Kurdish Republic of Ararat (1927-1930)

The Republic of Ararat, or Kurdish Republic of Ararat, was a self-proclaimed Kurdish state. It was located in eastern Turkey, centred on Karaköse Province. Agirî is the Kurdish name for Ararat.

The Republic of Ararat, led by the central committee of Xoybûn party, declared independence on 28 October 1927 or 1928, during a wave of rebellion among Kurds in southeastern Turkey.

The Ararat rebellion was led by General Ihsan Nuri Pasha. In October 1927, Kurd Ava, or Kurdava, a village near Mount Ararat, was designated as the provisional capital of Kurdistan. Xoybûn made appeals to the Great Powers and the League of Nations and also sent messages to other Kurds in Iraq and Syria to ask for co-operation.

The Turkish military subsequently defeated the Republic of Ararat in September 1930.

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