MY TWEETS in the last 10 years

, 2022

it takes courage as a human being to step out of the crowd of the common antiquity of continued mistake where there is always accepting of the stench of rotten lies and morally corrupt hypocrisy when you know that if you stand up and speak the truth half of the crowd will hate it

, 2022

there’s no purpose for rage

, 2022

can I find one positive person in the world other than me

, 2022

Yes Sir no Sir Yes Ma’am no Ma’am that was our culture we can’t give it up it was an immediate required form of respect to all our elders regardless of race sometimes we forget that seldom mentioned history of America through the quicksand and turmoil freedom we still crawled out

, 2022

my armour is my destiny

, 2022

my problem is that i was born a sheep, which was then abused by a wolf, that wouldn’t kill me, then finally the wolf had to fear this sheep, although the sheep was still damaged and only wanted peace, so then, now the wolves fear this sheep, that is my mission, that is my purpose

, 2022

some of my relatives chastise me about telling them that they were abusive to others they tell me I am the bad one because I tell them they are not all pure they forget history they forget my observation through time knowing their deceit of long gone days I will not remain silent

, 2022

I come from a white Christian family that stole land from aborigines’ enslaved humans of color slaughtered animals killed people as in no other time in modern history I had a physically abusive father that was a fundamentalist Pentecostal preacher that spoke in the name of god

, 2022

love cant be rage

, 2022

can a soul bust open with joy, can a brain flow out with love, can a body lift up to the sky, if so then that’s where we’re going, the planet is ready to shine, the moon is ready to smile down on us, the universe is ready to caress our face, life will enter into harmony and peace

, 2022

I send you glad tidings, I hope that everlasting joy rushes your soul, for the wonderful human being that you are, for the greatness of your love, you are the true example of what we all should be, when I began to have small doubts and was lost for a moment, you were there for me

there is sometimes this little breeze that blows, it seems to come at its own time and cannot be controlled, this gentle small wind that kind-of licks up and shudders, then all the leaves begin to jump up from the resting and dance in the air, branches move slightly as if tickled

, 2022

tears should not be shed only for myself, despair should not be reserved only for my pain, desire should not only be for my wants, fulfillment should not be strictly for just my gain, negativity should not try to destroy another’s positivity, eyes should not only see just myself

, 2022

as we slip through the sudden twists of time, remember reason is at the heart of the soul, compassion is in the remembrance of the lessons of life, hope will most certainly raise all less fortunate, knowledge will eventually conquer any ignorance, love will definitely cleanse all

they have led me before the false king and I am to drop to my knees and kneel, or I will perish and be no more – I will not kneel, I will not lose my life, I live on in my ancestors and my children, one moment of a tyrants false courage will not take anything from me, I am free

, 2022

freedom sometimes makes you poor – telling the truth sometimes put you in harms way – honesty, joy, laughter, to some people are a sin – so we must rise to the calling, we must stand up to be counted – there are worse things than dying – we will no longer kneel before their lies

, 2022

peace of a planet is the ultimate goal, a goal is defined as, the result or achievement toward which effort is directed, seems simple enough

sometimes grace seems to slip by the catches of a net hope seems to be twisted into little acknowledgements of loss dreams are denied in a conscious time and as we sleep all that is known thought awake is disregarded we are much more than what we are now we will live to be better

i am one that wanted to be two i loved another to make three

my art is free my mind is pure I am just the experiences of my life by every breath my dreams are from birth to no more my hope is everlasting through the thorns of a vine which reaches out and tries to capture me in a waste of great positivity lost with the small tricks of time

give the relished, offer the valued, others are the reason you are alive, never forget – time is one second, joy is giving your face a workout, there is only the moment to shine, there is only the breath to live – some give memories to pass into heaven, some give memories of pain

, 2022

smile for a while dream the supreme trust as you must intelligence is diligence patience not maintenance grin to begin all life with no sin the past is a cast that holds us in grasps hope threw the rope that captured the scope time is still fresh with each heart and each breath

still happiness is gasped in each and every breath, hope beats eternal, joy laughs in the face of fear, honor stands up for the less fortunate, what you get out of life is up to you, and what you put into life is what you get back, each life should then try to achieve perfection

then comes a time when contentment as a result of proper planning will pass across the planet and joy will appear in all the smiling faces on the land this time will be unique of all the ages mass evolution will elevate each mind and the human brain will open to the pulse of life

tyrants have short lives, throughout history the ages have miraculously shown justice, time is an axe to the tree of lies and deception, truth always wins even by the second, reality must be realized, honor must be earned, there is no patience without listening, grace dances wild

tragedy is fears closest cousin

you just never know how God is going to bless you even down to the exact moment when you feel that you are completely out of options and only the belief in yourself and God keeps you strong and then all of the sudden time gives you a little gift out of no where and you have peace

love the planet Earth the Moon and the Sun love all the other planets too – just want to do everything in my life to make it all better as one human being on this planet start building a great common interest across the world for total planet peace – and the eradication of hunger

when the world will know of a land called Shambhala when we will know of another world on our planet when time will evolve and God will then return to the Earth this thing called life has many forms so have only interest in the pursuit of wisdom and to have this planet at peace

and then the hurricane became calm, and the fire ceased to burn, the animals and life had to hold strong against the rocks until the wind had past, the land is forever changing and reason is in season, knowledge is the drop to a thirst, wisdom is in the air, love is in each heart

sound vision taste smell indoctrination is the human?

, 2022

words mean nothing

patience is just for the challenged, overcome doubt is only for the courageous, time tests the true value of one’s soul, trust seems to slowly crawl to positive change, these things are not to make you fail, only to make you succeed, through timid struggle greatest is transformed

intelligence is your master, either you wise up or you serve

speak to me in silence you have not earned the right to hear my brain when lies drift harmlessly through the moments of our days I rebuke and disavow all those that do not tell the truth reputation integrity truth these are the joys of life secrets lies deceit these are of death

only the wicked fear death

the curse is placed on all liars – they align with death

tyrants care not about popular opinion angels do not as well peace understands years of war history has proven that so I am abused whipped across my back punched in the face over 50 times at one setting beat over the head with steel now a warrior against the corruption of my soul

is it so hard to understand that cars should capture their pollution

time must write us all a letter history must certainly be bound by truth soon is a time when corruption only wounds the wicked when pain begins to hurt every body although our successes will affect us all and love remains even in our sleeping dreams we are evolution of the human

joy is only for the happy peace is an overcome pain harmony takes a stronger human heart evolution makes your brain work harder then it seems normal faith in yourself makes you the greatest person exactly like you are so you choose to be afraid or accept yourself as you truly are

the living fear not time

Economics, capitalism, elitism, socialism, communism, every “isms”, all the “isms” in the world, all the BS that they pollute our minds, we are STILL as a human species – GREAT


should I walk caution through the true destiny of my soul should I shy away from a day of yet death that all must eventually face now having no such seconds of fear joy and bravery rein throughout my heart truth beats in my history greatness is in knowing – proven is love reality

time is greater than you destiny has all thoughts that you will ever have eternity has only begun the dark souls of nature sometimes cloud best minds real greatness is not always of loudest soul wisdom is only through the true test of time honor and patience is just in the living

I am a veteran, I served my country, I will rise up to defend the rights of all people and the values of a great nation, even against those from within the country, we are the greatest country in the world, we will not be divided by rage, hate and injustice, every person rules

time is alive at this moment so typing a small message to all of you out there in the world this is a point of contact with you all through the movements of fingers the words are in hope of influencing for the second change is the purpose goodwill might seem rhyme grasp the years

joy is for everyone, happiness can be constant, love is a common state, understanding can be balanced, time is always evolving, hope is universal, life is energy which can’t be destroyed only transformed, we all must rise as a planet, home is our peaceful Earth and all life on it

I truly hope that I did as a human being evolve in my lifetime to love everyone, to understand that my benefit was not always necessary and that sometimes I just got to enjoy the benefit of others that I do, or that is just part of all our lives – I hope to prove these principles

I wish the world the best year in 2022, evolution is just kicking in big time

yet we still all breath through two tiny little sacks placed in our chests – perfectly surrounded by a cage of bone for protection – our hearts beat in this chest and pump to a million veins throughout our bodies – our brain is in a protective helmet and is only utilized at 10%

success seems to slowly crawl along at a steady pace that is designed to prepare the successful for the responsibilities of true happiness so without the excruciating inches slowly labored upon through the passage of time there could not be the opportunity of complete greatness

I am free, I am wise, I am true, I am pure, I am brave, I am love, I am humble, I am worthy, I am experienced, I am alive, I am willing, I am ready, I am one, I am with God

I would give my life for the peaceful survival of the Planet Earth and everyone on it

time simply whispers in my ear, destruction tries to cloud my eyes, my nose aches from pollution in breath, my oceans float with plastic of a lost society, my land is being drained of lubrication in its faults, my water is being evaporated with the toxic waste of greed, yet I am

as open happens, as a release of mistrust fades away as of the moment when love begins as of that split second when you stop to fear as of that time when you take over and change the world as of that dream when you could make everything better, as of the true you that begins you

ought not distraught thought sought

we relax in a burning world sit idly by as people are killed about us question in the grasp of truth skipping through life with a step of unacknowledged destruction lies are not our own pain afflicted is not our responsibility we live lives of denial and acceptance in our breaths


I am, that I am, you are, that you are

all I can say is sometimes you just have to hang on and wait until the blessings come, in the end its the hard times that define our character did you crack did you cry or did you keep your head and kept pressing forward towards your goals this is what will make you a good person

the greatest times are when there was no thought

whatever anyone says i am so glad to be here with you on earth sometimes it may seem the majority only shouts about the ignorant injustices of liars whom easily slip unseen through the cheap wires of our planet’s complete captivity these powers are just an illusion humans design

if you’ll pick the scab of history just a little in the pursuit of knowledge you’ll quickly see the open wound of a false history of liars and wicked silent conquers although all these tyrants lived a short life they had no purpose as is to live the great life of learning to heal

if you pick the scab of history just a little in the pursuit of knowledge you’ll quickly see the open wound

a peach still tastes sweet an onion still makes you smell trees still shed their leaves snow still falls sunshine gets everyone tan animals run about the earth air is just right water tastes so good people don’t kill as much peace is already here the planet has a reason to smile

it appears that the bottom is freedom the darkness is vision the confusion is understanding so take these rules and apply them as society drifts through acceptance and silence the time for equality and peace has always been only the forces of power did not have the will for truth

i am a man of love my father was a man of rage so i must teach my father my way wins i must love him he just doesn’t know he must learn and that his son is his mentor i am the better man i loved he is just a child i must teach with my life to be good and value love he is my grief

so now you have me here supposedly in fear conditioned me to be afraid taught me that I was not equal now you are here close yet you do not understand I was here for love and you were here for pain so you are right where I want you close so that I can show you the rage you taught

fire in nature represents new growth forests are not 100 years old because the trees burned so as humans we have to put the fire out then maybe try to understand how not to have more fires it is almost the meaning of life to stop the fire if the world is trying to kill the planet

your time is evolving your brain is opening up your thoughts are changing your breath is just beginning you are only the spark of the greater you there is nothing to fear there is only gratitude and determination you are the person who is able to define greatness happiness is now


just good enough to be bad enough to save the world – my father beat me when I was a child I had to overcome him as an adult yet I recently told him I loved him on his way out there is no getting out of your life you have lived who you are you must answer and stand before God now

my rage has to become personal, I cannot show it to anyone, I must be silent with it to drive myself, when I hurt others, it is only weakness, when I raise my voice is only because I want, anger is not possible, reason is ruthless, good is an unstoppable force, no prisoners, love

in my slavery, I planned

in the lonely of the darkness in the emptiness of despair in the cruelty of doubt there is still the reverence of the soul there is the certainty of time there is the remnants of survival the audacity of your true unique spirit what if we lose then we heal we grow we win we go on

the world better get ready for me, I have been invisible, now I am clear

speak in whispers listen in tears hope in vision trust in fame each frame has a masterpiece each life has the survival of a planet we you me are only what was meant to be you can fight it or cry because your thoughts deceit you yet time is evolution we must all deal with it NOW

I am alive, I was born, I grew up, I have years of life, I have experience of being alive, I am no fool, I have my DNA, I am an original, there is no one like me, I have the world in my hands, I am like no other before me, I am the first and the last of my time, I am the reality

I HAVE CHOICES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

as a human being, you only have so many words to speak, you only have so many thoughts to think, you only have so many supernatural feats to accomplish, you only can be great for so long, so enjoy, dream, be, the true you, there is no better time than now, the planet is at peace

I am not in control of my destiny I must trust that my destiny is what I know and I am the human that I was born to be do I lie do I steal then I was taught to do these things now change and being a good human that loves all others and rises up as is

I don’t question love

being sly is not always bad

sometimes in life you have to have enough strength to wait and suffer, you can run and cry or decide to do something else and take the easy way, or you can wait and be patient with your life and talent, you must have a plan and implement that plan – then there are no more detours

if I have joy, should I be quiet, if I have happiness, should I frown, if I have laughter, should I slumber, if I have God, should I fear, if I have interest, should I ignore, if I have wisdom, should I only listen, if I have talent, should I neglect, if I have time, should I die

trust is a long journey taken by choice that will lead to happiness and sorrow these perils become pearls and these steps become leaps belief in peace and joy are not the wrong way love and kindness is always the best true spirit and soul will tell you the worthy from the lacking

wishing is just in the little breath to blow out a candle – positive change is absolutely momentary if you open your mind and spirit and brain – humans are made in the image of God, so thus we need to be very close to God

the words of dead men, the words of a past time, the words of one person, do not control the destiny of the people that are alive, we as the living make our own decisions with the grace of God, life and time are unique only to the living, the dead have had their sound, now silent

books, words, philosophy, doctrine, beliefs of people that aren’t even alive, self doubt, insecurity – have no purpose to the days of my life, except to learn how not to make the same mistakes, wisdom is free from the defeated, real value is slowly stripped from the unsuspecting

corruption and evil is always vanquished by the truth these forces can be overcome by direct equality of power doubt and shame of ones self are meant to make honesty shy bravery and audacity for good are qualities of the most value love and joy in the soul are the real evolution

life is always borrowed time

everything is God and you in harmony with God, fate and luck is God, when you finally let it be, or it was all along anyway, you just had to accept it, God is always good, no killing, no war, no lying, no cheating, no disrespect, no doubt, no hate, no other way, to true greatness

with a dance through the woods we suddenly approached a lamb captive by the wolf and upon this meeting we instructed the wolf to retreat and the lamb quickly said thank you then we proceeded to the water soon shown by the trees speaking in their way and the air mixed with herbs

so what is it to be a human – should we kill, should we slumber in our quaint little success – or are we more, don’t we know in our souls that there is a greater time coming – or should I hate you, should I be racist, should I insult – no – we will run towards peace and love now

Earth’s surface is 70% water, 30% land, 10% of the land is covered with ice

pair of bulls often sound like a pair of ox and at times bi bulls can scare most of the sheep el just so the el ite can be eve el and worship in the temp el

Europeans messed up our continent when they landed, people had lived in our land for thousands of years from all over the Earth then we have to have genocide slavery civil war, before everyone was getting along pretty good land water air planet was respected instead of being sold

people believe sound from their vocal chords matters so much – or the pleasantness of their face is the secret to their success – or that every tear shed is an honest gesture – if there was only silence and we had no vision – ones actions would still prove who a person truly is

rise from the quicksand get up don’t blame others take responsibility for your own life oh I’m grown then act like it stop showing by your actions that you don’t care about others also if you push people too much or disrespect them too much then they will soon retaliate by force

I refuse to give up on my life I refuse to be silent against lies I refuse to stand by while others suffer I refuse to stop loving everyone I refuse to believe that the world is not going to get better I refuse to follow someone that is not honest I refuse to eat unhealthy food

all life is the most precious, suffering is always wrong, death is the obstacle passed, time is the evolution of a planet, compassion and love are the forces that hold it together, God is trusted above all, bravery for the truth is valued, self defense is of last resort and equal

through the minutes of a passing life we mourn for the living we fear the second of death we exhale the breath of our existence yet we know that time is the slow constant pace of positivity and evolution destiny is just the belief in yourself that you were born to be a success

expectation is the will to do the impossible hope is the greater unknown of a dream laughter is the rising of the soul smiles can be the indoctrination of etiquette destiny is the inevitable of a blessed life speaking the plan truth is the moment when you put yourself in jeopardy

I have every minute of experience – I have all the accumulated wisdom of the many battles fought – all the wrongs that have disrespected me – all the peace – all the many babes – all the wins and the loses – age is slow evolution – born one place or another you live life to know

Before you enter the gates of heaven – you already have to have the key

Have patience with your success, still always attack inefficiency, improvement is the true intelligence of a human being

In a 5 year period, from 1963 to 1968, America was robbed of a great future – in 1963 on November 22nd, John F. Kennedy is killed – in 1965 on February 21st, Malcolm X is killed – in 1968 on April 4th, Martin Luther King is killed – in 1968 on June 6th, Robert Kennedy is killed


I write to the world, stating that I as a man will not kill, will not lie, will not destroy, will not be rude, will not have prejudice, will not stop loving, will not have anyone place their hands on me, will not be disrespected, will not cease to learn, will not continue to try

a slight spark – a moment of time in just a little flame – a simple unique anomaly on the Earth, never once to be understood or foreseen – the beginning of an age of 22,000 years – peace is coming – history is written by reality, not by the victors – brilliant shine of evolution

can you believe that the United States has never fessed up to the low down racism it has always had – it said give us your poor and unwanted, what so the corporations could work them to death, even our democracy is still a truthful dream of inspired minds, no government is honest

can you believe that the people of the “Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave” – the United States – participated in the largest mass genocide in modern history against the North American aborigines – Hitler, Stalin, Mao, all took admiration in how the United States killed

life is perfect we just have to fit in

a rat that looks like that

I am not me I am something more – I am change to the worlds of good, I am commitment of life trying to be best. I am development of survival of many years, I am minutes to the mission, I am beginning of evolution, I am choice for an existence, I am wisdom to all minds, I am love

from failure rises success, from pain heals all the wounds, there are moments of life that even we cannot control, as a slip on the cliff, I learned to fly, as a realization of time, I am true myself, the migration of age is finding me well, life makes us all know we are special

maybe in disappointment and pain comes hard wisdom, you can’t talk great stories if you haven’t failed, you can’t decide if you don’t try, you can’t push people around if we all have guns – harmony and the pursuit of Christ, love, joy, reality of greatness, these are the things

the key now to the world is that we must all understand that we have power as the people with our money and our lives to commit to all survival someone can have a hundred guns in his house and still have his house blown up by a drone we can still give flowers to raise all minds

i am one piece of the puzzle the puzzle is not complete without me my purpose is to fill a space in a picture the entire picture depends on me the box that holds the picture is only valuable because i am in it the money exchanged was wasted without me i depend on the other pieces

when I was a child I acted like a child when I grew up I began to understand that I was not the center of the universe I began to see the power of love I began to learn that one life affects all other lives I began to know that service and respect for others is my true destiny

if I was a

hope to make no enemies, wish to bring value to all life, there is no evolution that isn’t slowly voluntary, our goal is to speed up that process, so be intelligent with the internet and use it towards the goal of an equal world, we are genius with fingers to influence the planet

shop around, as a human everybody ain’t so cool be choosey don’t fall for the brief stumbles of life destiny takes a long time in little moments of doubt realize how long you have already lived and the many days you have been yourself, we were not born to die we were born to live

peace peace peace

you want to follow Jesus you have to be a revolutionary knowledge and wisdom sometimes takes thousands of years to sink in human beings must be more adapt at evolving to understand the truth lies are all about in this world it is easy to stumble upon them the truth is never lame

so it is a pleasure speaking to the world my mission statement is love and peace and standing up for righteousness and equality as human beings and all life in this universe I was just one born and I dream of changing the world that is my destiny I know I will bring world peace

sometimes people do not value the great effort of others they seem to hope of blinding the workers mind by disregarding the accomplishments a company pays a person to get partnerships and then say get out they should not try to cloud my mind I will attack with what I had already

Reach Up If You Are Down, Don’t Stop Trying, Just Survive To Be Happy, Never Give Up On Your Dreams, You Were Born For A Purpose, Accomplish That Purpose, Raise Your Mind And Learn, Don’t Be Too Harsh, Don’t Be A Fool, Be The Best And Live On This Planet, Be Like Jesus And Buddha

Some say – I like to gamble with my money, I like to buy drugs with my money, I like to corrupt minds with my money, I like to be buried with my money, I like to destroy with my money, I like to be a fool with my money, I like to be poor with my money, I like to die with my money

One night my goal is to receive an Academy Award

so, I should decide, so, I should jump in, so, I should believe, so, I should be the balance, so, I should be patient, so, I should be tough, so, I should be safe, so, I should be cool, so, I should be sociable, so, I should be involved, so, I should be better, so, I should try

332,579,690 people in the United States of America THE LAND OF THE FREE AND THE HOME OF THE BRAVE is still going to be for every person in this country so we must all truly challenge ourselves to overcome illiteracy ignorance and stop all fear of freedom for the good of the world

You were born to do a goal, we all have to chose through years of being alive and experience, who we were truly born to be you must earn your true life with consistent time of righteous minutes still breathing and a pure soul, 3 billion heart beats in a lifetime, what will you do

i am starting to be me, i have worked my entire life to be now, i realize i am one piece to planet peace, i am not perfect, i am just one of many who prove that love is the way, i am the beginning of the change to the world, i am the once thought lesser who was always the power

Time is mine

then they say well you are corrupt, they say well you are not perfect – answer I am alive and my life evolves to the power over your lies, my life has to take time, my life has to show, my life should not be afraid, my life should dominate for peace, my life should be an example

So, what then must we do we must rise we must have a desire for great things we must join together we must love everything we must have joy we must understand the value of one soul and one birth there is not time to waste our great souls and lives we must change our world today

am I ready to great, that is what I planned for with every breath taken, am I going to change the world, that is what was planted into my mind at birth, am I at peace, that is what I had to learn as a rageful warrior, am I energy, that flows through my veins and out into the air

are you ready to be great, yes, you are

when I slip I adjust when I doubt I conquer when I show fear I stand up when I try to be normal fate kicks me back into what my destiny is have no time or a single breath to fight who I am and what I was born to do when I have power I love everyone when I raise up to heaven I do.

we are slowed so much by ignorance that is accepted in our brains it has become the corrupt normal and at eace to an accepted history of genocide enslavement slaughter of our animals that has become ok ignore the past we must deny our evolution that humans have always been equal

people say you are fired, people say you did not meet expectations, people say you cannot do your dreams, people say you are not your destiny, people doubt, people say you are weak, not responsive, not adding up, so tell the people for those that doubted, I am going to get you

they try to take, and I am already prepared, they try to steal and the merchandise has already been sold, they talk of progress and have no plan, they have speak of faith in the words of the dead, they believe that two steps backward are good for one step forward, they are afraid

destiny rules over death

wisdom and evolution are involuntary with age

if all my tweets were lost and all my hand written writing was burned, all I would still have to say is love one another, that one thing will open your mind and you will prosper

as a citizen of the United States of America, I claim my right as the Greatest Of All Time, they say GOAT, I am the GOAT, you are the GOAT, we together are the GOAT, we are the citizens of the United States, we have a real Constitution and its many Amendments, we are not only now

you must at least make a peaceful small crack into the ignorant mind

wisdom is involuntary evolution happens to you there is no defense against improving knowledge quietly creeps into your brain and you automatically begin to see the world in balance your heart starts to beat to the rhythm of the universe nirvana and heaven are concepts of reality

In danger, I must immediately analyze before I speak run or attack, I will not be victim or hero I will first see if I have to use my rage to survive or flee with my feet I will not show fear and I will not be brave if I can run, with years of experience and time danger is normal

when the illogically positive happens – when impossible hands suddenly reach down and pull you up from a sinking pit – when even your faint hopelessness is vanquished by the true harmony of your reality – when miracles are your everyday possibility and a common occurrence in life

we are all subject to the experiences of our time your every breath is inhaled because of what you were born to do just remember when turmoil rushes you know that the solid defense of yourself and remaining strong and still will grant you equal gifts in the future balance is fair

who won history

should I be shy about the truth, should I walk softly about lies, should I say lightly that the followers of Jesus aren’t following the example of Jesus, should I realize that most politicians are con men, should I refuse to research my point of view, should I just step aside so

should I douce my purpose in rage should I fill my soul with pain should I destroy the veins of my heart with liquid corruption should I refuse reason of my mind for the veil of deceit should I destroy the true depths of my birth for the timid cowards that try to envelope my mind

we have to be the key to the door, instead of always twisting the knob

when weakness seems to be a momentary cause due to the habit of insatiably giving to others when mistake seems to be the split second and passing result of a denial of your own infinite intelligence and interest when confusion is the excepted path for a clear and visionary mind

hope is the power to souls, humble true confidence is the test of a short life time, many have spoke their false lies of righteousness to those that live it everyday, it falls on deaf ears, hearts have one purpose to beat, dreams have no purpose except to be fulfilled, from birth

this is my planet this is my sun the moon is my friend the ocean is my cup the wonders of the universe pulsate through my veins and are seen in the iris’s of my eyes the energy of life beats in my heart my dreams when young are still completely in motion talent has been my guide

we were born into a corrupt world we were given lies and shame of history we were taught doubt and revisionist stories we were shown elitism through nationalism and race we were pushed to be a good slave to money we were cautioned to not speak the truth we were to follow the lame

we could wrestle against our own angels we could defeat all our dreams in the first step we could drop and roll with no flame we could stop our brain from full utilization we could do these negative things to try and destroy the fruits of our souls and the true destiny of our DNA

my Mom told me recently, you can’t control what they do, you can only control what you do, my Mom is the coolest person on Earth

I might step lightly through the lies, I might be shy when it comes to the truth, I might hide in shadows from fear of defeat, I might fade through time as an invisible force, I might love my life so much I don’t live, I might have breath to grasp for air, I might be born to die

they throw stones, in hands of liars and hypocrites, they come in their whispers, as they move in veiled shadows of corruption, they rejoice in the suffering of humans , truth will never be silenced, love will never die, time will heal all, you are unique despite what critics say

I do not worry about doubt when the standard is the truth, I was born to do something, I have DNA to define who I am, a third of me is spirit which I must try to understand, I must strive to use all my brain and be a complete human being, with intelligence, wisdom and miracles

part of me has to be the leader, I am tired of following the blind

1/6/2021 – A Day To Live In Infamy Worst day since 9/11/2001

I bet Jesus would have cussed at least sometimes the sheep require guidance and wisdom reality is hard sometimes for those who refuse to accept positivity we always win in the end not because I say so because equilibrium is always that way some things are already set before you

so should I be shy to tell the truth, did society drift to lies

when I drift, I correct, when I doubt, I remember, if I scare, I have no out, I am a grow man and I have a mission for world peace

if it sometimes seems that sound can’t be heard by ears the eyes have refused sight a slight sense of smell can’t be taste true reason has no rhyme small twist of doubt turns a slight nudge of split second time raise spirit louder to the neglectful minds goal is love world peace

at least I am just getting started


Lies will not be tolerated, stand up against the opposite of truth, a society can be taken astray, we live in the land of the free

sometimes destiny is obvious it just takes time sometimes hearts beat it just takes days evolution and wisdom are not voluntary you learn as you must it gets easier if you don’t fight it true power is in numbers humans are equal all life is equal efficiency and truth are the keys

I had a great thought and as I was logging in to post it, I lost it, dang it – it should not be that way with a poet, it should just flow freely, no mistakes, I have learned I get to be a perfect poet just so much everyday, there are many poets and I must learn, listen, and read

Birth to Earth

and as if in the infinite focus of the mix of my dreams, I know I am to be what I am to be, yet I am forced to live in a world rampant of the very thing I was sent to stop, so I wait for my time in the minutes of decades in this singular life, the hope in my heart will never quit

fear not for I am with you

peace in the USA, harmony here, love in our country, we that have the best opportunity for equality on the planet, have to push hard for results not talk, ages have glossed over the sins of time, peace starts now and goes on forever, no exception, planet wide, sparks in the US

I apologize for all my pictures and plan tonight having the title of the USA, only the first picture had to do with the USA, and that was the title, sorry for that the USA has been at times an imperialistic monarch, I live and was born in the USA and I need to start peace at home

how do you keep it, you share it

I waited to show these pictures until Kushner and Trump could not use them

WORLD PEACE, I demand it


Time doesn’t lie, humans do

I have a completed world peace plan – it began in 2008 with Israel which will become 133% larger from Mount Hermon to Tiran and opening of the eastern gate and the Third Temple – with Islam from al Shaykh Jarah through the Quarter to the Dome of the Rock, Al Aqsa Mosque to Silwan

I rage for world peace in my mind, in the hope that one day in my lifetime my strong aggressive efforts of being a peaceful and respectable man will pay off, and it is shown that being a good man is the best way, love one another and be the best, you do it and let everyone else

should I scare should I run should I worry about my enemies if I have none should I fret about the accidents in the future should I sound with the negative thought should I become the critics chirps should I say that the world is fine should I know that I breath and can change it

I do trust in God, my personal God loves everything, my God also lives in me and I have to live each day to show the reverence for that fact and to be an example for God in the days that I am given with my life, it is not enough to speak of love and not put it into action, be two

it is not wise to stress about days that you haven’t lived, you are alive because you were born, you were born because of a chance of your mother and father meeting each other, you are the accumulation of all the ages before you, that is a lot of responsibility for the living, go

and ears lifted to the sound faint as it was, then the rush of notes to level out the mind, pounding of the message with arrangement, then pause, rivers of spirit then rush over and a song is complete pleasure, just one note that turns into many and the wave rushes over our souls

In times of trouble find peace in times of success find harmony in times of distress stay strong you were born to succeed nothing can change that you must strive to be healthy and push yourself to learn as much as possible you only have so many minutes stay busy open your mind

Pack your shit Donald Trump the White House ain’t your address no more get stepping what you still here so just a brief delay in time and now it is for you to drift through Infamy your few short minutes of a great positive age had to begin with pain and will make us all more free

even though America is corrupt and has always been, our original democracy is based upon the principle that we are the people and we are equal, our country has never met these true values of our founding words, now we must make it reality, America has many sins to be forgive

After four years of tyranny and turmoil, I will not be silent on the eve of victory, my ears have had to ring with the stench of lies for far too long, I must lift up my voice for the victory of freedom and over the forces that seemed to once capture time – we are all still free

we are on the eve of GREAT change, tomorrow our destiny takes another step towards harmony and world peace

I have done everything I can to defeat Trump from being reelected, I do not and will not support corruption and anything anti-democracy

a decade can begin with turmoil, the hard times of the present and past are only appreciated by the future good times, when your nation goes through a tragic event, then freedom rises up and the common human raises their combined voice, we are all alive equally, we are all wiser

I might put my toe in too hot of water, I might lightly tread on the sensitivities of the timid, I might directly contradict my so called boss, I might tell a beautiful girl the truth, I might not trust the direction of leaders, I might feel the immense weight of saving the world

then joy rushed over our souls, then long lasting hope was finally fulfilled, then the wisdom of love was a true standard throughout society, then the positive vision of all the ancestors before live through our eyes, then real change of energy in our minds will circle the planet

the house of Joseph dwelt upon the American continent

beginning is uncomfortable in times of growth we must reach down to the inner depths of our souls these instances require the remembrance of our base accomplishments the forces will gather to pollute the true thoughts of our reality entering into the realm of the unknown is fate

We can get along, it’s just that money wants us to fight

We talking about rehearsing, not life, not life, we talking about rehearsing

fear Knot

The Constitution of the United States is documented and most of the Amendments that have already been ratified and that are presently recognized and the unratified and recognized Amendments such as the 16th or the ones that are not recognized and ratified such as the first 13th

born to live there is breath life begins helplessness is the first idea and compassion from another is survival an awaking of knowledge jumps up from the soul and time starts to train the mind to be self sufficient bravery and audacity show then off to responsibility and results

sitting on the clouds is a nice view waking to harmony begins each day shouting from the mountain top has a certain echo being surrounded by love establishes trust the only sound audible is the truth life stretches the length of each beating heart reality and destiny are the same

we could war we could kill we could destroy we could lie we could do these things in the name of god we could do these things for country we could do these things for money and greed we could sell our souls for the fear of dying we could fall instead of run or we could have peace

rejoice, lift up your voice, give praise, say thank you, the limits of time are at the disposal of the living, make life a true experience, have no regrets of shame, raise your head high in the knowing that age developed respect, dreams are just future reality, hope is just gifts

dance, smile, laugh – you are alive, you are free, you are the best, you are the only possibility to greatness for the world, you are the choice of God, a higher power has interest in you, you are the most talented, you are the most attractive, you have appeal, you are so kind

greatness is a slow process determination and the commitment to learning are the values to changing the world winning takes a long time and you just have to keep at it to achieve the destiny you were born to do it is required of you to become the real you there is no alternative

and the ones speaking in lack of faith in the positivity of all existence the belief that others words should be judged with neglect and elitism did the act of denial of the truth become ingrained into our accepted society freedom grants all the right to live our lives in reality

the average human brain weighs three pounds everyone has the same potential the value of each thought has the opportunity to change the world creativity and talent are most times not learned some aspects of the soul shine through unwilling everything is created equal in every way

religion is made by humans, a higher power has always been present for all the ages, appreciate the values of history and the inspiration from the written word, no gains without education, yet do the living need to be told what to believe and stripped of individuality by the dead

you are what you are I am what I am each of us finally decides to believe in good or to believe in bad none of us get to justify our corrupt actions that is just insignificant reason of a deceitful soul soon all life will come to the understanding that equality is already reality


build an empire not prey to the vampire

have no right to write on Twitter except for the 1st Amendment I can tell truth to lies I can have the true written word of a poet I hope and strive to improve and write more become a linguist to realize world peace that is part of my purpose as a human being, thank you Twitter

interpretation of 57 years and being a preachers kid HEAVEN has a big gate for everyone we as human beings try to control heaven and hell and make it on Earth against each other evolution will certainly change to a peaceful world we must learn to have results against ignorance

when I was a child I spoke as a man when I was a boy I saved the world when I was little I knew life was peace when I was hurt I knew I would get well I have lived life on the belief that I would survive no matter what I was born to do something I had to stay alive for many years

the gentle wind quickly blew past with no sound, the sweet aroma lightly tapped a nose, the glimpse of a busy eye gave a fleeting view, the brush of touch of a unseen spirit that showed the momentary way, the taste of true joy within a brief meeting of one’s soul – this is life

and rejoice in the knowing that in the storm you bent and did not break you stumbled and did not fall the wellspring of your heart was the transition of time you are the hope for all life you are the reason that the planet smiles you are the only chance to save everyone, just you

if you are depressed, work harder, if you are not feeling well, get up and walk, if the rain hits your head, show it your face, if time seems to stand still, stay true to yourself, there are no tomorrows, only days not yet lived, there are no sunsets, only the awaking of the dawn

and then when the wind blows too hard and we are prepared to not be blown down in those times we will rise the distant fear of deceit has no reason for our free minds a time when the planet even participates in our becoming whole there is no one to do this except us the living

channel pain make it better learn that you are strong begin to know that you were born to do something and your destiny has that for you valleys have water when you pass through them on your way to the mountain top you are are the key and if not then I am the key learn to fit in

I dance through life, the obstacles seem to disappear before my eyes, I know that all life is precious including my own, I know that I am unique, I know that I have experience, I know that I am living what I say, I know that I was born to change the world, and that is that, dance

a liar immediately believes that it is greater than the innocent those with listening ears or it is out of the belief that it is a being less than the mind connected to those ears the presumptive actions of previous pain will drain the glorification of your soul, time will heal

truth lives forever those of deceit would have you believe a lie of their histories if I have eyes should I not see if I have reason and learning should I not think with my own brain when my oppressor tells me that I am free then I must rise to overcome ignorance even in myself

when born, people have assumed reason – people do not change when refusing to learn – people think life has no history – people believe they are the most intelligent person – people know common effort is the way to improve – people evolve to peace

I am going to change the world

started I thought I was walking in a dream then I realized it was my life and I was me today is the best day and tomorrow will be better yesterday was such a memorable time and my people know I love them I am not afraid I only have courage and love now is the time for the world

drift between experiences of time and the challenge of destiny the need to be strong and to learn the true facts and lessons of life even though the need to confront the villain to understand the villain my father it is up to me to confront the villain and to make peace and love

peace is a constant process there are no days off, get to live it every minute, positivity is not a choice if you chose to be positive it is a way of life, knowing as humans to move towards negativity or positivity whether to choose to live or die – must ultimately decide to love


People sometime say that hard work doesn’t pay, people sometimes say that they can out think others, people sometimes say that positivity is useless and just a waste of time, to all those people I would say, I cannot be other than myself, if you are patient things will be great

I awake as if being born, I hope as if being in a dream, yesterday is not just forgiveness for the experience of my soul, the future is not just fulfillment of an understood destiny, if not for today and only today, gracious goals would still only be crude pain from another time

Stress is the weighted burden of which people chose to bend down and pick up, stress is at times a voluntary action, or it is the direct result of historical decisions of selfish behavior, if there is worry now sometimes it is merely because of mistakes that have been made before

In the moment live today tomorrows are not decided today by simple minds that do not know whether it will be good or bad tomorrows are only decided by the work of today and the sleep of tonight the hope of tomorrows always begins with the dawn predicting the future is irrelevant

weak cry of future assumed failures the strong take it easy and wait until it happens understanding that the possibility of a misunderstanding might be the reason that the wrong of what someone believes and what they seem to know as the truth is only ignorance of their greatness

I have lived more years than probably expected even by myself, I have lived free in a captive world, and I am glad of it, I still have my body and the joy in my soul and in myself, I refuse not to stand up for my rights, if you want to change the world you have to do it with time

It is my joy

the gift of life, the hope of a fulfilled future, the joy of living through a distant time, these are the rocks that the wisest and smartest human beings of our planet through time have called the foundations of a true society, without these elementary lessons freedom is not real

I love everyone

Get ready, great times are coming. The planet has been stilled, it was like recharging a battery, rebooting a computer. The program of the universe is on now

if I strived to will the best, if I chose the right path, if I gained respect for my consistent good deeds, if I decided through the test of time that it was better to live than to die, and I learned my existence was for everyone not only for myself, then I know I am to succeed

I love America, I am a patriot, I love my country, I think the Unites States is the greatest country in the world, I believe in democracy, I believe that the foundation of true democracy was inspired by the United States, I also know that the United States has always been corrupt

we have been waiting for this time all our lives the invisible real positive change of the last century as it pertains to the people of this country has always been consistent can you image the thought from before of a moment when capitalism would be still we must use this time

in times of a pandemic socialism for the poor sounds a lot better doesn’t it otherwise you better get ready for social disorder the poor have millions of guns and all families need to eat the arrogance of vampires better slow down on the sucking or the victims will die otherwise

some great things on this planet seem to require that the people suffer when the people become soft as we were then an adjustment of evolution becomes necessary as with any program life in the most unique times sometimes requires a pause and all things must be still for peace

Image a higher power, that needed the planet and all the humans and industry to be still, so that positive change would be possible. Months ago, that would of been an impossibility. The Earth needed a fresh breath, humans needed to stop moving, that way peace would be possible.

truth should be silent truth should be timid and shy truth should be overwhelmed with the power of the lie truth should run and hide into the darkness of fear truth should wonder of if the movement was worth it truth should die when the lie lives truth should stand still in pain?

agape love comes with a virus, immediate evolution comes with a virus, miracles come with a virus, understanding and compromise come with a virus – it takes a time of utter lose to raise humanity, like it or not now is that time, raise up or step out, be safe or spread and die

as the lost in my thoughts that leads me to another time and then the sudden grip of now that lightens my spirit and the world is not a burden only a mission of love

the sweet savory smell of realization

in time of turmoil, I only have this to give, I am alive to change the world and I love you all, I am meditating that all of you live, I will charge towards my destiny in this time, we were born to do something, a virus or their unnecessary wars will not kill us, we will live on

when you trust in God or a higher power, other than just your brain and the efforts of your actions – then all the universe passes through you, you then become an instrument of change, the sound of great truth comes from the instrument of your soul, you must decide to go with it

I am not afraid, I will not live in fear, when it is my time to die, I will die, when it’s my time to live, I will embrace my destiny and be the human that I was born to be, I cannot be timid about the truth, I must commit my life to change the world, for the peace of this planet

it came in a rush and for a brief moment seemed to take over an innocent world and the deep recesses of our humble minds, there are no uncontrollable monsters in the mist, there are no germs stronger than the intellect of our creativity, there are no walls that cannot be overcome

in the midst of turmoil and confusion in the hour of unknowing and doubt in the low valley of worry and in the utter grasp of lose believe in peace open your mind to great ideas become the hope that you dream there are no tomorrows for those that we’ve lost only the days we live

write for children that are not educated write for the much less than common person that thinks in some unlearned false reason write for the most unrecognized single form of life on this planet write for the growth of a great movement of evolution across the world of how to love

the wind will blow, the sky will light, the joy will rain down in our laughter, hopes of a dream are reality, thoughts of a frightful mind have elevated to a rich peace, we must continue through our days on to harmony it is the practice of becoming a righteous human in every eye

don’t doubt don’t fear don’t worry the strength of your destiny is built into your soul your soul will carry you through hard times there is a great energy that beats within your heart you will become great that is your destiny you can believe it or not although it is inevitable

we are now experiencing an Exodus from the ages of corruption and pain throughout time there are these sudden and compete waves of evolution right now it is happening it can not be stopped it will not be stopped or tried to be stopped it is inevitable humans must evolve to peace

we are in a great time of change, we must decide the difficult decision to slip into the continued petty partisan positions of the ages, or we must rise to the challenge of the true democracy of the United Sates of America and to the freedom of all the countries on the Earth

God don’t make deals, your life just has to become what God wants, you were born for this purpose, there is not any variance to destiny, you will become what you were meant to become, you can go fighting or be at peace towards the harmony of who you are eventually going to be

I am not perfect, because I am a human – I am not always exact in some peoples eyes, because I am free – I am not choosing a side, because I am to deal between the two – I am not currently known, because I am to wait and learn before I succeed – I am not dead, because I am alive

as Gandhi said – “The enemy is fear. We think it is hate; but it is really fear.” – I say, rise up and believe that you are special, because you most certainly are, open your brain to fantastic marvels for good, because the world is at peace this minute almost everywhere on Earth

the same everyday, up or down, there is a certain thing called values, etiquette, grace, manners, these things have made society what it is – there is trust in the street most of the time, there is peace on the planet almost everywhere, it must be peace on the planet everywhere

patience takes our thoughts and minutes of our time, it is easier to be hysterical and run, most of what we learn teaches us to be that way, jump to a quick conclusion, when time after time, that jumping to conclusions was proved to be a lie, and then they want to say forgive us

today was a million dollar day and the blog had a nine hundred percent increase, is that a coincidence, I think not, there is a common success of us all, some days one of us gets it, and the world immediately knows, we must do that together and today I did, I give a big thank you

for the sake of being alive, that is your perfection, for the joy of a beating heart, that is your divinity, for the sheer pleasure of being born, that is your canvas – all life was and is precious, all time was and is now, all energy was and is in our souls

someone said you are not patriotic, someone said you are not of our religion, someone said you are not of our race; reply with the choice of accepting knowledge and wisdom from all sources, we are free, our brains are fresh, alive and willing to learn from everything in the world

work was just money, only the hours of useless toil trying to fit in to a corrupt system, freedom is at the heart of the artist, I was born to love, I was born to create, there are no limits to my ability to change the world, I am all possibilities

if I were you, I would get ready for peace, if I were you, I would get ready for love, the passage of time led us to this moment, we are the key to the salvation of humanity, we are the change that thousands of years of prayers have made

i dream of a day when all the Earth will be at peace, i hope and plan that it will be in my lifetime, i will do my best to show the way, i will try and tell the world how to be at peace before i die, that is my dream

started to drift from the middle – only do that if the truth is defended – otherwise peace is listening and understanding – always speak the truth – how truth is heard and understood by some is not in your power

life is heaven, your brain is the streets of gold, your heart is the love pounding, your body is the great mansion – you are with God now

then you woke up to heaven now

dance to the notes of the happiness in your mind, drift with the peaceful grace that is in your true heart, join with the holy spirit that reins in our time, the ghosts of a corrupt past only pass with the wind, the joys of all destiny are within your soul – let it come out, loud

the bully will ultimately get bullied a lie will eventually be vanquished by persistent truth people killed by a tyrant will torment the tyrant from the grave truthful peace is the weapon most feared by those that make war naive ignorance is certainly conquered by brave knowledge

mounting armies sometime seem to be poised on either side have the deceitful lies of one future made us believe we are lost has the deadly blindness of not accepting God’s power brought us to this edge did the daily pills of fear grow in our minds while the holy ones are silenced

it started with a sound that became note, it started with a spark that became flame, it started with a breath that became wind – these smallest of things are such as seeds that become trees, having once blown with the wind, then taken root, lived to become a great and mighty tree

If I spoke to myself, I would say, ok cool, you are a loyal son to your mother, and tried to be to your father, you have been a good brother to your older sister and younger brother, the whole family knows you love them and they love you, you have a peaceful relationship with God

If I spoke to myself, I would say, ok cool, you are working on a world peace plan and it is close to completion, you are a good mate and you have loved and supported your son’s mother, she is your 25 year friend, you are a peaceful man that will courageously be bound to the truth

If I spoke to myself, I would say, ok cool, you are an artist soon to show your work, you are a good father, your son admires and respects you, he is a great man, and you are a businessman who has worked for 20 years to be where you are at, only now beginning to make great change

you must continue to happiness there is no reason to live unless you can see smiles even in the mirror you must grow with each age and accept the wisdom that only comes with time continue to the true peace of mind that is the foundation of your soul your birth was a gift to share

God requires that you continue to walk

how hard is it to dream of affording your own home, how hard is it to believe you will have your own business, how hard is it to know respect from others, how hard is it to ask for a truthful education, how hard is it to achieve these aspirations in the United States of America

a true democracy with flourishing capitalism for the upper class, more than equal wages to the cost of living for the middle class – who make it all happen – honest socialism for the less fortune, disabled, elderly and all citizens; and a plan of humanity for those that want it

do we live in a world where lies confidently reign do the iniquities of the ignorant lead the timid wise do we find our pain in searching for the truth have we become a whisper to the scream has compromise of the righteous become just routine I am shocked at the presence of evil

hard work is the preparation required for ultimate success, even a genius has to work their fingers to the bone, the great peaceful solitude of consistency becomes the habit of changing the time, champions must be patient

Sooner or later, to successfully find your true inner self, you have to be able to put it all on the line, even your life, for what you believe in and for the complete respect of yourself – hypocritical criticism from others is at times the only way to make you come to this point

we all know when we lie the reasoning in a mind that says it wasn’t a lie is just the slow destruction of a soul truth is the only way to enlightenment

the shifting sands of time is not a good foundation of society, the full evolution of our brain is much more relevant, love must become the natural reaction, knowledgeable strength is greater than the weakness of ignorance

the good life takes time, wisdom has to be earned, true joy is in living as many years as possible, the brain is not bound by our simple understanding, in a minute is destiny

I understand that I am not an angel, unless I believe so, I understand I will not win, unless I believe so, I understand that life is heaven, unless I believe so, there are some great things about just being able to breath, great wisdoms only gained through each and every breath

you thought before something was right, then you learned is wasn’t right, so you changed to balance, that is moving to peace and intelligence

so time is your cage so life was your mistake the worries of tomorrow have grabbed your soul the fire of destruction is what you believe you seem to have lost all respect the planet should die in your opinion come with us to love come with us to equality come with us to liberty

we walked to the gate

then the drift was amiss about the twist of the dissed and the charms of the time that don’t raise the dime to change the hearts of the charts wheeled off in carts and the joys of the mind still yet to find

I have love for all, yet I know that some might not have my best interest at heart, so I must be strong and push them willing to love too, they will ridicule me along the way for sure, although I know that love is more powerful than rage, love is even in dreams

so a man told me tonight that it should be Old Testament law, kill all your enemies, I thought he was joking, I told him that the Bible says when Jesus died he shed his blood so that no more killing had to happen, He asked ok, then what is the answer and I said – love

a week of watching lies transform before my eyes, the small change and truth that slowly trickles down, I am a King in waiting, I am a star yet lit, time will solve my problem of changing the world, just have to participate as it goes along, only thing I can do is love everyone

loud angel’s voices in your mind pushing you along

so proud to be takes time, I said I was the best, I have all the moves, I know all the facts, I have the vision, even though I do, I must wait to be my destiny

if you keep staring at the son, you will go blind

should God be shy

let me tell you about my day I just came back from a trade show on solar in the US I had 33 meetings in 3 days I walked miles and all my partners are ready to go so that that I can make 25% of a penny on every solar panel sold in the US

I have 0.001% doubt although I lived a life of pain and to the raise all humans and to realize the truth and not lies for life is reality we are all at peace on this planet

I have vision, I can look over the river and smile

you can, you know, you are smart, you continue to learn, you shine on most days, you are the true world, your smile as if the sun came from your face, you will, you are, you will grow much more, you are a genius – get prepared, preparation is working with God

the beginning of greatness has no time, the youth of a dream has no limits, you were born to do something, until you die, it should still be possible, then you carry that dream into the next life, your destiny is going to happen in this life or the next – you are great

creeping lies have no respect – false history distorts the world – war first begins with the simple belief that someone else needs to die – at that point the spider catches the fly to be eaten – of course the spider can’t fly – it just has to wait on the fly to make a mistake

I am ready to change the world I have been prepared in my life with some pain and suffering and some unknown uncontrollable audacious belief that my life was equal to all life and I was a great original to do the very best I could in this one life that I am privileged to live

I live a life of peacefully waiting and humbly/ruthlessly dominating in the moment, everything is so cool here, I still know I have the most ruthless dreams for good and my destiny carries me, my family and even the world, willing to peace, we paid the price through pain – fact

heavy nationalism – is to only to go to war – an incredible debt – is to only hide the illegal profits taken – unquestionable righteousness – is to only lie, or it must help all life – politics – is to only lie, so it can be perceived as truth, and the truth becomes a foolish lie

the cut-back is the result of the corruption

as we slip into our slumber, as we join the masses in the simple confusion, as we continue to accept the ravages of violence on our planet, as we let the air drain from our lungs, as we sit and wait in fear to have peace

the simple criticisms of split second thoughts from people that continue to deny the understanding that to be a real human is based on the fact that all life is created equal and to recognize the responsibility of the health of our planet, then those lies must become deaf to ears

cheat the lie – it is easy to deceive the devil – evil has always been subject to its ego – if I know how they hope to persecute me – then I know how to play them and flip the script, as they say – the audacity of good should come as even a great surprise to evil

how many humans have been lost to a lie yet society says we should not investigate and just do what we are told even though as we grow older we understand that alot of people speaking as if they are holy are really evil the planet has to defeat that and be based on absolute truth

then the night was born the next day and the sins of others in the past have no bearing on us living – my family took land from American Indians in SC, GA, TX and I am here today from them, yet, I am alive in 2019, they are dead, I do mourn for the lose of humans based on a lie

we will be what we will be, there is no changing that, a full life of a human is a slow process to achieve your dream, you work everyday you are alive to achieve this goal, society’s constant criticism and your parents input can seem to put your dream in jeopardy, days cure that

we say we are wise, when we are captives in a unjust society

8, 1

we believe we are smart, yet we refuse to learn more of the truth

when we speak of equal rights, while soaring on the contemptible wings of false information, when women and minorities make less per working hour, and our land, air and water are polluted and wasted, then our false reality is based on lies

if one believes in God for their entire life, and does not believe in miracles, or is not experiencing miracles in their life, then that one is not fully listening to God, and is still only speaking, without accepting the miracles of their life, already

if a fake reality has grasped your mind to lead you to some place they want you to go, you must break away and try and read a book, you must question all the norms, even the norms you have accepted for yourself, what does it accomplish to be a stubborn fool which refuses to learn

is there anyone out there does anybody hear me can I get your attention remember freedom love and equal rights are not only the visions of a single nation they are and should always be the true principles of our entire planet the living decide the majority should be compassionate

can you believe what the people even in 1919 would say about us in 2019 they would probably see us all as astronauts a great people of vast wisdom and ultimate knowledge a living part of the infinite change to how life has always improved and evolved it will be the same in 2119

2 weeks: the “primitive yolk sac” forms; 4 weeks: gill slits in the neck and a tail are seen; 5 weeks: the umbilical cord develops; 5th month: a fine hair suddenly covers the entire body – it is normal for the lungs to be filled with mostly urine, yet it cannot drown in the womb

one day, I might run for President, I am a shy person, all about me is not like politicians, politics does not have to have a plan, just talk, politicians have the same face, it is a dirty business, taking these things into account, I would still choose to be a patriot to the USA

when angels wings hover about in the sky above and a gentle breeze rushes in over our souls, the unexpected gust of wind embraces as a mighty powerful spirit that blows up as a ladder to the top of heaven, the ability of flight is a natural trait already built into our human mind

Thank you

I just want to publicly say that I love my Mother what an influence in my life she is the true foundation of the strength of my soul an amazing woman as a man I even find it truly incredible that a woman can inspire a man so much I am her son she is my example of love eternally

the human brain is underused the understanding of your dreams and the spirit of yourself that is ever arising there is harmony in your body mind spirit although it seems simple the simple may seem to be complicated true righteousness requires taking care of everyone and yourself

the shine of success starts to strain your eyes the task of the daily dealing with individuals starts to make you flee your hopes of changing the world get circumvented by your life and then the slow acceptance of no positive change – all the universe knows of the human strength

tomorrow, Saturday, June 29th, at 2 pm MST, there will be such a high shine on the sky in southeast Colorado – two 77 year old people who are the best of the salt of the Earth will commit to love and marriage, my son and my niece Lara will walk my Mom down the aisle – a miracle

I live a normal life yet I know that I am not normal everything in life is original and I appreciate it all nothing can change my mind to not believe that I was sent or born for a purpose there are still parts of a human being that knows its own soul I wish destiny would hurry up

what you contribute is what you can take from what you have extra you always share some with others what you pay into a system is like insurance for the day that you need help all destinies eventually come to a balance you are alive because destiny has it so you are already great

sin whispered to me the other day so faint in my inner ear, don’t you want to win don’t you want to be the man don’t you want to rule forget the questions you need to get into that don’t worry about tomorrow you have today live now fool you always seem to want to wait around punk

I confess my sins otherwise I will not live in truth I am only bound by the truth all other things even those that would show my own mistakes must be exposed, I am not perfect only committed I am not wise only learning forever I am not stone only the foundation of true positivity

me and my brother were driving back from Senior ditch day on a two lane highway I told my brother to wake up and help me stay awake he just went back to sleep I fell asleep too then all I heard was a siren and woke up and was in the other lane and a car was coming straight at us

when I was young, I was sitting at a light at the bottom of a hill on my motorcycle and this car comes over the hill and slams me into the car in front of me, my bike was bended in half underneath me, my legs flew straight up in the air, one leg on each car, I had just a scratch

when I was young, we were shooting three point shots, me and my brother and I couldn’t miss, I don’t know why, so I kept shooting, these two other kids come over and say hey you want to have a game, and one of them picks me as his teammate, he passed me the ball and I made them

when I was young playing baseball, the pitcher threw the ball and I swung exactly right to hit the ball, I had a great arm too, I love baseball, would of been a great career, I love golf too, remember always to play to win, lock in to the success of yourself and everything you do

fret not, destiny and DNA are certain

great reverence to all religions and to the norms of a captive society as we live in a world where lies saturate our every minute and corruption has a tight grip on the Earth’s throat these days the existence of life is lightly considered in further profits death is donated out

damn I am a good writer even I must say not bragging twitter was perfect for me I had been writing on paper for twenty years the same short statements with few characters say it in quick form or you lose half your audience the great poets of old knew that as well wisdom is quick

lies would have the truth be shy and meekly timid lies would try to dominate even a greater force by deception lies would prey upon the weak lies would take the most sacred and desecrate it lies would destroy lies are always a cowardly weakness when faced with uncomfortable truth

remember one thing, you are original, yes, that does not make you special, that just makes you original, being special requires courage and self determination, you have it, there are no losers at the top, you must earn your existence as a winner, we must always elevate ourselves

recently I stepped out on my porch and sat down on the steps I looked to my right and there was a squirrel eating I looked down at my feet and there was a snake sunning on my sidewalk I looked in my yard and there are two bunnies getting it on, when one bunny kicks the other off

truth is not measured by the scales of the wicked, truth is not bargained as on the razors edge, truth is not timid to the lies of corruption, truth is not destined for events to remain the same, truth is not shyed by the glamour of usury, truth is not afraid to completely win

and then it was turmoil and then it was pain, these are the same plans that have ruled the world for centuries, we must raise our minds to know that the tricks of old will not become the tricks of new, yes, there is a war between good and evil, it is raging, good must kick ass

the joys of laughter rain down from heaven all hearts on this planet beat as one life blooms to another form and we all rise together to a new beginning of truth the hypocrisy and lies were from a lesser form the truth is the only way to heal or we try to do it another way alone

wow go, wow stop. they love you when you win and despise you when you lose, should our lives be based upon the small criticisms of the weak or even the equal, sound is only one form of communication, the loudest voice frequently has no power over those that remain silent so speak


they drift throughout my mind in moments of disdain, the mocking of the young souls and the torment of those which refuse to learn, my purpose is not weighed by the opinion of the one or the few or the many, we must put the negative things off and press on for the highest calling

be all in at the exact point of a ninety degree angle of pi – even a circle is made up of individual mathematical digits that make it a whole – right angle turns signify great change – remember you don’t have to try you are already there – or I am and you soon will be – follow me

Beware the bearers of false gifts and their broken promises.. Much pain but still time. There is good out there. We oppose deception. Conduit closing (bell sound) – was in a crop circle message in binary code

the ninety degree angle of pi

one begins in telling a lie not to tell the truth two in personally accepting the lie to make everything a misunderstanding three in supporting the lie to become the accepted reality and four in popular opinion and even eventually education being the lie five history is the judge

our dog Lan died today, he was fifteen years old, he was an inspiration and a true friend, Lan will always be remembered for the drive and determination he lived with everyday, he taught me a lot about being alive, so on to heaven you go good old Lan, may you always be at peace

lies fall upon deaf ears, corruption is always exposed, real life overcomes the sneaky weakness of a few, love of one must become love of two


speaking in action, realizing in change, at times we must all patiently wait and work hard for our days of glory, those original days that seem to drift through the special moments of our lives, with achieved wisdom and the never ending pursuit of knowledge, these are those days

lay down in the grave

If you refuse to accept your failures then you can’t be strong, if you deny miracles then you can’t be real, if you cry of pain and refuse to heal, then someone must reach down and lift you up, at least, you got to raise your hand to be lifted up, otherwise you want to lay down

do not fear, for I am with you, do not cry, for I will wipe your tears away, do not fall, for I will lift you up, do not lose hope, for I am the spirit within you, do not lie, for I am the voice in your head that tells you the truth, do not hate, for I am the love in your heart

hey did you happen to see the most beautiful girl, was she smiling, did you tell her hello, did you walk away, it should be impossible to not be moved by true beauty, a woman with her powerful spirit and radiant shine, that immediately just makes your feet come to a complete stop

when at the bottom understand that you are there because you made it so, sometimes we must crawl into the grave to climb out, you were meant to live and your foolish destruction of yourself is not going to work, you are not dying today, so rise up and be a respectable human being

we could let the planet be burned, we could let the oxygen be taken from the air, we could stand by and say nothing of our food being poisoned, we could see all the animals slaughtered, we could live in a world where there is a garbage dump twice the size of Texas in the Pacific

could lie to you and say it was easy to become the true human being that you are, that would be to keep you weak – as you destroy yourself and slowly commit suicide daily, say that it is just a problem – and know it is just selfish behavior because you can’t face your own fault

the evolution of a human being is stressful – one has to unwillingly open their mind to information that is not fed to them – days where the truth has become a lie and lies are the truth – the wicked lead and the righteous are led astray – evil comes to take the church – love all

me and my son are writing a script of the early 90’s and my time in LA, I can continue to be a businessman and toil for the crumbs or take the key of artistry and claim the feast, either strive in their system or be what I was born to be, there are more simple ways to be yourself

my father had cowardly rage, so I do not flee from fear, my father made violence, so I love all, my father liked to brag, so I only work with results, my father was a religious fraud, so I have my own relationship with God, my father represented lies, so I always tell the truth

in the midst of a fog, clarity gradually appears, in the last grasp of hope, there is a miracle, dreams do not die, in the end only our true DNA survives, there is no fear, there is only the destiny of a life, we were born to be what we are and will be, evolution is always peace

across the wind find sail, within the storm be the peaceful eye, sunshine naturally follows you after the rain, true harmony is your constant state and shadow, there is fine day and then restful night, your human spirit awakes and you change the world, planet peace returns again

the prince just arrived, the entourage of blessings is abundant, the vision of blinded eyes that can now see, the walk across the valley that has taken steps, earth enters through the gate, paralyzing reverence overcomes all other thought, we are in the presence of our creator

If you do not become me, i will be rude – well, i do not choose to become you – what, who do you think you are, i am always right – ok do you commit to the never ending pursuit of the full researched truth or will you be a fool, do we want the same thing, to have a better life

tomorrow will be better, do you believe that, can you believe that some human beings have to live on earth without the hope that tomorrow will be better, do not dream for only yourself, you must include others, you are the piece of the world that makes the earth whole, do it now

my words will continually be documented, my little sins are of public record, I have very rarely (<1%) raised my hand to another human being other than protecting myself, I have perfected the skill of very rarely raising my voice, my record proves that I am not perfect, I try

if you believe that it is right to trust in everything you see or hear, then a fool and his hat are least to be found, true direction requires preparation, results are the result of continued activity, no one got to the top by talking about getting to the top, you must full-fill

once the child thought of greatness, once the adolescent thought of adapting, once the young adult thought of whatever, once the middle-aged thought of another, once the senior thought of accomplishment

the truth is not a choice it is a way of life a lie is death to the righteous a slight coy of manipulation is wickedness there is only the path to true success with much peace love and equality for all do not turn your heart or let them turn your heart remain strong until the end

we are in the Days of Awe when God is nearest to man

if you can’t make it, step out, if you have closed your mind, don’t speak, if you are here to whine, catch up – there are no short cuts, you either love or you don’t, you either learn or you don’t, you either live or you slowly die and slowly kill

joy floods your soul, song lifts up your ears, your eyes see visions of miracles, and your heart finally completely accepts the fact that you are the one, these abundant gifts will wash your mind and capture your destiny

being smart begins in loving yourself, to love yourself you must first be silent, to know your dream you must live each day, to make real change you must walk between the two sides, accomplishments are only truly complete and valued in reality

sometimes the voice says quit, sometimes the heart beats slow, sometimes choice seems only patience, in those times be silent and know that you are the best, even within a blowing wind

from the pit we crawl, from the depths we move towards light, the appearance is hopeless struggle, thoughts of failure race throughout the mind, this must be the end, and then we are reborn, life has breath again and all becomes possible

even a prophet sometimes must listen, surely there is great wisdom in all of us, the teacher must become the student, the student must become the teacher, love is the subject we all learn

it is difficult to rise above where you are, even if the place you are is a cage, just shut your eyes and step out, improvement sometimes requires great faith even in yourself

I am shy, yet my purpose is to change the world, so I have to be brave and keep valuing myself, the mission is the most important thing, not my inadequacies

success brings tears, in each drop there are years of perseverance and failure, yet the divine force always finally brings us to the place we were meant

give until it hurts, the world might not understand, that is why you were born

sleep held in a stilled state, a destiny born in true hope of the divine, years taught with the test of time, how do you become a prophet for peace in one life – lets go

turning the door knob to greatness

peace is a subtle courage

after my joy of peace has expressed the heart of my soul and the witness to a new birth of humans has become peace when a lie burns your tongue a knife used cuts the user a bullet can never be fired a missile and bomb are useless peace is now all life is now

thrown into a pit because of a nice coat sold into slavery made peace understood dreams became the undistributed and accepted birthright of Israel through Joseph’s sons Ephraim and Manasseh whom moved to northern Canaan and were the Kingdom of Israel – his brothers threw him in

silently screaming to the top of your voice, we are at peace, this planet does not belong to the lie, this planet is old and has been through many changes, humans are young, life is still old, yet the truth is as old as time, wicked secrets and faintful lies have no value

equal respect is peace otherwise it is one human controlling another which is not acceptable equal rights for every human and everything that is alive is the only acceptable solution to evolution and love

talk is cheap, it rings in my ears, lies are my enemy, truth is my bond, fear is an overcomed emotion, the only limit in life is the human you wish to be, I am beaten and abused, yet still standing strong for the truth up to the lies of my oppressor, my old pain has become peace

the reason that we are alive is that we have one mission for world peace that is the reason we were born and to see to/wo the health of our planet, to experience the one energy of the universe

I believe in defending myself, I have and I will continue to do so, I am 55, I value my life, I have dreams, I have a plan, I tell the truth, I am committed to the last goal in my life of world peace, that is why in my mind I was born, that is my mission, just so you know, I am

what you hear teaches you, what you see changes you, what you experience drives you, sometimes it may appear that pain is the only path to true wisdom, forgiveness becomes understanding, what you love is everything, what you are is why you were born, what you dream effects worlds

the timid win the humble gold the kind successes of the twisted fate the slightiest shy of a unappointed leadership the longest result of a determined life the greatest odds against a single moment

fear is a knat, swat it and it disappears, breath it and it annoys, ignore it and it torments, draw it close and it ends with an applaud

when humility roared, when love dominated, when kindness was type a, a human that believes in peace and won’t take excuses, love can open our minds and hearts and wisdom will know the way

genius is before our eyes talent is purely displayed sheer admiration showers thought sets into reality change starts evolution synopsis is in the brain no people have ever been like us the living wise

dreamers have to wake up, wakers have to get more sleep, try to get your rest and move to a bright destiny

hope had you by the throat love made you grasp wisdom made you almost pass out peace made you shutter with perfection

interesting that believing in some things lasts only for a short while if you willing to continue to learn every one of us has been proven to be wrong in our assumptions and even in our actions so strive to be different with improvement

When one political party of only two wants to cut social programs for the poor, raid Social Security for the old, tear down regulations against polluting the Earth, widen the gap between rich and poor, discriminate against the minority, then I must choose a side and be counted

40% of citizens in the U.S. don’t vote in presidential elections – and 60% don’t vote in the mid-term elections. The majority of the people in this country are not represented.

tomorrow dreams become reality

we are now the aborigines for the planet and we will survive

a strand of DNA, a life, a destiny, a birth, free will and God, so then we must try to understand as much as we can and become in tune with the harmony of all, especially God (completely as you believe your God to be)

timid are the masses not yet learned in the truth, it cannot be offensive ever to tell the truth in a world of fruitful lies, yet it is know that com-promise and wisdom lead to peace, forever subtle balance can change the world

I love everyone unless you won’t try, or stop the growth, of course, there are the true facts that require some of us to work harder than others, but matters not, we breath, we see, we are real, we will one day know that all the energy of the entire planet pulsates through us all

tomorrows events are the plan today

just remember that you are the true reality in your life

you are the world, your thoughts become reality, your dreams are the truth in another dimension, every one of you is working towards how you feel about life, yourself and all others

I promise you that if I am blessed then I will bless, if I am free then I will stand for freedom, if I am the best, then I will revel in the greatest traits of others

there are no other possibilities than world peace

even if the world and all the people claim hate, have the audacity and sheer will to go against the grain and raise up the truth of love

if the holy spirit resides in you, then you must one day let it out

if you have reached your dream then rejoice, there was an invisible force that got you there, we all know it, you can doubt it, but you still know that something gave you the opportunity and you took it from there, hopefully

all you have in the end is your reputation, what you have done and what you were trying to do, it matters not about the measure of money, except that it sets you free of bondage, it matters only that you were polite always, there is no greater accomplishment than being loved

I don’t expect you to believe what I write unless I prove it or commit my life to prove it. or otherwise you just don’t believe the days I live

they have cast stones until I have amour, they have hailed lies to silent the truth, they have spoke on short time when history is at hand, this is the beginning of time

believe down to the depths of your life, when you breathed first, you will get that – now meditate everyday on that


its easy to die, it is harder to live, you can choose a lesser destiny, but then you just have to come back and do it all over again, fear flees

destruction surely must have fear as an emotion – inefficiency must eventually move to balance – there are no heights to the limits of understanding of the balanced energy of our planet – inevitable evolution gives no warning, we just involuntarily by the minute raise our souls

memories are the data to the program of our lives, no one can take away all the good things you have done, and remember you are only a make up of the moments granted to you by your beating heart – your heart knows how many times it will beat, you are just along for the ride

the world seems to be busy and all the noise seems to deaf my ears, the corrupt continue to try and mix their choreographed drinks that the knowledgeable refuse to consume, our lives and minds choose to learn not only from lies

perfection is by the minute, do you dream of being the best you, if not, it completely requires that you learn more, you have to shut your mouth and open your ears, you can’t be perfect unless you learn to understand the imperfections of other moments, perfection is only positive

I played golf today and on just one shot I hit the green from over 200 yards on my second shot, it was just one shot – but the shot was due to the balance of my open mind, my singular confidence, my experience and my minute destiny – meditation sports can at times have perfection

non-violence doesn’t require not defending yourself, all life has a right to defend itself, if evil attempts to destroy, evil must fear

sometimes you got to make evil fear

my father was haunted of uncontrollable rage and a deceitful man, I am half a creation of violence and half the creation of the highest form of human – in my mother, I still love both and am not afraid of either, I take these gifts through my life – I am the unstoppable balance

you have to be humble to lead everyone and completely strong to lead a few

you have to learn, to be able to attack

life is a journey to learn the balance of rage and healing quick, rage of living life to its fullest and healing quick to make peace as soon as possible

when I was 28, someone told me that a poet can only be great if he is alive at 85, still telling the truth and setting precedent, I am now 55

if you lie, you die

if you do dirt, you always have to dig deeper

I am in California, I love California

the mountain top is the same as the beach we are all human beings the height is not the difference the mountain is still higher than the beach in a planet of 70% water, it is a good thing to be higher than the beach but the mountain leads the future and the ocean follows

There is only love, there is only power, there is only accomplishments, there is only thinking

remember there is no true peace without meditation, there are powers stronger than you that still require the stillness of your heart and mind

around the bend there is a meadow of green grass and tall trees, in the middle of the meadow sits a black box, in the box is a key to a door, this door is to heaven

wisdom is in accepting that you deserve to live your dream

blessings are throughout life, miracles happen every day, the morning awakens and the roses bloom, nothing can be reversed of the good that has already been done

now is the beginning of a paradigm shift to wisdom, compassion and knowledge, the water was always there, we just saw a mirage of dry land, time to drink

my wealth is not my money, my charm is not my smile, my joke is not my laughter, my pain is not my wound, I am free to be me

personal solar and wind for energy, aquaponics for food with led lights and sunlight, atmospheric water generator and rain capture for purified water, recycle forty percent of water, recycle all natural refuse, recycle non-natural refuse with no fume incineration for more energy

solar panels make energy for twenty years, why don’t all human beings integrate this resource for freedom, with electricity you can accomplish almost anything

the Moon is big enough and far away enough from the Earth to protect the Earth from a solar flare from the Sun, all the planets in our solar system fit between the Earth and the Moon, the Moon only shows one side to the Earth, one side of the Earth’s surface is covered in water

peace, world peace is possible, the voice in your head will cease, questions answered must move on, wisdom takes you by reality, you just get to dream the life, to be at peace, and have world peace

you must meditate to be free there is no other way to achieve true freedom there is a power of the universe that you can plug into you just have to silence your brain while you are awake

This Hanukkah the gift received was the west half of Jerusalem, Shalom – now is also the time for another gift to be given for the east half of Jerusalem, Salam

Marduk slammed into Taimat and knocked half of it into the Goldilocks zone and the other half created the asteroid belt

the roll of the dice was not just the vice, but it happened before the cock had crowed thrice

there are no short-cuts to happiness, you must learn, you must change to fit in, you can change the world, but if you can’t talk to people, then the world will change you

we pray for goodwill and it miraculously appears, we hope for rain and the sky pours, we reach for heights and the air gets thin, we cause our own reality, if you live in the desert and are thirsty, get out of the desert

they’ve worshiped their idols, you can’t play great, you can’t cheat right, you can’t stop truth, it just has to be

they’ve neglected their prosperity

be neutral and funny

Wisdom before pain

remember, we are almost there, we have started the beginnings of a planet that will use less and produce more, knowledge is unstoppable

this person said that they were the only one to make the country better this person made it much worse this person still wont admit it

There is only changing the world to be better, if we die, we give the hope to the planet that human beings are not destructive, we are pure

am I bitter, do I have rage, am I in control, do I believe in my destiny, am I informed by a pursuit of compassion, do I know the truth, yes

talk is for the listener and the fool that won’t shut up the loudest one is the weakest one the so-called leader is a punk reason is reality

should we be original, should we be unique, are we not all human beings unique in every way, should we shutter from the thought of our dream

if you fret, don’t regret, the debt was all set on a bet·

If you have to perish before your dream is fulfilled, then know that we believe that you were a true human being and that we loved you

Integrity, honor, truth, kindness, listening, compassion, the values of greatness, there are no short-cuts, you either are, or you aren’t

Good does vanquish evil, so evil is afraid of good, but any good that is afraid is not true good, true good has to completely be unafraid

when you climb to the top of the mountain, remember to dance on the summit

your mind is evolving to love, your heart is opening to trust, your action is showing a change, you are becoming something more than you are

once in the split of the second, look into the face of something holy

if given the blessings, would you not share, if given the hope, would you not believe, if given the vision, would you not see

life is the mix of wisdom and youth, the wisdom to know the truth and the youth to do something about it

the best listener is a good reader

I give you a message from the depths of the crevasse and the summit of hope, we will find the time to save our Earth and stop the ignorance

two more tweets tonight – if fools try to lead, then the wise must influence the fools, rules apply for them as they apply for us

being the best requires all the right things, blessings, talent, hope and dreams, just the right amount of patience, grace, and your DNA

one dream can change the world, I dream miracles

the self righteous lie is coming to an abrupt end

if government stops helping the poor, the church must lift up the less fortunate, then it passes to corporations, they should work together

because bread was given to you do not curse the one that has no bread we were taught to share I am not a baker but the baker is my friend

no one is to blame, but yourself, you must rise to overcome evil, and still have the presence of mind to meditate and praise a higher power

the fortunate fear the less fortunate because they want to blame the less fortunate and cast them as being lazy, when they have inheritance

Just because you are less fortunate doesn’t mean you are lazy

one day we will know the true power of world peace, we will awake in harmony

there is no peace without pause, there is no hope without dream

success requires both blessings and persistence

They have money and death, people have force and life

Time smiles on the blessed or time takes from the poor, time only follows the slim shadow of the brightness of a wise age and people

Live life as a tribute to truth, and have the forgiveness to have fun

inauguration felt like saturation, an administration set to divide a nation, the dedication quickly slipped to humiliation of such creation

knowledge is not shy, wisdom did not come up with a frown, there is still hope in the mystery of life, you could still meet Jesus Christ

one human, one animal, one insect, one bird, one planet, timid power cannot rule the free there is more than you understand about the living

tell me about the fool’s foolishness, tell me about distant fears that guard minds, tell me about destiny of inactivity that stirs the soul

fear fled with all the others you can’t hold down a planet your gift was soon opened with the changes of time the truth will always be free

shout was it was you, was said you broke the chain, said you were to blame, you were the distant, you were the different, disregard all that

the fingers that I was born with type the words and letters that I have learned through time to communicate with, I must use what I am given

when minds are pure and souls are true, great change grips the planet and all life grows to the maximum potential, there are no other paths

are you to be small, are you to be same, do you just want to be like the rest, aren’t you the one, aren’t you the key to the doors of time

is it possible to understand, is it possible to learn, is it possible to know truth, is it possible to listen and not speak, the question is

the holy spirit lives here, the holy spirit speaks through our souls, the holy spirit loves, the holy spirit comforts our minds, we are free

efficiency is power, it is inevitable, look at the planet and the waste that passes through a system of corruption, efficiency is revolution

Your destiny has true power, no one can take away the potential of you, except you, if you dream it will be accomplished, that is guaranteed

peace is a higher plane, those who reach peace have evolved further than those that haven’t, the value of all life is not hard to understand

it is not acceptable to be rude, who do you think you are, you are nothing more than anyone else, you are just the same as all of us, listen

once flew like a bird once circled the sun dreams provided the winds that circled the soul the eyes saw clearly through the haze of tomorrow

Insult no life, kill nothing, open to the soul energy of the planet, respect the past, enjoy the present, relish the future, find success

once thought that miracles are real, that exact moment that changed your life, you turned instead of going straight, made all the difference

Promised land is under your feet chosen people flows through your veins you look at the smartest people in the world everyday in the mirror

If a lie is thought to be truth, then we must stand up for the truth, otherwise we become the lie

Power has always lied, when given the chance for more power, power will almost always abuse itself and others, that is because power is weak

In war, the losers are the murderers, and the victors are the freedom fighters. Yet, both kill the same. It is a lie.

I did not come to raise the dead, I came to inspire the living

if you can please do if you can’t please don’t if you will please be if you won’t please see if you try please fly if you fall please call

fear fled as if there was only one breath left to give

hearts will gave choice to wonderful thoughts of tomorrows impossible dreams found real

preparation was a friend that increased the odds and gave hope to infinite dreams

destiny grabs time and twists you back into success

heavy mist floated past the path of true reality, with clouds that blocked the sunshine of a clearful sight, in these times trust your feet

eyes slowly opened to see the new day, must move to enter the new dimension of wake, hard to shake the dreams of the vision of a clear self

question all, always learn, seek knowledge, show love, have compassion, the soul shall not and will not be trapped in the shell of inaction

uncertain times questioned all sensible reason, the unknown seemed to whisper fate in the ear of the fearful, worrisome thought rings hollow

its no mystery that half of our planet is hidden under water or that the moon only hides one side of its face, perfect celestial coincidence

gratitude has taken a vacation, manners have been checked at the door, kindness is a dying breed, and we sit in on a circle and complain

success is the point when you declare that you will not follow ignorance and that the truth is worth lifting your voice

love for one is the beginning, love for family is the bridge, love for life is the destination

if they hated truth then don’t speak, if they hated compassion then don’t give, if they hated knowledge then don’t learn, if they hated you

youth is the purity of life, adults settle for existence, seniors return to the beginning

be born at the rise of the sun and cast away all doubt at the setting of the day

remember to always learn, once you begin to think you know, then that is the day you begin to die

self-doubt is not false arrogance

we all suffer under the yoke of self-doubt

moment drama pushed pain to the patience of deciding the rage of injustice

speak of peace, yet seek war, talk of agape love and hope to keep machine guns to mow down the lame, there is not value amongst weak thieves

family says shut, blocked ears have heard the truth, wisdom stings in the value of the eye, it is much better to glide on the edge of pain

Truth became the criminal

Society breaths on lies, the truth chokes them

the addition of a thought, your thought, can be the spark

if I have nothing to add I will write a slip of a thought to inspire the moment in my mind, a writer is one sentence from changing the world

the winds of inevitability sail through the ears of the ignorant few, pains of progress envelope the personal drums of the changed

It is fun to laugh

if your dreams do not help another, then these timid thoughts vanished with the winds of a distant time

in the depths of the heart there was peace, this concept was given in the creation of evolution and continually proven in the test of time

The truth hurts, I guess, and they don’t want to hear it

mystery made perfect, miracle done now, dreams shown today – a big impatience for the inevitable blessings of the Earth and everything on it

choice is in your heart, no one will know if you aren’t your best, they will love you as you are, but you will know, you could’ve been more

Time was a servant to the dreams of the many

If people don’t have anything better, they are willing to die for what they can get

I am one

death has only a moment, life has eternity, a single thought can change the way a planet succeeds, we are the break-through thought of peace

and if I was a rich man, I would give to the poor, and if I was a powerful man, I would raise the weak, and if I was a leader, I would love

tolerance took understanding, critic in the crowd speak of knowledge unexperienced, the rich speak of bums without a job, you know not what

grace said that you were chosen to be the one that had the heart to change the way humans had sight to see their dreams fulfilled in reality

I walked a path I could not see, I followed a sound I could not hear, I came to my destination, with no memory of my steps of getting there.

victory is just another day, time is in how you play the game

there is always worth for a gift of deservance unto the mystery of mind solved by the hope for tomorrow in the grasp of a clouded existence

hate to congregate the fate to assimilate the skate to the debate the no regulate a choice of the gate a hope for the bait was never to late

there is only victory to break even there is only commitment for a positive win the goal is from hope to success and from rejoice to praise

joy lit up the soul

righteousness gathers victims along the road of good intentions the timid of kind let the joy of the masses pass between nothing and still

your history is one of turmoil and pain, we choose to cut you loose and let you understand for yourself that peace and harmony are power

so it was real how do you feel did your reason find home or did your search for the bone we have the answers to life but not to the strife

the false became boss, the talk became coss, the joy became pain, the real became sane, there are no mysteries to strife only faults to life

there is only reason you are not all knowing you are not true truth is only known by the test of time you must try to reach peace for all

mix of the mind was certain in time the switch of the note grasped the shift of the hope genetic kind cannot lie to the truth of the shine

education and evolution and miracle and messiah and …………………………………………………………………………….

Ultimately, we must fight evil for good

Pain hurt me, throws of fists to the face eventually crushes a part of the soul, yet the soul has no physical form, so abuse has no feeling.

to win society says you are to lose to prosper society says you are to pain to act in a manner of ones true self society says you are silent

there is no rest yet among beds, there is no joy in doubting, the true grace you receive happens to be the amount you are willing to ask for

burdened by truth bound by equality these lessons learned young become freedom in time for critics to be silent amongst the changed thieves

prince must become king, you once realize that it is up to you, there is only the responsibility of changing the world for the ones you love

you awake to a dream called reality knowing that you deserve to be free for the good that you have done equals the true blessing you receive

not enough to say you couldn’t, all is possible, the world will heal, we will mange our trade amongst ourselves and become free from tyranny

Tomorrow in history was hard to predict, ones destiny is the same, you limit or free your soul, all the hope of the planet depends on peace.

Alright this is 18 tweets tonight I will write twenty many things have been said and truth has been stated the goal is the promise of peace

Happiness is just in your mind. You make your disease, you strive over your pain, you must set your demons free to change the world for good

I can just keep writing I could do this eight hours a day I was born to change the world that was my line as a child and a man go for peace

gracefully we first path on the course of pain to rejoice in the midst of triumph, there are no worries in the straight line of ones destiny

and if they say you are quiet, thank them for the opportunity to listen, people are interesting, it is better to learn than to teach a lie

tonight I write for hope in the morning, tonight I write for all the joy in the afternoon, tonight I write for the smiles when I am asleep

a peace of a planet requires a piece of a planet, is it prophet or profit, all these simple similarities, minds are supposed to understand

If you don’t make money you fail. The world is that way. The haves and have not’s. didn’t you get the memo. So, make money and give it away.

changing the world only takes time and the beating of ones heart you may die and they may remember you but you are only now fullyalivetoday.

So, joy was the one that slipped away, harmony seemed useless amongst the constant turmoil, you just didn’t know, well you win, you kick ass

The only sin is to close your mind to all things that are at peace and positive. A nut must be broken, a closed mind is illiterate, to learn

I chose to survive, if I knew when I was going to die, the exact moment, I would still chose to live happy until that moment, I can improve.

Poetry is the freedom of the human mind, one is all and all is one, the writing to save and change the world, for the history of the planet.

Laughing time, exceptional moments, drastic improvements, over-whelming generosity, the finest things, full wealth of wisdom and knowledge

So the one you call evil has become the one you call good and the one you call good has become the one you call evil. Do research for you

No doubt will cloud my mind, I am committed to kindness and understanding, that is my platform, and I understand the weaknesses of training.

A genius that meets another genius, I guess is supposed to doubt, I am willing to compromise, if you are, I am willing to learn, if you are.

Once was a word that waited for a time, an instance continued becomes infinity, a split second became habit, time is now with intelligence

No greater, no smaller, no more, no less. Imagination and audacity make you real. Do you have hope, do you have compassion, do you learn

no one can tell you who you are, we are free humans, we are a free planet, you are not alone, we live here on this rock, we are all together

I grew up in the church, so that I might understand that the end is the beginning and the thing that is most wanted is the thing that is sin

If I chose my life, then I chose a childhood of pain and confusion, to change the world when I was an adult

You choose your life, your soul is eternal, so before you were born, you choose your life, at least it is a 50 / 50 shot that you chose, remember

Hope without action fell to the attentive deaf ears, wisdom without dreams just became academic, freedom without the masses is soon passed

I choose not to accept that I choose not to believe that I choose not to follow that I choose

Life gave us a chance, you are a unique DNA, there is no one like you, please be the best

I’m gonna move to Boulder when I get older

Evil men speak of strength when they lie of their weaknesses, they smile in the face after the frown

Promise is never broken, truth is never wrong, the weakness of heart turns to strong muscle, believe in growth of your soul

Is this the new season, is this the dawn of amazing growth, are we ready, can the planet feel

Reality must be realistic, the fake dreams they appear before our lives, blind our souls

sometimes life is strange, I can’t remember my names, the mystery is in the hope, I guess I could settle for disbelief, but we know I can’t

thats all the writing today, I love to write poetry, it is one of my favorite things to do, every letter is seed to the tree of free thought

peace is the goal, get out of my way

remember peace is good for us all, you can still be strong and share, you can still be powerful and care, these are not traits of choice

believe in the belief that positive energy can hold such promise for a world that has been taught to be negative, our soul is the battery

when all the world praises the lie, we will tell the truth, when all the people choose captivity, we will be free; God is of love not of war

should we die for peace, should we live for war, should we use less than half our intellect, should we shut our eyes to remain blind, should we

powerful force remember there is much more freedom in ones heart if all the subjects admire the action, there are goals of good that benefit

I do not write and speak to provoke anger or criticism, my goal is not to be disrespectful to older beliefs, I am a man and I tell the truth

to be a peacemaker, you have to have been a warrior, to give gifts to the least, you have had to be given something by the powerful, harmony

peace is accomplished by brave individuals standing up to a massive evil force and saying I will not be forbidden to think with my brain

if I make peace and I don’t stop war, then what have I accomplished; change requires guts, change requires a belief that peace must be equal

And if joy is taken in the passing wind then set the sail for happiness sky

We have already begun. Our minds are only catching up, wow that was always there, right in front of us, why did we become slaves voluntarily

what did he say, was he meaning that or this, I am not sure, ok as I take it, it was written in positivity, use it for good use and wisdom

I do not raise my voice, if you can’t hear me then you don’t have respect, better hear, I don’t get sloppy in the street, I have world plans

PLANET BLOOM gots your brain, before you knew it the whole world was prepared for the return of the Messiah. Get ready planet love is coming

We live because we are supposed to live, we are alive now because we were chosen to live now, having passed over a millennium, we are reborn

Oh yeah, positive change is the wave of the future, we have only begun to open our minds to the possibility of harmony, peace is a planet

Now, I forgot what I was going to say

If the pain I have accepted and experienced was more than I could take then I would of not been given that pain, pain was given for wisdom

If challenges I must meet are more than I can accept then these challenges will not come to me for I am only given challenges that I can do.

Genius is available wireless, it passes through the atmosphere waiting for the blessed to grab a thought, we must always learn and be free

the world is one big life, the people are all humans, the animals are all the animals, the land shall not be destroyed, the air will be pure

Some say that heart had faded away, some that say dreams are only when you sleep, some say miracles are not reality, I say raise your mind

This Saturday, this day, if fabulous. Saturday’s are always alright. But, somedays, you just know that life is cool, it is a great life.

free because of pain, strong because of loss, risen because of falling down, true because of lies, whole because of pieces

I chose to fight evil, I chose to have it beat me when I was a child, I chose to walk through hell, I chose to defeat evil, I have no fear

peace is coming soon, goodnight from Colorado

Joy rang as a bell, hope lifted the sky, truth tasted sweet when spoke, eyes saw the meaning of still, spirits even started to laugh wisdom

time never stops, the value of minutes leads to the capture of hours which turns into the age of accomplishment and the admiration of life

someone said that the time had come for peace, yet the tribes struggled for reason, equality was a drifting thought, gaining pennies won out

The storm will pass and flowers will cover the valley, a cool mist drifts over the water, the fish are jumping for flies, a mirror mountain

Dreams have their own vision, hope burns as a flame, there are only the willing and the uneducated, a human being is equal to a human being

the world is changing by the minute, old money is afraid that they won’t get to continue the policies of the industrial revolution, no more

you took an oath, you swore that you would uphold the law, you swore to serve and protect the people, that oath never ends, it is sacred

a city burns with chaos, as the so-called unworthy rage in wonder and racism, the color of a book sure made you look, and that’s all it took

Life is to stop Megiddo

Pander to the whips of your chains, the misery you bestow upon others is only the pain you must receive. There is no question of balance

International interests always wanted to rule the United States of America, the Revolution is not over, true freedom still lives in America

Once about four assassinations to change the highest office of our land, our President – the US is not ruled by enemies domestic or foreign

Once about four Presidents bound to the Constitution and the sovereign territory of the United States of America to print their own money

save the planet, save all of humanity, find a solution for all life to prosper, find a path that all might walk, anything less is not enough

God is not just for the righteous, God is for the unworthy, God is for the unjust, God is for the corrupted soul, even change has to grow

there is not a plea for violence, there is no cure for cruelty, everyone must decide the path of pain or love, you know who you are even now

folly was the slight of hand they parade before us as normal, humans once traveled the globe only in the flick of a thought, we must return

what gains ones soul, to lose the world, but gain a single life, we are tried in the minutes of life to stand before a maker and know peace

if the truth is illegal, then I am an outlaw, if kindness a crime, then I am a criminal, if pain is tolerated, then I am a fugitive healer

take an active part in your destiny, a positive attitude towards the goal of your life can only accelerate the accomplishments of your life

lets all do this together, I have written a peace plan for the Holy Land, I am willing to try, it is what everyone wants, good can happen

Jesus is to light down on the Mount of Olives pass over the Kindron Valley walk straight into the Temple next to the Dome and defeat evil

If you lie, steal, cheat, kill, hurt, then you must start over. And be thankful everyday that it does not happen to you. Forgiveness is real

I say all is forgiven, go and sin no more, if all the people that made a mistake or purposely hurt another were all cast aside, then we lose

I rejoice for God, I rejoice in your God, I know goodness, wisdom and peace are noble endeavors to be accomplished even unto the last breath

Acting the hypocrite is a ruse, stand up human and think beyond your timid bounds, there is in your future the pain you give today, rise up

I want what all monolithic religions want, Jesus to come back, Thoughts of destruction will pass, but he will enter straight into the temple

in the mist of the morning my eyes began to clear, the approach of the great spirit rushed my soul and I rose up to meet the day of our life

the vision of a power that truly saw the value of just one act of peace, if the world saw power do one thing right, then they would follow

once happened every day

nothing new that hasn’t happened in the thoughts of the mind, if you dream and take action, the world will change for good, at least for you

peace is not complete without the planet, purpose is not directed without promise, we are only the limits of the depths of our soul

reach for the stars, the flight of your mind travels through time at the speed of thought

life energy is synergy

efficiency is evolution, all things must grow, all things must adapt, our life processes will continue to require less resources to produce

opinion is a lie, history tells only one side, news is the drippings they let fall from the table, education prepares our youth to be slaves

lies are the cancer that destroys the host, little vines which reach around the throat to quench the breath of life and the sound of truth

If the worshipped are the unworthy and the revered are the corrupt, then the veil of evil will be torn asunder and the truth will be spoken

If death becomes accepted, let the rocks and trees cry out, let the fish and animals begin to lift up their voice, all harm must be stopped

Hello World

it has been my pleasue writing for you, peace to the world, I am, is coming

even philosophers must exaggerate, sometimes, I guess

no secrets to my heart, I want to improve the world, something wrong with that

You can say this and that, but the world is going to change for the better, it is an inevitable conclusion. That, or we all are destroyed.

Every human being is blessed, because they are born. We are all given a soul, something which we don’t control, but is so much part of us.

August 16, 2014

positive will, brave positive will, where you know that everyone makes out in all that you do, no enemies, few close friends, love everyone

August 16, 2014

land was dirt that slipped through hands, but time repeats, nothing wrong with that, but I do not mow my neighbors lawn and call it my own

August 16, 2014

murders can say killing is justified, but civil men don’t go around killing other people, death cannot be your victory, life must eventually

August 16, 2014

thou, means you, shall, implies what you are doing, not, doesn’t mean a bow-tie, and kill, is when someone dies due to your actions

August 16, 2014

world burning bright from the rays and the raze, hearts burning to live, we must join for even the Sun, destruction does not win, equal peace

they’re the hatfields and I am the mccoy

if your ears could only hear truth, and your voice only speak with honesty, then your eyes would see the light and your destiny would arise

if your eyes could clearly see the evil that is perpetuated upon us, where lion believes itself to be lamb and lamb is the actor as the lion

if you found all the answers to the societal mistakes, would you be willing to give your life to tell the truth, your silence means consent

reed bends to survive, rabbit runs to win, badger makes the panther run, why would humans be any different – evade, attack or adapt

from the web of matter in which it has been involved and infolded-and the pains and struggles are but incidents of the spiritual parturition

Evolution is but the process of birth of the imprisoned spirit, unfolding and extricating itself from the web of matter

soul and body are united by a compact unequally binding on either; the soul is divine, immortal and aspires to freedom, while the body holds

If you were made in the image of God, why is it that you are not part of God, why is it that God is not in you, why is it that you deny this

A myth of a struggle between good and evil in our lives, there is no battle, only the war, which we accept. Peace should be a choice given..

what if books were minds of men and made in the image of God was understood and accepted, there is no battle for good and evil in my heart

What would be the greatest deception that could be put upon humans. To deny themselves: in the image of God he created them; male and female

sometimes you have to give something up, to gain something more, sometimes you have to negotiate, to accomplish something greater

there is only once every moment

there is only once, many times

change is already here, we either accept it now, or be convinced later, either way, no choice you will learn that time is only your friend

Change must fit in

I am just in the world, I don’t control it. It is in most cases others that have to rise too. I enjoy watching people rise, it is up to them

it is our time

No other body that is officially considered a planet has a moon anywhere near the same moon-to-planet size as Earth

Particularly large moon in comparison to its own size

I live on a planet that is only 4.54 billion years old and lives in a history of the last 6000 years

people say time is at hand, when most only know the history of at the most 6000 years, the Torah, the Bible and the Quran are all only 6000.

Sole is soul, peace is piece

It is not reason that makes the soul, we are all unique, you have the same dreams of all life on this planet, your spirit of sole will win.


there are many deserving forms called God, these are pieces to a bigger God, that make up the depths of our farthest creation, we are peace


Everyone that believes in most religion from the last 6000 years believes that it is forbidden to give praise to the Sun, I do not think so

there is not itme for doubt, in all the mix there was clarity, now things are cool and the dream is still strong, time is up to activity

I am born, I learn, I try, I become, I live, I succeed, I have history

RE – AL – IT – TEE

honesty thought that it would walk down to the reality, in reality honesty found resistance, resistance was overcome and honesty was reality

there are many questions, strength must win, the desire to win, must overcome others desire to win, it is bad for them and good for you

I ask myself, are you a good person, yes. I ask myself, have you ever hurt a person, very rarely, I ask myself, are you saving the world

the audacity of a heart can make perfection happen, love and caring have the power to erase timid dreams, there is only true vision

Failure is only a matter of acceptance, if we chose to never give up then there is only patient success, we eventually minimize the odds

Show gratitude for the wonder of life of a planet and the utter perfection of a moon that is just large enough to protect us from the Sun

We all fail at some point, it is inevitable. Do not forget the dream when you have no sight. Darkness is the time to shine, take control.

So, what does it gain a man to rule the world and lose his soul – defeatist mentality. Men rule the world everyday, and I could do better.

we can’t both live vicariously through you

the point of acceptance can come at the end of a thought or the beginning of a great knowing

life is always full of surprises, best laid plans tend to have many twists and turns, the key is to have full trust in an all knowing God

patience is going to make me a patient

You cannot attack a rational country, only negotiate with it.

it would be a lesser world, if no one ever read my writing. twenty-five years of thought and my understanding, the world will be saved

will I be normal, I have submitted the best Peace Plan, I have a t-shirt company, I have inventions, I am still unknown, still not effective

can I be normal, can I never make money, I try so many ideas, and they continue to come, how many more times do I need to have a great idea

earth energy was what Tesla was talking about, it might make electricity, but also enlightens the world, the source of energy, and the sun

they can not remove your soul, we are oh so much more than the acceptance, we accept, evolution is not voluntary, everything will improve

and I could slip into poverty, everything could be different, but I remember from where I came and I fear not, have only faith and patience



and I could be nothing, and I could amount to nothing, and I could just be a human being, just like everyone else, and that would be fine

worrying only shows a lack of faith, what comes is only a brick in the fortress of your soul

improvise all the norms, then there will be enough

win, lose, gain, retreat, none of us are without pain, even if it is just from the past, lessons learned could have taught us to be negative

if death comes trying to scare you, realize you are guaranteed to live, odds are that you awake, you only die one day, you live all the rest

there is the possibility of understanding, it is only the weak which refuse to compromise, we are not judges, merely jurors, we get one vote

positivity is choice, you can be negative if you wish, you can drain instead of fill, your choice, but you will always be a vessel unfilled

if you know, then you become more quiet, because you gain realization of humility, because you understand the lack of what you truly know

all you can do is learn everything, without knowledge you only exercise a muscle that was given to you, given to everyone, you must evolve


one last thing, I will not stop until I am successful, I will dedicate my life to achieving peace for the entire world, I will always pursue

what if the rich could become richer, what if the poor could become content, what if the suffering could feel happiness, would that be fine

you are the only one that can change the world, it is all up to you, the survival of all of this, is completely based upon your actions

if improvement is illegal, then I am a criminal, if evolving is discouraged, then I am despised

learn the facts, we all speak of knowledge that is the leaf blown by the prevailing wind, go to the bottom, to climb to the sky

peace is inevitable, especially, when you make them an offer they can’t refuse

value in the depths of who we are, to take back this great country, find a place that was once forgotten or erased from our collective minds

living patriotism, is not through their plastic wars, not through their legal tender, not through a house which they build unto themselves.

It is our country, not the bankers, not the debtors, not the global elite, it is our United States of America, as the citizens of this land

These opportunities are not only ours, but in the memory of all that came before us that believed in these true principles of the free man.

enlightened by the vast freedom we have known, than to let our people hunger without food, shiver without warmth, wander without purpose.

All great societies that spent more on defense than the welfare of their people were and will always be, destined to fall.

might not save all those that walk this planet, but we do have a distinct responsibility to the lives that have loved this land we call home.

Justice was set down from the first breath of man and it was heightened by our forefathers to set off the yoke of oppression and corruption.

We shall not live in perpetual fear, we are strong, we lead a world to a better place, not into a suicidal extinction of profit and margin.

We are together, not factions sent by the puppeteer to act out the play of unconscious acceptance of poverty, injustice and diminished hope.

when once looked over and spied a land, when once hope was true, We cannot get out, we must continue, what path we choose is up to us

given a chance to win the lottery would you, if your destiny was divine, would you fear, you still are who you are, yes, you will be you

make sense of all, I am still lost, there is a way of all that all is equaled by, freedom is not hard to understand, just shed that old skin

intelligence is having multiple sources, I seek wisdom because I am not convinced, they say there is no coincidence, we are in this together

even a smile becomes invisible sometimes, but that don’t last

how long will lies and deceit rule our world, these so called leaders speaking with forked tongues soon will become deaf to our ears

government should not only represent corporations, government does not only represent other countries, government only represents the people

we no longer have representation in our capital when the people speak the truth and convey their wishes, only to be ignored by those elected

patriotism should not only be for the soldiers who gave their lives for a country that sent them to fight and die for the interest of money

is it just me or is it legal for we the people to be poisoned by our food, corporations to be individuals and elected leaders to ignore us

I am not a scholar or a man of great admiration, I do not know all the answers to the questions of time, I am only a free man to learn

I do not want to go to heaven unless you go with me, I do not want anyone to go to the so called hell, I do not believe in that anyway, peace

if faith denies reality, it can never achieve its goal, we do not hope for change for which we do not know what to change, the world is real

Told a Christian tonight that the Quran was written after the death of Jesus and he said it wasn’t, I wonder how people can live in one book

when you trust in a higher power than yourself, then you must minimize yourself to grow, more power requires less resistance

life energy will find you, if you continue to give, give away your riches and more will come, trust is putting yourself on the line

someone says something disrespectful to me, I can attack, sometimes I do, or I can use the simple logic of humor to teach and embarrass them

I am not a leader, not smart to be a leader, everyone wants to lead, I will not fight over the unknown, I will plan to succeed, only results

no one will control me, I am free, I am committed to the welfare of all, if negativity enters my space, it must convert or talk about a deal

Of course in the end, improvement is an inevitability

I am not here to stop what already is, I am here to improve it

I can make you money

Evil don’t win

April 30, 2013

I am not a leader, not smart to be a leader, everyone wants to lead, I will not fight over the unknown, I will plan to succeed, only results

April 30, 2013

someone says something disrespectful to me, I can attack, sometimes I do, or I can use the simple logic of humor to teach and embarrass them

April 13, 2013

not sure if human beings can save Earth, or if it will require a higher being to save our planet from our suicidal extinction, life will be

April 13, 2013

we have all the answers, as a child, we held the power for world understanding, without all the improper teaching, we must humble ourselves

April 13, 2013

choice, voice, rejoice

April 13, 2013

clouds may confuse, but the path is not lost in the fog, we are and will always be awaiting our inevitable arrival at planet sustainability

April 13, 2013

evil thinks it always wins but evil knows that it doesn’t always win at least half the time good wins, why then must there always be a fight

April 13, 2013

all the corruption in the world cannot stop freedom, it is given to us and can never be taken away, might be postponed, but it is still here

April 13, 2013

should I worry about how I have fallen short, should I struggle with the spirit of myself, or should I take responsibility of who I am

April 13, 2013

you are already you, in the big bang theory your dna was there, whatever time has in store for you it waited this long just to happen to you

April 13, 2013

keep smiling, because last winter solstice proved that change can truly begin, not of our understanding but of a power that is more than us

March 29, 2013

Enemies become customers, in a world where money rules

March 29, 2013

I have not come to destroy the world, I have come to lift up, there are new heights, yet achieved, understanding must always learned

March 29, 2013

they cannot rob you of what you have already are, interesting about a life of improvement, and all the future achievements still to come

March 29, 2013

world is you, decide if the Earth makes it or not, and there are some greedy trying to slip you up, but it is up to you to save the world

March 29, 2013

talking about changing the world and still making waste, talking about dollars, dealing in coins, scraps fallen from the table, seem enough

March 29, 2013

when the learning lets up enough, so that understanding can be applied, results of knowledge are what wisdom is judged by

March 29, 2013

freedom of choice is an aspect to the program, much to the life program that is just acceptance and test of time, determination is the rest

March 16, 2013

I want to meet the Mahdi, I want to meet Jesus, I want to see the Anti-Christ get his ass kicked, I want to see the books come true, all of them

March 16, 2013

and tears, became salty, that burn my eyes

March 3, 2013

i am a humble servant to God, I believe in ONE GOD, but I also believe in ALL GOD, there are no casualties, there are no forgotten, time …

March 3, 2013

given the chance I am and have always been willing to change the world for good that is my first dream and I have it to this day my destiny

March 3, 2013

no one can rob you of the history of your life and the experience which you served, you are free by the spirit to be alive everyday, forever

March 3, 2013

there are no invisible lives, we are all equal to the extent of our dreams, let old men see visions, let young men make dreams come true

March 3, 2013

the written word did not start it, we have been more pure as humans before than we are now, but we are going back, all words become results

March 3, 2013

I have a little shrimp in a globe, I have had it for years, it is enclosed, and that shrimp, has sun, air, algae, and a twig to hang out on.

March 3, 2013

it would be nice to save the world, I hope it is possible, I know I am supposed to be involved, hope surprise is respected by good and evil

March 3, 2013

it is easy, we have had examples, when are you going to get it straight, why do you deny your natural talent, I am tired of whiners, lets go

March 3, 2013

I submitted a peace plan for the world and the world knew, a deal must be made between good and evil and without your life neither is worthy

March 3, 2013

we didn’t begin today, they wrote of us, we are the divine, we are the chosen, I am ready 🙂

March 3, 2013

I have always felt the Holy Spirit all my life, I love the Holy Spirit, we have always been friends, sometimes my only friend, we are one

March 3, 2013

my name is the wind of God, the Spirit which lives in our soul, that is my name, God sure prepared my path, I want to say thank you for that

March 3, 2013

ok so time to get paid and be special, change minds, take cash, be efficient, the growth potential of humans becoming more efficient is huge

February 11, 2013

if the perfection finds you, then receive, if the peace appears in your life, then live, it is not intelligent to neglect blessings granted

February 11, 2013

our time has so much potential, goodness, how lucky we are to be the generation that might see Jesus come back, starting time of great peace

February 11, 2013

I hope to prepare a path for Jesus to come back, I want to meet Jesus, I want to do all I can do make it happen, I want to see my old friend

February 11, 2013

I want to meet God

January 6, 2013

money said to the spender, why this?, spender said, I like it, money said, do you need it, spender says, no, money says, don’t get it

January 6, 2013

harmony took a little pain, feeling full, took a little hunger, no gain in life without chance, decisions decide mostly on which one is true

January 5, 2013

it takes an army to change the world

January 5, 2013

it takes an equal force

January 5, 2013

an army. a righteous army, that is always what evil feared, people rise together to take back what has already been theirs, no more to take

January 5, 2013

if joy had no name then freedom had no fear, if reason had no time, then course had no instant, there are not doubts, only acceptance

January 5, 2013

an army of good, a force for truth, a realization of reality, do not lose your way, do not accept lies, do not stop trying, we are only all

January 5, 2013

still reason said stop, still society said wrong, still lies spent the truth, have no fear, when morning shined the day, knew then the time

January 5, 2013

it is the villain that tells the truth, it is the hated that sets us free, the truth is not easy, it is still the truth and that is enough

January 2, 2013

what is to gain, if we all die, what is to be recovered, if we all forget. growth is not a choice, grow or you die, can’t worry otherwise

January 2, 2013

growth is in your mind, there are cells in your brain, that live for the moment they will open and the world would be clear, pure and whole

January 2, 2013

moment captured us all

January 2, 2013

there is energy in every atom. it is life energy, pushed electrons create negative energy to create positive energy to reach a balanced flow

December 30, 2012

we all know truth, we have two ears and a brain, it’s our tongue that lies to our ears, and our ears and brain slowly begin to accept it

December 30, 2012

lies heard by ears, seemed truth, without research

December 30, 2012

lax minds, were the little growth covered light from the captured strength of a seed, up to you if you chose to grow, you can remain small

December 30, 2012

I can’t expect my son to change the world, I have to change it, I can’t expect you to change it, I have to do it

December 29, 2012

let your soul cry in passion, alone, then you will rise

December 29, 2012

just a little time to speak, keep it short, 96 characters left, so much to say, 62, oh ok, with life is responsibility, you grow or you don’t

December 29, 2012

how strong is your seed – no-one said it was going to be easy to save the world, could take higher powers than us to do it – give single thought belief, to possible

December 29, 2012

there is a planet spirit, there is a world energy, we have the power to run the world, it is a frequency, kind of thing, peace is the answer

December 29, 2012

yes, we have always been one world, but it hasn’t always been in a new order, because it was always found that free will was the way of life

December 29, 2012

joy refused no-one, every heart beats, one life, one heart, one planet, one home

December 29, 2012

to be an artist, you must come back

December 29, 2012

to be real, you must care

December 29, 2012

there isn’t kindness that wasn’t received, there isn’t laughter from lies, there isn’t a good deed ever wasted, have faith to be much more

December 29, 2012

art said to reason, reason, I wish I didn’t have to be so committed, and reason said, at least you got some place to go, I have to stay here

December 29, 2012

genius said to reason, why are you always busting my balls, and reason says, got to keep you down, don’t need no free thought running wild

December 29, 2012

the truth is measured, at best, from the so-called honest men, I have no use for lies and liars, we all know the truth, we have two ears

December 29, 2012

lies should burn ears and tongues, when one raises their hand in anger to another, they shall be consumed, immediately, ain’t playing around

December 29, 2012

all you have to do, is value life, over money

December 29, 2012

consume is a strange word, consumed has levels, how deep do you want to get in, but one thing you know, a little consumption, slows you down

December 10, 2012

death shadows always remain in the valley, because if it were to come with us to the mountain top, it would fade away, or always be behind

December 10, 2012

not perfect, not in judgment, only trying and will to persevere until joy and blessings bestow all that will rejoice and lift up their souls

December 10, 2012

if my planet decides to kill me, then I gladly give my life, because my planet has given me grace to walk upon it’s surface for all my life

December 10, 2012

and if tomorrow had an end, then at dawn the next day would be beginning, has always been the circle of life to have an end before a start

December 10, 2012

lift up thine eyes and rejoice

December 10, 2012

we are in blessed times, we see visions only dreamt, we see changes only held in the hearts of every soul

December 10, 2012

fear has no power, but for a moment, pain has no hold, but for a grasp, hope is in the rivers of wisdom that we quench our thirst everyday

November 29, 2012

perfection is the anomaly

November 7, 2012

a good man won

November 7, 2012

hope is what we have, freedom is what we live, truth is what we speak, reality is where we live, evolution is what we receive

November 2, 2012

I’m getting off the grid, I getting off the lid, I getting off the bid, I getting off the grid

November 2, 2012

depend on them for water, which you need every day to live, depend on them for food, which you can’t live without, depend on them for a life

November 2, 2012

life energy was with you since the day you were born, they taught you not to use it, there is same value in every living cell, energy pulses

November 2, 2012

gracious was the way of the charmer who met hastily with the farmer before his meeting with ones in the armor and to listen to the alarmer

November 2, 2012

we are all smart, we are all creative, we are all original, we are all blessed, we are all capable, we are all chosen, we are all happiness

November 2, 2012

fear is for the unfaithful or the negative, of course a mouse can scare you to jump, but death and pain should be looked right in the eyes

November 2, 2012

persecutor can no longer be hidden, harm can no longer remain silent, there is justice to being a human being, we were all born the same

November 2, 2012

life was a tough road, got nothing to show, times didn’t quite give gifts, all that is left is trust, will and desire to be something better

November 2, 2012

evil gets scared, wicked look over their shoulder, its harder to hurt than to love, for soon kharma always comes to collect for the sins

November 2, 2012

once is now, all that is written, all that was thought, all the dreams of the many before are dependent on us, there is not a moment to soon

November 2, 2012

the canvas is blank, the clay never touched, artists reign and yet paint colors not, only one planet, so we got to drop the ambassadors off

November 2, 2012

think globally, past the sound of your voice in your own ears or the bite of a feast to minute hunger, there are many which must each day

October 7, 2012

evil has been here for a long time, it is not anything new, by hiding your mind, doesn’t stop it from being real, so what then must you do

October 7, 2012

you must fight evil, you are non-violent, but evil is violent, so it requires change on your part to correct evil, you must stand up to evil

October 7, 2012

when you stand up to evil, evil understands that it may perish if it pursues, or it will have to fight to the death, fear of death is a tool

October 7, 2012

live your life full, live your lives precious, these minutes you have are a gift, these missions you accomplish are a legacy, be everything

October 7, 2012

and if tomorrow was today then we still have our planet, then the sky is not raining fire, then hope still has resonance in our souls

October 7, 2012

there is not anything better than energy to save a being, there is not anything less than the food that is medicine, the essential of life

October 6, 2012

all the glory and fame faded and all the hype and hope passed, what is left of who you were in your life, what have you done with this life

October 6, 2012

gratious measures fade away, fine wishes and dining have become common, what do you do to excite your soul, what do you do for your spirit

October 6, 2012

grasp of hands pulling down must be equaled by the grasp of hands lifting up, equality in all is the first step to the realization of peace

October 6, 2012

purpose has no meaning, unless you are willing to learn, we are all born special, but we must remember, no one enters the gate by themselves

October 6, 2012

if we must – then we will – if we see – then we know – if we hear – then there is truth – if we chose – then there is will

September 25, 2012

Design life

September 14, 2012

at least., I dream

September 14, 2012

I have no great design, I leave that up to God, I am only a messenger, to deliver the word, that time is at hand, and you better

September 14, 2012

I have no time for conflict, I have no reason for pain, I only see the future of equality, I only see the future of fame, I have no conflict

September 14, 2012

my enemies are mute, my enemies are lacking, there is not a question, only death and victory, we will or we shall, that is the only destiny

September 14, 2012

I am not wanting, I am not fame, I have not time for grandeur, there are only moments to be absorbed, there are only memories to be lived

September 14, 2012

the king is only the one who dreams the most, he does not wish to be the best, he only has the will to die for what he believes, no retreats

September 14, 2012

if it came to the decision to save the world

August 28, 2012

some waves come in to make doubt, in these times just know that life is the only gift, as long as you are alive, the future is yours to win

August 28, 2012

fear is what they use to pollute the mind, condition yourself to attack the thoughts of doubt that plant, a day doesn’t make you who you are

August 28, 2012

if all is taken, if all becomes silence, if all changes to another reality, then you still have your mind, your heart and your will to be

August 25, 2012

even in the heart of evil, there is a little seed in there, that can grow into good, once the seed takes root, the evil will be forced out

August 25, 2012

we cannot give up on the balance of good to evil, in a world that seems to have gone mad, righteousness will always have an equal format

August 20, 2012

I ain’t ready to go to heaven, just yet

August 17, 2012

I believe that every human being still deserves the right to understand. A planet of fools, is such an uninventive path. May the powers rise

August 17, 2012

there is still a chance that those which rule the world will come to an understanding that destruction is only a part of our natural growth

August 17, 2012

and then a planet awoke and realized that a perfect orbit and a warmful sun are not for all the rest, the uniqueness of our story is grasped

July 24, 2012

freedom is in results

July 24, 2012

self sufficient people suffice both parties, Republicans want little government for the people and the Democrats want to take care of people

July 24, 2012

there are not dreams that aren’t for the entire world, if you save yourself and your family, then you have changed the world for the better

July 24, 2012

do not believe that you should raise your hand to another human being, I do not believe that violence is required to have a rewarding life

July 24, 2012

pain is voluntary in some cases; we must stand up to our persecutor, have a foundation of true values, be willing to move to a better place

July 24, 2012

conversation, negotiation, bridges, common ground, fulfillment, mutual, living in reality, dealing with what you got, being real, results

July 24, 2012

don’t even save yourself unless you are willing to save more, don’t dream unless it makes it better for everyone, don’t talk without results

July 24, 2012

when evil knocks at your door, what do you do, do you flee in self preservation only to let it surprise or do we stand and know who we are

July 24, 2012

I do not profess to be a genius, I came to change the world, I do not tell others where to go, only in my actions, I am a piece of the world

July 24, 2012

as human beings the only protest we have against death is to prosper, it is a natural trait of all living things to grow, sufficiency begins

June 27, 2012

Jah is another name for God

June 27, 2012

cannot make a ripple, I must be at one with the water on entry, a drop that contains life, watch out water, land, air, we are all rising

June 27, 2012

when I say God, I mean all thought that will save our planet and create a world wide peace that will really make a positive wholesale change

June 27, 2012

the only way to be on God’s side, is to give your entire life over to God, and then carry out a plan you all put together

June 27, 2012

God is not on my side because I want your side, God is not on my side because I want anything, God is on my side, because I am on God’s side

June 27, 2012

even if you are an athiest, you got to give it up for this perfect situation to be alive, and see it in your heart to glorify, call that God

June 27, 2012

I am nothing more than what God made me to be and I have confidence in God

June 27, 2012

God is on my side

June 27, 2012

I am not afraid of God

June 27, 2012

then the challenge of fear makes the heart beat faster, destruction is at hand wars are planned and the single breath of God changes it all

June 27, 2012

only one chosen people, the living

June 27, 2012

we are all the chosen people, we are alive

June 27, 2012

there was not a time that God was not with you, you are alive you are free

June 27, 2012

positive energy overcomes negative energy, or at least equal peace of the two forces

June 27, 2012

nothing less

June 27, 2012

The Kaaba in Mecca was also called Sahyun or Zion by Muhammed, the prophet of Islam.

June 27, 2012

Zion (Hebrew: ציון) (also transliterated Sion, Tzion or Tsion) is a place name often used as a synonym for Jerusalem

June 27, 2012

Let’s go to Zion, back to Zion, I just realized that is what I want, Zion, peace in Zion

June 5, 2012

venus passes over the sun, a sign of the rise in harmony and love

May 29, 2012

with time, we are all forgiven

May 10, 2012

one dream that came from birth, one hope for the welfare of your world, one time as it appears

May 10, 2012

pain always remained, thoughts of fear always been felt, victims continued such as we are

May 10, 2012

but dreams are genetically designed to surprise

May 10, 2012

one dream that came from birth, one hope for the welfare of your world, one time as it appears

May 10, 2012

sometimes God walks with you and you walk with God at the same time, nothing earned only given, not of pride except if it be from God of you

May 10, 2012

refusal to let the planet die, refusal to let people suffer, refusal to be blinded to the birth right of all human beings, refusal to doubt

May 10, 2012

efficiency is paramount, what have we gained the whole world if we lose our souls, improvement of any kind is natural evolution of knowledge

May 10, 2012

efficiency is naturally smart, learning a better way is a duty, researching history for mistakes is healthy, implementing lessons to change

May 10, 2012

the zone of consistent perfection is elusive, but experienced, was a moment in all lives that perfection happened, comes down to acceptance

May 10, 2012

if someone can’t get along with most people, then they have preconceived notions of others, all are positive and negative, we get to chose

May 10, 2012

making them an offer they can’t refuse is good business, the only way that business can efficiently be done, benefit to everyone is the goal

May 10, 2012

one dream that everyone has, that small great dream of how you would change the world if you got the chance, that dream is becoming reality

April 28, 2012

sometimes it seems we live in a country of obese people, who think their brains are as big as their stomachs

April 21, 2012

we will re-engineer society

April 20, 2012

we are evolution to others

April 13, 2012

they all have their books, books are all history which wished was today, the passage of time wasn’t just written from minutes of before

April 13, 2012

think to a time when the planet was born, that is when you were born, the DNA of your soul began that day

April 13, 2012

peace is equal to evil, not afraid, not less, equal

April 13, 2012

peace is a beginning and an end and an end and a beginning

April 13, 2012

equal power

March 31, 2012

consistent perfection is the goal

March 31, 2012

consistent perfection is the goal, that we meet everyday, lift up old world, we are ancient but young, fulfilled but lame, in only good days

March 31, 2012

some tactics are tired, some plays have been run, no point in reinacting the lessons already lived, we are not robots to be programmed

March 31, 2012

you know the force of negative energy has no pull over the creativity of a positive mind, there once was a day when positive energy rained

March 31, 2012

the force of understanding, not just what you believe but what your intellect will grasp you to understand, nothing accomplished not gained

March 31, 2012

you know that evil respects good, we didn’t just start this today, there has always been great wisdom in surprise, equal among everything

March 31, 2012

if one would just take a moment to be respectful to others then the possibility of positive things happening will go way up more is gained

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