Secrets of the Pyramids of Crimea

Crimean underground pyramid perhaps the most mysterious phenomenon in the Crimea. Controversy around the pyramids of Crimea is exploding massive clashes of opinion, then subside until complete calm.

For many, this is complete nonsense and fantasy fanatics go mad, but for someone subject of serious scientific research and experiments.

But let’s start from the beginning.

The search for the Crimean pyramids were made at different times by different researchers, and even state institutions.

In the 20th century, the search for pyramids initiated by the Soviet government in 1926. In these studies, participated as archaeologists and co-secret laboratory staff dealing neyroenergetiki.

Then the expedition found nothing, since the search is performed on a per-surface of the earth, and the required facilities are deep in the earth. The expedition was kept in strict secrecy, the control exercised himself chairman of the Cheka, Felix Dzerzhinsky.

Led the research known for his studies of the Tunguska meteorite and ancient cultures Barchenko Alexander, a neuroscientist by profession, who led a secret laboratory neyroenergetiki.

According to A.Barchenka ancients possessed a wide range of knowledge, including the splitting of the atom, an inexhaustible source of energy and use of psychotropic influence on people.

Also, after the capture of the Crimea in the midst of war during 1942-1944 the Crimean pyramids were engaged in the search for German scientists and esotericism of the organization “Ahnenerbe”. But German scientists have found we do not know.

Pyramids existed on our planet forever. Already in almost all parts of the world energetically active discovered pyramid. These buildings belong to different historical periods and different cultures and the collapse of time and geography is significant.

So one of the most ancient pyramids – the pyramids of Egypt. One of the central Egyptian pyramids – the pyramid of Pharaoh Djoser, with a height of 60 meters and the Pyramid of Cheops at Giza, which has a height of about 147 meters and the length of the base – 233 meters, according to scientists, can be attributed to the 3rd millennium BC.

Pyramids are also in Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, China, Japan, Tibet.

Researchers believe that all the pyramids of the planet combined into a single energy-network. This point of view, in particular, holds Muldashev professor, who argues that the pyramid has a part of a global network of sacred centers, with a central structure in this mountain Kailash-pyramid.

It is believed that the pyramids are on the Crimean power energy lines connecting Tibet pyramids, Stonehenge English and underwater pyramids in Easter Island.

Crimean first pyramid in 2001 found sevastopolchanin scientist hydrograph V.A.Goh

In the same year, the pyramid of Crimea have been investigated using modern equipment.

Every year open more and more new objects. So today found 56 megalithic so¬oruzheny.

Crimean pyramids have triangular shape, in contrast to the tetrahedral Egyptian. In the diagram, the scientists made a very special structure of well traced the location of the pyramids in the Crimea. Near the village of Red Poppy is the central 56-meter pyramid.

A group of Crimean pyramids united in turn smaller structure with the pyramids in the center. An interesting fact is detected by comparing the building material of the Crimean and the Egyptian pyramids. It turned out that the builders of both of these facilities used the same nummulitic limestone. Chipped limestone with the Egyptian pyramids were identical Crimean limestone. The difference was only in the size of the blocks – Egyptian much more.

However there are other versions of the origin and destination of the pyramids. In particular, some Crimean researchers believe that these objects are built hands of the ancient Greeks, who built their colony-states on the southern coast. Pyramid could allegedly serve the Greeks as large capacitors moisture-gatherers.

But this version runs counter to the newly discovered properties of the Crimean pyramids, such as strict orientation to the cardinal points and clear the electromagnetic properties of the pyramids.

There are various cases the impact on the people who worked on the excavation. Pyramid showed his character when scientists had partially damaged the pyramid. Shortly thereafter, the film illuminates the cameras quickly drain the battery lanterns, people began vomiting and dizziness.

In some people the pyramid are very beneficial. So there are cases of healing from chronic diseases.

Scientists have suggested that the pyramids were used by the ancient antediluvian civilizations to control some global processes at the level of the entire planet.

In particular the pyramids lead found in the cavity is good, and clay mixed with alumina polupro¬vodnik different forms, which can convert the energy of the frequency. It is likely that these technologies were applied inhabitants of ancient Atlantis and Lemuria.

According to new theories through the pyramid occurs upravle¬nie reactions synthesis and breakdown in the Earth’s core with pomo¬schyu high-vibration energies characteristic of subtle matter.

Diamond crystals of the outer shell of the nucleus accumulate frequency energy and rabota¬yut like lasers. According to the control signal from the outside they give this energy pyramids. And the pyramid pass it on, into space.

Since the upper layer of the pyramids have a protein that is performed pyramid selection signals bli¬zkih vibration field protein creatures including human aura energy.

Pyramids of different properties and functions. Some of the pyramid receive energy from the cosmos, others – emit.

According to the researchers, the Crimean pyramids are part of the system vse¬mirnoy pyramids forming energoinforma¬tsionny frame around the Earth. This complex has existed since ancient times. Pyramids are located at the nodal points energokarkasa.

In ta¬kom energy-field processes occur that harmonizes everything that happens on Earth life processes, including those originating within the core of the planet, bio¬sfere, biological systems.

From April to October in Crimea we organize pilgrimage tours to places of power Peninsula. The program includes both general and individual tours. The program does not provide general rounds visiting the Crimean pyramids, but eager seekers, we’ll make an exception.

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