The Golan Heights will not be stolen, only earned

From the Author of the BLOG – Netanyahu slithers in and the corrupt Trump corporation acquiescences the Golan Heights for the slitherer to try and win his election. Back door shady politics between two indicted leaders.

Yes, the Trump corporation, president or not, because that’s what it is, this corporation has made every move in plain sight, that the only reason that they are in power is to make money, for them and all their friends.

If civil rights are trumped upon, then those people become the enemy; if the freedom of the press tells of their deception, then the truth becomes “fakes news”; if patriotic hero’s of the country speak out, then they are ridiculed as weak prisoners and not real patriots; if the world disagrees with you, then they play the over confident fool; if the less fortunate are hungry, then you tout the jobs you’ve created; if the land cries of pollution, they show the great profits of the polluting organizations; if the animals begin to disappear, then they show how great the great processing was.

Corrupt leaders have no power, for the long term.

The most the Israelis can ever ask for – is half of the Golan Heights. The southern half, around the Sea of Galilee – and where all the oil supposedly is, of course Genie Energy has to get paid. This half would be from Qatsrin east to Keshet to the Ceasefire line of 1974.

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