How to Save a Planet

Carbon Capture, sucked from the air, change it into another form of energy

Pollution capture, all emissions, press into blocks, change into another form of energy

Atmospheric Water Generator, capture carbon from the air by drawing water from the atmosphere

Giant Desalination Facilities in all coastal cities, energy supported completely by solar farms

Use salt from the ocean in desalination, change into another form of energy

Solar and batteries on every house and commercial building

Massive Solar Farms in unoccupied land

A State in the Black Hills to raise free range Buffalo

Keep reservoirs low, too much evaporation

Remove unnecessary dams

Grow Massive Chlorella algae fields on the ocean, superfood source, 40% lipid oil

Aquaponics indoors with LED lights and a sky light for the fish

Aquaponics outdoors in greenhouses, fresh fish, fresh vegetables, herbs, 90% less water

Rain capture, yard, gutters, underground tank

Recycle Water on site, remove soap, dishwater, sink, use for irrigation or push through purification

Water Purification on site, purify all water, other than from the toilet

Thermal Energy, an oven on site, which automatically burns any human waste and turns it into DC

Small wind on every home and commercial building

Major Offshore Wind, and on land Wind

All Electric Transportation supported by solar and batteries, charging stations everywhere

Rotation of tires becomes a generator and charges the battery onboard, which can be downloaded

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