudden health issues will have. The sixth house also refers to small animals, and the native should be careful as there might appear difficult situations concerning bites or diseases passing to him from them. In addition, he should not be involved in farming and breeding of animals, as his business might be unsuccessful and there is the possibility of great losses. A good way to trigger the positive traits of Uranus in the 6th house is altruism and service towards individuals and the humanity. When the individual is involved in volunteering for good causes, when he offers to the community without waiting for something in return, the negative traits of Uranus are diminished, thus having also an impact on the body and possible health issues. Also, all types of meditation, yoga and other spiritual exercises are calming down the nervousness that Uranus brings, and keep the body balanced, preventing possible mental diseases to appear. The native has to find ways to calm himself and abolish his worries, and this can frequently come through dedicating time to nature. Indeed, his frequent involvement with technology is accumulating explosive energy in his natal Uranus, and passing time in nature away from anything technological can heal him. Women with such a placement should be rather careful when Uranus is also squaring their Moon. The nervousness that derives from their job can influence their period cycle and create problems with its stability, while also induce hysterical outbursts. Generally, all natives that have such a placement should reconsider their priorities and understand that their job is not the most important thing in their life and that a healthy body and soul is much more important. It may be a burden to carry such a placement throughout your life, but there are conscious options of empowering the good parts of it. And when we allow Uranus to function properly, it can only bring positive changes. It is the resistance that we impose to changes that makes this eccentric planet malfunction in our chart, and then that tends to give troubles.

Neptune in Scorpio

In case that a native has natal Neptune in the 8th house, he will be a strong receptor of spiritual currents. This is a double-edged knife; the positive side is that he can reach high levels of spirituality and unconditional love through his relationships, the negative is a rather wide spectrum of deception and self-deception. The 8th house is responsible for loans and debts, and Neptune’s presence may create problems and disturbances. The native may be easily tricked into obtaining a loan that he cannot repay, or elsehow swindled by an institution or an individual. All kind of deception can appear, particularly if Neptune has hard aspects from Mercury, Mars or Pluto. In addition, this placement is rather unfortunate for inheritances, as it might even bring mischievous lawyers who will help other people gain the legacy over the natives. This placement is also not good for dealing with governmental institutions; the native might not pay his taxes and be discovered or even continue receiving the pension of a deceased person, which in the end will eventually bring legal trouble. If Neptune is ill-aspected, the native will usually choose wrong people to relate with; his partners may be of a very secretive nature while also misuse the individual’s finances. Neptune in the 8th house gives a rather strong talent in the occult; the gates of consciousness of such a person are wide open, nevertheless in a very passive way. Neptune acts as a sponge, receiving all floating information without filtering it. This can lead to delusions and fantasies, as the individual will not have the ability to see what is true and what is his imagination. There will be definitely a lot of weird or paranormal things happening in his life; this is beyond doubt. On the other hand, even normal phenomena will be perceived as something supernatural, confusing the native and leading to wrong perceptions of reality. Another issue that can appear is him believing in any strange theory he reads, without searching its background and functionality. This will, in turn, make him an easy subject for charlatans and manipulators, who will offer their “knowledge and services” with his wallet as a target. 8th house Neptune people should also be very careful of sects or religious groups, as they can also be preying on their wealth. The native who has Neptune in the 8th house should also be very careful not to get vampirized. The receptive nature of this mysterious planet makes the native an easy subject for hypnosis, while also vulnerable to all types of magic. Sexually, Neptune in the 8th house can have a variety of functions. As the most passive planet, it will definitely require tenderness and emotions to function and is capable of complete unification through sex. It can lead to ecstatic experiences of the highest spiritual level, as the native will mostly unite through his soul and not his body. On the other hand, the spiritual vibrations of Neptune might not even require carnal pleasures. The person with such a placement might pass a lot of periods of celibacy or indulge in platonic relationships, letting aside the pleasures of the body. The individual will develop a love of masquerade, frequently using it even in bed. Masks, costumes, and thematic lingerie will be rather prominent in his love life. Finally, the submissive nature of Neptune may make the person a masochist, taking pleasure from being “used”. He is capable of giving unconditional love, which can sometimes lead to drama and disaster, making the person feel as a martyr of love. The 8th house rules death and Neptune’s presence will surround the person’s death with a fog of mystery. Such a placement is common in people who disappear without a trace, die without an apparent cause or from something very rare. If Neptune is in a water sign then the native might drown, or even choke on something liquid. If Neptune is adversely aspected by Mars or a malefic located in the 12th house, the native’s death may come through poisoning. The 12th house, in such a case, indicates being poisoned by a secret enemy. With Neptune residing in the eighth house, be very careful to not poison yourself by mistake. Alcohol and drugs also fall into this category, and death can come from substance abuse. As the 8th house is all about secrets, these habits of the native might be hidden from the outer world, and his death will initially be a mystery for everyone. With your natal Neptune in the 8th house, try to armor yourself from the outside influences. Yes, your gates towards the other realms are wide open, which is not usual for the rest of the world. No, you should not just let everyone and everything come inside. Learn to distinguish the friend from the predator, and you will be rather safe. Empower your Neptune with the help of more active planets, in order to build good defenses for the otherwise blurry borders of Neptune.

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