to make peace between the Israelis and Palestinians

From the Author of the BLOG –

I want to make one thing, perfectly clear again, my purpose for being born was to save my mother, make money, and to make peace between the Israelis and Palestinians, it also includes preparing a way for the coming of the Christ.

My life goal is world peace, my plan for world peace first begins in the eastern most coast of the Mediterranean Sea and Jerusalem, the holy land. There is no world peace without the Third Temple standing next to the Dome of the Rock, even with Ezekiel’s temple plans, there is still 150 (ft) between the two structures.

The north end (.11 miles) – from the beginning of the east wall to west wall – of the Holy Mount will be Jewish, it is now mostly trees, this section will also include all of the Mount of Olives and the entire ancient Jewish cemetery, the Eastern Gate will be opened and a bridge will be built straight east across the Kidron Valley.

The existing southern section (.17 miles) – east wall to west wall – of the Holy Mount will remain Muslim with the Dome of the Rock and Al-Aqsa Mosque, and from the Dung Gate down to Silwan.

In my world peace plan, there will be an enlarged State of Israel by 133%, a large independent State of Palestine, an independent country in an enlarged West Bank, and a corpus separatum in the City of Jerusalem – to be two equal parts, one Jewish and one Muslim and Christian – the Knesset will be outside the corpus separatum.

I am also working on a peace plan for the rest of the planet, called Peace of a Planet, where curved borders replace the existing straight borders, and to the creation of many more independent nations to represent the beliefs of the majority in that land, these new borders will also end any prejudice to all other human beings that choose to remain in that land.

For the rest of time all human beings will be equal.

I stringently work daily and with each breath and thought towards these goals if I had a convenient life I would not choose to always have to spend any of my energy having to tell the truth to the prevalent lies as a human it is somewhat uncomfortable to have to continue to tell the complete truth about corrupt governments and the continued crimes committed by powerful people whom have not yet become conducive to world peace.

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