DJT and democracy

From the BLOGGER:

I do want to see Donald Trump be a great President. I always want the best for the United States. I want him to massively improve our country. Be a President that will represent all the citizens of our nation. I said in 2016, that now that the Republicans had the majority in the House and the Senate, and they also had the Presidency, it would be good to see what they could do with all three branches of government. What happened? They passed a tax break that was basically to the rich and they deregulated the environment. I would even ask, how can Republicans back Trump? In my opinion, he doesn’t represent the principles of the Republican Party by his actions. Currently, from the (so-called) party of fiscal responsibility, our debt is at $1 trillion a year – just less than Obama (who left with $9T in debt in 8 years). Although to be honest, Obama did have to deal with what Bush and the Republicans left for him – which included the dire, immediate, urgent, possibility of total national and global economic collapse and two wars costing $1T a year.

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