Mikha’el: who is like God? Ruach: wind, breath, spirit

The Spirit came with what seemed like wind – the Hebrew word is Ruach (Ruark) a word which means an invisible, mysterious, and powerful force. The same Ruach that drove back the Red Sea and blew the plague of locusts over the land of Egypt and away again. It can also be used to describe some form of empowering from outside. A force beyond human experience takes possession of the person. – And this wind, this Ruach, was accompanied by fire, symbol of God’s presence – remember the burning bush?


Question: “What is the meaning of the Hebrew name Mikha’el?”

Answer: From the Hebrew name מִיכָאֵל (Mikha’el) meaning “who is like God?”. This is a rhetorical question, implying no person is like God. Michael is one of the archangels in Hebrew tradition and the only one identified as an archangel in the Bible. In the Book of Daniel in the Old Testament he is named as a protector of Israel. In the Book of Revelation in the New Testament he is portrayed as the leader of heaven’s armies in the war against Satan, and is thus considered the patron saint of soldiers in Christianity.The popularity of the saint led to the name being used by nine Byzantine emperors, including Michael VIII Palaeologus who restored the empire in the 13th century. It has been common in Western Europe since the Middle Ages, and in England since the 12th century. It has been borne (in various spellings) by rulers of Russia (spelled Михаил), Romania (Mihai), Poland (Michał), and Portugal (Miguel). Other bearers of this name include the British chemist/physicist Michael Faraday (1791-1867), musician Michael Jackson (1958-2009), and basketball player Michael Jordan (1963-).

Question: “What is the meaning of the Hebrew word ruach?”

Answer: The Hebrew ruach means “wind,” “breath,” or “spirit.” The corresponding Greek word is pneuma. Both words are commonly used in passages referring to the Holy Spirit. The word’s first use in the Bible appears in the second verse: “The Spirit of God [Ruach Elohim] was hovering over the waters” (Genesis 1:2). In Genesis 6:17 ruach is translated “breath of life.” Genesis 8:1 uses ruach to describe the “wind” God sent over the earth to recede the Flood waters.

Altogether, the word ruach is found almost 400 times in the Old Testament.

Often, when the Old Testament talks about the “Spirit of the Lord” or the “Spirit of God,” the word for “Spirit” is Ruach. Use of ruach as “spirit” when not linked with God usually is in reference to the human spirit. This can mean the actual spirit of a human (the immaterial part of humans akin to the soul) or to one’s mood, emotional state, or general disposition. Ruach as “breath” or “wind” can be a reference to literal breath or wind, or it can take on a figurative meaning such as in the idiom “a mere breath.”

God’s Ruach is the source of life. The Ruach of God is the One who gives life to all creation. We could say that God’s Ruach has created every other (non-divine) ruach that exists. All living creatures owe the breath of life to the Creative Spirit of God. Moses states this truth explicitly: “God . . . gives breath [ruach] to all living things” (Numbers 27:16). Job understood this truth as well: “As long as I have life within me, the breath [ruach] of God in my nostrils” (Job 27:3). Later, Elihu tells Job, “The Spirit of God has made me; the breath of the Almighty gives me life” (Job 33:4).

God used the phrase Ruach Yahweh in His promise that the Messiah would be empowered by the Holy Spirit: “The Spirit of the LORD will rest on him—the Spirit of wisdom and of understanding, the Spirit of counsel and of might, the Spirit of the knowledge and fear of the LORD” (Isaiah 11:2; Isaiah 42:1). This prophecy was fulfilled in Jesus; at His baptism in the Jordan River, John saw “the Spirit of God descending like a dove and alighting on him” (Matthew 3:16).


  1. Yahweh is an incorrect pronunciation of the Neter (NTJR) aka (God) because of Europeans.. Although, it’s actually pronounced Yah-oo-seh because it’s spelled iusa.You can figure out the grammar for the long (oo – U) sound. You see, in early education, children in “Amorica” were taught the vow-El’s and how they work. So, the letter “I” is also a “Y” and sometimes a “J” too. Then of course, the letter “J” is also sometimes a letter “H”. Basic grammar with some etymology in the mix. Speaking of Etymology, I find it most interesting because it’s all based on the PIE and of course, that’s just the European way of thinking or rather having control over the rest of humanity. Take a look at the word “Etym” for example; the letter “T” is also the same as the letter “D” – like in the Tao (Dao). Aka “The Way.” Then we have the vowels, and they can somehow be alternated with other vowels to get the correct meaning of the word. So, now, like the word “Etym,” we also can create the words “Adom, Atom, Edam, Atum, Edom, Adam and so forth. However, it’s important to note, the word Atum comes from Atum Ra, which existed prior to the so called “Hyksos Invasion of Khemet.” (Ancient Egypt according to yes, you guessed it, European Scholars). On to the next thing…
    The very word “God” etymologically is nothing more than an Old English (Ang-Lish) word aka Norse. And, yes, it meant good.

    The Ruach relates to the lower KA – The Carnal NTJR (Nature in supposed Greek). You see, according to every other non-european ancient tribes, we humans have two KA’s within our minds. It takes those 2 KA’s to create the BA, which in turn creates the LA/LAH. In truth, this ancient know-ledge was from Khemet and Kush Afrika. Notice the word Afri-KA has the very word within it’s name. As for the BA, well it comes from the Bantu tribe of Afrika. It yes, you can see, it’s in their name too. Lucky for the world, the Irish and Scots are so pompous and “Proud” that they even wrote books about the taking of Ireland from the For-MOR-ians and the Batwa Tribe who had migrated their prior to the Geats or Gauls (False-Celts aka “those like us Ruark’s/Roark’s/Ruairc’s. Even the images of the Formorians are said to be Dubh/Swarthy (Black)and had an eye like a Cy-clops. Hmm…perhaps that’s because the Gauls who arrived there when the Formorians and Batwa we’re there, saw them as God’s and even referred to them as Druid’s (Tru-wid’s – as in Tru-Wisdom). When one joins the two KA’s with the use of the Pineal Gland located in the Cave of Brahma they work towards achieving the ultimate Know-ledge. “Know,” etymologically means Union and/or Yoga. Creating the Di-vine. Di and Dia mean 2. We must know ourselves. If you believe in writing which I think you do because you have this blog, then maybe you want to research the word Bi-ble sometime because the last time I checked, Bi also means 2. And ble/bil/Bal/Bol all come from the word Bull/Cow/Aurochs. Obviously, though the Freemasons have instilled Cows and Bull heads throughout every small town in Amorica on the Courthouse’s, it’s merely a reference to something deeper, not a literal meaning and neither is the Bible. The Aurochs represent the Tor-oid-AL Field aka the Hour Glass, the figure 8 and thus Eternity. It’s intriguing just how Proud and over zealous our ancestors were and obviously some still are, the Tor/Taurus aka Taurus (like the May Pole) celebrated in Celtic/Scottish societies. And, a step further, it’s so much like the mouth, or as you say, “the Ruach (Ruark) – wind, breath, spirit” – aka Taurus in the Zodiac and Ganesh in (H)Indusim (named after the Indu River Valley which has no letter H at the beginning of the word. I wish you could write back or would email me, because I’d love to pick your brain and see where you get off being the way you are.

    To let you know because you have obviously never researched it or you just don’t care and would rather continue the same lies, the Batwa Tribe we’re the little people (Leprechaun’s) of Ireland. They are known in Africa and throughout the world as Pygmies which refers to Little People and no they were not white. In addition, please make yourself aware, the slave trade happened because our ancestors and the Prussian’s stole African history. You can believe that, research it or do nothing with it.But, here’s a hint for you, don’t you find it despicable that Holland got a name change? Not only did it get a name change, but it took the name “Netherlands.” This is blatant disrespect because Neter is what the Khemetian’s call their Creator/Great Spirit/God. Nether-lands is clearly Neter-lands. The letter H is often not pronounced in many words. For example, Neanderthal is pronounced by British Scholars as Neandertals, without the letter H. This is the same thing the Catholic church has done with the Basilica. Basil is the same as Basal – like Ganglia in the Brain. It’s also like Holy Basil (Tulsi) in India. The Basal is the same as the word Equix as in the beer, Dos Equix, meaning 2 Snakes. The snakes are the 2 that become 1 when they reach the Limbic Region of the brain from the Sacral region of the spine where the 7 nerves are located. Obviously they climb 26 more steps equating to 33 degrees (Ida and Pingala in Hindu). The Basilica goes around and around like a coiled snake as well. This truly is appalling.

    What you’re describing is useless in this day and age because people are in tune with their inner beings. Take Qabalah for example; QA, KA, and CA are all the same root words. The only difference is that “KA” is original, whereas QA and CA are recreated. That said, QA BA LA/LAH is pure vibration, frequency. Think – Do, Re, Mi, Fa, So, (La/Lah) TE, Do. That’s the Solfeggio in Latvian Latin. It’s obviously pronounced Solfege in English (En-Gael-ish).Btw, GA is also the same as KA, QA, and CA.

    So much Babble, yet Babylon was suppose to be long ago. Yet, clearly it’s still present, but rapidly fading. The world has awakened “Woke” to the Hyksos/Yiddish lies. Obviously, you can write whatever you deem is necessary and continue down that path of thinking you’re better than other races, but I must be straight with you, As a member of the Ruairc lineage, I too know the truth and also know what your getting at here with this article and several others you have written over the years and it’s all BS in my opinion.

    What our ancestors have done in this cunt-tree is beyond measure and a complete disgrace! To act virtuous and above other beings when truly they are not and have never been is complete ludacris! To own slaves is a violation against humanity as a whole! Obviously, our ancestors are Yiddish and thus Ash-Ke-Nasi, or better said as Ash – (Yew/Jew Tree), Ke (Qi/Ki/Energy/Inner-Chi), Nasi = (Prince) – “Flight of the Earl’s of Ireland. Earls…smh. I’m disgusted by this knowledge. I’m no Freemason and neither were my parents or grandparents or even my great grandparents, beyond that obviously some were. Are you even aware that the original Masons were Moor’s from Ireland and Scotland? They are the Seal people known as Picts. The Moor’s named the stars and created Alkhemy.

    All the crap you’re talking about here, is lies. The real Jews, the original Jews came from the 6th temple of KMT. They are the Bantu Tribe of Africa/Afrika.

    Our ancestors did not become Jewish until around 720 AD in there own words! Ahed Finn – that’s all lies. It’s all made up after they defeated the Moor’s and Batwa Tribe in Ireland and Scotland. Our ancestors and anyone else who continues pushing those lies as truth are guilty of stealing another’s legacy. Are you really okay with doing that? Is that the kind of man you are? Is that how you educate your children and grandchildren?

    I read over these articles and signs throughout America, like Roark’s Gap and all the articles written about the Native Indigenous people’s that refer to them as “Savages & Barbaric”…It’s our ancestors who were the savage’s and anyone else that went to other continents to take the people’s land and resources as well as their women and children. We are the “Monsters” (Moon-stars) in world his-story – the Victor’s Story….

    Beware Michael Ruark. My cousin, the world is changing. The third shaking of the Earth is on its way. The black race and other races of color are about to rise. White folks will be where the people of color have been. It’s our due karma and it’s been prophesized by many worldwide. You may be alive to see and you may not, for I do not know your age. But, I assure, whether you or I are alive or not, our children and grandchildren will feel what is coming, unless we change our ways.

    It’s time for the white race to get on board. We must apologize to those whom our ancestors took so much from. We must educate our youth on kindness and love. We must educate our youth that people, no matter their color all breathe like us and bleed like us. We must end the hate and disharmony. The 4 races, the White people of the North, the Black of the West, the Red people of the East and the Yellow people of the South must come, put aside our differences and except our own wrongdoings and make positive changes for all beings and especially the world’s future generations. For, we cannot act as our great grandparents did chopping down trees everywhere, polluting lakes and streams and the agriculture. We, humanity as a whole must change now, because the Earth will destroy itself and recreate itself as it’s always done. It does not need us to thrive. It did fine and will do fine again whether humans are here or not.

    Educate yourself about The Third Shaking of the Earth when the Gourds of Fire fall from the skies. The Jewish man, Nostradamus also predicted the same things.

    We can have no more inside jobs/inside attacks on America or any other country. The time for change is now. Blaming Muslims who praise
    AL-lah (El) is completely asinine.9/11 (7/11) was a real awakening to many people worldwide just how corrupt some people in America are. This isn’t the age of Narbonne France aka “Sept”-imania, Gothia, it’s the era of now. The age of Pisces has ended. The age of information is upon us all pan-o-ra-ma-Ka-lly. They’re is no Superman or his father, CA-EL that’s going to save humanity. The Gig is up…we must all unite. They’re are no Sin’s. We are not born into sin. Rather, it’s the Sine as in the waves of the lower conscious…The letter E at the end is not pronounced, much like the name O’Rourke (O’Rourk). The letter E at the end of “Sine & Wave” is just a trickery of Aristocratic word-play…

    Please become more virtuous and genuine than mine and your ancestor’s…

    1. Cousin, thank you for your writing. I am so impressed by the words. I agree with all you have written, even as it pertains to me personally. I must always challenge myself to learn from others to better myself. I am only pursuing knowledge, I do not yet have all of it. As you state, our family and most ancestry has evil in their past, humans and even animals have thrived on murder, subjugation and death. The world has lived in the stench of lies for most of time. I agree the world is waking up and wisdom will be foremost. I also agree that racial superiority and ignorance of the real truth is truly being exposed. My sole purpose is to make this positive change happen, world peace is the goal. This blog is to spread the truth, most of the posts are from another source. I am just trying to find the real truth and post it. I am not proud of our Ruairc family history, on our side we took indigenous land, we enslaved others, we were ultra-religious even to the point of killing in the name of God. My father beat me up for the first 18 years of my life, as well as my Mother, Sister and Brother; and he was a preacher in the Church of God. A Pentecostal fundamentalist sect of Christianity. Yet, I love the name of Ruark. I will do my best to raise it. I am from a new beginning, my wife is black, my Son is half-black and half-white. I am living change, not just writing about it. I am an Aquarius, this is my age. A time of new beginnings for this planet, humans, animals, water, land, air, should not be feared, we must live in harmony and reach a balance, even with the universe and beyond. So, please never presume you understand me unless you get to know me. My email is michael@michaelruark.com, email me and I’ll share my phone number, if you wish. I would love to learn more from you and I will go point by point over the subjects you have written. Thank you, again.

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