Cosmos is from the Greek, kosmos, meaning order. Cosmos means existence divinely ordered.

ism is a suffix meaning a system of beliefs and practices.

Cosmosism is the belief in the divinity of existence and a system of beliefs and practices to align oneself with the divine.

Existence is a single energetic system evolving and arranging itself for the purpose of continuous evolution.

The fundamental essence of Existence.

The attributes inherent in and communicated by energy patterns.

Cycle of Existence:
Existence is a continuous cycle of creation, preservation, destruction and re-creation. This recycling of energy allowing it to evolve into increasingly complex energy patterns, with energy itself existing eternally.

Life is a special energy pattern that possesses consciousness. Unlike other energy patterns, Life needs to consume energy to continue existing, surviving and evolving.

Consciousness is the ability to sense receive information from the energetic system of Existence, the ability to create perceptions based on that information, and the ability to recognize energy patterns and information patterns.
Consciousness = Sense Reception + Perception + Pattern Recognition

Sense Reception:
Sense Reception is the process of receiving information contained within the energetic system.

Perceptions are the result of the process of sense reception. Perceptions are mental representations of the information that is sense received by Consciousness.

Mind is a subset of consciousness that perceives and attempts to solve problems related to survival and evolution. The mind is a pattern recognition tool. It remembers past perceptions, predicts possible future perceptions, imagines perceptions, develops beliefs, makes decisions and choices, takes actions, and develops habits and behaviors.

Conception is the process of forming and understanding abstract or generalized ideas based on particular perceptions.

Emotions are reactions to perceptions that cause a  change in energetic flow in either the positive or negative direction.

Matter and physical, material reality is a perception created by consciousness as a representation of the energy and information patterns that has been sensed, received and decoded.

The body is a perception rather than a physical object. It is an energy pattern that possesses the force of Life.

The Self is a perception and concept that creates an artificial division in the energetic system. This division results in conceptual categories of Self, or the perceiver and Not-Self, or the perceived. In truth, there is no division between the perceiver and the perceived, both are perceptions.

Perceived Reality:
Each particular Consciousness creates its own subjective reality based on its perceptions.

Atman (or Atmanic Consciousness):
The Atman is the spiritual and energetic essence of an individual being. The Atman, like all things, is a manifestation of Brahman.

Brahman (or Brahmanic Consciousness):
​Brahman is The Absolute, The Eternal, The Infinite, The One, The Ultimate, The True Nature of Reality

The goal of life is evolution. One evolves by moving up through the Cosmic Planes of Existence.

The Cosmic Planes of Existence:

1st Plane: The Physical Material Plane
Goal: Physical Survival and Well Being
Path: The Path of Personal Development
Critical Data: How to improve your life circumstances and become a better You.

2nd Plane: The Emotional Plane
Goal: Liberation From Suffering
Path: The Path of Liberation
Critical Data: How to be free from suffering.

3rd Plane: The Mental Plane
Goal: Egoic Disidentification
Path: The Path of Self Discovery
Critical Data: How to discover who and what you really are.

4th Plane: The Plane of Information
Goal: Perceptual and Conceptual Mastery
Path: The Path of Information
Critical Data: How to improve your perception, conception, cognition, emotion and communication skills.

5th Plane: The Plane of Atmanic Consciousness
Goal: Self Knowledge, Inner Peace, and Spiritual Liberation
Path: The Soul Path
Critical Data: How to understand and express your spiritual essence.

6th Plane: The Plane of Divine Energy
Goal: Energetic Union
Path: The Path of Cosmic Oneness
Critical Data: How to become one with the Cosmos.

​7th Plane: The Plane of Brahmanic Consciousness
Goal: Truth Realization aka Enlightenment
Path: The Path of Cosmic Truth
​Critical Data: How to discover the True nature of reality

The Seven Steps of Studying Cosmosism:

  1. Become aware of the existence of the wisdom.
  2. Learn the wisdom.
  3. Apply the wisdom.
  4. Experience the results of applying the wisdom.
  5. Know that the wisdom is true.
  6. Give thanks for the wisdom.
  7. Teach the wisdom to others.

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