Elyown Elyown

Three years later the perfect and noble Adafa walked into the realm of ElyownElyown El < Means ” The Highest , The Highest El . or simply ” The Most High ”This when The Most High is called El but its The Highest El . It was taken fromCuneiform and Babylonian and Akkadian . Into The Language of Aramic / Hebrewand in Ashuric / Syriac / Arabic When it is called Al Alty meaning ” The MostHigh ” Al Alty is The 36th Attribute throughout The Scriptures ( Genesis14;22,20). The Eloheem Worshipped Elyown Elyown Who Is The Most High > .Utnafishtim / Noah spent much of his youth up to age thirteen with the veneratedMethuwshelah , Explaining , Adafa’s translation up through the seven heavens on toMalakuwt . Dissecting his name in the original language , we learn about thecharacter of this man . Adafa , who was also called Enoch meaning ” one whostudies ” and Idriys from darassa ; ” to study ” and darrasa ” instruct , teach ”Hence , Adafa was a student of the Anunnaqi . And he studied like an Anunnaqieventhough he was yet born of this planet Tiamat , Earth , It was indeed anAnunnaqi .( The Master Of Wisdom )He was known as ” the Master of Wisdom ” because he studied all the tablets andcollected all of the writing , onto page of Zakar / Adam and records of the thingsthat went before him from the tablets to scrolls . His mission was to convert andturn the people of Qabiyl , living in the land of Adafa , the dusagreeable seed ,back to Al Islaam = Peace , those from the seed of Zakar / Adam . The people ofQabiyl spent most of their time sinning and suppressing the truth . They traveledfrom the city of Nod to the city of Adafa , being of the disagrreable seed singingand dancing .Elyown Elyown El had made them migrate to the very powerful city called ” Nod ”. then many other names. It was the home of the two hundred Cherubeem who fellto Earth headed by Haylal son of Shakhar , who had one third cast out of Malakuwt. Adafa was the first to fight in defense of Elyown Elyown El . The first to writewith a pen on scroll from the Enuma Elish . And the first to sew . As a mortal , hedevoted his whole life to obtaining paradise . But he did not rush toward deathbecause he devoted his whole life to doing good in the Earth .So , by leave of Elyown Elyown El . and the four and twenty Elders ; Akatri’El ,Anafi’El , Azabug’El . Baruji’El . Kimu’EL . Khayyi’El . Galgali’El , Hani’El . Yufi’El .Yuhu’El . Matatrun , Ragu’El Qaddisin . Raduari’El . Razi’El Rikbi’El . Mahayyi .Shamu’El . Yaanan . SuriEl Yafaiah , Zagzag’El and Sandalfun One Appeared toAdafa in the form of a very beautiful virgin , as a test to see if he could pass whatno moral has been worthy to pass before

( Adafa / Idriys / Enoch Test )So come with me , said the disguised Anunnaqi , And thou shall do any acceptablework of Elyown Elyown El . For my younger sister has been carried off by theunrighteous descenfants of Qabiyl , the disagreeable seed who lived in a citynamed after Enoch son of Qabiyl . trying to mock the master teacher . Who hasconfined her in the furthest regions of the west by the agreeable of thy sword . Ihumbly implore thee to help meto deliver her .So Enoch , Adafa of the agreeable seed , put on his sword and took a bow , and andwith a wedged walking stick , he followed her from daylight hour to shadow hourthrough the desert and desolate areas , Saying not a word , he looked not upon herwith a seductive eye. And at shadow time he erected a tent and he laid on thestone ground at its entrance . And she offered to share her tent with him and hereplied ; If thou has something to eat give it to me . She pointed to a sheep whichwas roaming through the desert without a keeper , and he said ; I perfer , to theft. This sheep belongs to someone else .The next day approached and he continued in his journey . Adafa followed thevirgin uttering not a word and he complained about nothing . As the dusk periodapproached and he was nearly overpowered with hunger and thirst , they found abottle of water on the ground . The virgin took it up and opened it . She beseechedAdafa to drink from it . but he refused saying ; Some luckless person has lost itand will return to seek it . And so during the shadow hour , Adafa had eluded allthe wiles of the virgin who had endeavored to draw him near her while sheinsulated the tent from the severity of the climate .So Elyown Elyown El . caused a spring to gush forth at his feet . And a date tree toraise up with choice fruit . So , Adafa , Invited the virgin whose name wasBaruwi’El to eat and drink . And Adafa went and concealed himself and hid behind atree awaiting her to return to the tent . After a long interval of time she came not. He then stepped into her door and said ; Who are you , Singularly maiden , Whoare you ? These two days you have been without nourishment andare you even nowwilling to break thy fast ? For Elyown Elyown El . has miraculously Supplied uswithfoodand drink . Yet , you are still fresh , and blooming a dewy rose in spring ;Andyour from form is full and rounded like the moon in the nineteenth shadow hour, despite our abstinence ” . And the Elder Matarun answered ; I am the aider ofthe Anunnaqi of Death , sent by Elyown Elyown El to test thee . But thou hastconquered . So , ask now and he assuredly will fulfill greatest wishes . Adafa /Enoch / Idriys replied ; If Thou arethe aid of the Anunnaqi of Death take my soul .” Death isbitter ” , she replied ; Desireth thou to die ? Adafa / Enoch / Idriysthen answered ; I will pray to Elyown Elyown El . to translate me once more so thatafter the terror of the grave , I may serve him with great zeal .Matatrun returned to himself and said; ” Will thou then die twice , for thy timehas not yet come , but pray now to Elyown Elyown El . and I shall excute his will .And our servant Adafa / Enoch / Idriys beseeched his Rab , Sustainer ; PermitMatatrun to overcome me so that I may taste the Sweetness of death , Thenrecall me soon to life , For thou are truly El Shaadi , The Almighty And El Rahmaan, The Merciful . So Matatrun was ordained to take the Rooakh , Soul of our servantAdafa / Enoch / Idriys , And at that exact moment to restore it to him .

Adafa / Enoch / Idriys , wanted to see Malakuwt of the heavens , so afterattaining divine permission , Matarun tooks a handful of pollen and threw it in hisface , irritating Adafa / Enoch / Idriys , respiratory system . Thus , the pollencaused Adafa / Enoch / Idriys , to sneeze . Thereby exhaling his very soul . And atthis moment , the Anunnaqi captured the soul Of Adafa / Enoch / Idriys , TheAnunnaqi took Adafa Soul on a journey thriugh the seven heaven onto Malakuwt .And later when Adafa / Enoch / Idriys , Soul was ready to return to his body , theAnunnaqi said ” Inhale ” And Adafa / Enoch /Idriys , Inhaled His spirit , makinghis body and spirit once again and Adafa / Enoch / Idriys , exclained ; ” it wasgreat ”. Ever since this sacred occasion took place , many people of our seed sohave suffered from pollen .
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And as the spirit embraces his flesh . He requested that the Anunnaqi show himhell so that he might be a warner unto mortals about the Spiritual Realm below theearthly realm . For he would be able to tell the sinners of the terrors that wouldsurely overtake them if they continued to embrace wickedness and to rebuffrighteousness . The Elder Matatrun led him to Maleek , The keeper of hell or thekey to the pit . He seized him and was in the act of flinging him into the vase ,when Miyka’El head of all the Anunnaqi , from Malakuwt exclaimed ; Maleek !Beware , harm not this newbearer Adafa / Enoch / Idriys , but show him theTerror of thy kingdom , hell . He then placed him on a wall which separated hellfrom the abode of those deeds , merit neither hell nor heaven.( The State Of Bayna ) . These Are The People Who Are Caught Between , In WhatWe Call The State Of Limbo . These Are Disembodied Spirit . They Are TrappedOn The Earthly Realm As Lost Spirit Running From The Ten Unholy Spirit (Thamui’Al , Khayjidi’Al , Sathari’Al . Khuth , Uzzi’Al , Tujarini. Harab , Thiyun ‘ll,Jamali’Al . Lilith , Who Seek To Torment Them Day And Shadow Are Harmful ToEnosties , Poisonous ; Would A Fool Partake Of Them , As Well ? Adafa / Enoch /Idriys , Asked . The Answer Is Yes , The Fools Amongst The Mortals Will Seek AllFormsOf Mental Experiences Desiring To Evade The Mortal Daily ResponsibiltiesAnd Even Call It Religious Ritual . Such Are Fools And Fools Do What Fools Do .( Adafa / Enoch / Idriys , Servant Of El . ) The people were instructed by ourservant Adafa / Enoch / Idriys , on how to set up sacrificial offerings and on howto sight thenew moon . And because he was so Intune with the other worlds . [ HeWas Constantly Teaching About The Relationship Of Enosites To The Universe ,For He Was Our First Astronomer Teaching The Ancient Sciences Of AncientBiology Accepted In Those Days And On Up Until The Universe Changes ] . Writingand tailoring were also first introduced into the society by our servant Adafa /Enoch / Idriys . Always remembering the beauty and power of Elyown Elyown El ,He Worshipped His creator twelve thousand times a day .And he was always in tune with the Celestial Bodies and he constantly talked withthe Anunnaqi / Extraterrsetrials . 

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