elite child sex trafficking ring

Saying that he believed his guest’s story “to the core of my soul” after four months of investigation, the top-rated daytime talk show host Dr. Phil, with an audience of millions, elicited the story of an alleged survivor of an elite child sex trafficking ring which is harrowing almost beyond belief. The alleged victim, going by the on-air name “Kendall,” said the “clients” included well-known politicians, judges, other wealthy public figures, and even law enforcement officials, specifically from the FBI.

The show aired as other major media news sources battle the spread of what is now dubbed as “fake news,” a newly-minted term which has been applied categorically to discussion, speculation, and analysis emanating from the 2016 publication by Wikileaks of emails belonging to Hillary Clinton campaign manager John Podesta. Internet researchers contend that the leaked emails rip the lid off strong evidence of elite pedophile networks operating in the US.

Kendall related how she had been born into a child trafficking business which involved top level US politicians and other public figures. She candidly stated at the outset of the show that she had feared that Dr. Phil, being a well-known, rich “white man,” might know her “owner,” and might betray her.

Dr. Phillip C. McGraw, a clinical psychologist, is the host of one of the top ten highest-rated shows in daytime television, owned and syndicated by CBS.

With the audience sitting in shocked silence, Kendall related being used for sex since the time she was two, when she had been given by her parents to a man whom she refers to as “the man who owns me.” The experiences she related include being forced to kill other children, and engaging in sex acts with as many as 15 men a day.

“Kendall” said she was moved on private jets and luxury SUVs and limousines to her “owner’s” clients in luxurious mansions and sometimes to private islands, and in this way was always kept out of the public view.

She said she was often kept in dog cages in basements, where any thought of escape was out of the question.

But the most poignant moments of her story unfolded as she described the mental prison in which she lived as well, and how she had been made to believe that her life was normal and natural for one such as her, and ordained by God. With nothing to compare it to from the time of birth, she believed it.

Kendall described how, even as she spoke to Dr. Phil, she felt an urge to run and return to her “owner,” to avoid punishment, which was meted out brutally, frequently, and effectively.

To the television audience, Dr. Phil announced:

“I can tell you that a very reliable source has confirmed to us that Kendall has in fact been trafficked, raped, molested, and severely abused, by a very large, very dangerous organization. Now that same source also confirms that she is not a runaway.”

McGraw warned the audience:

“Your mind is going to struggle to allow you to accept that things like this exist.. But they do and they are happening all over the world.”

He said:

“It’s very apparent to me, having talked to a number of woman who have been exploited in this situation, that this woman has been brutalized, has been exploited, has been trafficked. I believe that to the core of my soul.”

At the show’s opening, the talk show host brings to the stage retired LAPD lieutenant and human trafficking expert André Dawson, who asserts that the problem is vast and ongoing, and involves men able to spend fabulous sums of money to indulge in vicious and sadistic activities with children of all ages, including prepubescent and infants.

“Kendall” relates that it was not difficult to identify the children who had been kidnapped into the life, as opposed to those born into it. The kidnapped children, she said, offered more resistance, while those born into it displayed a more stoical attitude as a result of never having known anything else.

Citizens Keep Up Pressure for Full Investigations

The Podesta emails made public by Wikileaks tie Podesta, through close associates as well as his brother Tony, a powerful Washington lobbyist, to reams of pornographic images, often involving very young children, and running commentary which makes veiled references to illicit activities. A puzzling code talk involving pizza is a consistent feature of the circle’s online, social media banter, employing sites such as Instagram and Twitter.

CBS Atlanta journalist Ben Swann recently aired a segment of his television news magazine Reality Check, in which he held that images and evidence found within and arising from the Podesta emails warranted a law enforcement investigation.

Swann suddenly disappeared from his normal post as a CBS anchor after the broadcast, without explanation, but just as suddenly returned after two weeks. Some of his social media accounts were deleted, and remain so, however, with no explanation from Swann.

Ben Swann on Pizzagate


Followers of the Pizzagate story, as the Podesta email fiasco is commonly called, frequently point out that mainstream media outlets have a history of quickly burying stories concerning elite pedophile rings, even when they later prove true. In the UK, BBC Director-General Mark Thompson was criticized for turning a “blind eye” and “lying” about the hundreds, if not thousands, of child rapes and abuses of the now notorious British entertainer Jimmy Saville. Thompson is now CEO of the New York Times.

A later BBC documentary concluded that not only was Savile himself raping children, but that he was also trafficking children to an elite pedophile network.

Just as strenuously as the mainstream media continues to label Pizzagate “fake news,” an army of citizen-researchers continues to uncover alleged links to evidence of pedophilia, and ritual satanism, in high places. One Youtube blogger performed an analysis of missing children statistics across the US, and found that a vastly disproportionate number of cases occur in and around the Washington DC – Northern Virginia area. One county, Fairfax County, had almost as many children reported missing in 2016 as all of Los Angeles, despite having but a small fraction of the population.

Citizens have been active in attempting to enlist law enforcement in the investigation of circumstantial evidence which has been uncovered in vast quantities. One blogger, Titus Frost, has reported that he has sent the Washington DC police large collections of child porn allegedly hacked from the website of a Washington, DC pizza shop, with no response to date.

Last month, citizens demanding that the Trump Justice Department conduct a thorough Pizzagate investigation rallied near the White House in Washington, DC. Mainstream newspapers described attendance as “a few dozen,” but videos of the event show many more. The Washington Post in its lead paragraph immediately and dismissively described the event as based on “unfounded rumors.”

The subject of elite pedophile networks continues to stubbornly raise its head. In the late Eighties, the Discovery Channel was set to air an explosive documentary on a child sex trafficking ring which allegedly reached into the highest US political circles. At the last minute, the documentary, “Conspiracy of Silence,” was pulled from the air schedule, and all copies of the film were purchased by an anonymous buyer and destroyed. Years later, a leaked copy of the film surfaced.

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