Jim Stone’s Fukushima report

It took them three hundred years and trillions of dollars to build a theatre of darkness, yet the light of 
only one match can burn it down. Do not let this light go out, ARCHIVE AND POST! ! ! 

3/11 was Japan's 9/11. It's all documented folks! 

This is Japan's 911, and it's all based on official records and evidence which cannot be silenced. 
What is here is every bit as damning as building 7 on 9/11, while being far more important, and 
the fact that a large portion of even the truth movement has shunned this report will show you 
just how deep the conspiracy goes. It is essential for people to link, re-post and mirror this report, 
because e-mails related to it will be censored and people will not find their way here from an e- 
mail. It will also get deleted from sites like Above Top Secret and Godlike productions, and 
therefore failure to spread the word through other means will give the elite an ability to create a 
similar disaster elsewhere, possibly near you. This report is public domain, use anything here on 
your own site but mention my name and link back to here so people can find the source. 

This printed version can be copied and handed out as the recipient desires. 

Did the Dimona Dozen murder the Fukushima 50? 

Jim Stone, Freelance Journalist, re formatted for print on September 16 2013 

The 3/11 earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear disaster did not occur naturally. In this report you 
will find all the evidence needed to support this claim and more. 

This is a vital report because it documents the dawning of a new type of environmental warfare 
in which advanced technologies are used to make unsuspecting populations believe their 
destruction occurred by the will of nature, thus leaving the destroyers in a position to demand 
governments stay silent while they perform the job of destroying or enslaving their populations to 
the will of the global “elite”. 

This environmental threat tactic, when coupled with industrial virus attacks and nuclear 
blackmail is the new direction the “elite” have chosen to take warfare now that false flag terror in 
the name of Arabs has failed to convince the world's populations that massive hot wars are 

The key points this report covers to prove this tactic is in use are: 

1. Reactor 3 is completely missing, which means the press and anyone who has claimed anything 
about pressures, temperatures, containment, ect at reactor 3 after March 14 2011 is lying and 
people need to pay attention to it, because failure of the public to realize the massive extent of 
the lies about what is going on there will leave the door open to a repeat event. Lies must be 
told to hide what really happened at Fukushima, because like false flag terror in the name of 
Arabs, once the secret about environmental terrorism and industrial warfare is known, it's 
usefulness is minimized. 

A missing reactor 3 proves the hydrogen explosion theory false, because all reactor 
engineers know that you cannot lose a reactor entirely absent having a massive explosion 
on the order of a nuclear weapon make it disappear. Yet reactor 3 is indeed blown to 
smithereens with the control rods and reactor guts laying out in the open in the outer 
containment structure, as shown in the photo below: 

fere we have reactor 3's guts laying out in the 
with the core spray system still trying to 
function. Notice all the dust mixed in with the 
dust which could never have happened 
from a mere hydrogen blast. 

large portion of this dust is reactor core 

as indicated by it's color, and the rest is 


It is important to know that it takes a detonation 
(supersonic explosion) to turn concrete into dust 
and even under ideal conditions with a perfect 
oxygen/hydrogen mixture, an open air hydrogen 
ignition never achieves the shock wave speed of 
detonation. The dust alone proves that 
something other than hydrogen did this. 

2. Reactor 4 is Building 7, demolished by explosives. The biggest smoking gun proving the 
Fukushima disaster was in fact an act of war is the near mythically impossible destruction of 
Reactor 4, which exploded despite not having a core, as mysteriously as building 7 fell on 9/11 
despite never being hit by a plane. 

Reactor 4 is building 7. It was 
disassembled for maintenance 
and exploded anyway. Tepco 
said it was getting it's internal 
shroud replaced, 
lie. Dome is removed, 
reactor is obviously 

Reactor 4 had been defueled and 
was undergoing replacement of 
it's internal stainless steel shroud, 
yet according to the official story 
blew it's containment anyway. 

That is the FINAL smoking gun, 
an empty reactor is inert and 
cannot produce an explosion, yet 
one happened at 4 that was so 
powerful it destroyed the structure 
which had a frame consisting of 
solid steel columns a minimum of 

12 feet thick, and solid concrete and rebar walls on that frame which were 4 feet thick, leaving 
it in danger of falling over. There is nothing short of a small nuclear weapon that can blow a 
structure that strong to pieces, demolition charges will not do it absent occupying much of the 
interior space which would have been obvious to workers. 

Unlike what some people have theorized, that the hydrogen came from the fuel pool, overheated 
open fuel pools cannot produce hydrogen because in an open fuel pool the water boils off at 100 
Celsius, and the hydrogen producing scenario requires water to be in pressurized form at 2,000 
degrees Celsius to liberate it's hydrogen by losing it's oxygen to the zircon cladding in the fuel 
rods. The entire hydrogen story needs the right environment to happen, and that environment 
requires temperatures of 2000 degrees Celsius, saturated steam, and thousands of PSI inside a 
reactor to happen. This makes any explosion at reactor 4, which was wide open and 
disassembled flatly impossible. 

Knowing reactor 4 could never have exploded because it was disassembled created a problem 
for the people fronting the environmental warfare scam. Since it was impossible for reactor 4 to 
explode while mothballed, a fact which would be easy for the public to grasp, an alternate 
explanation for the explosion at reactor 4 was hatched by none other than Arnie Gundersen, 
who claimed a “prompt criticality” occurred in the fuel pool, which supposedly went off like a 
nuclear weapon. 

But that only flew with the most ignorant in the population, because a nuclear weapons style 
“prompt criticality” can happen only with nuclear material that is 70 percent enriched 
plutonium, or 90 percent enriched uranium, and THEN only when a high precision explosive 
charge brings that material together in a calculated way at supersonic speeds. Even if the fuel in 
the pool was 90 percent enriched, the racks it is in and lack of a nuclear trigger to bring it all 
together correctly would have prevented any prompt criticality. Nuclear detonations are hard to 
accomplish, they don't happen by accident. 

This report includes a background investigation of Arnie Gundersen, who is in fact not a nuclear 
expert of any sort and proves he is a media fraud and paid government shill. Arnie has made a 
lot of money as a political tool and using the ignorance of nuclear topics in the general 
population to do damage to good people and firmly root the ability of the “elite” to carry out 
repeat attacks on facilities similar to Fukushima. This is accomplished by backstabbing the 
nuclear industry, and pointing the finger in the wrong direction, away from the perpetrators. 

His consulting firm “Farewinds and Associates” was founded as a one man show and remained 
that way for decades, with Arnie as the “chief engineer” exaggerating and lying about his 
credentials, which was proven in my investigation of Arnie and Farewinds. This investigation 
is included as an attachment to this report. 

Because Arnie 's “prompt criticality” was an easily proven fraud, and there was no way for 
reactor 4 to explode, an alternate theory which involved back feeding of hydrogen through 
the hard vent piping from reactor 3 was hatched. Though hydrogen <i>could</i> have 
back fed from reactor 3 in very small amounts under the most insanely poorly managed 
circumstances, the sheer force of the explosion at reactor 4 alone proves the cause of that 
explosion was not hydrogen. Add to this the story line that there was no power, no 
switches or relays creating sparks, and the hydrogen explosion theory becomes all the 
more ludicrous, it takes more than hydrogen to create an explosion, it takes an ignition 
source and if we are to follow the “official” story line about no power being available that 
source of ignition simply did not exist at <i>any</i> of the four reactors. 

This is the mini van I pasted 
on the containment wall. 

2. You can look straight down the throat 
iof the empty reactor. Something else 
blew this up. What did? 

'This is Fukushima's building 7, which 
|"collapsed ,, at the world trade center 
on 9/11 even though nothing hit it. 

1 3/ 11, 9/11, 4/11, See a pattern? 

Tepco stated that reactor 4 was defuled, 
had no core in it, and was undergoing 
replacement of it's internal shroud. Many 
people said it was enriching plutonium? 
because it blew up. This picture clearly V s 
shows: n 

1. The dome is in the service area, with 
the jib from the service crane attached, 


This picture shows beyond a doubt that EVERYONE lied, other than this 
site and those who linked in. CNN, FOX, NHK, ALL LIED, including Rense 
and Alex Jones. All doubt is dispelled by reactor 4, which was disassembled 
as stated by Tepco. I did not realize what I missed in this high resolution 
photo, (I scaled it down to save bandwidth and never went back to the 
original, which SO CLEARLY SHOWS reactor 4 really was not in operation 
when it "blew up". This is the war crime of the century, and Israel is responsible 

[This hard vent stack is to get rid of 
hydrogen gas in an emergency. These 
were installed at all nuclear facilities 
after three mile island. Hydrogen 
did not cause these blasts. 

Here we have a large amount 
of fine concrete dust. Even 
when mixed with pure oxygen, 
hydrogen gas produces a non j 
ideal subsonic explosion. It ! 
takes a supersonic explosion to! 
turn concrete into dust, which , 
means an explosive device had 
to ha ve don e this 

[Reactor 3 should be 
here. Where is it? 

A large amount of steam 
rises from the remains of 
reactor 3, proof of inner 
containment breach. 

I took a mini van that was laying in 
the rubble and pasted it on top of the 
containment wall, to show you how 
thick the concrete was. It takes a lot 
more than a conventional bomb to 
blow away walls that thick. 

If pictures this dear existed since 3/20/20 1 1, why did they never show up in the mainstream press 
or even the "alternative" press, other than this site? It's because they show a cold hard truth that 
cannot be denied - this was an act of war. Producing this report destroyed my life, I lost my business, 
and ended up on the run over this report. Several attempts on my life have been made, and I even 
got jailed TWICE. Yet this report is out there now, and it proves beyond all doubt that there is a rogue 
in the international community that will stop at nothing to get it's way. Israel did this to Japan for two 
reasons. The first is because the culture was too hard to break, and the second is that Japan offered 
to enrich uranium for Iran. I predict that Japan is now finished. It's probably over for them. 

Smoking gun proof reactor 4 was in cold shutdown when it "exploded" 

1. The jib the service crane hooks up to is attached to the dome. 

2. The bolts are removed 

This dome is in the service area, as evidenced by the high resolution 
photos. This reactor is obviously defueled, as stated by TEPCO. 

Reactor 4's dome was removed for 
defueling. Drone photos prove it. This 
dispels the rumors surrounding unit 4's 
explosion. Some people have said that 
this reactor was secretly in operation to 
enrich plutonium. This photo proves it 
was disassembled for shroud replacement 
as stated. Tepco is going out of it's way 
trying to explain the explosions, 
especially at reactor 4 because they did 
indeed occur, so an explanation is needed. 
As a result they are giving reasons that 
cannot happen just to say something. 

They need to see this report and get the 
Arava perspective(Arava is a district 
surrounding Dimona Israel). 

Browns ferry once again proves to be a valuable reference. Like building 7 on 9/11, if there ever was 

Here, Browns Ferry unit 1 dome sits in the maintenance a way to prove Fu kushima was an act of 

area during refueling, with the bolts hanging loose. . . , , . . 

war and not an accrdent, reactor 4 is it. 

This is the biggest smoking gun at 
Fukushima that can be used to wake 
people up. 

You do not need to be any sort of expert 
to see that without a core, nothing can 
happen to a reactor other than willful 
destruction as an act of war. Attached to 
the end of this report is an additional 
article which shows that other nuclear 
facilities have been rigged to explode the 
way reactor 4 did, with an example in 

3. That the destruction of reactors 3 and 4 is so severe it could only have been accomplished 
with nuclear weapons. Hydrogen gas produces a non-ideal subsonic explosion. It cannot turn 
concrete into dust. It can produce high pressures if sealed off, but the metal roof on all the 
reactor containments should have provided the relief and been the only thing destroyed. It takes 
a high intensity explosive to strip concrete off rebar, a blast wave many times faster than 
supersonic. This means that whatever happened at Fukushima did not have blast characteristics 
that fit the "official" story. If you missed it in the high resolution photo of the destroyed facility, 
I took a car that was laying around in the remains and placed it on top of one of the blown away 
walls at reactor 3, which clearly gives the reference that the walls had support columns well 
over 12 feet thick. 

Fukushima reactor 1 was assumed by many to have been built with the Mark 1 containment 
design, with the other reactors being mark 2, but Ripley, (the reactor engineer I interviewed, 
who designed unit 3) stated that the Japanese were insanely cautious with nuclear and had the 
facilities and safety systems built far beyond G.E. Specs. It is true that gas explosions can be 
very destructive, but only in facilities that were not designed to handle them. Even the basic 
mark 1 containment lacking Japan's upgrades was many times beyond capable of withstanding 
the worst hydrogen blast, and when you see in the referenced photos that the walls indeed had 
solid steel columns over 12 feet thick holding concrete 4 feet thick it makes this point obvious. 

4. That nuclear weapon(s) were placed inside of the reactor containment(s) disguised as security 
cameras installed under contract the year of the disaster by Arava based security firm Magna 
BSP (Arava is a district around Dimona, not a city.) Their "security cameras" weighed over 
1,000 pounds and were the size and shape of gun type nuclear weapons. 

1 Two diagrams of gun type nuclear weapons show Even at meltdown a boiling water reactor cannot go 

| a striking similarity to Magna BSP's camera. critical like a nuke and will not explode; it just melts. 

The reason Magna BSP gave for the odd shape, enormous weight, and giant 
proportions of their cameras was that they were stereoscopic. A stereoscopic 
camera could be plausible at an airstrip, where the camera would need depth 
perception out miles, but not indoors where focal lengths are short. The 
installation of one inside the inner containment of reactor 3 cannot be 
justified. Depth perception going out miles could also be accomplished with 
two separately mounted cameras weighing only a few pounds; the giant 
thousand pounder is a dead giveaway. Why this giant thing, when smaller 
nukes are possible? Nuclear weapons always produce a certain amount 
of heat, and if a small design was used it would be obvious the 
"camera" was warm, even when turned off and sitting on the shelf. This 
would cause questions to be asked, especially in a nuclear power facility. 
The enormous size and weight helped conceal the decay heat. 

9/11, 4/11, 3/11? see a pattern? Let's not see another X/ll. Your time and effort in 

spreading the word may really make a difference. 

The quake was not what we were told. 

In fact, the quake was a bold faced lie, packing a political agenda. The proof goes beyond the linked 
Japanese chart. Please note - the date listed at the top of the charts linked at the end of this report 
(which contains ALL the seismic data from all reporting stations for the entire 3/11 earthquake) is the 
date of compilation, Japan has thousands of seismic stations run by numerous organizations, and they 
take time to merge into one final report. That is the date listed at the top of the linked compilation 
(March 15), and there is a shill out there who can't figure this out, a fact which should be obvious 
because the main seismogram in this report is dated and timed to the quake, and is a match for the 
lower resolution seismograms in this large compilation. 

Charts prepared by Erol Kalkan, PHD, USGS, OFFICIAL RELEASE! 

^ 'MYG012-NS 7 MYG012-EW 

Japan Quake - NHK Sendai newsroom (2011-03-11) [www.keepvid.com](2) 


According to these’charts^everyone in the roo st w all at 44 

>H, and then bounced to the south wall at 28 MPH. Everyone died. 

The online Fukushima report shows a 
video of what happened in the NHK 
newsroom during the quake. A few files 
fell over, the laser printer which was not 
secured stayed on its shelf, and people 
kept typing at their keyboards. If the 
quake was as represented in this chart, 
people would have been thrown 
upwards at 3 g's of acceleration, which 
would have thrown them to the ceiling, 
and would have been thrown towards 
the back of the room at the same time at 
2 g's of acceleration, smashing all of 
them and everything else in the room 
against the back wall. There is a reason 
why this “9.0” quake killed no one 
inland from the tsunami, and it is 
because it simply did not happen. 

The following chart is from station 
MYG012, which is less than 1/2 mile 
from the NHK newsroom. The NHK 
news room video, which was shot 
within half a kilometer of the seismic 
station Erol Kalkan used to produce this 

The USGS charts are phony folks, that's 
all there is to it! Scroll down to the 
video of the quake represented in the 
above chart, which represents a 9.0 and 
was reportedly from a seismic station 
only one half mile away from where the 
video was shot. 

The laser printer, AFTER those "graphs"!!??!! :-) :-) ONE HAPPY The implications of this run deep. The 
PRINTER!! . . , „ . . . .f, 

seismic chart, m conjunction with the 

news room video, proves that the US government is also involved in the he about the quake at some 
level, (this video is linked at the end of this report as it was functioning at the time of publication.) 
Since the video gets censored and deleted repeatedly from you tube because it proves the accuracy of 
this report, you might have to hunt for it. 

Some people keep typing on their computers as the quake happens. 

Also, note that most of the stuff stays on the desks, at the end, a laser printer is still sitting on a cheap 
table, ect. some things fall but things return to normal quickly, all the while the English announcer is 
reading a script of devastation with all the pep of some paid fool who does not believe what he is 
saying in a cheezy infomercial. The quake was significant, but only in a 6.0 sense, as recorded by 
the JAPANESE seismographs, and FAKED to a 9.0 by the USGS. This is important footage, 
because it proves the earthquake measured at a 6.8 was an instrumentation based richter 
reading. Confusion between the Shindo and Richter scale is being used to cover this up . 

Remember that this video is proof of what really went on. This means there never were significant 
aftershocks, never was a natural tsunami, and if they lied about that, what else? This video is pivotal 
and vital to exposing the truth. I chose this video because the news room is within eyeshot of station 
MYG012, which was used by the USGS to make these graphs which represent an 8.8 AT THAT 
STATION, as was stated in this (English) newscast and was probably used as a guide to fudge the lie 
due to the closeness of the newsroom to the seismic station. The full USGS assessment of the Japan 
quake is in the appendix to this printed report. Of course, they offer no reading from MYG011, 
which was closest to the 9.0 "epicenter" by a long shot, because it only got a 5.63's worth of 
shaking. The map which confirms this is later in this report. 

E-mails From Japan show the quake was not what we were told 

Readers in Japan are WELL AWARE the quake was not a 9.0 and the tsunami was artificial . I 
received mails like this for a total of about two days before they were censored. Some of these 
messages are from the same people sending updates. 

My comments are in italics writers comments are in bold 

Initial quake was reported as a 7.2, epicenter in/near Tohoku — this is what Japanese on the street 
were reading on their cell phones just after the event, this was Richter. Within 24 hours the 
magnitude was increased to 8.8, 8.9, 9.0....and, it seemed the epicenter was under debate. 

My comment: 

The first magnitude and epicenter are calculated by computer. These are in fact always correct, unless 
there is a political need to move the "epicenter" and increase the magnitude, in this case by about 100X 
and 85 miles. Furthermore, the people in Japan are telling me directly it was a richter measurement, 

I have been checking USGS regularly and notice there are lots of depth 10 km quakes. The 3/11 
and the 4/11 both are depth 10 km. Do you have any idea what that means. Scalar weapon? 

HAARP? Or just coincidence? 

My comment: 

Quakes do not appear over broad regions at 10KM depth with consistency. SO, this does indeed point 
to the use of some sort of earthquake machine, as referred to by Defense Secretary Cohen during a 
military briefing in 1997. This is linked to in the Fukushima report . 

Last year I came back to Fukushima from US. The reason is another story. Then I realized that 
there were lots of small quakes occurred around that area. In February there were 2 bigger 
quakes there. Then I wondered why? It should not have occurred there. Right? And 4/11, it was 
exactly one month later there was a M 7.1 quake. 

Mt comment: 

She is referring to the fact that the Japanese know where the main seismic areas are, and that the 
quakes are occuring in areas where geology does not support the likelihood 

March 9th, early afternoon, I was in a doctor's office with my dad who was in a wheelchair. I 
was standing then I felt dizziness. I looked up the ceiling and found things were swaying. Nobody 
said it was a quake. I would explain it as standing on a big wobbling top, it was slow and not 
vertical nor horizontal. It was M 7.4. 

My comment: 

If no one said it was a quake, and the Japanese are familiar with quakes, what was this motion then 
which caused a seismic reading of 7.4? I believe now that the earthquake machine places stress on a 
region with a circular pull, thus creating the spinning top feeling, to pull all potential weak spots in all 
directions, with the hope of triggering something big. 

This mail came in later from the same woman: 

HI James. Did you get 2 mails yesterday? This morning we got M 6.7 quakes. Again, it was weird 

My comment: 


This came in from someone else, who has lived in Japan for 17 years. This is about the same event. 

One thing, I remember the first 'bump' on the 9th. I was sitting in an office full of Japanese. I 
said 'jishin'(earthquake)...they said 'no, it isn't'....but it was.. .just a kind of rolling motion. 

My comment: 

The Japanese know what a normal quake is, and specifically said it was NOT a quake after feeling it? 
This measured a 7.4 richter. So what moved the ground so much it measured a 7.4, and the Japanese 
did not call it a quake? 

Yes, gooey is a good description. I have lived here for 17 years and felt every sort of quake, but 
never gooey, liquid quakes. Many people suffered nausea and symptoms of vertigo...dis- 
orientation for many weeks. I noted that when I took a bath, and I was afraid to do even this, the 
water was vibrating in the tub...constant vibration. I could see this in my fish tanks, too. Thank 
you for collating all of this 

My comment: 

Constant vibration? Earthquakes start and finish. What is this "constant vibration" going on in Japan 
now? Unverified rumor has it that Japan was threatened in 2009 to disband it's Government bank, 
and let foreigners take over their finances or America would use it's "earthquake machine" to punish 
them, "constant vibration?" You bet. An electronic circuit can just be left ON. 

Believe or not, I happened to be in Osaka where very dose to Kobe, when the earthquake hit. 
How lucky I am! Right? Kobe earthquake was big and 3/11 one was bigger, but not more than 
100 times bigger. You are right. Japanese cell phones got an IM saying it was 7.2 RICHTER. 
Kobe was a 6.9 

Chemitrail It was calm and warm for March. But after the quake, the sky changed into gray 
and snowed and temperature dropped. Next morning the sky was so beautiful and blue, I 
enjoyed looking up it, but I saw a plane flying lower with chemitrail. After a while I saw several 
chemitrails and the sky turned gray and temperature dropped again. 


"Real-time video of the tsunami was playing in railway stations and other public locations....gave 
the whole thing a 'HOLLYWOOD' quality...surreal!H" 

My response: 

The only way for real time video to happen was if they knew the event was going to happen, another 
smoking gun! 

Another ODD thing....this on NHK...and right after the quake.. .a very studious piece about HOW 
the Tohoku Quake differed from Kobe.. .many doctors, emergency workers interviewed...and they 
were perplexed because it seems that recent earthquake protocols had been based on the Kobe 
disaster and all of these people were prepared to treat certain kinds of injuries, like what happens 
when victims are crushed... the doctors on the show remarked that the only injuries they were 
seeing had do do with the tsunami...e.g. immersion in water, near drowning, hypothermia...from 
immersion in water.. ..they were NOT treating classic EQ injuries. 

My response: 

No traditional earthquake injuries equals no traditional earthquake, PERIOD 

One more thing.. .the Japanese talked A LOT about the dimension of the tsunami...and, actually, 
witnesses/survivors from Fukushima said there were SEVEN tsunami, not one.. .just rolling one 
after another. 

My response: 

This gives credence to those who claim more than one nuke was used, a possibility I ignored entirely 

Well, the size of these things in certain places was 39 meters, measured by large boats sitting on 
top buildings or land masses. What produces waves of this height? You are right on in your 
observation that there was little damage to wood/stucco homes.. .these things are built to fall 
down...they didn't... You are absolutely right in pointing this out. 

My response: 

First of all, a measurement of a tsunami based upon where a large boat ended up is far more accurate 
than any other measurement. The Tsunami was 115 feet in some areas 

Second, wooden Japanes homes are not built to American standards because the attitude towards wood 

structures is that they are disposable. They are cheaply made and intended to be torn down after 25 
years. I have confirmed they are made out of wood. A 39 meter tsunami is 115 feet tall. A 115 foot 
tsunami would need an earthquake over a 9 to do it, yet no damage to even cheap homes, designed to 
be torn down after temporary use. A total inconsistency with the official story, and I never heard of the 
tsunami being that big. But the Japanese OUGHT TO KNOW, they were there! 

Thank you for your hard work to get out the truth. 

I asked one individual directly if they could confirm the rumors that the Israelis were ready ahead of 
time with relief efforts, with 300 trucks, and if they could confirm the rumors that the Israelis 
controlled all relief efforts. She said he noticed a strong Israeli presense, enough to appear " very 
interesting”, but could not confirm the other points 

Israelis - A big medical team came with lots of equipment and went to north. They left those 
equipment as a gift for evacuees. I thought it was very interesting, so I remembered it. But I 
didn't hear the 300 trucks story. 

This following comment confirms my three seismograms, which show two quake events to the north 
(which she felt) and one to the south, which she did not feel. This is pretty good proof that the quake 
was indeed not natural. All 3 peak readings were blamed on the same phony " epicenter " by the usgs. 
For reference, see the seismograms in the Fukushima report. 

The one- It lasted more than 5 minutes. I timed it, so it is not how I felt. According to the mass 
media, there were 3 big quakes happened at the same time. I felt at least 2 peaks. 

My response: 

The seismograms ran for six minutes. Six is a key elite number. I doubt it is a coincidence. Six is 
unrealistically long for a natural quake, regardless of magnitude. 

I can tell you that when I got on the plane to go to C A on the 18th.. .the ground at the airport was 
liquid... every thing was moving. It took me four days in CA to recover my equilibrium. If that 
starts up again, I am OUTTA HERE....too creepy. 

BTW, there are clips on YouTube in which a local gaijin personality references conversation with 
a Japanese finance minister describes being threatened by the U.S. with earthquakes. I would 
not assume this is purely an Israeli job...though, Israel may be fronting it. 

There is the Iran question, but also, Japan has been making rapprochements toward China for 
several years. The Emperor is said to travel regularly to Beijing. I can think of LOTS of 
reasons the U.S. would not want a strong Sino/Japanese alliance. In truth, both countries are 
scared shitless about a U.S. default on debt. I can see why they would wish to consider how they 
might jointly respond to this. 

My friends and I bet as to who will blow Israel off the map, and the smart money says China. 

Now the story develops. Interesting stuff, "blowing Israel off the map” would be counterproductive, 
because it is merely a sock puppet of the Rothchilds. Ignore the puppet - look towards the banking 
district in the City of London. I would bet Israeli behavior would be a LOT better if someone was not 
pulling their strings. 

My thanks to the people in Japan who sent me these mails, certainly there were more I never got. 

It blows me away to think such hard work would be done to stop the dissemination of a truth so 

I challenge ANYONE to send me pictures of this quake showing me devastation in an area not hit by 
the tsunami. 

What everyone failed to notice: Absolutely NO QUAKE DAMAGE ON ANYTHING as the tsunami rolls in. 
This tsunami was nuclear. Our Illuminati Zionist Facist "perception management" press told NO ONE 
about this crime scene. You can bet the Japanese government has a knife to its throat keeping it quiet 

All we have, all the 
pictures are tsunami 
damage. Let's see 
pictures of quake 
damage. The Kobe quake 
was a 6. 9/7. 2 depending on 
source. That makes this 
quake, at a 9.0 100X as 
powerful (as far as how it 
is felt) but new 
information I did not have 
before states that for every 
full magnitude the energy 
is increased by 32X, which 
would actually make the 
quake close to a thousand 
times as powerful. Sendai 
was near the epicenter, 
where station MYG012 
was and would have been 
devastated if it really 
happened as stated by the 
USGS. Look at the 
following photos of the 
Kobe quake and try to find 
SENDAI. Just try. They do 
not exist. Outside of the 
tsunami, the quake which 
supposedly hit Sendai with 
many times the power of 
the one in Kobe, did not 
destroy a single building 
there. Sendai was only 48 
miles from the epicenter of 
this "9.0" which would 
have devastated everything 
in an area 1,000 miles 
across if it was real. All of 
Japan would be toast. 

I ask you to ponder these images if you are in doubt. Look for quake damage. Why is there none, not 
even a little? This was upgraded to a 9.1 folks, yet it is obvious NOTHING happened along the coast of 
Japan until the tsunami arrived. Look at pictures of the Kobe quake, a 7.2 max. Japan is not earthquake 
proof. Their stuff falls down like anyone elses when the going gets too rough. A 9.0 is at least a seven 
1,000 km across. Look for other answers. You have been lied to. We always eat the lies like four year 
olds, forever trusting a parent to tell the truth. We need to grow up as a society and figure out that 
Mommy just might be evil, and search for the lie in everything. Why on earth would they lie about even 
this? Jimstonefreelance.com - hard truth even "conspiracy" sites have refused to touch! 

Images of the Kobe quake lay the scam bare, and prove a cold hard 
reality - even with excellent construction Japanese buildings will fall 
down during a serious earthquake, there was nothing magical about 
Japanese buildings that make them capable of surviving a 9.0 and the 
fact that nothing collapsed in Sendai proves the quake did not happen 
as stated by the USGS or Zionist media. The only honesty came from 
the Japanese seismograms, which prove something is seriously amiss 
in the political sphere - Japanese seismologists have posession of the 
records and reported the truth, yet even the Japanese media is not 
telling the truth to the Japanese people. 

These photos of Kobe say it all. Why, with a quake well over 100 
times as large did NOTHING collapse in Sendai? Answer: The quake 
as presented is a lie. 

Try to find a photo of seismic damage in Sendai. I challenge you. Try to find it in any of the coastal 
cities, as little as 25 miles from the "epicenter". I looked for 5 hours, and except for some tanks that fell 
at a brewery not a single one exists. No pictures of collapsed skyscrapers or high rises equals NO 9.0. 
You will not find a single skyscraper photo where the windows got broken either. You will find no 
downed power poles, no flipped over cars, no uprooted trees, no derailed trains (except for one the 
tsunami hit), and the road damage is typical of even a 5.0. You will not find pictures of a single 
damaged multi story building or even a structurally damaged wood framed house outside the tsunami 
zone. In Sendai the quake messed up grocery stores and kitchens and that really is about it. 

The quake is a paper thin lie taped together by the undeserved trust of a gullible public. And the 
stories? The CIA did not hire a million people in 2010 for nothing. If there is evidence of a 9.0 SHOW 
ME._A 9.0 will devastate an area over 1,000 kilometers across. 

Richter magnitude scale 

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia 

The Richter magnitude scale (often shortened to Richter scale) was developed to assign a single 
number to quantify the energy released during an earthquake. 

The scale is a base-10 logarithmic scale. The magnitude is defined as the logarithm of the ratio of the 
amplitude of waves measured by a seismograph to an arbitrary small amplitude. An earthquake that 
measures 5.0 on the Richter scale has a shaking amplitude 10 times larger than one that measures 4.0, 
and corresponds to a 31.6 times larger release of energy.* 1 ' 

Since the mid-20th century, the use of the Richter magnitude scale has largely been supplanted by the 
moment magnitude scale (MMS) in many countries. However, the Richter scale is still widely used in 
Russia and other CIS countries. Earthquake measurements under the moment magnitude scale in the 
United States — 3.5 and up. on the MMS scale— are still usually erroneously referred to as being quoted on 
the Richter scale by the general public, as well as the media, due to their familiarity with the Richter 
scale as opposed to the MMS. 

4. 0- 4.9 

5. 0- 5. 9 

6. 0- 6. 9 


IV to VI 

people in the affected area. Slightly felt outside. Generally causes none to 
minimal damage. Moderate to significant damage very unlikely. Some 
objects may fall off shelves or be knocked over. 

10,000 to 15,000 per 



Can cause damage of varying severity to poorly constructed buildings. At 
most, none to slight damage to all other buildings. Felt by everyone. 
Casualties range from none to a few. 

1,000 to 1,500 per 


VII to X 

Damage to a moderate number of well built structures in populated areas. 
Earthquake-resistant structures survive with slight to moderate damage. 
Poorly-designed structures receive moderate to severe damage. Felt in 
wider areas; up to hundreds of miles/kilometers from the epicenter. 
Damage can be caused far from the epicenter. Strong to violent shaking in 
epicentral area. Death toll ranges from none to 25,000. 

100 to 150 per year 

7. 0-7. 9 


VIII or 
greater* 17 ' 

Causes damage to most buildings, some to partially or completely 
collapse or receive severe damage. Well-designed structures are likely to 
receive damage. Felt across great distances with major damage mostly 
limited to 250 km from epicenter. Death toll ranges from none to 250,000. 

10 to 20 per year 

8. 0-8. 9 


Major damage to buildings, structures likely to be destroyed. Will cause 
moderate to heavy damage to sturdy or earthquake-resistant buildings. 
Damaging in large areas up to 500 kilometers from epicenter, some 
structures totally destroyed. Felt in extremely large regions. Death toll 
ranges from 1,000 to 1 million. 

One per year 


9.0 and t 

greater S 



Near or at total destruction - severe damage or collapse to all buildings. 
Heavy damage and shaking extends to distant locations over a thousand 
kilometers from epicenter. Permanent changes in ground topography. 
Death toll usually over 50,000. 

One per 10 to 50 

Vhy then was there only 
sunami damage, when 
endai was 50 KM from 
picenter? Obviously 
le quake was small. 

and the tsunami nuclear. MR1 

(Based on U.S. Geological Survey documents .) 1 ‘ 

That is how big a 9.0 is. The entire nation should be in ruins, especially judging from the damage the 
6.9 Kobe quake did, and no where, no where outside the tsunami zone in the entire country is there a 
single damaged multi story building, a single collapsed bridge, a single structurally damaged wood 
framed house, or skyscraper. If a picture exists that can be definitively pinned to this quake, show me. 
The only collapsed structure in all of Japan was an old welfare shelter near station MYG004, the true 

Take a look at these frame captures, and ask a question - Why is no one trying to run? Why are the cars 
all just parked peacefully as the tsunami arrived? Why was there no warning? Why did the tsunami 
sirens only go off after the tsunami arrived? Could it be that the people and the governement had not 
felt a significant earthquake and did not measure one either? Question: Why are none of the roads 
packed with people trying to flee the approaching tsunami?Could it be that the people and government 
were not expecting one? Tsunami sirens blare only when it arrives, rather than 40 minutes before, 
which is how much warning they would have had if a real quake in the ocean had been detected. 
Consider that. Parking lots full of cars, everyone at work, no one trying to leave. AMBUSH!!, 

And now, I will say it like I knew it had to be. I believe the phony 9.0 story was used as seismic 
cover for a tsunami nuke, which produced the tsunami of a 9.0 when detonated in the Japan 
trench (where no earthquakes of significance happen) as punishment for Japan offering to enrich 
uranium for Iran. In this updated report it is now obvious years later that the Japanese 
government refused to bankrupt their economy with a huge banker bailout, and this quake and 
disaster was done as a punishment. Now they have buckled with a trillion dollar gift to the World 
Bank being made to “end world poverty”. The rest of the story, the concealment, is black ops. 

Bet on it. In the tsunami videos, the tsunami rips through pristine and undamaged cities, where 
business as usual is obvious and the tsunami is an ambush; not 9.0 earthquake ravaged debris. 

When people keep typing at their keyboards during the quake, it's obviously not what we were told. 

When reviewing the seismic data for the supposed 9.0, 1 knew there were instead 3 small simultaneous 
inland epicenters. This made me suspicious right from the start that the quake was artificially triggered 
and used as seismic cover for a tsunami bomb. But I needed a reason to believe an artificial quake 
could have been done. I suspected that either Japan was testing nukes and Israeli intelligence was onto 
it and used the tests as the "start of clock" for their operation, or Israel managed to smuggle nukes into 
lava tubes and tunnels far underground to trigger earthquakes and contain the blasts. So I was hunting 
for tunnels and lava tubes near each of the three epicenters, and wanted to find them before writing this 
into this report. As it turns out, I did not need to. A military briefing with Secretary of Defense William 
Cohen, dated all the way back to 1997 shows that even then, Cohen knew about EM weaponry that 
could trigger quakes and set off volcanoes.. I have ignored everything regarding this subject, I thought 
it was the realm of kooks. I thought EM weaponry would be effective in weather modification only, but 
I am not going to argue with the Secretary of Defense. There are obviously then, energy technologies 
which have never been publicized, such weaponry would need far more energy input than the electrical 
grid could provide. And the systems Cohen spoke of in 1997 would be outdated now. 

Cohen stated: " Others are engaging even in an eco- type of terrorism whereby they can alter the 
climate, set off earthquakes, volcanoes remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves. So there are 
plenty of ingenious minds out there that are at work finding ways in which they can wreak terror upon 
other nations. It's real, and that's the reason why we have to intensify our efforts, and that's why this is 
so important. - William S. Cohen, Secretary of Defense, April 28, 1997. Left unsaid by William 
Cohen is that such systems would be developed by Darpa and owned by America first! 

I would expect with 14 years of advancement that these technologies could now trigger devastating 
earthquakes in non-seismic zones. 

The following picture is the strongest reading for this quake on any seismogram anywhere in Japan. 
This was before the lie machine got running smoothly. Early on there were a few sputters and this 
REAL chart got out. As you can see on this chart, it was a 6.67 on the Richter scale, (not shindo scale, 
confirmed by PGA reference) This would fit in with NO structural damage in Sendai and the level of 
shaking in the video 





This quake was initially assessed a 6.8, and the seismic data will show anyone the epicenter was inland, 
not at sea. Please note - the date listed at the top is the date of compilation, Japan has thousands 

of seismic stations run by 
numerous organizations, and 
they take time to merge into one 
final report. That is the date 
listed at the top of this 
compilation (March 15), and 
there is a shill out there who can't 
figure this out, a fact which 
should be obvious because the 
main seismograph in this report 
is dated and timed to the quake, 
and is a match for the lower 
resolution seismograms in this 
large compilation.; or should I 
instead say it should be obvious 
because not a single building fell! 
So it started a 6.8, then got 
upgraded to a 7.9, then got 


9.0?? !?? 

24 miles from the epicenter to station 
MYG011, which recorded only a 5.63. 

At this distance, it should have recorded 
an 8.7, 1,078 times the energy of a 5.63 

MYG004 2011/03/11 14:46:36 Seismic Intensity 6.67 (SiS/i 

Accetor jbor [gjl) 
2 7Oe»0C3 

upgraded to an 8.4, then got 
upgraded to an 8.8, then got 
upgraded to a 9.0, and had the 
epicenter put out in the ocean. Now 
many are saying it was a 9.1 which 
would bump up MYGOll's number 
to 1200 from 1070, and it is all 
based on tsunami effects, not 
seismic data. 

■ ' 

-2ro®+ocn J 

Accelerator [galj 
t 27«*003 

• 1 27«*003 J 

Accelerator (gal) 
I 88**003 




I 1 1 

0 100 200 

The following seismograms clearly 
show epicenters from 3 separate 
small quakes all occuring 
simultaneously. This is what would 
be expected of an attack, rather than 
a natural occurence. 

Tm>* [») 

Acceleration recorded at station MYG004 displaying the largest 
PGA measured (this KNET station is located near Kurihara) 

The scale of the measurement is 
denoted by these numbers. 

MYG004 looks like a smaller 
measurement than MYG011 but 
is in fact much more powerful. 

The sharp spike in quake 2 shows 
MYG004 was closest to the epicenter. 

The omission of results from many _ 
seismic stations makes it harder to 'fe 
pin down the epicenter of quake 1. Z 
MYG013 reads strong and has the 
spike, but MYG004 is slightly stronger^ 

All of these quakes took place within 
the same time frame denoted in 
seconds at the bottom of each chart, _ 
yet IBR003 shows none of the 
characteristics of the quakes to the S 
north, and is therefore a separate 
seismic event. This strongly implies 
the quakes were indeed not natural, 
if they were, all seismograms would 
look at least somewhat similar. 











Jj 1 


i i 






b $mw, 


_ 800 

| -400k- 

-R -800 


MYG01 1 



i i 

.. jIl... 

! ""IP" : ' 

" i ' i ; 




Proof of reporting lies. NYG011 was 
not only closest to the oceanic 
"epicenter" but it was WAY OUT on 
a peninsula, drastically away from 
the main land mass. According to 
"reports", this measurement should 
have been stronqest. Instead, the 

chart scales out at 800 and graphs out at 700.' In addition to this, it is completely 
lacking the sharp spike you see near the epicenter of a quake and instead represents 
a muted rolling echo, similar to the rumble of a distant thunderclap. This proves 
fraud in reporting of this quake, it could not possibly have originated at sea. Yet 
the government of Japan is going along with the lie. WHY? 


Provided by Jimstonefreelance.com, distribute freely. 

One problem with people grasping how big a 9.0 is, is exponential charts which will 
hide how much energy is really being released behind confusing gradient marking. 

To answer the need for clarity, I got out the calculator and produced a chart which 
shows you how big a 9.0 is on a linear scale. 

Confusion over how GIANT a 9.0 really is has helped the elite scammers 
enormously in their lie. There is simply no way much of anything will remain 
standing, yet as the tsunami rolls in 

And now, I will bite. This is what I did not want to publish, but I know it has to be 
true. Call this creative journalism, because I never called Netenyahu, but here is the 
most rational conclusion I can draw, based on all info gathered so far including the 
original not faked seismic data. 

I honestly believe Japan is being held a nuclear hostage. It all makes sense. 

1. Japan offers to enrich uranium for Israel's GREAT SATAN, Iran 

la. Updated information indicates that Japan was being held under threat to 
hand over trillions of yen to the World Bank, and refused. I now believe that 
this was the primary motivation behind why the quake was perpetrated and 
Fukushima was destroyed. The Zionists wanted to prove to Japan just how 
dirty they would be if Japan did not pay a ransom so high it would effectively 
enslave the Japanese people, and shortly after the disaster Japan suddenly 
announced a huge payment to the World Bank to “end world poverty”. Out 
of the blue. Good people they are, those Japanese, to destroy their 
economic future with such a voluntary action. 

2. Immediately, Israel sets up front companies masquerading as security 
companies, and one of them succeeds in getting a security contract at a 
Japanese nuclear facility. 

3. 4 months later the Dimona Dozen shows up, and under the cover of a 
security contract gets unlimited access to the heart of Fukushima. They plant 
the virus, install real cameras outside the facility, and functional poorly 
disguised nuke cameras inside the facility. In addition to this, they install an 
unauthorized data connection to allow control of all the guts of the facility via 
the virus, (they admitted to this connection, as discussed later on this page) 

3. After installing Stuxnet and the nukes they scram 

4. Israel waits for one of the many natural quakes in Japan to provide cover for a 
tsunami bomb, and they already have it at the bottom of the Japan trench. VLF 
communications are established with the bomb to penetrate the water. David in 
Dimona gets seismic reading from Japan. 6.67 in progress, BOOM, (new evidence 
shows the quake most likely was not natural) 

Tsunami comes in, swamps stuxnet infected power plant, direct video feed from 
legitimate cameras security company installed gets to David via totally unauthorized 
channel, and David knows just when to cut the generators off. Others on the team do 
all they can to counteract measures taken by the employees at fukushima, who are 
unaware an attack is taking place and do not understand why everything is going 

5. Israeli Prime Minister calls Japan, and says TAKE THAT for offering help to Iran, 

and ya know, there are FIVE MORE NUKES in the ocean off the coast of Japan, and we are going to 
set those off and destroy your coastal cities if you do not forget that 6.67, and say it was a 9 to cover for 
tsunami effects. AND NOW we are going to make your people DEMAND you move away from 
nuclear power so you can NEVER threaten us like that again. We are BLOWING UP FUKUSHIMA 
DIIACHI and you are going to go along with whatever story we tell you to. SO THERE! ! 

6. David and his pals close ALL valves to the reactors via the remote data link they admitted to 
installing, and put them full throttle, to melt them down while the virus keeps control room readouts 
displaying false info, like nothing is going on even though the place is coming apart. After enough 
mayhem ensues to provide plausibility, they set off planted nukes and blow the place sky high. 

Though I have yet to work out the final details, I probably have enough to hang them because: 

1. 1 got the real seismic data that proves beyond a doubt the quake is not what we were told and was in 
fact an inland 6.8, (calculated higher than the seismogram due to the triangulated true epicenter being a 
little higher) which would get noticed but not feared in quake ridden Japan. 

2. Numerous referenced sources prove Stuxnet really was written by Israel 

3. Japan really did offer to enrich Uranium for Iran, and really did refuse to do a huge banker 
bailout. Israel has been documented to have attempted to destroy a reactor in Iran, and probably 
did. Japan contributing to Iran's nuclear future would make them just as much an enemy to 
Israel as Iran, and not sucking up to a banker threat the way America did would cause the 
Zionists to slate an economy the size of Japan's for destruction. Israel would want them taken 
out. Now all the economic news coming out of Japan is over how bad their economy now is, 
when prior to the quake it was golden. No key manufacturing got destroyed by the quake, why 
suddenly POOF - economy down the toilet? It's because of the enormous debt Japan now must 
pay the bankers to “end world poverty.” Why would a nation do that with their economy in the 
tank anyway? 

4. It is documented that a team from Israel, with a history consisting only of working in Israeli 
defense, got unlimited access to a Japanese nuclear facility, which then went boom 

5. Reactor 4 had been defueled and proven disassembled, and therefore no explosion there was 
possible. What should have happened at reactor 4, if anything at all? the fuel pools should have melted 
down and caught fire once the water boiled off from lack of recirculation AT Worst, and badly 
contaminated the containment structure, NOTHING ELSE. NO explosions, NOTHING ELSE. Reactor 
4 is building 7, PERIOD. Why did an explosion there happen that was so severe it blew the outer 
containment walls (4 feet thick) and inner containment walls that were much thicker? Reactor 4 is 
reportedly now in danger of falling over. HOW? 

6. The Japanese government is going along with the story of a scientifically proven false 9.0. There is a 
reason, and my guess is that Israel has made threats to wipe out Japanese coastal cities with additional 
tsunamis if the government of Japan speaks a word of what went on, there should be no reason for 
Japan to go along with this other than a continued threat. 

Is it not interesting this "quake" reportedly happened at the bottom of the Japan 
trench, which does not produce significant earthquakes and would be perfect for 
hiding an atomic bomb blast? 

If detonated at the bottom of the Japan trench, a nuke could create an empty underwater dome of 
completely displaced water six kilometers tall and twelve kilometers across without ever breaching the 
surface. That would produce an epic tsunami all the while surface effects remained for the most part 

hidden. With absolutely no significant quake damage in Sendai, a very large (megaton range) sub sea 
nuclear detonation remains the best explanation for the tsunami. 

Is the Department of Homeland Security trying to keep American industries (and nuclear facilities in 
the dark about Stuxnet? After Fukushima fell victim to unwary operators, I would think such a 
conference would be a TOP priority here! The genie is out of the bottle. It is a fact that the writers of 
Stuxnet intend to use it. So cancelling a well researched conference about the vulnerabilities of the 
Siemens SCADA system to Stuxnet in the name of "keeping hackers from getting info" seems to me 
like an effort to keep the threat alive. Ignore the fluff at the beginning, and read the "About 
TakeDownCon" summary near the bottom so you know what they actually cancelled rather than 
settle for the no-panic fluff at the beginning. This is SERIOUS. 

i w prweb.com/releases/2011/5/prweb8458069.htm 

sd ▼ TB Linux Mint 15) Community E Forums 'E Blog 0 News ▼ Fj Mintemail.com [Hfile:/, 

(D PRWeb 

Online Visibility from Vocus 


Front Page 







Thursday. September 19, 2013 

NSS Researcher’s Presentation at TakeDownCon 
Security Conference Cancelled at the 11th Hour 

Researchers cancel SCADA hacking presentation after Department of Homeland 
Security’s ICS-CERT and Siemens raise concerns 

Dallas, TX (PRWEB) May 19, 2011 »Tw~. ^ [77] E Share Qem^TI 

Dillon Beresford, security researcher at NSS Labs. 

who was scheduled to present atTakedownCon 2011 on SCADA vulnerabilities chose to withdraw his presentation 
at the 11th hour after collaborative discussions with ICS-CERT and Siemens regarding the serious consequences it 
may have to human lives and the world at large. The vulnerabilities and PoC exploit code were provided to 
ICS-CERT and Siemens, and has been verified. Rick Moy. CEO of NSS Labs was quoted as saying "Protecting 
human life is the primary goal of every ethical researcher, and Dillon's work and efforts have been exemplary in 
every regard." 

Exploitation of vulnerabilities in systems can always have negative effects, such as loss of availability, productivity, 
data loss or compromise, and even result in identity theft and financial loss. However, unlike classic computer crime 
and exploitation, where data is remotely stolen or manipulated, attacks on industrial control systems can have 
devastating physical world implicationssuch as loss of life and environmental impact. 

"Considering the repercussiorT to the world at large and human lives, itls only reasonable that any responsible 
security organization like EC-Council will accede to a request to withdraw such a presentation from a technical 
conference like TakedownCon until a suitable solution has been made available to the user community" said Jay 
Bavisi. the president of EC-Council. the organizer of the TakedownCon conference series. 

ICS vulnerabilities are an emerging threat to national cyber security of immense importance, and research into this 
area is just beginning. While there are relatively few known vulnerabilities in the ICS space, there are tens of 
thousands of traditional’ computing vulnerabilities. 

Leonard Chin, Conference Director of TakedownCon had quickly briefed the conference attendees on this 
development and made changes to the program to accommodate this change. “We are proud to note that Dillion 
has done the right thing. Should it be appropriate, we will welcome Dillion to present his findings at the Hacker 
Halted conference in Miami in October." he was quoted as saying. 

About NSS Labs. Inc. 

NSS Labs. Inc. is the leading independent, information security research and testing organization. Its expert 
analyses provide information technology professionals with the unbiased data they need to select and maintain 
complex security products for their organizations. Pioneering intrusion detection and prevention system testing with 
the publication of the first such test criteria in 1999, NSS Labs evaluates firewall, unified threat management 
anti-malware, encryption, web application firewall, and other technologies on a regular basis. The firm's real-world 
test methodology is the only one to assess security products against live Internet threats. NSS Labs tests are 
considered the most aggressive in the industry. Founded in 1991. the company has offices in Carlsbad, California 
and Austin. Texas. For more information, visit http :/fwww. nsslabs.com. 

About TakeDownCon 

TakeDownCon is a new technical IT security conference series that provides advanced, highly technical research, 
presentations, and training to accomplished information security professionals. Developed by EC-Council. it debuts 
in 2011 with two conferences in Dallas and Las Vegas. TakeDownCon focuses on technical research in 
cutting-edge exploits and vulnerabilities and also provides EC-Council certification training, including the renowned 
Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) program (a recently accepted certification of DOD Directive 8570.01M Change 2). 
Website: http:ZAvww.takedowncon.com. 

About EC-Council 

The International Council of E-Commerce Consultants (EC-Council) is a member-based organization that certifies 
individuals in cybersecurity and e-commerce. It is the owner and developer of 20 security certifications, including 
Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH), Computer Hacking Forensics Investigator (CHFI) and Certified Security Analyst 
/Licensed Penetration Tester (ECSA/LPT). EC-Council has trained over 90.000 security professionals and certified 
more than 40.000 members. Its certification programs are offered by over 450 training centers across 84 countries. 
These certifications are recognized worldwide and have received endorsements from various government agencies 
including the U.S. Department of Defense via DoD 8570.01-M. the Montgomery Gl Bill. National Security Agency 
(NSA) and the Committee on National Security Systems (CNSS). EC-Council also operates EC-Council University 
and the global series of Hacker Halted information security conferences. The global organization is headquartered 
in Albuquerque, New Mexico. More information about EC-Council is available at http://www.eccouncil.org 

I fear that by the time the Hacker Halted conference happens in October, the summer of disaster may 
have passed. And if it has not, I bet any discussion of Stuxnet at Hacker Halted will also be cancelled. 
Stuxnet is too good a toy for a very powerful group to let go of. Something is fishy here. 

Other publications picked up this story now, and are poo pooing the issue into the ground. They are 
obviously attempting to morph responsibility for Stuxnet style attacks away from Israel so that they can 
regain cover and use the weapon as a false flag tool to destroy internet freedom. This is where they are 
going to go with this - count on it, and when the disasters happen there will be a cozy blanket of lies 
shielding Israel from all blame. Never forget, THIS IS THEIR BABY, NEVER FORGET. Prior to them 
doing this, WE NEVER HEARD OF IT. 

Thanks Rod its unfortunate that the public in general and those in Vermont in 
particular are rarely skeptical of those who reinforce their preconceived notions. We at 
Vermont Yankee are well acquainted with Arnie and his exaggerations. He plays to a 
public and a legislature that has zero knowledge of nuclear power or engineering and 
is willing to accept any negative claim as truth. He claims to be the Chief Engineer of 
Fairewinds Associates but doesn't mention he is the only engineer. A reputable 
engineer would not consider himself the Chief Engineer of anything if he had no direct 
reports. His latest claim is that VY has discharged fission products into ground water 
despite 1 00s of samples of ground water indicating the opposite. 

What is really interesting is what he doesn't mention: why he had to leave NES and 
why he lost his lawsuit and he doesn't mention that while at NES he sold spent fuel 
racks to Vermont Yankee which could not be used due to dimensional issues. Any 
engineer who reads his resume would quickly note that he really has never designed 
anything himself. Claims like managed and contributed on a resume with nothing else 
substantive are clear giveaways that he has done nothing substantial in his career. 
The one thing he does well is manipulate a small state legislature who are impressed 
with terms like Nuclear Engineer when they come from someone who is clearly 
against nuclear power. He also has done very well for himself lately, taking $300/hr 
and expenses for work on the Comprehensive Reliability Assessment and $1 85/hr for 
consulting with the legislature (all paid by Entergy). This also allows him to parley this 
consulting into other consulting roles providing "expert" testimony. Its well paying if 
dishonest work, not worthy of a Professional Engineer which, of course, he is not. 

In the interest of disclosure I've been a PE since 1984. worked for 7 nuclear plants in 
over 30 years, have more design experience than managerial or contributory and 
hope that I can finish my career at VY after license renewal (Arnie claims that he has 
worked for 70 plants in ~20 years before leaving NES). Clearly inflated but he 
probably includes those he has provided "expert" testimony against. 

Since posting this, I have noticed a few more inconsistencies in the claims 
made by Mr. Gundersen about his career path. In 2008, he applied to 
become a member of the Diablo Canvon Safety Committee . On that 
application, he made the following statement about his experience: 

About "prompt criticality" - As it 
turns out, Arnie Gundersen, mister 
"prompt criticality" with regard to the 
massive explosion at #3 is very poorly 
credentialed._His crowning 
achievement was playing with a 100 
watt open water tank reactor in a 
classroom for a short period of time. 
The following quotes used to spice this 
section are from other nuclear 
engineers posting to 

Fuel rods are only 20 percent fissionable, 
sometimes even less, and until you reach 
over 90 percent purity in U238 and about 
70 percent purity in Plutonium NO 
"prompt criticality" is possible in ANY 
case no matter how much of it you have 
laying around. Furthermore, even with 
100 percent pure material you need a 
precision trigger slamming or crushing 
material together to get a detonation. Even 
if 100 percent pure material is slammed 
together at high speed, if it is not done 
right you will get only a nuclear "sputter" 
that pushes the pieces apart, and no 

Since 1970 Arnold Gundersen has been an expert witness in nuclear 
litigations at the Federal and State hearings such as Three Mile Island, 

US NRCASLB, Vermont State Public Service Board, Western Atlas 
Nuclear Litigation, U.S. Senate Nuclear Safety Hearings, Peach Bottom 
Nuclear Power Plant Litigation, & c. He has also testified at the Czech 
Senate on nuclear matters. 

Nukes are hard to do! Why have so many 
of us seemed to have forgotten that nuclear 
detonations are hard to accomplish? The 
"prompt criticality" in spent fuel story is 
something I would have expected to hear 
from an Ewok praying to a gold robot. I 
can't believe even a scammer would have the guts to suggest it, let alone allow it to be spread around in 
his name. 

I went back and checked the resume linked to above. According to that 
resume, Mr. Gundersen earned his BS in Nuclear Engineering from RPI in 
1971, so he was still an undergraduate student in 1970. That leads me to the 
conclusion that either there was a judge somewhere who has rather low 
standards for expertise for his witnesses, or that Mr. Gundersen needs 
someone to give him a calendar for Christmas. 

There are several exaggerations in that brief statement. Because he has 
been an expert witness, Mr. Gundersen has been required to provide an 
accurate resume to public bodies; you can find one such document at the 
end of the testimony that, he provid ed in March ZOOS to oppose the Public 
Service of Vermont’s decision to allow Entergy to increase the power output 
from Vermont Yankee. 

A careful reading of that resume reveals only one mention of any kind of 
license to operate a reactor. In the section of his resume headed Rensselaer 
Polytechnic Institute (RPI) 1971 to 1972, there is the following statement: 
“Critical Facility Reactor Operator, Instructor. Licensed AEC reactor 
operator instructing students and utility reactor operators in start-up 
through full power operation of a reactor.” Here is a quote about that 
critical facility from a contact who attended RPI at the same time as 
Gundersen did. 

For an explanation for the explosions, just 
look at the cameras the Dimona Dozen 
brought in. If someone is waving a degree as 
an anchor for this "prompt criticality" bull 
hockey, remember that there is such a thing 
as a paper trained idiot and if you look into 
Gundersen's background you will discover 
he is barely that, with his ONLY hands on 
experience outside a classroom being an 
intern at a nuclear facility two years before 
he got his degree! 

It operated at no pressure, room temperature, licensed to loow, highly 
enriched U, open tank of water. 

An Atomic Insights reader who is personally familiar with the work that 
Gundersen did at Northeast Utilities during the period from 1972-1976 read 
the posted resume and shared the following comment with me using the 
polite and understated language that is common among engineering 

I think he exaggerated his responsibilities for projects at NU, 1972-6. 

I spoke to that contact at length a few days ago, he told me that Gundersen 
was assigned to the licensing group and did not have any real design 
engineering responsibilities while at NU. 

Though I cannot prove it beyond a shadow of a doubt, I am quite certain 
that Mr. Gundersen or someone in his company provided the information to 
the moderator - 1 have both introduced people and been introduced enough 
times to know how that process works. It would be difficult for him to claim 
with any kind of credibility that he did not know what the moderator was 
going to say, so he needs to accept responsibility for the claims made. 

My point in providing these details is to illustrate the inconsistency involved 
in having a man who is prone to inflate and exaggerate the facts about his 
own career experience repetitively speaking about the job performance 
and alleged lack of integrity of hundreds of qualified professionals whose 
production gets measured and evaluated every day by some very 
demanding inspectors. 


Real Name: Arnie Gunderson 
Identity/Class: Human mutate 
Occupation: Criminal 

Group Membership: Leader of the Band of Baddies 
Affiliations: Band of Baddies 
Enemies: Captain and Mary. Spider-Man. Wolverine 
Known Relatives: None 
Aliases: Fatso (per Spidey) 

Base of Operations: a warehouse in Manhattan (the same one in which Spider-Man confronted the Burglar who killed his Uncle Ben) 

First Appearance: Marvel Comics Presents#48 (BTS). Marvel Comics Presents#49 (both 1990-month not given) 

IPowers/ Abilities: Critical Mass can generate explosive force which he can project from his fingertips, 
istory: Amie Gunderson was the fourth grade classmate of Peter Parker. 

If the mainstream media wanted the facts, why 
did they pick this guy? Because he said what 
they wanted, truth be damned. 

"Wfe at Vermont Yankee are well acquainted 
with Arnie and his exaggerations. He plays to a 
public and a legislature that has zero knowledge of 
nuclear power or engineering and is willing to 
accept any negative claim as truth. " And since he 
gave an impossible "prompt criticality" explanation 
which diverted attention away from the only real 
explanation for the magnitude of the explosion at 
#3 - a nuke, they gave him a ton of air. Enough 

Arnie Gundersen's consulting firm, which has 
only him (no employees yet or ever, and 
therefore it's easy to be "senior engineer") was 
curiously founded within months of the release 
of the spider man villain “critical mass” who, as 
Spider man's fourth grade classmate went by the 

name of ARNIE 
Critical Mass had the 
ability to project 
explosions from his 
fingertips. Hmm, 
perhaps THAT gave 
birth to the "prompt 
criticality" in a 20% 
fuel pool when 90+ 
percent is needed for 
an explosion of any 
sort no matter what 
the circumstance? If 

yifj MCPE48-BTS, 49. 50) - Now known as Critical Mass. Gunderson organized his Band of Baddies and kidnapped Mary, a powerful young 
’-'“““Mutant, and her father, in order to force her to do their bidding. Wolverine learned of the kidnapping and tracked them to an abandoned 

■warehouse, where Spider-Man joined him. The two tried to sneak in, but were discovered and wound up fighting the Band of Baddies. It was _ 

'an even fight until the " Savage Fin " threatened to have the "Dentist " kill her father unless she used his powers against Spidey and Wolvie. She you need 90 or more 
did, blasting them into submission. J 

However, the two recovered quickly and the fighting started anew. As the two heroes gained the advantage, the Savage Fin threatened Mary nCfCCIlt 3.11 d VOU hdV6 
|at gunpoint. She responded by unleashing her powers-blowing up the warehouse and seemingly killing the Baddies. * J 

only 20 percent, THE 

LAWS OF PHYSICS WILL BE OBEYED. Folks, In perfect form, the scamming media hunted 
out a fraud and rammed him down your throats. I firmly believe Arnie Gundersen has a phony 
company and was inspired in his fraud by a Spider Man comic. The date of the creation and 
publishing of the villian “Critical Mass” precedes the creation of Arnie's company, Farewinds 
and associates by only two months. I don't believe it is coincidence, and when it comes down to 
the “associates” part of his company name, THEY DO NOT EXIST. 

No where has a classmate come forward claiming to have known him in college, and with his 
stupidity regarding “prompt criticality” in a fuel pool, I doubt he has a degree at all. 

The article about the virus attack on Fukushima follows. 

The following section covers the Fukushima 
disaster from a technical perspective 

Published April 29,2011 

Fukushima was impossible. The swamping of the generators by the tsunami was irrelevant, because the 
real emergency backup systems are driven by steam from the reactors themselves and require no 
electricity at all to function. No electricity is needed to operate three separate emergency systems at 
each reactor, each of which will keep a reactor safe even if only one works. Interesting it is then that all 
9 non electrical backup systems across the three fueled reactors failed. This is technically impossible 
outside of willful intent, and was likely the result of a Stuxnet virus attack. 

ww.telegraph.co.uk/technology/news/8326274/lsraeli-security-chief-celebrates-Stuxnet-cyber-attack.html StlDOiet WAS designed 

Mintemail.com file:///hon ^Pacifically tO target 

Siemens SCADA 

stVisitedT IS Linux Mint TS Community Forums 'c Blog gjjNewsi 

(The (Telegraph 

Home News World Sport Finance Comment Blogs Culture Travel Life Women Fashion Tec ^ 

Technology News 

Technology Companies Technology Reviews Video Games Technology Video iPhone M 


Israeli security chief celebrates Stuxnet cyber attack 

A showreel played at a retirement party for the head of the Israeli Defence Forces has 
strengthened claims the country's security forces were responsible for a cyber attack on the Iranian 
nuclear programme. 

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad visits the Natanz Uranium Enrichment Facility Photo : 

By Christopher Williams. Technology Correspondent 
7:00AM GMT 16 Feb 2011 
yp Follow < 2.305 followers 

2 4 Comments 

The video of Lieutenant General Gabi Ashkenazi's operational 
successes included references to Stuxnet, a computer virus that 
disrupted the Natanz nuclear enrichment site last year, Ha'aretz 

Although Israel has not officially accepted responsibility for the Stuxnet 
attack, evidence of its role has been mounting since it was first 
discovered last July. The virus, unprecedented in its sophistication, was 
designed to infiltrate the control systems at Natanz and make hidden, 
damaging adjustments to vital centrifuges. 

Attributing the source of cyber attacks in notoriously difficult, but security 
researchers say factors including complexity of the operation, which 
would have required human sources inside the Iranian nuclear 
programme, point strongly to the Israeli security forces. It has also 
been reported by The New York Times that a special facility was set up 
with American cooperation in the Israeli desert to test the weapon. 

Immediately after the section on Stuxnet, the video tribute to Lt Gen 
Ashkenazi included a message from Meir Dagan, who was head of 
Israel's secret intelligence sen/ice Mossad during virtually all of Lt Gen 
Ashkenazi's time in charge of the IDF. 

The video otherwise reportedly included only publicly acknowledged 
operations, apart from references to a bombing raid on a Syrian nuclear 
site in 2007. It has since been established that too was a clandestine 
Israeli attack. 

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Galaxy S4 in pictures 

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iPhone 5S and 5C 
release - Apple event - 
as it happened 

Met's tweets over 

Check me out 






controllers and is most 
effective at tampering with 
fluid control systems of the 
type that Fukushima used 
for emergency safety. The 
centrifuges it attacked in 
Iran were ideal. So are the 
fluid control systems at a 
nuclear facility. Oil 
refineries are equally at 
risk, Stuxnet is most 
dangerous when affecting a 
system which needs to 
Avo control the flow of any 
Pen liquid, be it hydraulic, for 
Ex P cooling, or combining 
chemicals. Stuxnet is 
documented to have been 

produced by the,by the 

MoreR Israeli defense forces for 
the purpose of destroying 
-any industrial system that 
can be destroyed by 
improper fluid flow. The 
following articles which 
document the creation of 
piaus ' stuxnet can be 

downloaded in full by 
typing the URL's 
embedded in the screen 

1 . iPI 

2. A[ 

3. iPI 
it I 

4 . iPI 

5. Hi 



□ english.pravda.ru/history/22-02-2011/116985-lsraeli_general_boasts_authoring_Stuxnet-0/ 

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Israeli general boasts authoring Stuxnet virus 

22 . 02.2011 

The British newspaper Telegraph, and Le Monde. France, refer to an article published in the Israeli 
daily Haaretz. according to which a general in the army of that country. Gabi Ashkenazi, has 
confirmed the authorship of the Stuxnet worm. 

Diario Ti: According to the Haaretz article, General Ashkenazi had prepared his transition to his 
new life as a retiree creating a video where he refers to the milestones of his career. The video, 
which was presented at a tribute party for the general, includes a sequence in which Ashkenazi 
says he was responsible for overseeing the development of Stuxnet. 

The Stuxnet worm attack has received wide media coverage in Iran. According to Haaretz. the 
video also includes a sequence in which Ashkenazi admits that Israel bombed nuclear facilities in 
Syria in 2007. This was the first time an Israeli military commander admits the facts. 

Stuxnet put out of service a large number of centrifuges used for the enrichment of uranium in the 
Natanz installations. 

The worm appears to have included two major components. One was designed to send Iran's 
nuclear centrifuges spinning wildly out of control. The other: The computer program secretly 
recorded what normal operations at the nuclear plant looked like, then played those readings back 
to plant operators, like a pre-recorded security tape in a bank heist so that it would appear that 
everything was operating normally while the centrifuges were actually tearing themselves apart 

On Wednesday, Februaryl6th. the Institute for Science and International Security (ISIS), presented 
an update of its first report on Stuxnet published on the 22nd of December. The report was 
prepared in partnership with Symantec, which was the first computer security company to reveal 
how widespread the worm was in Iran. 

The updated ISIS report noted that those in charge of the Natanz facility managed to dispose of 
Stuxnet relatively quickly, neutralizing the malware and changing the centrifuges damaged by 
other new ones, despite international sanctions affecting Iran's nuclear program. 

The report also notes that the spread of Stuxnet was produced by planting USB drives in four 
Iranian organizations that Symantec would prefer not to identify. 

Since October it has been suspected Stuxnet had been written and originated in Israel. 

Translated from the Spanish version and appended by: 

Lisa Karpova 

Magna BSP, a Dimona based company with no history outside of IDF contracts prior to Fukushima has 
a suspiciously short domain history despite a 10 year claimed history. Magna BSP had a full time 
internet linked two way connection to the Fukushima reactor room(s) all the way through the disaster. 
They told TEPCO about that connection on March 15 (after everything blew sky high) via an article 
printed in the Jerusalem Post. 

; www.jpost.com/Defense/lsraeli-firms-cameras-recording-Japanese-nuclear-core ▼ 8 1 [8 

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JPost Salutes 


«da Israeli firm’s cameras recording 
Japanese nuclear core 

By YAAKOV LAPPIN LAST UPDATED: 03/15/2011 01:43 

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Security cameras installed by Israeli defense company at 
Fukushima plant have ability to detect presence of 
radioactive clouds in air. 

Smoke rises from Fukushima Daiichi 1 nuke reactor Photo: 
REUTER S/NTV via Reuters TV 

As the world continues to gaze with concern at Japan's 
Fukushima nuclear power plant, hi-tech security cameras 
JPost Premium installed by an Israeli defense firm are recording events at 
the troubled core from an insider's vantage point. 

The Arava-based Magna BSP company, which specializes in 
producing and installing stereoscopic sensory and thermal 
imaging cameras, had been contracted to place cameras 
around one of the plant's six cores - the core that has been 
experiencing explosions and overheating. 

Speaking to The Jerusalem Post on Monday, Magna's head, 
Haim Siboni, said the thermal cameras also had the ability to 
detect the presence of radioactive clouds in the air, but added 
that Magna had not been able to gain access to the images 
recorded by the cameras at this time. 

“Because we are using 
these special cameras, we 
can also identify 
radioactive clouds, due to 
the spectrum that our 
cameras can sense," 

Siboni said. 

Although Magna is able to 
gain remote access to its 
computer system, which 
receives the cameras’ 

images, Siboni said his company had not yet been authorized 
to do so. 

“We have not been allowed to take control remotely yet," 
Siboni said. 

Magna has been asked to secure a second core at the 
Fukushima plant in the near future. 

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Recent stories: 

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chemical weapons decades a 

Russia to supply S-300 anti-a 
missiles to Iran 

Russia reportedly reprimand: 
Mediterranean missile test 

Amos Gilad: Strong Arab Sun 
doesn't see Israel as enemy 

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Why did Manga BSP wait until everything was blown sky high to tell Tepco the data link existed, and 
then did not tell them face to face? I find it hard to believe that TEPCO would not have been interested 
in viewing a reactor that was about to explode. It seems impossible that Tepco would not have wanted 
to view the reactor, and probably did not ask because the link was kept a secret. It is a simple fact that 
internet connections are never allowed inside a reactor's containment. The connection was mentioned in 
the Jerusalem Post AFTER the destruction was finalized. And as another side note, if Fukushima 
really was without power as stated in the MSM, HOW did Magna BSP's cameras and associated 
computer hardware keep running ALL THE WAY THROUGH THE DISASTER as this article states? 

The following article clearly shows I am not the only one 
suspecting Stuxnet at Fuku 

N ft www.infosecisland.com/blogview/12628-Japans-Nuclear-Crisis-Stuxnet-and-SCADA-Defenses.html 

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Japan's Nuclear Crisis, Stuxnet and SCADA Defenses 

Sunday, March 20, 2011 

Contributed By: The devastation in Japan caused by the recent earthquake and tsunami is truly heart wrenching, 

Anthony M. Freed especially when one considers how millions of lives can be turned upside down in the matter of a 
few minutes. 

In no way is this article intended to draw any attention away from the plight of the people now 
suffering in the earthquake's aftermath, as our concerns should be for them first and foremost. 

With that caveat aside, I believe we can use the events that are unfolding in Japan as a learning 
opportunity regarding the possible consequences of a sophisticated Stuxnet-type attack against 
SCADA networks at a nuclear facility. 

Stuxnet is a highly sophisticated designer-virus that wreaks havoc with SCADA systems which provide operational 
control for critical infrastructure and production networks, such as those used to operate a nuclear power plant. 

Stuxnet-type viruses are uniquely dangerous because they are capable not only of affecting network computer 
systems, they can also cause actual physical damage to the equipment the networks control. 

Specifically, Stuxnet damaged equipment at Iran's Natanz uranium enrichment facility, which reportedly set back the 
nation's nuclear program several years. 

From what I understand of the current crisis in Japan, the problems at the nuclear facilities did not stem from the 
reactors themselves sustaining significant damaged in the earthquake. 

Instead, the problem with the reactor cores over-heating was caused by a disruption to the power and water 
supplies that are needed for the cooling systems. The problem was compounded by the destruction of the backup 
generators for the cooling system pumps in the subsequent tsunami. 

In the past, the majority of these systems are operated manually or by analog control systems like electro- 
mechanical relays, but that is changing. 

A senior member of the technical staff at one of our nation’s largest and most prestigious national research 
laboratories indicated that a significant number of the nuclear facilities in the U.S. have modernized the controls for 
those auxiliary systems, and are now employing Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs). 

According to the source, at least one facility specifically uses Siemens PLCs, the same type attacked by Stuxnet at 
Natanz in Iran. 

If both the primary and redundant cooling components at that nuclear facility used PLCs and were hit with a 
Stuxnet-type attack that was able to cause physical damage to the equipment, we might witness events similar to 
those which are now playing out in Japan. 

Granted, a Stuxnet-type attack would not also destroy roads and other infrastructure, or divert emergency 
response resources to other concerns. But, as far as the problems with cooling the reactor core, the challenges 
would be inherently similar. 

I asked Richard Stiennon if he could provide some insight on this hypothetical scenario. Richard is the Chief 
Research Analyst and founder of IT-Harvest, an independent analyst firm that focuses on IT and network security. 
Richard is also the author of the thought provoking book Surviving Cyber War, a holder of Gartner's Thought 
Leadership award, and was named "one of the 50 most powerful people in Networking" by NetworkWorld 

Stiennon confirms that a Stuxnet-type attack could theoretically cause reactor core cooling systems to be disrupted: 

"Stuxnet targeted high speed rotating machinery controls, most probably the Uranium enrichment centrifuges in 
Iran . Both electricity generators and water pumps are examples of rotating machinery that are also controlled in 
industrial systems by PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers). Communications with industrial control systems, 
often via SCADA, can be a vector for attack, or as in the case of Stuxnet, malware can be introduced directly by a 
bad actor. It is not hard to extrapolate that designer-malware could target these systems with the intent to shut 
them down and cause at the very least the emergency shut down of a nuclear power plant, at the worst, release of 
a radioactive plume and the permanent disabling of the reactor - as has happened in Japan, " Stiennon replied via 

Numerous experts have speculated that a major cyber attack on critical infrastructure would most likely not occur in 
isolation, but in conjunction with a conventional kinetic attack, which would present a situation even more similar to 
what we are witnessing in the aftermath the natural disaster that occurred in Japan. 

If a Stuxnet-like attack could in effect produce serious kinetic damage on the magnitude of disabling of a nuclear 
facility, or worse, the discharge of radioactive material and the potential for a core meltdown, the notion that such 
an attack would only occur in conjunction with a traditional military offensive seems to be less likely. 

Recently, the International Society of Automation announced the formation of a task group to conduct a gap 
analysis on the ANSI standards governing SCADA security to evaluate how well organizations following the ISA99 
standard would have responded to a Stuxnet-type attack. 

While the ISA study will focus on network responses, perhaps other regulatory entities should begin to study what a 
successful post-Stuxnet attack environment could actually look like. 

Evaluation of the challenges Japan is currently facing could provide valuable insight in the event there is ever a 
successful attack on SCADA systems controlling auxiliary systems at a nuclear facility. 

"The one lesson to draw from the unfolding crisis is that risk planners have to expand worst case scenarios. While 
most nuclear power plants are not on faults (with the notable exception of Diablo Canyon in California) they are all 
subject to mechanical failures induced by malware introduced to their networks. Redundancy and fail safe 
measures cannot rely on power, computers, or networks. This applies to nuclear power plants as well as data 
centers, electrical grids, and communication systems," Stiennon concludes. 

Stuxnet has two modes, random and administrative. It can be administered to optimize the damage and 
can also transmit setup information and industrial system information to a remote computer. Once 
installed on the host system via a flash drive it causes that system to violate it’s normal security 
protocols and internet administration becomes possible if a connection exists. Tampering is not visible 
on the control room readouts, because Stuxnet learns what "normal" looks like and keeps the 
temperature, pressure, and other readouts within normal limits so that the operators are oblivious to the 
destruction happening in secret. 

Stuxnet appeared in Japan in June of 2010. shortly after Magna BSP arrived. Remote administration 
mode can be adjusted on demand to suit any need. No doubt the people at Fukushima sat there in idle 
mode thinking all was well until something screamed or went boom and at that point it would be too 
late to do anything other than cry. 

I did not catch this in the original report, but I now believe Stuxnet was first tested in America. The 

following article makes a compelling case for this possibility: 

TUESDAY, MAY 22, 2007 

B SC AD A: "Data Storm "Shuts Down Browns Ferry 
(AL) Nuclear Plant 

As one comm enter so aptly stated recently, (paraphrased) unlike the 
majority of humanity, submariners must run toward danger as quickly as 
possible. While it is in human nature to scatter in the face of danger, 
submariners understand better than most that everything (mission 
success, preservation of the platform and of course, crew lives), depends 
upon quite the reverse, (see actual quote in note below) 

Have terrorists or hackers uncovered a major flaw in our nations nuclear 
power plants? If verifed publicly. Browns Ferry would become the first 
solid case of direct external manipulation of a critical infrastructure 
control system . In other words, either hackers or terrorists caused a 
critical system to be overloaded, shutting down the reactor. This 
soundalike, called SC AD A. is in the realm of digital data supervision 
(computers and programmed logic controllers). 

The term refers to a large-scale, distributed instrument control system. 
One potential flaw is the mistaken belief that SC ADA networks are 
disconnected from the Internet and are therefore secure. 

Hardware for SC ADA systems is ruggedized to withstand temperature, 
vibration, and voltage excursions, and reliability is further enhanced by 
redundant hardware and communications channels The calculated 
mean time before system failure of such high reliability systems is 
commonly measured in centuries, not years, story linked here. 

The incident happened in August of 2006 at Unit 3. Has our mainstream. 
U.S. press been AWOL? Here is more (Published Monday 21st May 
2007 09:15 GMT) from our neighbors in the U.K. 

It seems that The US House of Representative's Committee on 
Homeland Security called this week for the Nuclear Regulatory 
Commission (NRC) to further mvesfrgafe the cause of excessive 
network traffic that shut down an Alabama nuclear plant link 

If you are like me, you probably believe Alabama is part of the U.S., not 
the U.K. Someone is in deep do-do. Who do you think the event will be 
blamed upon (hint: Charlie is usually correct) with the proviso that the 
public blame may not reflect the true cause? 

1. A teenage hacker 

2. AJ Qaeda cell 

3. A contractor ««< correct (most likely default of Homeland Security 

4. Design Engineers 

5. Mechanical fluke 

I am a lifer in the types of control systems Fukushima and it's clone, TVA owned Browns Ferry have. 
BOTH have been upgraded to modern Siemens controllers running the Supervisory Control And Data 
Acquisition (SCADA) system Stuxnet was designed to attack; upgrades are the norm in any major 
facility. On many blogs people say the controls were old and therefore Stuxnet immune; they are out of 
touch or have no knowledge of industrial control systems. I actually ferreted it out. 

And now I will explain in detail why the problems before the explosions had to be sabotage 

The diesel generators were not out in the open as we were led to believe, they were in fact located in 
the basements of the turbine buildings which were sealed off and never significantly flooded. One of 
them stayed running the entire time, but the electrical switch gear attached to it disconnected it for an 
unexplained reason which made it useless. Each of the backup generators at Fukushima were capable 
of running 14,000 households each, which means they had to be over ten megawatts each. It is obvious 
then that Fukushima was set up to survive on only ONE of 13 backup generators, and ONE did keep 
running. One would be many times larger than needed to run last ditch backup systems at all reactors, 
but would not keep business as usual. But that is not the real story, which is that even others which 

were high and dry stopped as 

The entire World Nuclear association report, as it now stands, is a well, 
complete lie, containing absolutely NONE of the truth it once had. 


■L i Nuclear 
^ j Association 

Representing the people and organisations of the global nuclear profession 

^ Information Library gj 

Home > Information Library > Safety and Security > Safety of Plants 

Safety of Nuclear Power Reactors | Chernobyl Accident | Fukushima Accident 2011 1 Three Mile Island accident | Tokaimura Cr 
Earthquakes | Liability for Nuclear Damage 

Fukushima Accident 2011 

(Updated 9 September 2013) 

• Following a major earthquake, a 15-metre tsunami disabled the power supply and cooling of three Fukushima 
Daiichi reactors, causing a nuclear accident on 11 March 2011. All three cores largely melted in the first three 

• The accident was rated 7 on the INES scale, due to high radioactive releases over days 4 to 6, eventually a 
total of some 940 PBq (1-131 eq). 

• Four reactors are written off - 2719 MWe net. 

• After two weeks the three reactors (units 1-3) were stable with water addition but no proper heat sink for 
removal of decay heat from fuel. By July they were being cooled with recycled water from the new treatment 
plant. Reactor temperatures had fallen to below 80°C at the end of October, and official 'cold shutdown 
condition' was announced in mid-December. 

• Apart from cooling, the basic ongoing task was to prevent release of radioactive materials, particularly in 
contaminated water leaked from the three units. This task became newsworthy in August 2013. 

I hypothesize that the ONE 
generator that kept running 
was kept as a lone reserve, 
never hooked up to a SCADA 
controller. Why did the switch 
gear disconnect a working 
generator? That is the type of 
thing Stuxnet was designed to 
do. On top of these things, 
emergency generators arrived 
on scene within 9 hours, 
before anything bad happened 
at all but were not able to 
provide power because the 
switch gear would not let 

?? ! !??—>• There have been no deaths or cases of radiation sickness from the nuclear accident, but over 100,000 people 
had to be evacuated from their homes to ensure this. Government nervousness delays their return. 


The following report clearly describes the death of a worker. 

www.world-nuclear-news.org/RS Battle_to_stabilise_earthquake_reactors_1203111.html 

/isitedv TQ Linux Mint E Community 1® Forums IE Blog |g£)Newsv H] Mintemail.com H] 

w n n 

world nuclear news 

Energy & Environment New Nuclear Regulation & Safety Nuclear Policies Corporate Exploration & Nucl 

Battle to stabilise earthquake reactors 

12 March 2011 
UPDATE 14: 23.44 pm GMT 

A seriously injured worker was trapped 

vvaiei level iiauie 
Preparations for pressure release 
Unit 3 

within Fukushima Daiichi unit 1 in the 

- 1067 MWe BWR, 1985 

crane operating console of the exhaust 

Automatically shut down 

stack and is now confirmed to have died. 

- Offsite power available 

Four workers were injured by the 

Water level stable 

explosion at the same reactor and have 

Preparations for pressure release 

been taken to hospital. A contractor was 

in«7 UMls RUUD 1007 

This is an incomplete snip of the article containing only the relevant proof that 
the World Nuclear Association proceeded to lie and say there were no dead workers, 
perhaps in response to my Fukushima report, which proved there were. 

The World Nuclear 
association did a beautiful 
report about what happened 
out at Fukushima, and then 
got co-opted by dark forces. 
I am keeping the key 
content of their original 
report preserved in this one. 
The World Nuclear 
Association got taken over, 
their report destroyed and also 
expunged from the wayback 
machine. This Fukushima 
report you are reading now is 
all that remains as a solid 

reference to the original World Nuclear Association report. Obviously the Zionist scammers could not 
have the truth left intact ANYWHERE. The following screen captures are from the first page of the 
hacked report, where the World Nuclear Association is now saying no one AT ALL died out at 
Fukushima, and from another nuclear organization that has not been taken over. A minimum of 3 
people died out at Fukushima, documenting even one destroys the World Nuclear Association in it's 
current form. The original World Nuclear Association report contained the following points: 

1. The generators never got submerged - you have to connect the dot between them being in a 
contained area and the tsunami thereby not being able to get to them. Some water got into one of the 
the turbine buildings where several were located and flooded the lowest point in that building to a 
depth of 4 feet, which means that even if the generators were on the floor at the lowest point they likely 
would not have been swamped because they are too big - the water would not get past the footings. 
Perhaps a one megawatt generator would have swamped; certainly not one of the big diesels, which 
were, according to this report enough to run 14,000 homes each. In addition to this, there were several 
generators in a second location that never got flooded at all. One of these generators kept running but 
was not able to get power into the facility because the switchgear prevented it. 

2. You have to have watched the robot videos, which clearly show the switch gear that 

malfunctioned after the tsunami never got wet - there was a non tsunami reason for the failure. 
Also look at the high resolution photos referenced below. There is no switch gear for the diesel 
generators outside the facility, it is all indoors in areas higher than the water got. Remember that 
there was no emergency when the off site generators arrived, which means that they could work 
efficiently to get things up and running. With my experience in this area, Assuming it DID get 
soaked, a complete replacement of high capacity switch gear should only take an afternoon if 
done with an emergency attitude. A truck mounted crane or a forklift does all the heavy lifting 
and the stuff is modular. In every major facility there are spares galore. It is not that hard to 
make the terminations. A worst case scenario could have been addressed before things went 
horribly awry, that is, unless a virus did not let the new switch gear activate either. It would take 
days to conclude a virus was messing things up. You would not expect that. I am sure there is a 
LOT we never heard about. 

3. That batteries held AT ALL REACTORS, in contrast to the lies in the destroyed report, 
leaving only a one hour gap in time where there was no power present to run things before 
adequate off site power drove into the facility on the road all nice and ready to hook up, but was 
denied to by switch gear which this report says was swamped but that is likely an assumption 
because swamped switchgear could have been replaced even before the batteries died. The fact 
that the offsite generators were able to be driven into the facility also proves that other lies told 
about the earthquake in general - employees leaving only to find cracks in the road so bad they 
had to walk home; Why? Why lie like this? AT LEAST this report has some modicum of 

4. You have to look at the chart that shows the thermal output of the reactors 8 hours after the 
earthquake, which is when the batteries running the electrical cooling pumps died, the output at that 
time was less than 20 megawatts from each reactor, which means that they would not have had troubles 
before the off site generators were hooked up to restore power if it was not denied by what I suspect 
was stuxnet infected switch gear, in fact they would never have had serious troubles at all, beyond 
having to be vented. The real critical time is in the first 3 hours after shutdown. 

5. Reactor 3 exploded entirely, yet this reactor had the most functional backup systems. At least the 
original report said the explosion remains "unexplained". Perhaps those who wrote the report should 
take a look at this for an answer. 

6. The reactors are stated to be an "early 1960's design" apparently to mislead people into believing 
they were outdated even when installed. This was not the case. Their design was an early 60's concept 
but in fact a late 60's design, and since installation takes years, what more could you expect in the early 
70's? The reactors were in fact a very safe design. This report at least states that the facility was very 
well updated. Identical reactors at TVA owned browns ferry have been certified safe and licensed to 
operate through the year 2035. These reactors were also converted over to run the Siemens Scada 
system. The reactors at Fukushima were not garbage. The fastest cars in production still function on a 
late 1800's concept. 

I hypothesize that the situation at Fukushima is not being properly assessed by facility controllers 
because STUXNET is STILL giving false readings to the control panels, readings which obviously 
have to be false because they show containment pressure when confidental leaked photographs prove 

beyond a doubt 


W 1 

-s> O 

Modern industrial viruses, which spread via flash drives and 
other means, can permit remote administration to allow an 
attacker to maximize damage. Any system which becomes 
infected is likely to attempt to call home to notify an attacker 
that the infected facility is available to be destroyed. 

This is the new method of warfare. To help circumvent this 
threat, keep all critical processes which can cause destruction 
of hardware wired to analog gauges and controls as a backup. 
Modern industrial viruses keep the PLC readouts normal as the 
virus destroys in secret. Analog gauges and controls capable 
of overriding the PLC should be essential safety equipment. 

have a perfect 
explanation for 
WHY reactor 3 is 
still showing up 
on the control 
room readouts. 

The original World 

Nuclear Association report was perfectly inaccurate with regard to reactor 3 containment. Perhaps the 
people who wrote that report have not actually looked at the facility or seen the confidential 
photographs and instead relied on information from Stuxnet infected instrumentation. 

The following report also supports what I have said here entirely. It was written by an experienced 
reactor operator. 

£3 theenergycollective 

The world's best thinkers on energy & climate 

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Japan Quake: Fukushima Reactor Must 
Be Shut Down, Core Cooled 

Like it? 
d'i ns 


Posted March 12. 2011 


Keywords: Nuclear Power, earthquake, Fukushima, japan, meltdown, nuclear 

358 □ 248 0 71 g +1 0 0 677 j^j 

Posted by: 

Nathan Temple 

Guest post re Japan nuclear Fukushima emergency The following post is info from a CNN 
article comment by someone named jjj4591 . It is the explanation of a licensed senior reactor 
operator/control room supervisor on a boiling water reactor (BWR) similar to the Fukushima plant. I 
typically do not like to point to and reproduce someone's work, but the Info is key to get out to people to 
avoid the hysteria and false statements regarding the safety of nuclear power plants. 

I've worked in the US nuclear industry for 30+ years and for 18 years I was a licensed senior reactor 
operator/control room supervisor on a boiling water reactor (BWR) similar to the Fukushima plant. I 
helped write the emergency procedure guidelines that are used at US BWRs. There Is a great deal of 
information flying around that just does not make sense. There just seems to be no detailed technical 
information getting out to the public on this. At the risk of over simplifying the system, a BWR is like a 
giant pot of boiling water. Regular light water, not heavy water, goes through the reactor, is heated by 
the splitting of uranium atoms, turns to steam and spins a turbine-generator to make electricity. The 
steam is condensed back to water and pumped back into the reactor to continue the cycle. 

There are 3 basic barriers to the release of radiation: the metal clad that encases the uranium fuel, the 
reactor pressure vessel, and the containment. If 2 of these 3 are compromised, and the third is in 
jeopardy. US plants will advise shelter or evacuation of nearby residents. 

The reactor operates at a normal pressure of about 1000 psig. During an earthquake of this magnitude, 
the reactor would be expected to automatically shut down (called a reactor scram). Control rods are 
hydraulically driven into the core in less than 7 seconds. I do not know if this took place but if it did not, 
we’d probably hear about It because it would be such a big deal. Even with rods inserted, the reactor 
continues to produce heat equivalent to about 3% of its full power level. This is not the same as taking 
a pot off the stove and letting it cool. There are still some atoms splitting and fission products decaying 
that produce heat. This drops off slowly and Is why there needs to be layers of redundant cooling with 
backup power. During such an earthquake, power from outside the plant would not be expected to be 

The plants have several back up diesel generators (locomotive style engines) that supply power to 
motor driven cooling systems that will supply high flow of water up to about 300 psig.. There are also 
steam driven systems to supply cooling water up to 1100 psig. There are also pressure relief systems 
that active at about 1100 psig. It reactor pressure gets too high, relief valves open and discharge steam 
to a water filled pool inside the containment. 

Here are some information being reported that does not make sense. Reports that the pressure is 1.5 
times normal; incorrect. There are at least 10 relief valves and any one can handle the energy after a 
plant shut down. CNN reports the US military has flown coolant to the site, but the coolant they use is 
regular water; I can't Imagine why the US would need to fly In coolant. 

Right now I'd want to know a few things. 

Are all rods fully inserted? What is the water level in the reactor? It’s normally about 12 feet above the 
top of the fuel. What Injection systems are available? What is the reactor pressure? What is the status 
of containment? 

Based on limited Information, this Is what I think might happen: 

Earthquake hits, high vibration on the main turbine automatically trips the turbine by rapidly closing stop 
valves. Reactor automatically shuts down (scrams) all rods go in. Earthquake disrupts off site power to 
the plant and back up diesel generators should have started, maybe they did not. Main sources of 
water to the reactor are not available. If there is no pipe break off of the reactor, the pressure will slowly 
increase. After about an hour, a relief valve(1 of about 10) will open at about 1100 psig and drop 
pressure to about 1080. The steam is sent to a pool of water called a suppression pool in the 
containment that condenses the steam. This valve will cycle open and close every 5-10 minutes. 
Operators would use a small steam driven turbine (RCIC) to supply water at high pressure to the reactor 
under these circumstances for several hours. You can sit like this a long time, hot and at 1000 psig it’s 
no big deal as long as water covers the fuel in the reactor pressure vessel. If that turbine is not 
available, there is a larger steam driven turbine (HPCI) that supplies more water meant to provide make 
up if there was a pipe break. 

If neither of these systems is available, the relief valve will continue to cycle and reactor water level will 
slowly drop. At some point before the water level lowers to the point of uncovering the fuel, all the relief 
valves would be open (ADS) and pressure would be reduced to below 300 psig to allow the low pressure 
but high flow systems (CS & LPCI) to restore water level and cooling. These pumps however, need 
electricity, like from the diesel generators, to run. If things get this far but there is no injection, in US 
plants there are things like diesel fire pumps that can be tied in to provide alternate sources of water. 

I'm not sure if they are set up to do this in Japan. Without cooling, eventually the fuel temperature will 
exceed 2200 deg F and the clad will melt. Fission products that are highly radioactive will get dispersed 
into the reactor vessel. If there is a pipe break or relief valve open, those fission fragments get 
dispersed through containment. 

The USNRC has some technical info on this link for those of you that wish to know more. 
http://www. nrc.gov/reading-rm/. . . 

Each reactor has 8 separate emergency backup systems, each capable of saving the reactor on it's own. 
Three are designed to function perfectly if all power is lost and even the generators fail. 

Fukushima did not need any electrical systems operating AT ALL to keep itself from blowing up, when 
power is lost steam from the reactors is automatically diverted from the generator turbines to two 
totally separate steam turbines connected to totally separate water pumps needing only reactor steam to 
power them. Even that backup system has dual redundancy, only one of the two is needed for the job. 
But the valves which have to activate to re-divert the steam, all 6 valves on a total of 3 fueled reactors. 

eventually failed to. At reactors 1 and 3 these systems worked, but switched off at reactor 1 within an 
hour and off at reactor 3 after running for more than two days. No one has been able to explain why 
these systems switched off all by themselves, when they need a powered command to switch off. At 
reactor 2 they were never allowed to activate. This can only happen if the control system tells them to 
shut off or stay off, absent intervention from the controller they automatically and seamlessly switch 
cooling modes to passive rather than electrical. 

Some readers may remember that the real issue at Fukushima was malfunctioning valves, and the need 
to get someone past the radiation to open them. These are the valves that were spoken of. Because 
Stuxnet kept the readouts normal, no one knew this system did not function until major problems 
happened as a result flooding the area where the valves are with radiation. This prevented last ditch 
efforts (running and cutting the wires). One automatic valve jamming and mechanically failing would 
be a surprised failing can only be sabotage. 

In addition to this, another 
completely independent 
separately piped backup with an 
entirely different electronic 
decision tree which injects 
borated water at a pre charged 
3,500 PSI into the reactor to 
irrevocably shut down all chain 
reactions (reactor rebuild 
required) also simultaneously 
failed at all 3 fueled reactors. The 
borated water systems have 
explosive operated valves so 
reliable that even one out of 3 
failing would be a ten thousand to 
one possiblity, if that. The 
reliability of the borated water systems is technically theoretically assured. All three failing at the same 
time at Fukushima can only mean sabotage. There are now subsequent reports about boron wearing 
out and needing to be continuously pumped into the reactor containments to stop the chain reactions. 
This does not happen with an intact reactor, and the fact that they need to keep replenishing the boron 
at reactors 1, 2, and 3 can only mean that the pressure vessels are breached and leaking, with the boron 
escaping into the groundwater. 

C ontauanenl Drvwell 











Mam Steam Line 

8 8 -*- 


Recirculation Loop 
(Typical of 2) 



To Main Turbine 

Mam Feedwater Line 

The boron tank is the last and best line of 
defense against a reactor meltdown. It 
needs no electricity to function and is 
considered perfectly reliable. Pre charged 
pressure in the tank provides all the energy 
needed to inject borated water into the reactor 
which will stop all chain reactions. Failure of 
these systems at all 4 reactors Poison Tank 

can only mean SABOTAGE. 




High pressure in all of the reactors proves the quake did not damage any of the infrastructure at 
fukushima because any leaks would have let the pressure go. In addition to this, the seismic readings at 
Fukushima were 6.07. Fukushima was designed to handle being at the epicenter of an 8. 

The media keeps harping about how all the water went away. It only did because these three backup 
systems were prevented from shutting down all chain reactions, thereby cooling the reactors which 
caused the water to boil off and never be replaced. High pressures were talked about constantly in the 
press; This means beyond a doubt that all 6 steam powered backup systems were intact, and all 3 
borated water systems were intact also because if they were not the pressure would have escaped 
through whatever was broken in them. Absent emergency backup control power keeping the virus 
alive; (control power Magna BSP admitted was there the whole time by mistake when they said their 
cameras and supporting computers captured the explosions and maintained a data link) the valves 
which control these systems would have opened when the generators failed and there would have been 

no disaster. 3 worst case scenarios where all 9 automatic valves across 9 separate emergency backup 
systems are held shut by the controller when no power should have been present to prevent them from 
activating can only mean sabotage. 

A historical perspective of Fukushima shows the hydrogen blasts were bogus. 

Hydrogen blasts could not have damaged Fukushima so badly, this is a media fed lie. If hydrogen 
gas alone mixed with air could produce blasts strong enough to blow reactor containment buildings to 
pieces, which are among the strongest structures on earth (exceeded in strength only by ones like 
Hoover Dam,) then hydrogen gas filled bombs would be the prime military option. In reality, the Three 
Mile Island incident proved hydrogen ignition in open air after reactor meltdown is likely to only 
scare employees, while causing no damage at all to the facility, as was the case there. It is 
extremely important to know the differences between the boiling water reactor design and the design of 
Chernobyl. At Chernobyl, a hydrogen blast DID cause destruction of the facility, but it was because the 
reactor design caused hydrogen and oxygen at a perfect ratio to ignite at thousands of PSI inside the 
reactor pressure vessel. That's a big difference from hydrogen alone igniting in relatively oxygen 
starved open air at one atmosphere (14.5 PSI). The difference would be similar to the difference 
between a small firecracker and a case of dynamite; there were many orders of magnitude lower blast 
potential at Fukushima. 

Just to be absolutely safe after the Three Mile Island incident, many nuclear facilities installed 
hydrogen hard vent stacks hooked directly up to the relief valves on their reactors, and Fukushima was 
one of them. This was to prevent a hydrogen buildup in the containment building in the event of a core 
meltdown, which caused a minor explosion at Three Mile Island. These stacks are the tall white towers 
you see in the photographs of Fukushima, and they are effective in getting rid of hydrogen buildup, are 
directly piped, and vent completely outside. "Hard piped" means that the electrical failures would have 
had nothing to do with the blasts, because a hard vent is exactly that - no fan needed at all because the 
system is sealed. Even if the hard piping at all 3 fueled Fukushima reactors failed entirely, it should not 
have been any worse than Three Mile Island which did not have any hard venting to begin with. While 
hydrogen venting might be a problem if it ignited, it would not mean the death of a facility. It makes no 
sense that at Fukushima we got a nuclear weapon style mushroom cloud far in excess of the highest 
yield conventional bomb. 

What then, caused the explosions? The containment walls were at their thinnest points in the lowest 
allowed General Electric design a minimum of 4 feet thick steel reinforced concrete, were likely to be 
a minimum of 8 feet thick and were totally blown away. All concrete was stripped from the rebar, 
which was left dangling. One of the blast doors to the inner containments is pictured here. 

Reactor 3 vanished entirely, as shown in the diagram on the following page, and reactor four 
“exploded” despite being completely disassembled and in hard cold shut down._The yellow dome 
which should be sitting on top of reactor 4 can be clearly seen in the service area of the containment 
building. This type of destruction is is indicative of hard weaponry in use; a hydrogen air mix will not 
do that. Reactors are not made out of tinfoil. There was no potential for an explosion at reactor 4 at all, 
it had been defueled. SO WHAT, PRAY TELL, BLEW IT APART? That's the dirty question no one is 
asking - how did that happen? Subsequent story lines try to explain reactor 4's destruction away by 
saying that hydrogen back fed into reactor 4 from reactor 3 via the hard vent pipe, but with reactor 3 
obviously blown to smithereens in the diagram on the following page, that would be flatly impossible. 


The crane rails provide a fixed reference that would remain the same despite Japanese enhancements to the 
facility. Japan had these built stronger than specs, so the concrete went higher than the standard diagram. From 
the position of the crane rails, we can determine that the top portion of the reactor at unit 3 is completely gone. 
This reality is corroborated by other photos included in the 
original Fukushima report. 

Crane rails have to be here, 
which means a lot of the top 
of this structure is gone. 





Reactor 3 is beyond all doubt completely gone. That cannot happen by accident. The only way you 
can completely vanish a reactor is with a nuclear weapon, there is simply nothing in any arsenal 
outside of a nuke that could do it. I believe Magna BSP had a nuclear weapon hidden in one of their 
unrealistically GIANT cameras, which were installed inside the reactor 3 containment. 

The two towers in the foreground 
were installed after three mile 
island, where a core meltdown 
caused hydrogen venting and a 
subsequent hydrogen burn. These 
towers were installed at many 
nuclear facilities to vent hydrogen 
and prevent explosions after a 
core meltdown. This makes the 
hydrogen story at Fukushima 
very implausible. 

When the hydrogen ignited at 
three mile island, no damage 
of any sort happened to the 
reactor, equipment, or building. 

At Fukushima we got a mushroom cloud. Figure the odds. Since a reactor is completely 
incapable of going supercritical even in full meltdown, and hydrogen caused no damage to 
another facility even when ignited after a meltdown, what could cause a mushroom cloud? 

I believe we were lied to, the 
Japanese were lied to. All 
nations were lied to. It's the 
only thing that makes sense; 
the liars are the same people 
who own the media, which 
is fairly well understood as 
a lie factory. 

Uranium Gun-type Nuclear Bomb Design 


If you go to war, control of 
information is everything. It 
is so evident, what happened 
here; but most people believe 
Osama died in 2011. The 
obvious slips past most people. 
We were lied to about Fukushima, and will continue to be lied 
to. Three Mile Island sits in the evidence pool against what we 
have been told about Fukushima. History does matter. 

These are diagrams of gun type - | Magna B SP's "owl", 

nuclear weapons, in comparison f 
to one of the cameras Magna 
BSP brought into Fukushima. 

To give you an idea of how big the 
reactors at Fukushima were, take a 
look at the photo to the left. It's 
the top of the same make and 
model at Fukushima's American 
twin, TVA owned Brown's Ferry, 
and it is only the top. The yellow 
dome sits above this, and is even 
bigger, (here the yellow dome has 
been removed for refueling), over 
150 feet of reactor sits below that 
cap. Hydrogen will not vaporize 
that, which appears to be what 
happened to #3, only a nuclear 
weapon would. Reactors are about 
14 digits beyond incapable of 
going supercritical even with a complete core meltdown. The reactors did not explode, something 
placed in their vicinity did. 

Magna BSP had access to the reactors at this facility. They were based in Dimona, which is a military 
base that manufactures nuclear weapons. Stuxnet was made in their yard. They are stated to be a 
military company, and a key piece of their equipment was the same size, shape, weight, and appearance 
of a gun type nuclear weapon. 

There is extremely strong evidence that Dimona based Magna BSP placed nuclear weapons at the 
exploded or vanished reactors at Fukushima, possibly hidden inside their unbelievably GIANT 
stereoscopic cameras. One of these cameras is verified to have been installed inside the inner 
containment of Fukushima reactor 3 under the cover of a security contract in the month prior to 
the disaster. These cameras are identical in size and appearance to gun type nuclear weapons. 

Since previous hydrogen explosions at boiling water reactors have never caused any sort of damage to 
equipment or buildings, even during complete meltdowns, it begs the question how on earth one at 
reactor 3 produced a mushroom cloud. Three Mile Island sits in the evidence pool against what we 
have been told about Fukushima. History does matter. 

One problem with the reporting in the mainstream media is that it failed to convey just how massive 
and strong the containment structures really were, as shown in the photos at the beginning of this 
report, as well as how huge the reactors really were, as shown in the following photo. 

. ♦ l Jl 




" j 





A hydrogen explosion would not damage this reactor, and would only blow the sheet metal off the steel 
framed roof in the service area above it if it even did that, at Three Mile Island the hydrogen ignition 
did nothing at all. It just scared employees. Another thing the reporting failed to convey is the gravity 
of the disaster. The containment diagram photo showing the remains of reactor 3 make it painfully 
obvious that many tons of highly radioactive plutonium in the containment pools is nowhere to be 
found, the entire floor they were on is completely gone. We are getting lied to. 

That was a LOT more than a hydrogen blast, and as a result there are thousands of pounds of plutonium 
scattered everywhere. The lies regarding this topic seem to be never ending, yet occasionally even 
now a little truth gets through the cracks. One such truth came in the form of a slip up, where a 
problem with one of the hydrogen vent stacks (which made the hydrogen explosions flatly impossible) 
triggered an NHK report that said they could not approach the stack to repair it because radiation 
readings in the area were at <strong>10 full sieverts an hour</strong> a level so high it would only be 
possible if reactor 3 really did expel it's core as I have stated right from the beginning: 

www3nhk.or.jp/nhkworld/english/news/20130919_03.html7play ▼ O Of* Yahi 

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Cracks found in vent pipe at Fukushima plant 

The people in charge of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant say they've found 
cracks in a steel framework that supports an unused ventilation pipe. They 
relied on the pipe for a period of time to release dangerous vapors created by 
the 2011 accident 

Officials at Tokyo Electric Power Company say workers on Wednesday 
discovered the cracks and cuts at 8 places in the buttress about 66 meters 
above the ground. 

The Nuclear Regulation Authority has ordered the company to assess the 
capacity of the pipe to withstand an earthquake as quickly as possible. 

The 120-meter vertical pipe stands between the number-1 and number-2 
reactor buildings. 

When they were handling the 2011 accident at the plant TEPCO workers used 
it to discharge radioactive vapor and ease pressure in the containment 
vessels. They did this to prevent explosions. 

TEPCO officials say they believe the 2011 earthquake damaged the steel framework. They say they have not observed any obvious damage in the pipe itself. 

The officials say they are considering how to access^e pipe to assess its strength. The area around the pipe is contaminated with high levels of radiation 
measuring 10 sieverts per hour. < — 10 sieverts PER HOUR. 

Sep. 18, 2013 - Updated 23:16 UTC 

10 sieverts per hour is an insanely high reading which means that death is virtually assured with very 
little exposure time. No one can fix that stack, it is staying the way it is because any worker who 
approached it to even look at it would die trying. This means that in the main debris field for reactor 3 
there are positively no workers at all, if there are people walking around out at Fukushima they can 
only be on the East side of the turbine buildings or some other place far away and well shielded from 
reactor 3. 

Many people remember the movie “the day after”, where radiation sickness killed people over the 
course of a few weeks. The radiation level at that hard vent stack, over TWO YEARS after the 
explosion at reactor 3 is STILL at 10 sieverts an hour, over a thousand times stronger than what was in 
“the day after”. If the radiation levels at reactor 3 were divided by a thousand, they would still be fatal 
to anyone in under 10 days, a shorter time frame than the deaths that happened in the movie “the day 
after”. And NHK is talking gamma, if it was alpha or beta workers could just suit up and fix the 

TEPCO was ridiculed for initially stating that the radiation from the facility was "immeasurable". I 
think they at first told the truth. Now they have this story about the Lukushima 50. Is it in fact a "wag 
the dog"? No one could be there and live. Why is remote controlled heavy equipment doing the 
cleanup?_The official story is hydrogen blasts, not nukes, so the story line has to at least be within the 
far outer limits of what a hydrogen blast could actually accomplish; not missing reactors and entire fuel 
pools blown away. 

The following article documents how Lukushima is so badly contaminated around reactor 3 that the 
only thing that can be there is robots and remote controlled equipment. I have in the past erroneously 
stated that they took care of the problem with a boron glue that stuck to everything and knocked the 
radiation down, but if the readings are at 10 sieverts an hour all they could possibly have accomplished 
is gluing the radioactive materials down so that storms could not blow them away in the form of dust. 

Another thing to note is that the radiation levels on the stack, where it needs to be repaired, are 
measured at 60 meters from the ground. This could be because it is, at that height, a straight view of 
reactor 3's exposed core which will never be approached and subdued. That would make a lot of sense. 

I suggest you ponder the pictures and materials presented in this report and apply a little thought to 
what is here, rather than listen to the scamming ziopress. 

The following report documents the remote control cleanup at Lukushima. And don't miss where they 
talk about having to boost the ability of the remote control systems, to allow them to be used from two 
kilometers away. Spooky stuff, yes, yes indeed. 

wwv; pcwor1d.com/article/224811/article.html 

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Virtualized Data centers Securely enable application: 


your virtualij 




Fukushima Daiichi Workers 
Clear Debris by Remote Control 

By Martyn Williams, IDG News Service 

Apr 11. 2011 2:10 AM © 

Remotely controlled construction machinery rolled into the site of the stricken Fukushima 
Daiichi nuclear power plant last week to help clear roads and passages of radioactive 
debris, the plant's operator said Monday. 

The effects of the magnitude-9.0 earthquake, a tsunami estimated at around 15 meters 
high, and two hydrogen explosions in reactor buildings have left the Fukushima Daiichi site 
covered in rubble and debris, according to images released by Tokyo Electric Power 
(TEPCO). Some of the debris has high levels of radioactivity, complicating its removal and 
the movement of workers around the site. 

The machinery consisted of an excavator and transporter, each equipped with a remote 
control system. Cameras were mounted on each piece of equipment and TEPCO set an 
additional six cameras around areas where work would take place. 

The entire operation was managed from a mobile control room where staff could watch 
video from the cameras and manipulate the machinery, said Hiro Hasegawa, a 
spokesman for the electric utility. 

The clearance operation began when both units rolled into place near an debris-strewn 
area. The excavator, which had been fitted with a giant grabber hand, picked up debris and 
dropped it into a container on the back of the transporter. It took about 2 hours for this to be 

Once full, the excavator knocked closed the lid of the container and the transporter 
trundled to a temporary dump site. The Fukushima Daiichi plant, like other nuclear power 
plants in Japan, was built with plenty of open space so the debris can be temporarily 
collected together on-site, said Hasegawa. 

The unloading operation took about an hour to complete, and then the cycle began again. 

The remotely controlled machinery was originally developed for use in hazardous 
construction environments, such as those near volcanos or where landslides could occur, 
said a spokesman for Yoshikawa Co., which worked on the system. 

The radio control system typically has a range of about 300 meters, but this time a radio 
relay station was used to boost the signal and allow the controllers to be up to 2 kilometers 
away, the Yoshikawa spokesman said. 

TEPCO has also been used remotely controlled drones and helicopters to get a close-up 
view of the reactor buildings. The company received pictures from a U.S. military Global 
Hawk drone, and reports say the RQ-16 T-Hawk micro unmanned air vehicle is also being 

Martyn Williams covers Japan and general technology breaking news for The IDG News 
Service. Follow Martyn on Twitter at @ martyn williams . Martyn's e-mail address is 

m artyn william s @idg.com 

Question: Why would they need the remote control range 
boosted to 2 KM if mainstream media reports are true? 

Now that Osama, who has been dead for 10 years is officially dead, A1 Quaida is going to use a nuke, 
so they say; I strongly urge you to consider this article if a nuke actually does go off somewhere or if 
other nuclear facilities start acting like Fukushima. 

The only reason I believe the management at Fukushima is not telling it like it really was is because 
victim status has been so well asserted by the ethnic group in question that it is career suicide to point 
the finger at them, even when they try to kill you. I find it interesting that all 12 Non Japanese 
employees of Magna BSP returned to Israel a week before the tsunami 

I might have understood the need for Stuxnet if it's use would have ended with Iran. Unfortunately that 
does not appear to be the case. I do hope this article breaks their toy. 

For those of you who are reluctant to re-post this because the wording is too strong, I ask you to 
consider this; 

The real answer came out of Fukushima. We have a member of the international community which has 
already done horrendous damage to a very advanced and (presently) innocent civilization and we 
simply cannot continue to tolerate it. Consider what ignoring this will cost you. Are you prepared to 
have a major disaster at the convenience of the couch; because you sat there watching TV rather than 
dragging your butt over to the computer to at least spread the word? Are your video games, ball games, 
4x4 and porno really worth continuing to lose everything for? Is your religion going to keep you silent 
as well? We really need a serious wake up call. Please let this post be it, rather than some other 
unforseen disaster. 

Thank you to the many readers who pointed out flaws, gave tips, and suggested clarifications, 
you studied this indeed! My thanks also goes out to the radio hosts who have had me on the air 
and invited me to appear to discuss this subject. 

These references included as e-mail compatible links. 



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SOURCE: https://archive.org/stream/FukushimaSabotageProvedJimStone/Fukushima%20Sabotage%20Proved%20Jim%20Stone_djvu.txt

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