Sumer Tablets – Real History

from the Ancient Sumer Tablets Recorded In The Language Cuneiform; these Tablets Are Called 1. The Atra Hasis, 2. The Enuma Elish, 3. Adafa, 4. The Descent Of Ishtar To The Underworld, 5. Tammuz And Ishtar, 6. The Gilgamesh Epics, 7. Etana; To Mention A Few. These Tablets Had The Most High El, Who Is Also Known As ANU, Meaning ” Heaven” And He Had Appointed One Of His Sons NUNAMNIR Known as ENLIL, Meaning EL- ” God Of The Heaven” And His Son NUDIMMUD Known As ENQI Who Is ” God Of The Earth”. This ENLIL Was Called DAMMUZI Or GABRIY From Which The Name GABRIEL Comes From. He Was The Father OF TAMMUZ By The Female Deity ISHTAR. This TAMMUZ Was Called ADONIS, H e (ENLIL) Became The Supreme And Gave Birth To The Concept Of A Supreme Being, Because

According To These Tablets Recorded Thousands Of Years Before The Bible, TAMMUZ Was Appointed To Rule In The Place Of His Father ENLIL Who Art In Heaven For 6,000 Years . He Declared He Was Before Abraham. He Was Also Known as Horus To The Ancient Egyptians, Alah To The Ancient Babylonians. He Became Elyon, And Later Inherited The Title Kurious And Kristos In Greek From The Sanskrit And Meant ” Christ” The Son Of The God”-ENLIL Of The Heavens; And His Blessed Mother ISHTAR, Also Known As Ashteroth, Aphrodites, Ashdar, Dina, Nuntud, And In Ancient Egypt Isis Whose Husband Was Osiris, Another Name For Dammuzi. It Was Another Name For Yashua (Jesus) Whose Galactical Nam e Is SANANDA And Whose Ancient Name Is TAMMUZ The Name TAMMUZ Can Be Found In The Ancient Tablets Called ” Tammuz And Ishtar” In Cuneiform. Tammuz Is The Name Of An Ancient Sumerian Deity Whose Name Is Mentioned In The Akkadian Tablets Also, Tammuz’s Nam e Can Be Found In The Old Testament In Ezekiel 8:14.

TAMMUZ Was Known By The Babylonians As Dumuzi, But That Was His Father’s Name, Which They Say Means ” God Of Pastures And Flocks” Of Subterranean Water And Vegetation. TAMMUZ Was Originally A Disagreeable ELOHIM As Found In The Ancient Tablets Of The Atra Hasis And The Enuma Elish Where The ELOHIM Are Referred To As The ANUNNAQI. He Was The Son Of ISHTAR And Dummuzi And He Was Called ADONIS, Which Is Where The Hebrew Israelites Or Jews Get The Name ADONAI (Exodus 4:10) And I Qu ote: ” And Moses Said To Yahweh Adonai: ” Oh My Yahweh, I Am Not Eloquent, Neither Heretofore, Nor Since Thou Has Spoken Unto Thy Servant: But I Am Slow Of Speech, And Of A Slow Tongue.” It Is Obvious That Mosses Is Talking To His And Their God And Refer s To Him As ADONAI. Which Was TAMMUZ’S Personal Mname In Judges 3:25 It States; ” And. Behold Their Lord (Was) Fallen Down Dead On The Earth. The Word They Used Here Was ADOWN Meaning ” Lord, Master” Which Proves That The ADONAI Is A Physical Person And ADONIS Can Die- The Phoenician And Greek ADONIS, The Hebrew ADONAI, And To The People Of Frug- Gee’a (Phrygia) Attis, And Other Well Known Types Of ” Dying Sons” Of Mother Earth. The Worship Of Tammuz In Babylonia And Those Adjacent Lands To Which It Spr ead Was A Cult Of Sorrow, Death And Resurrection. The Name Tammuz Is Sumerian And Means The “Sprout Forth As A Faithful Son”, Where You Get Your “Son Of God” Concept (Mathew 3:17) Dammuzi. So Tammuz Was The Son Of ENLIL, The Son Of ANU. The Ancient Eg yptians Called ANU “HU” Meaning “Creative Will” All Of The Egyptian Culture Comes From Beyond The Stars. They As A Group Are Called ANUNNAQI. The Bible Calls Them ELOHIMYashua (Jesus) Was One Of These ELOHIM Called ELOH Or Allah , Son Of An Allah, Or EL OH, ENLIL, Son Of The Supreme Being ANU. Gabriel, Whose ANUNNAQI Name is Nusku Was Under ENLIL From The Ranks Of Those Selected ELOHIM ( ) Called The Arch Angels, Seven In All: 1. Micha’el 2. Gabri’el 3. Uria’el 4. Izraafi’el 5. Izraa’el 6. Uzzi’el 7. Zamar’el. The Very First Was MICHA’EL Who Was Known As MURDUK, Having 50 Attributes. He Gave Birth To The Concept Of One God And Gave All The Praise To ANU. He Was Appointed Over All The Gods, And He Named All Of Them MURDUK. He Was Taught By ANU. H e Was The Son Of ENQI, ANU’S Other Son; Yet He Took Rule Over All The Universes And Restored IT Back To ANU By Establishing The One God Teachings And That Was ANU. All Of These Names End With EL And Another Name For El Is ANU Which Means Above, On High , The Highest One And Also “Ana” Or I Am. Thus Gabri’el Merely Brought The Holy Spirit Or The Seed To Be Artificially Inseminated Into Mary. Yes We’re Talking Cloning, CRYOGENICS, A frozen Gene Of The Adonis Placed Into Mary. Tammuz Called The Sun God , Also Named Dumu-Zi After His Father Became The One Appointed By ANU The Most High God Over The Planet Earth El Aliya The 36Th Attribute Or ELYON.

After Adam And Eve Disobeyed An ELOHIM Named Kalkael, Also Called Uriel, One Of The 24 Elders In The Enclosed Garden Of Delight. Which Translates ” He Who Is Of The Elohim” Genesis 3:6-13 This Adam Became As One Of The ELOHIM (Genesis 3:22). And I Quote: “And The Lord God Said, Behold, The Man Is Become As One Of Us. To Know Good And Evil”. When Man Disobeyed Kalkael, Which Was The Name Of The Head Of The 24 Elders Or ELOHIM In The Garden Of Delight, And Ate Of The Fruit A fter They Were Commanded Not To In Genesis 3:3, They Were Cast Out Of The Garden In Genesis 3:25 And I Quote: ” And Now, Lest He Put Forth His Hand, And Take Also Of The Tree Of Life, And Eat, And Live Forever.” Thus Adam, Eve And Their Descendants Were Cut Off And No Longer Allowed To Communicate With All The ELOHIM. Meaning More Than One ELOH, Nor With ANU The Most High. But Now They Could Only Communicate Through One ELOH, Which is An ELOHIM Who Was Appointed Out Of The 24 Elders Responsible For Hum an Beings And That They Should Have No Other Being Besides Him. He Was A YAHWEH (Genesis 4:25-26). This One ELOH Was Called In The Ancient Tablets Of Which The Bible Comes, Tammuz. He Was Also Called “The Spirit Of God ” (Genesis 6:3) And I Quote “And T he Lord Said, My Spirit Shall Not Always Strive With Man, For That He Also Is Flesh; Yet His Days Shall Be A Hundred And Twenty Years”. And Again Yashua (Jesus) Makes A Statement In John 8:58 And I Quote: “Yashua (Jesus) Said Unto Them, Verily, Verily, I Say Unto You, Before Abraham Was, I Am.” This Clearly States That Yashua (Jesus) Existed Before Judaism, Christianity, Or Islam And Abraham, Whose Real Name Was Abram, Followed The Religion Of The Original CANAANITES Which Was The Doctrine Of The Tablet s Of The Enuma Elish And The Gilgamesh Epics And The “El” As Well As “Baal” , Until Abraham Met With MURDOQ (MURDUK) The ANUNNAQI Son Of ENQL, Brother Of ENLIL, Also Called Melchisedek In Genesis 14:18 Who Taught Abraham Millatu Ibrahim Or The Worship Of What Verse 18 Calls The Most High God ” Elyown El” Who Was MURDUK’S Grandfather Called ANU; The Heavenly father Whom Yashua (Jesus) Commanded All To Worship In This Manner According To Mathew 6:9 “Our Father Who according to Matthew 6:9 ” Our Father Who A rt In Heaven…” Thus He Is The Only Connection Between Man And The ELOHIM, Which Ties Into The New Testament In John 14:6. The Word Used In The Above Quote For “The Way” Is Hodos(greek) Meaning ” Way, Highway Journey”. Tammuz Was Converted Into Being A n Agreeable ELOHIM. Tammuz Was Captured By The ELOHIM ENUNGI And The Scientist NERGAL – One Of The Sons Of ANU Who Was The Master Of The Underworld And Tammuz Was Taken Because The ANUNNAQI (Elohim) Wanted To Convert Him From Disagreeable To Agreeable. His Mother Broke Through The 7 Seals To Get To The Inner City Agharta In Order To Get Her Son Back And Stop What Was About To Happen. Ishtar Was Captured By Arishkegal, The Wife Of Nergal Who Was Also A Scientist. And Imprisoned Her. However, Ishtar Us ed Tammuz As Her Alibi And Released Enqi From The KURNUGI, The Prison In The Underworld. When The ELOHIM Of Agharta (Esharra) Converted Tammuz To An Agreeable He Was Assigned To Oversee You As Your YAHWEH (Lord) Or ELOH For 6,000 Years. Thus, He Became The master of Agreeable (Good) And Disagreeable (Evil). Tammuz Is The Name Of A Babylonian Being Who Corresponds To The Egyptian Osiris. He Is Also A YAHWEH Because YAHWEHS In The Plural Are ELOHIM And Under The Great “Most High” Called “Al” Or “Alyuwn” (Elyon) The Deity That MELCHISEDEK Taught To Abraham In Genesis 14:18 These Are The Actual Facts. Don’t Believe Me Check Them Out. From This You Get Your Father ANU, Son ENLIL, Incarnated Holy Ghost TAMMUZ, And Blessed Mother ISHTAR Which Later Took A Change To The Present Day Religious Concepts. This Is Right Knowledge For Those Children Of The ELOHIM Called The ANUNNAQI, Meaning Those Who ANU Sent To QI (Earth) In 50’s. These Seeds, Meaning Some Of You, Seek To Know The Facts About Where You Come From? Why Are You Here? Are You Ever Going Home? Who Put You, Or Created You Here? You Keep Looking To The Stars. You Know That The U.F.O.’S Are Real. If This Is You Then You’re A Child Of The ELOHIM, Who Wish To Be Lifted From The Spell Of Blind F aith And Silly Beliefs, Who Want To Be A Part Of The All-Intelligent And All-Knowing.

In Reality This Is Not A Bible Or A Koranic Concept, For The God YAHWEN (Aramic Hebrew), Or THE Gods ELOHIM (Akkadian Babylonian) Or Even Theh-Os (Greek Idonian) Or ALLAH (Ashuric Arabic) And That The God Of These Scriptures- Ol d Testament, New Testament And The Koran Asked Questions Like These: “Who Did This Or That (Genesis 3:11; 13)? Where Is He Or She (Genesis 3:9, 4:9)? Don’t Bind Partners With Me (Exodus 2:3). I Am Jealous (Exodus 20:5); He Was Grieved To His Heart (Ge nesis 6:6) Who Told You, You Were Naked (Genesis 3:11). Nor Did He Know That Ibliys In The Koran 2:34, Who Was One Of The Many Angels Was Not Going To Bow Down.”

The Bible And Koranic Concept Of God Was Created In The Hearts And Minds Of Their Authors, And As These Authors Became Authentic, And Within The Pages Of Their Documents Called Scriptures, God Was Born. In English It Simply Mean s Good; Go-D The Jews Write It Like G -D.

They Took The Names: 1. Al 2. El 3 Elyon 4. Yehweh 5. Elohim 6. Adonai 7. El Shadai 8. El Roi 9. El Olam 10. El Berith 11. Hadad 12. Rab 13. Rabb 14. Eloh 15. Allah 16. Rahman 17 Ilah 18.Allahuma 19. Aba 20. Baal 21. Ashtoreth 22. Tammuz.

The Greek Make Their Names Up From The Hindu’s Names Such As: Christ From Krishna. Then You Have Thehos From The Word Those. Then you Have Aylee From The Most High, Aly; In Hebrew And Arabic-Ali. Then You Have The Word Kurious -Master, Lord. Hu Taken From The Ancient Egyptians Who Got It From The Sumerians Means The Force Of Creative Will. The Word “Sea” In The Bible Comes From A Sumerian God Yam And The Word Sun Comes From A Sumerian God Shamash; Din Or Diyn They Use For Rel igion Which Really Means Judgement. The Word “Diyn” In The Bible And The Koran Comes From The Sumerian Female Deity Dina, Dinah. This Was That Same One ISHTAR. The Very Word God Itself Comes From The Bible Name Of The Seventh Son Of Jacob Called Gad Pr onounced Gawd (Genesis 30:11) Which Would Be God And Means A Troop Which Would Be A Group Of Beings. And From It Came The God Symbolic Letters Of G (Gomer, Wisdom) O (Oz, Strength) And D (Dabar, Beauty) Which Became Got In Dutch, Gott In German, Gudd Inn Danish. And Then You Get Your Om For Omnipotent, Omnipotency, Omnipotence, Omnipresence, Omnipresent, Omniscient,Omnisciency, Omniscience; All Of Them Coming From The Ancient Name AUM, In Hinduism, A Mantra Characterizing The Supreme Power And Used In F ormal Worship To Invoke BRAHMA. Put Together The Got Jabalum, Ja=Jehovah, Bal=Baal Adad And Om=Aum. Then In Modern Times You Get A Host Of Names That Came From The One Name Zeus. When You Combine The Modern Form Of The Hebrew Y To Get The Latin J And T hen Add It To The Word Zeus-You Get Ja-Zeus Which Is Short For Yashua (Jesus) And From The Zeus You Got The Word Souse And Then It Became A Deity From Which Comes: Deus In Portuguese, Dieu In French, Dio In Italian, Dios In Spanish, Dia In Scotch And Iris h; And Duw In Welsh. Every Day New Names Are Being Added. God Is ” Anyone” Or ” Thing” In Control Of Other Beings Or Things. This Kind Of God Who Referred To As We, Us, And I In The Scriptures, Yet Taught As A Single One God Cannot Not And Is Not The A ll. Nor Can It make You The All, “For Ye Are Gods” As Psalm 82:6 States And John 10:34 Supports It Stating “…Is It Not Written In Your Laws, I said, Ye Are Gods?” All Things Are In The Heavens. So If Your God Is In Heaven Then He Or It Is Inside Some thing Or Place (Psalm 14: 1-2). This Yehweh Looked Down From Inside Heaven, Then Heaven Is Bigger Than Him, He Is Not The ALL. He Is In The ALL, You Are Not The Source Of All Things In The Source; For It Reads, ” And All Of You Are The Children Of The Mo st High”, It’s The Arrow Tip That Takes The Life, So It Becomes The God Over Death. It’s The Sperm And Ovum Meeting For Procreation That Give New Life, So It Becomes God Over Life. The nourishment That Controls Food For The Health Is God Of Health And T he Bacteria That controls Sickness Is God OF Sickness. Thus You Can Say: I AM THAT I AM Exodus 3:14

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