It was recently commented that this BLOG was a pro-Islam site. I want to state for the record – I have prayed with my brothers in the mosque – it was one of the most spiritual days of my life -and yet I haven’t went back, not because I didn’t feel the holy spirit when I prayed, but because I choose not to convert to any one religion. I grew up in a Pentecostal church with my father as the preacher, I know the Bible well – Old Testament and New Testament; I went to Bible College, yet I choose not to be a Christian, except in the followings of the Christ. I make this decision to not be religious on the grounds that all these books – the Bible, Torah, Quran, Talmud – were written thousands of years ago by people that are dead – we are alive. Nothing is yet written for the living, they learn as much as possible about all things. I choose to be all religions and none, only giving gratitude to a higher power. Destiny will never be determined by men, only by God. One of my dedications is to protect Israel, but not once at the expense of any Muslim or Christian. I know that the current government of Israel is not what I represent, a government that will jeopardize its citizens for almost a century without peace and established borders – is not what I choose, nor will I ever. My goal is to build the Third Temple just north of the Dome of the Rock – and in return – establish two independent Palestinian States and a corpus separatum of Jerusalem. My goal is to establish a free Tibet, including Lhasa, this is one of my highest goals. My upcoming Peace Plan is to draw realistic borders throughout the planet and erase the misguided legacy of blind corrupt colonialism.

This BLOG is not PRO – one or the other – this BLOG is PRO TRUTH, and only that. When one human kills, hurts or lies to another human, anywhere on Earth, it must stop. That is what I am PRO about.

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