10 most common words about peace in arabic

Peace – سلام
Transliteration: Sa-lam

Truce –هدنة
Transliteration: Hid-na

Treaty –معاهدة
Transliteration: Mu-‘a-ha-da

Peacemaker –صانع سلام
Transliteration: Sa-ni’ Sa-lam

Olive Branch –غصن زيتون
Transliteration: Ghu-sin Zay-tun

Coexist –تعايش
Transliteration: Ta-‘a-yush

Silence –صمت
Transliteration: Sa-mit

Dove –حمامة
Transliteration: Ha-ma-ma

Security – أمن
Transliteration: A-min

Agreement –اتفاق
Transliteration: Iti-faq


Learn the 10 Most Common Words about Peace in Arabic

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