Trump Is a National Disgrace

This assault on our democracy must stop. The current president is ignorant, incompetent, inhumane and a prodigious liar, passing 20,000 lies in July.

Trump’s sister, Maryanne Trump Barry, said “He has no principles. … Donald is out for Donald, period.” Trump has $421 million in debt coming due soon, which is a potential national security risk.

Former FBI agent Josh Campbell points out, “This could be a point of leverage for foreign adversaries seeking access to classified information.”

Last election some voters might have thought that he was a good businessman. Trump received $413 million from his father and squandered it in a series of failed deals.

He received another windfall from “The Apprentice” and related deals and then promptly squandered that, too. Even on “The Apprentice,” the producers made the firing decisions.

Trump and the Republicans want to get rid of the Affordable Care Act. Josh Hawley in his run for the Senate claimed he was protecting patients with pre-existing conditions. When he was Missouri’s attorney general, he joined a federal lawsuit with 19 other states to get rid of it. That suit is pending.

Americans will not know until after the election whether millions of cancer patients, diabetics, and others with pre-existing conditions will be thrown off their insurance.

Trump is a national disgrace. My hope is that a majority of voters will again believe in the importance of truth, facts, morals and science, and will vote accordingly in this important election Nov. 3.


    1. This shows who the ignorant ones are! Stop listening to to the destructors of facts and gossipers who talk to make $.

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