Peacemakers in Palestine and Israel – maybe…

6 BCE-35 AD – Jesus of Nazareth – The Christ. “Prince of Peace.” Preached “Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God.” Crucified.

1860-1904 – Theodor Herzl – Journalist, playwright, political activist, georgist & writer. Father of modern political Zionism. Formed World Zionist Organization & promoted Jewish migration to Palestine.

1863-1944 – Victor Basch – Professor & Zionist. President of Ligue des droits de l’homme 1926-1944.

1871-1945 – Hermann Kallenbach – Architect & Zionist. Had intimate & long lasting friendship Mahatma Gandhi starting in South Africa.

1878-1965 – Martin Buber – Philosopher. Best known for the I-Thou & I-It distinctions. Moved to Israel.

1887-1985 – Marc Chagall – Stained glass peace windows in Jerusalem, France & New York City (United Nations).

1895-1948 – Folke Bernadotte – Middle East peace mediator. Assassinated by militant Zionist group Lehi.

1896-1948 – Thomas C. Wasson – US Consul General in Jerusalem. Murdered while returning from meeting of the UN Truce Commission.

1897-1957 – Shoghi Effendi – Guardian of the Baha’i Faith. Developed the Baha’i World Centre in Haifa (Israel).

1903-1971 – Ralph Bunche – Political scientist & diplomat. Mediated in Palestine. First person of color to receive Nobel Prize.
1903-1994 – Yeshayahu Leibowitz – MD & polymath. For separation of religion & state. Said occupation would cause Israel’s moral stature to decline.

1906-1957 – Rudolf Kastner – Zionist leader. Negotiated “Kasztner train” with the Nazis. Tried in Israel. Assassinated in Tel Aviv.

1908-1974 – Oskar Schindler – Industrialist credited with saving over 1,100 Jews. Buried in Israel.
1908-2005 – Simon Wiesenthal – “Nazi hunter” in Linz & Vienna.

1911-1996 – Bruno Hussar – Founded Neve Shalom/Wahat al-Salam/Oasis of Peace, a Christian/Muslim/Jewish village near Latrun (Israel).

1913-Alive – Landrum Bolling – President of Earlham College 1958-73. Leading expert & activist for peaceful resolution of conflict in the Middle East.

1913-1992 – Menachem Begin – Led Zionist underground. PM 1977-83. Signed Camp David Accords in 1978. 1978 w/Anwar al-Sadat

1915-Alive – Joseph Abileah – Israel’s first conscientious objector.

1916-1994 – Hind al-Husseini – Educator & feminist. Rescued 55 orphans of Deir Yassin massacre in 1948. Started orphanage & women’s college.

1917-1976 – Francis Edward Meloy, Jr. – American ambassdor to Lebanon. Assassinated by Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine.

1918-1981 – Anwar al-Sadat – Visited Israel. Signed Camp David Accords in 1978.

1920-2010 – Richard N. Goldman – Environmentalist & philanthropist. Paid for Goldman Environmental Prize (the “Green Nobel”) & “Peace Park” on Goldman Promenade in Jerusalem (Israel).

1922-1995 – Yitzhak Rabin. – Israel PM 1974-77 & 1992-95. Signed Oslo Accords in 1993

1923-1995 – Mattiyahu (Matti) Peled – Major General in the IDF, Head of Arabic Language & Literature Dept of Tel Aviv Univ, peace activist & proponent of Israeli/PLO dialogue. Father of Miko Peled (qv).
1923-Alive – Shimon Peres – Israel PM 3x. Supported Oslo Accords in 1993. 1994 with Yasser Arafat & Yitzhak Rabin

1924-Alive – Jimmy Carter – Navy officer, peanut farmer & Georgia Governor. 39th US President. Founded Carter Center 1982.

1927-2008 – Abie Nathan – Humanitarian & peace activist. Operated Voice of Peace radio station offshore Tel Aviv 1973-1993.

1929-2004 – Yassar Arafat. – Chairman of Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO). Signed Oslo Accords in 1993. 1994 with Shimon Peres & Yitzha Rabin
1929-1995 – Arna Mer-Khamis – Human rights activist. Mother of Juliano Mer-Khamis (qv). “Arna’s Children” shows her work at Freedom Theatre in Jenin (West Bank).

1930-Alive – Dani Karavan – Created peace monuments in Nuremberg (Germany), Jerusalem & Negev Desert.

1931-2013 – David Hartman – Rabbi & philosopher. Moved to Israel in 1971 & founded Shalom Hartman Institute. Helped build a more pluralistic & tolerant Israeli society.

1935-2003 – Edward Said – Palestinian-American literary theorist & advocate for Palestinian rights. A founding figure in postcolonialism.
1935-Alive – Dorothy Naor – Activist with New Profile (a feminist & anti-militarist group) & Israeli Cte for Residency Rights (which helps Palestinians). Lives in Herzliah, near Tel Aviv.

1936-2005 – Dahlia Ravikovitch – Poet, translator & peace activist. Her poetry has been translated into 23 languages.
1936-Alive – Anthony Bing – Professor of English & peace studies. President of Peace & Justice Studies Assn. Expert in the Israel/Palestine conflict.
1936-Alive – A. B. Yehoshua – Novelist, playwright & professor. Active in Israeli Peace Movement. Attended signing of Geneva Accord in 2003. Critic of Israeli occupation.

1938-2013 – Aleksander Gudzowaty – Businessman. Gave $4 million for Tolerance Park & Monument on Haas Promenade, Jerusalem, to promote peace & tolerance.
1938-Alive – Moshe Safdie – Architect of Holocaust Museum at Yad Vashem in Jerusalem, US Initute of Peace in Washington, DC, etc.

1939-2004 – Toma Sik – “Peace activist, anarchist, libertarian socialist, vegan, world citizen & pioneer of the Israeli-Palestinian search for peace.”
1939-Alive – Elias Chacour – Archbishop in Haifa (Melkite Eastern Catholic Church). Promotes Arab-Israeli reconciliation. Author of “Blood Brothers.”
1939-Alive – Amos Oz – Novelist & journalist. Prof at Ben-Gurion Univ in Be’er Sheva. Advocate of a 2-state solution to the Palestinian conflict.

1940-Alive – Amos Gvirtz – Leader of Gush Shalom. A founder of Israelis & Palestinians for Non-Violence. Israeli rep of Intl Fellowship of Reconciliation (IFOR). Chairs Israeli Cte Against House Demolitions (ICAHD).
1940-Alive – Jean Zaru – Founding member of Sabeel (an ecumenical Palestinian Liberation Theology Center in Jerusalem). Clerk of Friends Meeting & Intl Center in Ramallah.

1943-Alive – Mubarak Awad – Psychologist. Founded Palestinian Ctr for Study of Nonviolence (now Holy Land Trust) in 1985. Father of Sami Awad (qv).

1944-1985 – Alex Odeh – Regional director of American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC). Killed by bomb as he opened his office door in Santa Ana, CA.

1945-Alive – Franklin Lamb – Journalist in Beirut (Lebanon). Former prof of intl law at Northwestern College of Law in Oregon. Partner of Janet Lee Stevens (qv).

1946-Alive – Hanan Ashrawi – Christian legislator, activist & scholar. Protégé of Edward Said (qv).
1946-Alive – Jeff Halper – Anthropologist, author & political activist. Co-founded Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions (ICAHD).

1947-1983 – Emil Grunzweig – Peace activist. Member of Peace Now. Killed by grenade thown at a peace rally in Jerusalem.

1951-1983 – Janet Lee Stevens – Journalist in Beirut (Lebanon). Proved Israel responsible for Sabra & Shatila massacre. Pregnant when killed in US embassy bombing.

1952-Alive – Salam Fayyad – Economist. Prime minister of Palestine 2007-2013. US & Israeli retaliation for Palestine’s bid for UN membership led to his resignation.

1954-Alive – Mustafa Barghouti – Democracy activist. Ran for Palestinian president in 2005 & finished 2nd to Mahmoud Abbas.
1954-Alive – David Grossman – Novelist, essayist & peace activist. Wrote the anti-war novel “To the end of the land” in 2010.
1954-Alive – Mordechai Vanunu – Nuclear technician. Revealed Israeli nuclear program in 1986. CND headquarters named for him in London.

1955-Alive – Adam Keller – Israeli “refusenik.” Cofounder of & spokesman for Gush Shalom / Peace Bloc. Lives in Tel Aviv.

1956-Alive – Nafez Assaily – Founded Library on Wheels for Nonviolence & Peace (LOWNP) in Hebron (Palestine).

1957-Alive – Mazin Qumsiyeh – Geneticist, teacher & spokesperson for Palestinian rights. Professor at Duke, Yale & 3 Palestinian universities. Lives in Bethlehem.

1958-2011 – Juliano Mer-Khamis – Actor & political activist. Murdered in Janin (Occupied West Bank) at Freedom Theatre which he founded in 2006.

1960-Alive – Rabbi Arik Ascherman – Moved to Israel in 1994. Now Executive Director of Rabbis for Human Rights (RHR).
1960-Alive – Eitan Bronstein – Refusnik. Lived at Neve Shalom. Helped found Zochrot in 2002. It identifies villages cleared during the Nakba. Described in July 2012 issue of “Peace & Change.”

1961-Alive – Miko Peled – Peace activist, author & karate instructor. Opposes the wall. Advocates one nation for Jews & Palestinians. Son of Matti Peled (qv).

1962-Alive – Kahled Kasab Mahameed – Lawyer. Teaches Shoah to Palestinians, e.g. by exhibiting Yad Vashem photos in Ni’lin. Described in July 2012 issue of “Peace & Change.”

1961-Alive – Miko Peled – Peace activist, author & karate instructor. Opposes the wall. Advocates one nation for Jews & Palestinians.

1964-Alive – Omar Barghouti – A founder of Palestinian Campaign for Academic & Cultural Boycott of Israel (PACBI). Born in Qatar, raised in Egypt, moved to Ramallah.

1965-Alive – Angela Godfrey Goldstein – Policy officer for Israeli Cte Against House Demolitions. Member of “Free Gaza Movement” & Machsom Watch. Concerned for Bedouins. Lives in Jerusalem.

1967-Alive – Bassem al-Tamimi – Teacher. Convicted by Israeli military of “sending people to throw stones.” Called “human rights defender” by EU & “prisoner of conscience” by Amnesty Intl.

1970-Alive – Sami Awad – Executive Director of Holy Land Trust (HLT), a Palestinian nonprofit organization which he founded in 1998 in Bethlehem. Son of Mubarak Awad (qv).
1970-Alive – Daoud Nassar – Farmer near Bethlehem. Founded “Tent of Nations” with brother Daher & sister Almer to resist Israeli takeover of their family’s land.

1973-Alive – Rula Jebreal – Physiotherapist, journalist, novelist, screenwriter & commentator for MSNBC. Wrote the semi-autobiographical film Miral in 2010.
1973-Alive – Orly Noy – Spokesperson of Ir Amim. Worked for All For Peace radio (with Israelis & Palestinians) until shut down in 2011. Translates Farsi literature into Hebrew.

1974-Alive – Banksy – Graffiti artist, political activist, film director & painter. Known for satirical murals in slums, Palestine, etc.

1976-Alive – Huwaida Arraf – Lawyer in Ramallah, West Bank. Human rights activist. Co-founder of nonviolent International Solidarity Movement (ISM).
1976-Alive – Mohammad Othman – Nonviolent peace activist. Works against the Israeli wall.

1979-2003 – Rachel Corrie – Member of International Solidarity Movement (ISM). Killed by Israeli bulldozer while protecting a Palestinian home.
1979-Alive – Anna Baltzer – Activist for Palestinian human rights. Opposes Israeli occupation. Depicted in “Palestinian Pietà.”
1979-Alive – Samer Tariq Issawi – Prisoner of conscience. Popular Front for Liberation of Palestine. Captured by Israel in 2002, released in 2011, rearrested in 2012. Now on hunger strike.

1983-2000 – Asel Asleh – Arab Israeli. Member of Seeds of Peace (SOP) since 1997. Killed by Israeli forces at onset of Second Intifada while wearing SOP t-shirt.

1988-2000 – Muhammad al-Durrah – Killed by Israeli forces on 2nd day of Second Intifada while cowering with his father. Photographed by Abu Rahma. Monument in Bamako (Mali).

1989-Alive – Mohammad Assaf – Refugee from Gaza. Sings patriotic songs with beautiful voice. Named “goodwill ambassador for peace” by UNRWA.

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