Travers’ Cemetery on Hooper’s Island

Dorchester County, MD – Travers’ Cemetery on Hooper’s Island:


–IN MEMORY OF (hand motif)

AMANDA  Daughter of Wm T & Rebeca T. Ruark born Aug 4, 1855  died Jan 31, 1881 Footstone: A V R
  Died July 22, 1819  Aged 3 years and 22 days
ELIZABETH RUARK  Born Oct’r 25, 1799.  Died March 1, 1871.
FREDDIE E.  son of HENRY & REBECCA RUARK  Born Aug 17, 1873,  Died Feb 21, 1874 Footstone: F E R [Both Jones an Marshall inaccurately recorded this date as Aug. 18.]
IN MEMORY OF HENRY  SON OF James & Martha Ruark who departed this life Aug’st 23rd, 1842, age 46 years & 6 months [Both Jones and Marshall inaccurately recorded this age as “16”.]
IN MEMORY OF (rose motif)
IRA B.  Son of Henry W. & Rebecca F. RUARK  Born Apr. 28, 1875  Died Mar. 9, 1901 Footstone: I.B.R.
JOHN T. RUARK.  Born May 23, 1877.  Died Feb. 16, 1901.  Footstone:  J T R
*MAJOR A.  son of E. & M. RUARK  Born Dec. 22d 1848  Died Aug 6th 1849.  [Neither Jones nor Marshall recorded this tombstone.]
MAJOR A RUARK  Son of Henry W & Rebecca Ruark  Born Mar 29 1881  Died Mar 30 1881 Footstone: M A R
MARY E. RUARK Died August 22nd 1819  Aged 1 Year  2 months & 11 days
OLIVER G. RUARK  Born May 1, 1868, Died May 1, 1900  Footstone: O G R
REBECCA F. Wife of HENRY W. RUARK  Born Oct. 22, 1837.  Died Feb. 13, 1905.  Footstone: R.F.R. [Additionally, RUARK is engraved on the pedestal of her tomb.]
IN MEMORY OF (rose with leaves motif)
REBECCA J. RUARK  Daughter of Wm. T. & RebeccaT. Ruark
Born March 11th 1862, Departed this life September 29th 1865  Footstone: R.J.R.
REBECCA S. Daughter of John T. & Eva W. Ruark  Born Aug. 12, 1901.  Died Jan. 24, 1902.  Footstone: R.S.R.
In Memory of (hand motif)
REBECCA T. RUARK BORN March 21, 1831  DIED February 22, 1912
Daughter of John W. Parker & Mary Travers Parker  Beloved wife of William T. Ruark
[stone erected September, 2003]
RHODA V. RUARK  Born Oct 9th 1871  Died May 13th 1909  Footstone: R V R
SUSAN MARGRET Born Dec 1 1854  Died Feb 29 1855
[Last name not given, but location in the graveyard would indicate that her name was Ruark.  Marshall gave the stone that identification.]
In Memory Of (hand motif)
WILLIAM T. RUARK Born May 20, 1831  Died Sept. 25, 1891 AGED 60 yrs. 4 mo’s  & 5 ds.  Footstone: W T R



  1. It would appear you and I have quite a bit in common. My mother’s initials were RJR for Rebecca Jane Roark and her father was WJR.for William Jackson Roark. My grandfather was born in the the south, but all the family’s residences were primarily in Amboy, IN.

    My great grandfather was John C Roark. The list goes on and on, but I notice the usage of the same first names and or middle names repeatedly.

    With your exstensive amount of research you have accomplished here, perhaps you’d be willing to assist me with discovering some missing names. I would be thoroughly grateful.

    Thank you. Always a pleasure reading your blog.

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