A Short, Possible, History of the Modern Human?

As widely known, history of humanity began with sending of Adam to Earth. The first human and also the first prophet Adam had been deceived by Azazel, hesitantly met the commandment to respect him, and was taken out from the heaven. Thereby, Adam and Eve began to live with Djinns and Azazel, who became the Devil(Iblis) with the curse of Eternal Almighty, on Earth the only green planet.

DjinnsAzazel belongs to them as well, had been living on the earth for a long time. We do not know both when were Djinns created and in which planets they did live before the earth. However, we can estimate something with regard to developing scientific data of the age and also Islamic resources. We know that Djinn societies have been tested just like men nations, messengers were sent when they deviated from Islam and became transgressor tyrants; also they had been destructed upon attempting to homicide admonitory-Right Messengers likewise mushrik, who are associating partners with Allah or attributing Allah’s attribute(s) to others, and cruel human societies been.

Wherefore, we manage to say that the most true believers of them be saved and placed in other planet in the Solar System. Meanwhile, we can say that numerous planets within “Solar System” became unlivable in this way. At the end, in spite of scarcity of evidences but some signs, therefore, they probably took place on Earth after planet Mars.

Here, on the planet earth that is the last and merely prepared planet for life wherein the solar system, both sons of Adam and sons of the Devil (İblis)Djinns as well as their supporters who are Djinn-devilshave proliferated. Earth; its whole lively life, with food and beverage resources and springs, underground and ground resources were prepared for son of Djinns and Adam as life-death station as well as habitation, thereby, it will maintain the life until the time of its death.


We can divide history of mankind or history of societies principally into two parts (periods). First, from Adam to Noah and the second is from Noah until the end of the world or widely-factual doomsday. Looking at the Qur’an, we can see that the period before the Noah was fairly not mentioned. And also, therein was clearly narrated as an exemplary that humankind after Noah; namely societies of sons of Noah, struggles of prophets with them and their destruction. However, it has been not mentioned the struggles, messengers and societies of sons of Adam between Adam and Noah. Furthermore, it is quietly meaningful that is globally Noah’s Flood destruction of sons of Adam and it gave us some clues. We know that it is global deluge based on the Qur’an and Sunnah of the prophet and inshaAllah we will give evidences in the research “GLOBAL EXTINCTION: NOAH’S FLOOD.”

In the Qur’an, the last book which was sent down by Eternal Almighty to mankind,only mentions struggle between two sons of Adam; who are Cain and Abel, and (Enoch)Idris as a prophet. The other son of AdamSeth‘s prophecy is known from the Torah and hadith resources. As we take into consideration the fact with global Flood of Noah, the consequence what we have reached is; our Eternal Almighty Lord condemned this period of humanity to silence-darkness. Furthermore, genesis part of the Bible confirms our provision.

In this case, within the first humankind period, sons of Adam had gone such astray, become such aberrated, killed their prophets or taken on themselves the wrath of Almighty Lord, hereat, prophets could not be sent them and our Almighty Lord condemned the period to “silence-darkness“. In our opinion, the silence of the Qur’an is quietly meaningful regarding to thesubject for this reason. Also, it leads to make inference to us upon evaluating this period. These connotations remind us the entrance of humanity to shirk and then Demonisation process, emerged within the first period of mankind. Aberration, which emerged within the first period, is such an aberration; had taken on themselves wrath of Eternal Almighty Lord and finally this period was condemned to darkness.

Sunnatullah (Allah’s regulation) is this: Initially, humanity surrenders to Eternal Almighty Allah, then tends to “shirk” within a short-time period, does not take heed of sent messenger-prophets, attempts to kill them and becomes merely Demon over time and rolls into a pit of destruction.


Beforehand Noah’s Flood occurred, as well, the world had been plotted mischief; sons of Adam such degenerated generations and lineages, hence, the history of humanity will nothave bornewitness such an incident again. Here, the most interesting and dramatic incident that will not have been witnessed ever; emerging of Gog and Magog, plotting great mischief throughout earth. Thus, the incident that took the wrath of our Almighty Lord on the world is this and the Noah’s Flood struck the humanity due to this reason. So, we will summarize briefly the most important ‘transgressing-becoming devil process’ of the history of mankind that invited the globalFlood of Noah and then give the evidences.

Azazel became the Devil(Iblis) by descending from dimension of angels and pursued sons of Adam as an accursed one. He did his worst in order to deflect Adam’s sons from “The True Way”, and demonized themas he caused to fall Adam from the heaven. He also demonized and caused to fall Djinns, who were notables amid obeying him when he was Azazel, like he was. Following, the Devil(iblis) instigated his demonized Djinns who had mischiefed their own surrender to Allah, for indiscreet affairs with girls of humankind and this aberrant affair began in this way.

In a nutshell, the Devil used desires of a society as bait, which was probably Mu-Atlantis, established a global power on earth similar to the present before the Flood. Those aspires were to create superior human i.e. Djinn-Human. And then Iblis led mankind into Gog and Magog trouble and after wards the Flood Calamity. Hereby, we will review the issue in the light of evidences:



1) Qur’an declares relations of “Human-Devil”, which will lead to production of Gog-Magog:

(The Mushriks), leaving Him (Allah), call but upon females (Djinns-sprites): Theycall (in fact) but upon(expelled)Devil the persistent rebel!
Allah did curse him, but he (Devil) said: “I will take (as slaves) of Thy slaves a portion marked off.”
“I will mislead them, and I will fill with hope them; I will order them to slit the ears of cattle, and to deface the nature created by Allah.” Whoever, forsaking Allah, takes Devil for a friend-guardian , hath of a surety suffered a loss that is manifest.
(Devil) makes them promises,and fills with hope them; but Devil promises nothing but deception.

One day will He (Allah) gather them all together: “O ye assembly of Djinns! Much (toll) did ye take of men.” Thereon, their (djinns) friends amongst men will say: “Our Lord! We made profit from each other. We reached our term – which thou didst appoint for us.” Allah say: “The Fire be your dwelling-place: you will dwell therein forever, except as Allah will.” For thy Lord is full of wisdom and knowledge.

And on them (people) did Satan prove true his idea, and they obeyed him (Devil), all but a party from those who have faith.

And we have destined for them intimate companions (djinns-humans), who made alluring to them what was before them and behind them. The word (torment) among the previous nations of Djinns and men, who have passed away, is proved against them; for they are utterly lost.

The Devil One(Iblis) has got the better of them: so he has made them lose the remembrance of Allah. They are the Party of the Devil One. Truly, it is the Party of the Devil One that will perish!


2) In the Genesis Part (Bereishit) of Torah, emerging of Gog and Magog was explicitly summarized like below:

When men began to multiply on the face of the earth, and daughters were born unto them,
That the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair; and they took them wives, whomsoever they chose.
And the Lord said: “My spirit shall not judge man for ever, for that he is just flesh; therefore shall his days be a hundred and twenty years.”
TheGiants (Nephilim) were in the earth in those days, and also after that. When the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bore children to them (giants’). The Giants were the mighty men that were of old, the men of renown.
And the Lord saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth. That every imagination of the thoughts of his (human) heart, throughout the day, was only evil.
And the Lord said: “I will blot out mankind whom I have created from the face of the earth; both man, and beast, and creeping thing, and fowl of the air.”
But Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord.

Bereishit (Genesis): 6/1-5, 7-8

Torah scholiasts used “sons of governors” or “sons of rulers” instead of “sons of God.” In our opinion, the statement “sons of God” is true only in figurative meaning and they are fallen djinnsparty of Devil, namely devils, who Devil tempts (represents) as “fallen angels“. All men and male djinns are like sons of God in figurative meaning. Our Eternal Almighty Lord is high above (excluded) all defect attributes. He does not resemble any creature He created, begetteth not, nor is begotten, exists only of Himself, “The True and Only One Deity” who has not been indepted  to His existence anything. Neither the Qur’an nor The Real Torah accepts in contrary circumstance.

Beforehand “a group within notable Djinns“, surrendered to Almighty Allah with Azazel, had been under the commandment of Azazel. When Azazel fell from amidst angels and became Devil, they took side with him; thus, they deviated from the Truth and became advocates of Devil. That they had sexual relationshipswith girls of men by instigation of the Devil and then the Giants (Nephilim) emerged; namely, Gog and Magog came up in this way.

It can be obviously seen at the Qur’an verses and Torah expressions, which how humankind be addressed of the Flood, transgressed-became devil and got under control the party of Devil? Qur’an manifestly stated that “djinns’ desires to proliferate themselves from men” at AL-AN’AM(6)/128.


3) Our Prophet; clarified the verses of Qur’an related to the issue, particularly, drastically accentuated not how they will emerge but how will destroy Gog – Magog masters of mankind, who shall be at Anti-Christ’s slaves at the Approaching Hour. However, there are a few hadith below that describes Gog – Magog. These stated those creatures amid sons of Adam, shall corrupt mankind-the world. Also, hadiths refer to their sizes, proliferations-numbers and tribes. 

Narrated IbnAmribn el-As:
The Prophet (pbuh) said: Gog and Magog from Adam’s prosperity. As long as they be sent to mankind, they corrupt their lives. One of them shall not die without leaving behind more than thousand descents. Three ummahs (nation) behind them: Tavil, Tarnas and Mansaq.
Rudani, V.5, H.no: 9930, p.372

Narrated Huzaifa:
The Prophet (pbuh) said: “Gog is an ummah(nation). Magog is an ummah, as well. Every ummah is four hundred thousand ummahs. One of them shall not die without seeing behind thousand armed descents.”
I said: “O, The Prophet of Allah! May you explicate them to us?”
He said: “They are three classes. One of them is like cedar tree.”
Asked: “What is cedar?”
The Prophet (pbuh) said: “It is a tree in Damascus, its stature is hundred and twenty archines (twelve archines?). It is rising up to the sky.” and then The Prophet (pbuh) added: “Neither mountains nor irons can stand them. Second class of them lays one of its ears, uses the other ear as quilt; sleeps like that. That they eat elephants, wild animals, camels, boars and whatever they seeWhen one of them dies, they eat him. Their one edge in Damascus, the other edge in Khorasan. They will drink all Eastern Rivers and also Tiberia Lake.
Rudani V.5, H.no: 9931, p.37


4) In the Book of Enoch, how Gog – Magog, namely ‘giants’ emerged, in which historical period they be witnessed and how destruction came with the Flood, was expounded explicitly. May aware of when reading text below; parenthetical explanations belong to us from the Book of Enoch:

1: It happened after the sons of men had multiplied in those days, that daughters were born to them, elegant and beautiful.
2. And when the watchers (djinn-devils) the sons of heaven, beheld them, they became enamoured of them, telling to each other: “Come, let us select for ourselves wives from the progeny of men, and let us beget children.”
9. These are the names of their chiefs: Semiyazah, Artqoph, Ramtel; Kokabel, Ramel, Danieal, Zeqiel, Baraqel, Asael, Hermoni, Matarel, Ananel, Stawel, Samsiel, Sahriel, Tummiel, Turiel, Yomiel, Yhaddiel. These were the leaders of the two hundred watchers. (These are, 19 people, watcher-devil group. As Devil’s falsity, fallen angels.)
10. Then they took wives with whom those (these are 200 people) follow them; each choosing a wife for him. They began to cohabit them and pollute themselves; also teaching them sorceries.
11. And women conceived and bore to them the Giants, statures 135 meters (13.5 meters?).
12. These devoured all that the labor of men produced; until it became impossible to feed them.
13. When they turned themselves against men, in order to devour them; and began to sin against birds, beasts, reptiles, and fishes, to eat their flesh one after another, even to drink their blood.
(The Book of Enoch, Chapter 7)

As it is deciphered, the Giants (Gog – Magog) emerged with cohabitation of djinn-devils and girls of men, after a while, began to devour men and creatures. The world and mankind were being corrupted in this way. In our opinion, the GiantsGog – Magog fundamentally divides into two main groups, even if they have some tribal characteristics. The first is Goggiant men that described as height of cedar tree by our Prophet, the second is Magog; that is their heights are considerably short dwarfs.

Thereon plotting mischief of Gog and Magoggot out of control dramatically on the earth and shrieks of men, archangels invoke to their Lord and then Noah’s Flood comes. Here, expressions indicate this circumstance in the Book of Enoch(Idris):

“1.Then Michael and Gabriel, Raphael, Suryal, and Uriel looked down from heaven, and saw the quantity of blood that was shed on earth, and all the iniquity, which was done upon it, and said each other;
2. “Shrieks of the earth deprived reached to the gate of heaven.
3. Souls of men complain us, saying; Report for us our conditions to the Most High (Allah). Then they said to their Lord (Allah), the King…
5. You have seen what Azazel has done, how he has taught every species of iniquity upon earth, and has disclosed to the world all the secret things which belong the heavens.”
(The Book of Enoch Chapter 9)


Who is Enoch who witnessed corruption of Gog – Magog on earth? We have to remind that Enoch (Hanoch) is the Prophet IdrisEnoch is a prophet mentioned in Qur’an and Torah and ancestor of Noah. In other words, he is father of Noah’s grandfather. Written in Torah, that Hanoch’s (Enoch) son Methuselah, his son Lameh and his son is NoahEnoch raised up, thereafter had lived 365 years on earth. Mainly, although Enoch’s ancestors lived roughly 1000 years, Enoch lived 365 years, after that he was raised up unto dimension of archangels like Azazel had been and occasionally he came to the world as an attendant with angels. Hence, we know from the Qur’an he accompanied with a few prophets, particularly Moses and Solomon.

Mentions in the Qur’anIdris that is derivated from Arabic “drs”, meaning is one who be instructed and one who possesses knowledge. At the same time, he is a prophet that raised up unto his Lord. He has a special knowledge from Allah’s presence (the knowledge of presence). He is known as colloquially Khidr made a voyage with Moses, giving lessons him and brought the throne of the Queen of Sheba Balqis to Solomonwithin the twinkling of an eye. But, Devil and djinn-devils deceives people and their friends using this Khidr cult in dreams as well as real life, gives their messages by this way. Currently, Iblis has been maintaining to deceive lots of Sufis, Kabbalists and ignoramuses of the century by using “Enoch-Idris-Khidr” form. Here, verses in the Qur’an related to the Prophet Idris:

So he (Moses) found one of Our slaves (Idris-Khidr), on whom We had bestowed Mercy from Ourselves and whom We had taughtknowledge (the wisdom of presence) from Our own Presence.

Remember in the Book the case of Idris: He was a man of truth and a prophet.
And We raised him to a lofty station.

Said one (Idris) who had knowledge of the Book (near Suleiman): “I will bring it to thee within the twinkling of an eye!” Then when (Solomon) saw it placed firmly before him, he said: “This is by the Grace (Favor) of my Lord! to test me whether I am grateful or ungrateful! And if any is grateful, truly his gratitude is (a gain) for his own soul; but if any is ungrateful, truly my Lord(Rabb) is Free of all Needs (Al-Ğani), Supreme in Honour (Al-Karim)!”


As we understood, when Azazel was in angelic dimension, 19 people from notables amidst “djinn society” were his assistants. These were completely devoted them selves to Allah, also notables blessing and glorifying Him like angels. There fore, they could fairly travel to 2nd heaven, listen angels’ sayings and commandment coming from Allah. When Azazel became Devil caused to fall them by deceptive-pompous discourses. Thereby, they became the Devil’s slaves and cursed devils. The Devil’s “fallen angels” are that 19 fellows from notables of djinns. These spearheads, 19 fellows, misled djinns were dependents to them, of which numbers were 200 according to Enoch (Idris).

Afterwards, all chiefs of djinns and their dependentshad gotten under the Devil’s command, led that age’s societies that be in touch with them “on making superior human at djinn dimension” for making mischief on generationsEventually, they begot of the Giants (Gog – Magog) by cohabiting girls of men. Who breaks Almighty Allah’s regulation, by Sunnatullah, being cursed and endangers themselves and their ascendants. Enoch told that in detail in his book so as to warn mankind. But, we not narrate that to keep issue short. Moreover, there are similar expressions at “Dead Sea Scrolls Qumran Scriptures”. But, we can wrap up “the Giants event” and “Noah’s Flood” from Qumran texts:

“All chose wives among their chosen, began to go up to them and polluted themselves with them. In order to teach them sorcery and deviltry… They conceived, bore to them the Giants…

The Mighty(Allah) roared on them, swung all basis of earth and emanated waters from dead wells. All windows of heaven are opened out and powerful waters becoming from dead wells turned into floods. Rains fell from windows of heaven and He destroyed them by the Flood… Herewith, everything upon dry ground destroyed; men, animals, birds and winged creatures died. The Giants could not flee…”

Gog – Magog emerged in Enoch time, in his grandson Lamech’s son Noah time, those who living on earth punished by Noah’s FloodThe Giants had been swallowed by earth for the purpose of re-emerging in order to punish once moremankind that obeys the Devil in the Approaching Hour. Neither died nor fled but earth swallowed their underground shelters in which they hided. When the time comes, these Giants (Gog – Magog) shall be released, swiftly swarm from every hill upon who obeys Anti-Christ. It is strongly and strictly revealed how Gog – Magog shall become a threat for the world on Approaching Hour in the Qur’anauthentic Sunnah and the Old Testament.

However, we will try to shed light upon societies and the era, which produced “Gog – Magog giants and dwarfs”. In this case, contact sources will be not straightly holy books and revelation sources but historical-archeological research belong to ancient nations. Namely, although these studies have a claim to be scientific, due to ambiguity of the field, our conclusions will be precisely argumentative.

The fundamental method in this chapter is to analyze all data in the light of Qur’an and the Revelation(inspirations from Allah) and to get probable conclusions. So, our main questions are the following: In what time Gog – Magog emerged, horrified and corrupted mankind? How was “ancient eras’hegemonic societies” that caused these mischief creatures and their global impacts on the world? Why such a global calamity occurred and Eternal Almighty Beneficent’s Al-Qahhar(The Subduer) name appeared? What was consequence of Gog – Magog that emerged as a result of Noah’s Flood that unexampled and shall not be? So, we can increase these queries… At which point ancient nations i.e. Mu and Atlantis stand of that? What we know about these oldest two nations’ ancestors, constitution and homelands? Are these nations developed civilizations or the nations that the Devil is tempting as “galactic extra-terrestrial-human civilization” that produced by him to capture the world but in real “degraded-demonized societies”?

We will try to answer these questions while putting forth the story of mankind, of which was thrown to the earth in which proliferation-spread around. As of now, opinions we will put forth, in the light of revelative-religious-scientific evidences, “an alternative thesis” and surely argumentative. But we believe probability of the authenticity is pretty high.


Our Eternal Almighty Lord embodied Adam from “Earth Soil” that was taken around Mecca. He gave the life by breathing “Adam’s Soul” into “dry mud shape” and placed him onto “Eden Heaven”Eden Heaven (Gardens of Eden) promised for mu’mins (the most true believers) by being repeated literally 11 times in the Qur’anAdam stayed at the Heaven for a while. Then, approached the tree he should not approach to it, ate the fruit he should not eat by falling into Devil’s trap that “being angel-staying eternal in the heaven” and was expelled from the Heaven. However, he was forgiven thanks to “his repentance” and placed on “Eden-Yemen-Mecca” region. Thus, Devil, Adam and Eve were sent to planet earth as required Almighty Allah’s commandment that “Descend!” from the Heaven as foes to each other.

According to intimations that became from Our ProphetAdam had ben descended on IndiaEve had been descended on Jeddah-Mecca. Some time later they met at Mecca. Tabari explains:

Adam descended on India, Eve descended on Jeddah. Adam came to Arabia by calling her, and they met. The place they met named ‘Muzdalifa’ because Eve approaches him there. The place they met called ‘Arafat’, the place they brought together called ‘Jami’.”

Muzdalifa, between Arafat and Mina in Mecca, is “waqfa” place after Arafat in Hajj. The word “Muzdalifa” that stemmed from Arabic “zlf” is a toponym which means “place that being approached.” Also, there is called “Jem” which is meaning “meeting-aggregation place“.

Adam maintained his life the Eden-Yemen region centered on Mecca after meeting Eve. At the beginning of mankind, this region, even all Arabian Peninsula, is life-hospitable like a Heaven. This geography has temperate climate, endowed with rivers, forests, plants and animals. The roots of mankind spread around from here to AfricaAsia and North ArabiaThe beginning of humanity and his life story was starting from this center, spread around the world until Noah’s Flood. We will intimate its evidences when appropriate. Here, we give the evidence of the fact that Adam was placed on “Mecca-Eden-Yemen Earth Garden” from “Eden Heaven” according to Torah. Below are verses in Bereishit (Genesis) from the Bible (Torah):

“Therefore the Lord God sent him(human) forth from the garden of Eden(Heaven), to till the ground.
So He drove out the man; and He placed at the east of the garden of Eden the cherubim, and the flaming sword which turned every way, to keep the way to the tree of life.”
(Bereishit: 3/23-24)

In the verse 3/23, there is a reference about creation of Adam from the ground and afterwards stated that Adam was drove out from Eden Heaven in order to till the ground (earth soil). Also, there is some intimation from Our Prophet regarding to creation of Adam from the soil that was taken from mountains around Mecca. Furthermore, all those mountains between Mecca and Medina called Paran(Faran) Mountains. The derivation of this word that is also included in Hebrew “frn” is synonym with “fırın-furun” words, which means oven.

In the verse 3/24, driving out of Adam(human) from the Heaven was accentuated again. It is stated that the Cherubim(angels) and “flame of revolving sword”(djinns) was placed on East of Eden(Mecca-Yemen) Land, namely, East of “South Arabia” so as to protect The Tree of Life(Adam’s posterity). 

“Flame of revolving sword” definition described djinns who were created from fumeless fire in the best way. We will mention later that placement of djinns on East, Pacific region “centered on The Solomon Islands.” Thus, Adam was placed on “Eden-Yemen”; djinns were placed on East; angels were placed on between both of two in order to protect “The Tree of Life.” In other words, “Mecca-Yemen Land’ that Adam’s posterity will maintain their lives was protected from malice of djinns


There are some narrations about “The Very First Kaaba” was landed down on Mecca from the Sky before or after Adam, also it is a projection of the “Kaaba in the Sky” that angels are congregating around its to glorify and magnify Our Eternal Almighty Lord and also turning around in 8th sky under the Arch. The Kaaba, which is similar to “Kaaba in the Sky” and its projection, was established on center of the earth, Mecca. It is stated in the Qur’an and hadiths, which “Holy House in Mecca” is “The Ancient House”. Thus, while in the verse HAJJ(22)/33 refers to the Kaaba as The Ancient House; in another verse is stated that the first house that was settled for mankind is the Kaaba.

The first House that was appointed (settled) for men was that at Bakka(Mecca): Full of blessing and of guidance for all kinds of beings.
[AL IMRAN(3)/96]

According to a narration within the book Al-Jaami’ al-Saghir, Al Suyuti; The Prosperous House(Beytü’l-Mamur) is a Fane (Kaaba) in the Sky and this masjid’s (Kaaba in the Sky) projection is the Kaaba in Mecca. In the same narration states that angels circumambulate that Prosperous House in the Sky, glorify Our Almighty Lord; its reputation in the Sky is as the reputation of the Kaaba in theGround. Thus, in the verse TUR(52)/4 of Qur’an, Our Eternal Almighty Lord has sworn upon The Prosperous House (The Built-Up House), which is considerably meaningful oath.

In Al-Muj’am Al-Kabir of Al-Tabarani, a narration from Ibn Al-As states that:

When Allah descended Adam to the earth, He say that: “I shall descend a House(Kaaba) with thou, which will being circumambulated its as My Arch was being.”

As another hadith from Ibn Abbas, when Adam circumambulated Kaaba, concluded Hajj duty, then, angels encountered him and told him: “O Adam! May be accepted your Hajj!”

At the time Kaaba was descended from the Sky, al-Hajar al-Aswad (The Black Stone) was a lightened Heaven stone. It is mentioned in both hadiths and the apocryphaand pseudepigrapha, which Adam was frequently visiting the Kaaba to fulfill Heaven’s longing. It is also stated in “Adam and Eve”apocrypha, which AdamEve and their child Seth were frequently “going to the Garden of Heaven” which place is the Kaaba so as to see the Heaven and supplicating to Eternal Almighty Allah. So, the lightened bright stone that was connecting to the Heaven is a kind of television or video telephone. We may say that Adam and hisposterity saw the Heaven via this lightened Heaven ruby, which is “al-Hajar al-Aswad”, particularly Adam was fulfilling his own Heaven’s longing. It is articulated afterwards aforesaid stonedarkened and lost that function due to mankind’s association partners with Allah.

According to Tabari’s narration, after Adam his son Seth became khalif prophet in the ground. Adam had 40.000 children upon his death. Seth indwelled in Mecca, and completed his life in South Arabia centered on Mecca. He was circumambulating and constructing Kaaba, be honored.

Furthermore, Meccais a “center” accordance with “the golden ratio” in terms of geography, latitude, longitude and distance to poles“Mother-center of cities” expression in the verse of Qur’an ALAN’AM(6)/92 is a meaningful and significant trace. With this notion the Qur’an refers to “central position of Mecca” and “the beginning of mankind”. Hence, Prof. Dr. Zağlul an-Naccar said about the matter:

“The West does not like evidences that display Mecca is the center of our planet. But, in spite of everything, we will maintain our research. And, we will prove that is the fact. While Prof. Dr. Husein Kemaleddin was trying to determine directions of kiblah in the world’s primary cities; he revealed that Mecca is at the center of a circle which skirting around all the seven continents that are generating the earth.”

Eventually, since Adam, particularly Abraham, the “center” preserved its own characteristic that there is protected, illicit(haram) and “secure land”, also in case of failing association, “angels” surround there. However, such as present, everywhere and every society center that full with “association(shirk)” – “ignorance” is neither secure nor protected and far away from Eternal Almighty Lord‘s punishment.Evidences we have indicated above make a major contribution to our thesis that “beginning point” of the life story of mankind in planet earth is “South Arabia centered on Mecca”.


Adam’s first son was Cain, second one is Abel on the Mecca centered “Earth Land” in which Adam had become settled on it. Adam and Eve requested a righteous son from AllahEve, be pregnant with Cain and was becoming heavier, and Adam made their second great mistake at the same time; they associated partners with Allah by the birth of son. Thereon, Almighty Allah condemned them fiercely. Here, evidences on the Qur’an and Torah… The Qur’an states that the birth of Cain(Qayin) and their association:

It is He(Allah) Who created you from a single person(Adam). And made his mate(wife) of like nature, in order that he might dwell with her. When they are united, she bears a light burden and carries it(the burden). When she grows heavy, they both pray to Allah their Lord, (saying): “If Thou givest us a goodly(child), we vow we shall ever be grateful.”
But when (Allah) giveth them a goodly child, they associated partners with Him(Allah) a share in the gift they have received: but Allah is exalted high above the partners they ascribe(association) to Him.
Do they indeed ascribe(association) to (Allah) as partners things that can create nothing, but are themselves created?
No aid can they
(their partners) give them, nor can they aid them selves!

Torah(The Bible) intimating how they associated partners with Him and simply interpreting verses of the Qur’an:

And the man knew Eve his wife; and (Eve) conceived and bore Cain, and said: “I have gotten a man with the LORD.”
And again she bore his brother Abel. And Abel was a keeper of sheep, but Cain was a tiller of the ground.
(Bereishit: 4/1-2)

What Eve told when Cain(Qayin) was born at 4/1“I have gotten a man with the LORD.” That is a statement, which is shirkEternal Almighty Allah created Adam and Eve directly. They thought that, as though this “the child-human”,

Allah obliged them, was creation of AdamEve and angels, their pathfinders and supporters, in collaboration with God. To allocate a share to causes except Allah is associating partners with Allah, which is “shirk”. Thus, Almighty Allah clearly stated that at the verse AL-ARAF(7)/190:

“But when (Allah) giveth them a goodly child, they associated partners with Him a share in the gift they have received: but Allah is exalted high above the partners they ascribe(association) to Him.”

Here, Cain(Qayin)’s story had begun at here and extended over until “Mu-Atlantis”Cain, born this way, enviously killed his little brother Abel(Hevel) who was born after himself, and became cursed. Here it is Torah’s statements: 

And he said, What has thou done? The voice of your brother’s blood crieth unto me from the ground.
And now thou cursed from the earth, which hath opened her mouth to receive thy brother’s blood from thy hand;
When thou till the ground, it shall not henceforth yield unto thee her strength;
 a fugitive and a vagabond shalt thou be in the earth.
And Cain went out from the presence of the LORD, and dwelt in the land of Nod, on the east of Eden.
Bereishit(Genesis): 4/10-12,16

First of all, when Cain was born, his parent made the second mistake that is “shirk”. Secondly, Cain enviously attempted to kill his brother Abel and killed at his maturity age. Thereby, he became the first murderer who “intentionally killed his brother” and pave the way for shedding brothers’ blood. Eternal Almighty Allah cursed him and stated that no longer, he would not get efficiency when he tilled the ground as before, became nomad and aloneCain, be deprived of the Mercy of our Eternal Almighty Lord, left from “Land of Eden”, that is Mecca centered “South Arabia”, and went to east of the land which is “Land of Nod”Nod, in Hebrew, means “isolated” or “nomadism”, namely, Cain went to the east of Eden, land of nomadism; to Asia.

After wards at the era of sons of Israel“an area was organized at the east side of promised lands” so that those who killed men inadvertently were not killed and also may flee away there. Lots of verses in the Torah regarding the issue. In the Deuteronomy 4/41: “Then Moses severed three cities on this side Jordan toward the sun rising.” the verse is adequate to explain the event. However, those who intentionally kill people would be killed, tit-for-tat (retaliation). Cain was not killed; despite he killed his brother, allowed to flee Asia as accursed one. The reason is murder was committed unprecedentedly, and no awareness with regard to the issue, which is presumably a mitigating cause. Certainly, Eternal All-Knowing Almighty Lord, numerous “profundities (wises)” are based in His every actions, knows the best.


1) In Yemen-Oman: “Jebel Faya” Archeological Research

At the present, modern research say that mankind spread to the world from Africa, particularly Eastern Africa, namely through the Rift Valley which is close to “Eden Gulf”. However, according to the latest archeological research, significant evidences are found in Jebel Faya where is south of the Arabian Peninsula and east of “Eden-Yemen”. Below are determinations at the research made by Simon Armitage and his colleagues from London University in 2011, published in “Science Magazine” and included in the Approaching Hour as a news:

Jebel Faya(Mountain Faya), The United Arab Emirates, seems like an inhospitable land, only few nomad Bedouins can stand, due to its barren deserts and hills, rare rains and sandy ground. On the other hand, 125,000 years ago everything was so very distinct. Deserts were savannahs that host abundant water and game animal. In other words, ecosystem which consists of wide plains, meadow, small woodlands and greeneries.

“The team believesin whichthe very first modern people may have passed through Iran gulf perhaps went towards India, Indonesia, even Australia.”

“At the last interglacial era, evidences in Jebel Faya, which shows the existence of human being in the Eastern Arabia. Tools that have been found in Jebel Faya were similar to the last periods of Middle Stone Age at Eastern Africa. Furthermore, when the sea level was high at the interglacial age, plant intensity was high as well as much more water existed in the Najd Plateau, Arabia.”

South Arabiacould be a second center to increase of human populationThere are evidences regarding rainy seasons of South Arabia. Presumably, human populations increased and marched to interior of Arabia as well as shoreline.”

“As a consequence, probably Iran Gulf district generated another population center in which the first modern men had might been spread in favorable ages. The entrance, from South-Eastern Arabia to Iran Gulf, was arguably through lots of valley canals that extend over from Al Hajar Mountain towards Iran Gulf Basin. At the same time, the canals eased migration of people in the way of passing through proto Gulf shores.” 

2) In Yemen-Oman: Dhofar Archeological Research

Upon complementing this article we get the very newest archeological research, made in Arabia. Below a few passages from the research, established in “Live Science” made by Jeffrey Rose’s team, who is the leader of study in Faya, supporting our thesis, in England Birmingham University and archeologist of Paleolithic Era: 

“In Oman Reign, more than 100 districts that are latest founds are confirming migration that is from Africa did occur from interior of Arabia, which was longer time ago than genetically evidences have showed up. Interestingly, these new found districts are far away from shores, placed in interior regions.” Jeffrey Rose says:

“After wards we looked for the evidences that may help to comprehend the spread of very first human for a decade, eventually, we have found clear evidences with regard to exodus from Africa. What makes it exciting is this scenario was not considered before.”

Archeologists and geologists, who are members of the international team, have made their research in Dhofar Mountains, in South East edge of South OmanArabian Peninsula. Antony Marks, researcher from Southern Methodist University, have indicated to mass migration throughout the shore, also stated that passing through the shores and eating seafood is more meaningful than desert inside. He says:

“Migration through shores hypothesis is reasonable in one hand, on the other hand there is no archeological evidence that can confirm this.”

Research team went to dry plateau that was hot, windy, near to river canal, also the latest place for the end of 2010 as planned before, in which lots of tools of stone were there as scattered. That kind of tools of stone was widespread situated in Arabia, however, tools that were found up to now was relatively made in later times. After the close examinations Rose pointed out by telling; “These stones are belong Nubians (an ethnic party living in the North Africa). Why are these standing here?” According to researchers, a plenty of evidences that are found in these barren deserts are emphasizing the significance of the study. Marks says: 

“In this region, we have samples that can break abstract models’ connections with real evidences.”

Considering someone made these stones instead of leaving from them. Somehow, while these tools were being made, Arabia is not in the middle of nowhere as well as ruin and desolated land. At those times, fertile rains in the shores were making efficient barren grounds of Arabia. As the statements of researchers, lots of animals that could be hunted were in those grasslands. Rose says: 

“For a length of time, South Arabia was greenery zone, which had repositories such as huge game animals, abundant fresh waters and high-quality tinderboxes that avails to make tools of stone.”

The very first migration of modern people from Africa was allegedly realized through not Arabian shores but river connections we are using as highway at the present. Thinking about in those places had attractive gifts such as gazellesantelopes and mountain goats, which were tried to be hunt by the first modern people in African savannahs. Rose explained to Live Science:

“When we consider the genetic indicates of mass migration 70.000 years ago, we have seen the exodus might from Arabia not Africa.”

Archeologists will be maintaining explorations in order to find the evidences, called “the roads of stone residuals”, throughout South Arabia deserts.


Particularly the evidencesbased upon the revelation below, are clearly revealing that the beginning of humanity and expanse center is Mecca centered “South Arabia”, in other words, where is “Eden-Yemen” region that includes MeccaAdam had demoted from “Eden Heaven” to “Eden Garden” on earth, mankind spread to the world through here. South Arabia is acknowledged as “The Land of Bliss” or “Fertile Arabia” thanks to the prolificacy and accessibility to everywhere throughout the history. Land of “Ad-Iram Nation” was here, who emerged after Noah, ancestors of Arabs and had the power of proverbial vineyards and orchards, which are indicated in the Qur’an.

The land’s access, between Eastern Africa and Eden GulfAsia and Oman Gulf, illustrates two important directions of the spread. The third spread direction was towards the North through Arabia. As current research contributes the accuracy, mankind did march through Arabiatowards the North beyond watercourses that presently seems dehydrated, however, at the beginning of humanity was thick and fast, expanded to Middle East and Mesopotamia.

At the present, particularly evolution lovesick researchers are searching the beginning of modern humanity in Africa. Likewise, this searching is accordance with their “evolution philosophy”. Supposing that, humanity had to go through primitive stages in order to emerge in the way of evolving. Giving the impression that Africa, even Eastern Africa is the beginning point, in one hand, is fault; on the other hand it supports our thesis as the nearest neighbor of Eden Gulf. As long as studies that are done in Africa will be done in South Arabia, hoping that evidences that confirming our thesis will be gained strength. Thus, archeological research in Yemen-Oman region, Jebel Faya and Dhofar, wrapping up above, did confirm us. Never doubt upon increasing number of this research, our thesis will be completely verified.

We stated that Adam’s first son Cain ostracized to “Land of Nod”East and through Jebel Faya passing on Oman Gulf, arrived Asia. Considering that “Cain’s posterity” expanded over the present Iran to AfghanistanKabul, from there to the full of TibetIndiaChina and Asia.


The name Kabul is a widespread and meaningful name in Afghanistan. Upon considering the negative meaning of Kabul(Cain) name, it is clear that it would not come into use subsequently. However, reaching our time, based upon historical roots, is more realistic determination. Kabul is the capital and the biggest city of Afghanistan. The Kabul city is a 1800 meters high center placed on the road, from the south of Hindu Kush Mountains to India. Moreover, it is a door to Asia at the historical Silk Road, also an “ancient city”, has strategically importance, controls Khyber Pass and also passes to PakistanKabul city has a Kabul district. Besides, there is Kabul River passing through the capital that gives its name to region. Departing from East of Afghanistan and passing through northeast of Peshawar, finally joining to Indus River.

Here, “Cain”s posterity”, marching from the Kabul door of Asia, moved towards China; became ancestors of “Empire of Mu“, namely “Mu Land”, who were hegemons before the Flood at the land of Uyghur-TibetIndian and China. Ancestors of “Atlantis Nation”, located on “Atlantis Land” that was probably on Pacific Ocean, were “Mu Nation“. In other words, beforehand the decadence, forefathers of Atlantis nation placed on Atlantic Oceanare Mu.

Tabari intimates based upon a hadith that particularly Chinese’s ancestors was Kabul(Cain). “Wine, instrument, lute, attaching bristle(hair) onto strings, affixing leather onto tambourine-drum and something kind of that, who was the very first originator of all?” the question as above, the Prophet’s (saw) answer is here:

“Those things you asked remained from Cain’s posterity. Long time ago there was a man amongst the Cain’s children, who was named as YuanYuan was a human who loves rejoicing and amusement. TheDevil did become a friend with him. He accustomed Yuan to something like that, lifted his spirit. The Devil taught him those kinds of instruments. Indeed, he got grape-juice by squeezing fresh grape. He left for acetifying for a couple of days, then, filled cubes and pots. He set rejoicings and festivals. He let everybody drink the wine by serving up. Some playing instrument, some dancing. They were gradually all loving things like that. Everybody approached young Yuan, be friends with him. Then, the Devil came into the human form, became a friend with him, ate and drunk together. He started to amuse Yuan with beautiful statements, increased his rampancy. Here, all those things remained from YuanYuan was learnt from the Devil.”
The Tabari History, V.1, p.76

The person, who is astonishingly mentioned in the hadith, is one of Cain’s children; furthermore, his name is YuanYuan does not look unfamiliar at the present. As known, Yuan is not just China’s national currency, more than that, a codename that represents Chinese and history of China. The official currency of People’s of Republic China is Yuan that is being printed by The People’s Bank of China. Yuan Dynasty ruled country the years between 1280-1368. If a survey is made, it can be seen that one of the most common name is “Yuan”. A typical sample: The greatest poet in the China history, more than a thousand year their classical poet’s name, who is Chinese people love him, is “Qu Yuan“. Presently, China Conversation Committee member and China Military Academy World Military Research Institute’s former vice president major general’s name is “Luo Yuan“. “Yuan” became merely the surname of Chinese people.

In the China mythology, “Yuan” has an important place as in the China’s history had. Chiang-Yuan is a god in the mythology. Bixia Yuanjinis a goddess of the mythology, as though, responsible for births and fates of children. Mystical creatures in ‘Taoism’ are being ruled by Yuan-shitian-zong, and once a year they present their reports to him.

Moreover, when talking about the bridges and some buildings in old Lijiang city at the age of Yuan dynasty, mentioning a native ruler “Mu” and his “Mu Dwelling”, which is very meaningful. The text is exactly below:
Mu dwelling, in ancient Lijiang city, was the workplace Lijiang’s native ruler, MuMu dwelling that was being tried to build at the age of Yuan dynasty (1271-1368) was made city museum in 1998. At three hectares ground Mu dwelling has 162 rooms of all sizes. Inside of dwelling, there are 11 written plaque that were gifted from emperors.” 

Like wise, we see that common usage of “Mu” in Chinese Mythology. Particularly this name is among the name of higher gods and goddesses. Here is the name of gods includes Mu: King-Mu, Xi Wang-Mu, Mu-Gong, Mu-King, Mu-Lan, Mu-Cera, Mu-m-Mu, Mu-t, Nudim-Mu, Tian-Mu

Legends of China narrate that Uyghurs were top of their development 17.000 years ago. These Uyghurs were those in before the Flood and colonial empire which was related to “Mu nation”.


Idris was sent as stimulant messenger to invite Cain’s children nation to Islam. Tabari narrates that Cain’s children would not answer positive to Prophet Idris invitation in the “History of Tabari”: 

Do not worship to Fire, do not drink wine, do not fornicate!” he said, and prohibited them from those things. However, few people from the nation confirmed Idris. Most of never give up fire worshipping. Long time those in transgressing and fain deny. Did not obey Idris. He read the pages that sent down to Seth. Warned people to obey rules of the book.”

Tabari narrates that people could see giants and djinn-devils at that age, and hostility, battle and peace conditions had been maintaining between men and giants until Noah’s Flood, after the Flood djinn-devils and giants disappeared.


Today, information pollution, fallacy and manipulation are extremely proceeding. The Devil and his men are using the notion and info pollution. In order for making instrument humanity to “their ancient plan”, they have been preparing the greatest “Temptation” of history of the mankind through constantly blending “truth” with “fallacy”. In order to open the door of “enigmatic age” in which all notions, based on the revelation, and truths are perverted, they all washing the brains consistently. Present’s mankind who are destitute of the true revelation is running towards the darkness as bats do. Principally in this time, the Devil’s explicit or implicit psychics-mediums, New Ager and esoteric sources continuously release “infobits” as “gilded packs” about Mu, Lemuria, and Atlantis.

The border of Mu Nation or Empire, existed beforehand the Flood in history of mankind, extended to Tibet-Indian-China grounds; covered a large land that included all islands on Pacific which is on the southeast of Eastern Asia. This border can be determined like that: From the southeast edge of Burma, Smith Island, Sumatra, Java, Australia and bottom edge of New Zealand towards South America, from there up to Japan, completing the circle; “Mu-Lemuria Continents’ sunken part” can be determined. With this circular rotation, very important part of Pacific Ocean is added to the southeast of East Asia, with all sizes of islands in the horseshoe or semi circle. This extended Asia, we can attempt to draw the borders, the total of Mu and its neighbor Lemuria Lands. In other words, “the sunken district on Pacific”, which included “Solomon Islands” and geological part of East Asia, as well, is Mu’s neighbor Lemuria. Simultaneously, the Ground was like a bridge that connected Mu with South America-Mexico before Noah’s Flood.

In fact, it can be obviously stated that the geography, we set the framework, is cont’d of Asia, however, today’s borders would be shaped after sinking some part of the land due to a comet impact. Because, there are some antique plaque and tablet, which indicate the sunken parts of “Mu Land”. Particularly, “the sunken land”, cont’d of Mu land, is named as land of djinn-devils LemuriaMu men society and Lemuria djinn-devils society are confounded or accepted as the same nations because of the fact that Lemuria land is cont’d of Mu land that includes Solomon Islands, extended to Mexico Gulf. Fundamentally, the Devil’s manipulation is behind of the confounding.

Captain James Churchward, who learnt the first information about Mu civilization from Nakalscripts in India, states below in his book “The Lost Continent of Mu”:

“The resource of Uyghur civilization is today districts close to Mongolia and Gobi Desert’s mountainsides. Lots of generations ago, people had chosen a king, and also attached ‘Ra’ prefix before his name. Thus, he became a hieratic leader and emperor under the name ‘Ra Mu’ Empire was named as ‘Empire of the Sun’The lost country that was at the stage of history before the Flood had different names. In Tibet scripts it is called as Ra Mu, scripts in America as homeland of Mu.”

Mu nation; a men society that was directed and simply ruled by Lemurians, namely djinn-devils, since Cain’s son Yuan. Because of this reason, source of inspiration of all cultures and religion understandings is Lemurian djinns; their civilization merely became integrated with them. Indeed, Lemuria is Lemura. Lemura consists of le-mu-ra expansion. That’s meaning is “Mu-Ra”; Mu of Ra(the Devil). “Ra” is mask that provides to hide the Devil behind of Sun symbol. Mu men society’s Mu name as well as Ra are borrowed from Lemurian djinns, and master of these two distincts “djinn and human societies” is the same: the Devil(Iblis).

In fact, “Ra” is the first two letters of Allah’s Rahman and Rahim attributes, and representsAllah. In the Qur’an, Allah says: “The sun is luminary(lamb)The moon is light(Noor).” In this case, while The Sun(Ra) represents Allah, The Moon represents our Prophet. But, the thief Devil, lost his all glory and honor, enemy of the humanity, had stolen this symbol as well, hidden behind its; by deflecting djinns-people and their societies he led to “association(shirk)” them, from there to “paganism-idolatry”. So, all devilish religious understandings of Mu society, and their holy notions moved to Atlantis after Mu, and then all “ancient nations” via djin-devils.

Those, who give deceptively the name of Lemuria to “Mu Land”, are sources that do not want to accept the existence of djinn-devils and hide neighborhood of them with Mu. On the part of this “lost land” that we draw the borders, djinn-devils were living. Here, djinn-devils had been placed on this region as the blaze of revolving sword since Adam was placed on earth, namely, “South Arabia”. While Cain and Yuan’s posterity was proliferating in Eastern Asia, generating “Mu Nation”, they were becoming a nation under the neighborhood and guidance of “djinn-devils” who had been longstanding living in this region.

In this case, it would be helpful to state that sons of djinns had been living in 3-D formats, when they had died, become skeletonize like mankind beforehand sons of Adam came to the earth. Likewise, one of the most important reason for “fault about human evolutions“, too difficult to comprehend, by the evolutionists who have found “thousands of years old skulls” is that djinn heads, also the second one is “Gog-Magog heads” which emerged combination of djinn-human posterities…


We have accentuated that the sunken region, mid of the Solomon Islands and Mexican Gulf, is the land of Lemurian djinn-devils. The Lemuria name has being used by particularly djinn-devils; books in this name are dictated. Eventually, Mu and Lemuria are two neighbor nations; one of them sons of Adam and Cain, the other one is sons of djinns… Djinn-devils, deceived all antique nations, pull Roman’s leg, as well. Thus, the word “lemures” that was used among the Roman society for their ancestors’ souls(!), who were walking at nights, is a Lemurian plot. Presently, they have been maintaining to deceive modern ignorants as they deceived Romans before in the way of souls of the ancestors or souls of dead people or angel and spirit

Murry Hope stated that in his own book “Atlantis: Myth or Reality?“:

Atlantis, in Pacific Ocean, was nourished by another pre-historic developed civilization around West shores of Southern America. In fact, there are numerous people who believe in, once upon a time, ancient Lemuria Continent had connected with Southern America and Asia.”

This is what was stated: Beforehand Atlantis, there was a different civilization between Southern America and Asia, which we pointed out “The Land of Lemuria”.

According to Hope; Hesiodos expressed like below when he was mentioning regarding “the anciedjinn nation”: “Hereby, fate was closed over this nation, who were the holy djinns of the ground, correcting iniquities to the true, the guardians of mortal ones.”

In our opinion; the nation, stated above, is exhausted Lemuriadjinn-devils; and the sunken land is the land of Lemuria. Furthermore, the guides and guardians of mankind are not djinn-devils but authentic angels. As far these djinn-devils, those are deceiver-deflector and preparative to destruction. Greek poet Hesiodos, who lived 8 BC, in addition stating that he was one of the agents of devilish Greek philosophy, obviously those praises to djinns are not for nothing.

Djinn-devils have Lauren O. Thyme and Sareya Orion printed a book which name is “The Lemurian Way” by using them as psychics, in other words inspiring them. In this book they narrate “devil nation”, under the name of “Lemurian Life”, and their lands centered on Solomon Islands encouragingly and falsifying the truths. Below a few excerpt from the book:

“Thousands years ago, our civilization had emerged and grown up at a huge continent in which exists on the region that is recently called Southern Pacific. The continent on which we built our homeland is also known as Mu or Mukalia, but we would use the name of LemuriaLemuria existed together both before and at the same time with the civilization that is known as Atlantis. However, our civilization had been destroyed thousands(!) of years ago, namely, beforehand exact destruction of Atlantis.”

The point in question is here exact disinformation. According to Iblis method, a reality is tried either altering the trueness of subject towards falsehood or trying to cause forgetting by covering the facts. As here, djinn-devils have been trying to sell themselves as ancestors of mankind as well as the very first developed human nation. Because of this, they are always repeating the lie which Mu and Lemuria(their own nations) are the same nations. Furthermore, the claim above, between destruction of Lemuria and Atlantis is thousands of years, is not stating the truth.


Churchward states below in his book “The Lost Continent of Mu” regarding Atlantis:

The greatest son of Mu Civilization is AtlantisAtlantis placed on the regions that close to Greenland, cover Ireland and beyond to all east shores of North Eastern America, also cover east shores of Southern America. Schliemann alleged that Atlantis and Mu are the same just based upon two documents that are Troanomanuscript and Lhasadocument. In fact, in these records there is no any statement about Mu and Atlantiswerethe same civilizations, it is just Schliemann’s opinion. If he has studied other records, he would see that lands of Mu are not the eastern of America, that is region Atlantis stand, but the western side of America. Moreover, both Atlantis and Mu Lands had been destroyed and sunk in the way of volcanic eruptions. The science has precisely proved that.

“In the northern of Atlantic Ocean, there was a ‘road’ connecting with Europe. The road is between AmericaGreenland and Norway; the west line was connecting each other with a great triangle piece that extended from Iceland towards Cape Finisterre, the northwest edge of French.”

Murry Hope states below in his book “Atlantis: Myth or Reality?”:

“Phoenicians mentioned about an hidden and very rich island they called as Antilles. In Indian holy scripts, Puranas and Mahabharata refer to a continent, named as Attala in which ocean, semi earth far away from their subcontinents. Ignatius Donnelly suggested that the sinking of the Continent(Atlantis) at Atlantic Ocean was the last link of a range of enormous changing on which both sides of it, colossal continents were emerging.”

“The name of legendary island Atlantis, narrated as went down, would be written as ‘Atalantis’ as well as ‘ Atalantica’. For the first time, Platon mentioned Atlantis myth in his dialogue Timaio, provided references of information about Atlantis to Solon. Also, Platon gave another details about Atlantis in the dialogue Kritias, described there as a heaven on earth. Suggested that ancestors of island society was the posterity that stemmed from Poseidongod(devil) and ahuman mother. The myth narrated from Greeks towards Arab geographers in the Middle Age, then conveyed to European authors. Discussions was maintaining about the reality of myth throughout 17th and 18th centuries. Famous writers such as Montaigne, Buffon and Voltaire believed in the myth.”

Atlantis legend became a source of inspirational for lots of European writers. F.Bacon’s novel regarding ideal nation of physical sciences is “New Atlantis”; Swedish Rudbeck’s (1679-1702) work “Atland Eller Mahneim”; Catalan poet Verdaguer’s poem that describes Christopher Columbus as a man who went out in search for ancient continents is “I’ Atlântida” (1877); G.Hauptmann’s work that applied on a scientist’s psychology, who fell in love with an actress by symbolizing the same myth is “Atlantis” (1912) and P. Benoit’s work “I’ Atlantide” (1919) are some of these examples.

According to these writers Greeks, in very ancient times, repelling Atlantis people on a continent-island in the face of Atlantic Ocean, Hercule pillars (Jabal Tariq Bosphorus). As Platon, the incident occurred 9000 years ago from the Solon period, roughly on 9600 BC.

Kemal Menemencioğlu narrates Egyptian Monk’s thought, who met with Solon, with regard to Atlantis domination based upon Platon:

“In Atlantis Island, rulers had founded an admirable state that exceeded its dominance to whole island and other islands, even towards the great parts of continent(America?). In addition, interior of other the bosphorus, down to EgyptLibya; down to Tyrhenia(Western Italy), Europe, all in their dominance. Someday, the state aspired to get under control your land, ours, all nations interior of the bosphorus by gathering all forces together… However, after those horrible quakes, floods occurred. Within a horrible rainy day and night, all warriors suddenly were buried on the ground at a stroke, and then engulfed. AtlantisIslandwas destroyed, likewise by sinking. Just because of this, the ocean could not be passed, ranged even today due to the fact that while island was sinking, shallow bogs were emerged.”


American Senator and important Atlantis researcher Ignatius Donnelly (1831-1902) described “Atlantis” as “The Land Before the Flood” and suggested that Atlantis was destroyed due to a horrible calamity; few people were escaped and survived with rafts.

Based upon his own studies, in his 500 pages book, Donelly picked up 650 evidences that indicate similarities between ancient and new world in terms of ethnic, mythological, religious, language, art, architecture, agriculture, domestic animals; and stated that all are coming from the same source. Besides, he attached evidences on geological, sea geography, plant and animal species. Published his work “Ragnarok”, the Age of Fire and Gravel‘ in 1883. Alleged that beforehand Noah’s Flood, a “comet” collided the earth.

Churchward explains when and how Mu and Atlantis were destroyed in the book “Lost Land of Mu”. Here is a summary of the explanations:

“In ancient times, the ground had two names, first is hieratic; the second is geographic. The hieratic name was Mugeographic name is Western CountriesAtlantis and Mu grounds were destroyed by volcanic eruptions and sunk. The science precisely proved that. Went down and lower parts towards mouth of the hell, “a shadow from the fire”. Huge continent fell into a burn pit, “engulfed from blazes attacking from everywhere”.

“Pontiff of Sais temple Suçis narrated to Solon that Atlantis sunk 11.500 years ago and because of this great continent sinking, going to western countries was blocked; and because of destruction of the intermediate country(Lemuria), on other side of Atlantis, by falling a victim to a great calamity, going to there could not be possible.”

Below are some interesting excerpts from Lhasa document:

“When Honey star fell into the ground that consists of sea and skynow; seven cities in which had golden entrance doors, transparent temples was starting to quaking and scattering like leafs be caught by the storm.

“This civilization(Mu) went down, 11.500 and 11.750 years ago, shortly before the destruction of Atlantis, during gas zones was forcing to upside and rising of the mountains at the same parallels. Uyghur Empire was the very first colony empire of Mu and Eastern half was destroyed during ‘the Flood’, mentioned in the Torah.”

Egyptianclerk-historian Manetho wrote it down on one of the his papyruses:

“‘Empery of Atlantis wise menlasted 13.900 years.’ Atlantis had sunk 11.500 years ago. The great central gas zone submerged Mu and Atlantis. The zone covering Pacific submerged Bering Ground BridgeAppalachianIcelandScandinaviazone submerged.”

Hope wrapped up Mu and Atlantis’ sinking below:

With the narration of Plato, severe accelerating natural calamities had emerged due to closing of the cometAt Zac month, eleventh Muluksixth day of Chanhorrible earthquakes lasted until thirteenth of ChuenClayhills country Mu and Moud(Lemuria) were the victims of calamity. Quaked two times and they had been destroyed in a nightEarth’s crust fluctuated until it could not stand the pressure and divide each other with chasms. The incident happened on 8060 BC. According to the myth, once upon a time Atlantis continent was a part of greater land, named Mu, that beyond Pacific Ocean; after wards scientist Sclater gave Lemuria name to this continent. There are some myths that sunken island, even continents exist in Pacific Oceanan ancient Hawaiian myth says, “Our motherland… kings are lying up at the bottom of ocean.”

“A huge meteor caused to destruction of Atlantis. The view, extraterrestrial subject was not anasteroid but a comet, was approved by lots of well-known people. When we think about Muck’s date BC 8498 regarding Atlantis sinking, or rather Mooney, Ivimy, Spence and others calculations, it comes up we are bothersomely close to the skid of pendulum.”


In “the Book of Enoch”, Chapter 66 and 67, destruction of “djinn-devils” and their lands Lemuria were inspiring to Noah, simultaneously displaying him. Below Noah’s expressions based upon the revelation:

“Chapter 66:
4. And God will imprison those watchers(djinn-devils), who have shown unrighteousness, in that burningvalley which my grandfather Enoch had formerly shown to me in the ‘west’ among the mountains of gold and silver and iron and soft metal and tin.
5. And I saw that valley in which there was a great convulsion and a convulsion of the waters.
6. And when all this took place, from that fiery molten metal and from the convulsion thereof in that place, there was produced a smell of sulphur, and it was connected with those waters, and that valley of the watcherswho had led astray mankind burned beneath that land.
7. And through its valleys proceed streams of fire, where these watchers are punished who had led astray those who dwell upon the earth.
10. And in proportion as the burning of their bodies becomes severe, a corresponding change shall take place in their spirit forever and ever.
12. For the judgment shall come upon them, because they believe in the lust of their body and deny the Spirit, (creation) of the Lord.
13. And those same waters will undergo a change in those days; for when those angels are punished in these waters, these water-springs shall change their temperature.

Chapter 67:
2. And on that day Michael answered Raphael(Azrael) and said: ‘The power of the spirit transports and makes me to tremble because of the severity of the judgment of the watchers. Who can endure the severe judgment which is fluttering them?’ And Michael said again to Raphael: ‘Who is he whose heart is not softened concerning it, and whose reins are not troubled by this word of judgment that has gone forth upon them because of their leaders?
4. Before the Lord of Spirits, Raphael said thus to Rachael: ‘I will not take their part under the eye of the Lord; for the Lord of Spirits has been angry with them because they do as if they were the Lord. Therefore all that is hidden shall come upon them now.'”

All answers of the questions are hidden on the expressions above Noah narrated based on the revelation. We can express in itemized below:

1) Watchers, who were destroyed, are djinn-devils; recently they are trying to market themselves as “god, angel, soul or alien” to men.
2) The place they were dwelling, their land, was shown up on West to himself by Enoch. Remember that “Mu and Lemuria Lands” another name is “Western countries”.
3) Presently in this territory, Solomon Islands, next to Papua New GuineaAustraliaNew Zealand and mines that were mentioned in 4th verse are reserving a large place. 
4) “There was a great convulsion and a convulsion of the waters.” statement clearly indicates that comet collision and volcanic eruptions, all is matching up with today’s science. 
5) “There was produced a smell of sulphur, and it was connected with those waters.” statement is indicating volcanoes and reference to the sulphursmell at nature of djinn-devils.
6) “Streams of fire, where these who had led astray those who dwell upon the earth are punished”, “as the burning of their bodies”“when those angels are punished in these waters, these water-springs shall change their temperature” statements have meaningful information in our opinion.
7) Before the torment of Allah, even Archangel Michael said he had trembled, which reveals the strength of torment.
8) Above, under the title “Enoch Revealing Gog-Magog”; we expressed that a group of leaders among djinns committed “digenesis”producing Gog-Magog crime. Furthermore, Michael’s expression “that has gone forth upon them because of their leaders” confirming this determination.
9) “They do as if they were the Lord” verse clearly describing “djinn-devils” fundamental deviation. Presently the devilish lies, which “they and even all mankind are gods”, shed light on fundamentals of their poisonous and servile propagandas. Remember that, they had deceived Adam and Eve with the poisonous lie becoming God” on the heaven.

“Djinn-devils”, who say we are Lemurians, cannot deny the truth even if they are trying to their own island and nation were destroyed before Atlantis. Below the speeches of djinn-devils, who says we are Lemurians, via their psychics:
Lemuria existed both at the same time and before the civilization known Atlantis. However, our civilization had been destroyed thousand(!) of years ago beforehand destruction of Atlantis. 

We had seen with sorrow and horror landmass that built up Lemuria was beginning to break apart due to great explosion on the center of earthEarth quakes, huge waves and volcanic eruptions smashed our continent. While the earth’s crust sliding, a lot of parts of Lemuria continent went down. Ocean waters covered gaps, a plenty of Lemurian dead.” 

“A few factors caused to death of our civilizationYoung Gaia(ground-earth) suffering ever increasing agonyTectonic plates of our motherland were sliding and buried onto under one another. It caused to earth’s crust squirm, surge and crack-split. At the end, more powerful earthquakesgiant waves and volcanic eruptionsoccurred and all became frequent. We perceived the motherland(Lemuria) would be completely destroyed soon after.”

Djinn-devils, trying to hide Allah’s destruction, presently as best as they are trying to cause to forget Almighty Allah’s warning and threat in the way of pinning whole events on men and ruler powers of the world. Thus, they desire to completely remove “fear of Allah” from the ground and mankind. Unfortunately, today they have attained this goal.


We had better to determine shortly where we stand now in the research, so that we would comprehend why those two humanity, and a djinn-devil nation were destroyed. The spreading to east adventure, which had begun with passing of Adam’s sons’ Cain proportion to Asia, who had started to earth life on “South Arabia”, did generate Mu and Atlantis nations until Noah’s Flood. The greatest contribution on the development “ancient religious-cultural philosophy” of Cain’s posterity nations belongs to “Lemuriadjinn-devil nation”, who were located between those two men nations. Lemuria djinn-devil nation placed on pacific, namely between the oldest nation Mu and its cont’d AtlantisLemurian devils sneakingly directed those nations under favour of their invisibility ability derived from their upper dimension; eventually, be not satisfied with only digenesis, simply condemned the history of mankind to ‘paganism-idolatry-pantheism’.

Since the beginning, those who guide two nations, manipulate them; frighten them by passing themselves off as in back of all natural events, and generate “Mu-Atlantis ancient polytheist Ra(Sun) religion”, already, those are “Lemuria djinn-devils”. Egypt, Sumer, Babylon, China, Indian, Greek and Roman nations, who were followers of Mu and Atlantis philosophy, did reflect differentiated volumes of the same “Sun religion” depending upon the time and conditions.

Upon Mu and Atlantis “devilish philosophy” dominance on those nations, the limits of Allah delimitated had been unprecedentedly pushedcommitted a grand crime by disrupting the pattern on which He has made mankind. Once for all, djinn-devils caused to emerge accursed generation through having affairs with men’s progeny. Who are those accursed progeny? Surely “giants”, in other words Gog-Magog… So, as we have given the evidences above Gog-Magog, namely “giants” are productions of the affair between MuAtlantis nations, who were led astray, with djinn-devils. The fundamental reason for “destruction of the triadancient nations” was becoming slaves for Iblis by ignoring-covering Our Eternal Almighty Lord and His all laws.

Tabari, in the book “History of the Prophets and Kings”, wrote that GogMagog was sons of Mu; emerged east of Khazar and Turk lands. Also, SaclepsBurjans and Ushpans state that they are sons of Yuvan(Yuan); in our opinion these tribes did generate Mu

In the “Creation Eras”(4QIS80) chapter of “The Dead Sea Scrolls Qumran Scriptures”, it is accentuated that Iblis and his angels(!), that is djinn-devils who are called as watchersapproached to girls of men, and then they bore them the giants, hence, mischief and chaos spread all around the world.

Prophet Enoch(Idris) explicitly summarized that who are Gog-Magog, how they plotted the mischief and cruelty on the ground, and later how Allah’s torment made inevitable:

“Chapter 15:
8. And now, the giants, who are produced from the spirits and flesh, shall be called evil spirits upon the earth, and on the earth shall be their dwelling. Evil spirits have proceeded from their bodies; because they are born from men and watchers. As for the spirits of heaven, in heaven shall be their dwelling, but as for the spirits of the earth which were born upon the earth, on the earth shall be their dwelling.
9.And the spirits of the giants bring afflict, oppress, destroy, attack, do battle, and work destruction on the earth.
10. And cause screams: they take no food, but nevertheless hunger and thirst. And cause offences. And these spirits shall rise up against the children of men and particularlyagainst the women, because they have proceeded from them.”

“Chapter 9:
1. And then MichaelGabrielUrielRaphaelSurial and looked down from heaven and sawmuch blood being shed upon the earth, and all lawlessness being wrought upon the earth. And they said one to another:
2. The earth made without inhabitant cries reached to the gates of heaven.
8. And the women have borne giants,
9. and the whole earth has thereby been filled with blood and sins.
10. And now, behold, the souls of those who have died are crying.
11. Their screams arrived to the gates of heaven.”

That is the true reason for destruction. The true reason for “universal destruction” such as Noah’s Flood is this. We shall lastly enrich evidencesbased on the revelation, about the aberrant “djinn-human relation”, with mythological evidences. We will take a look at “giants mythology” that is another evidence of existence of “the giants”, namely Gog-Magog, who were produced by djinn-men nation, and how they caused trouble to mankind:


Almost all myths and tales of nations mention “giants”. “Giants” cannot be removed from the common memory of mankind, they did engrave. Who are those “giants”MuAtlantisGreekScandinavianSouth AmericaEuropeCaucasianTurkPersianMongolIndian and so forth, all those nations have specific “giants myths” and heroes who struggle with those “giants”. This common and almost suited to “Mutawatir” stage texts regarding existence of “giants”, even if they are just myths, do not they reflect the truth? Moreover, in the Qur’anTorah, the Bible and all texts apocryphal or not based on the revelation shed light on the truth. In the Qur’an “Ya’juj Ma’juj”, in Torah “Yegog Megog”, in Enoch(Idris) “the giants”… Looking at the Wikipedia how are giants defined in there:  

“The mythology and legends of many different cultures include monsters of human appearance but prodigioussize and strength. Could be male or female. There are plenty of different belief depends on different regions’ myths. For example, most of EuropeanIndianmyths, they are accursedrace that linked with chaos and has savagenature.” 
In “History of Prophets and Kings”, Tabari narrated the giants through a tribe who lives in Kaf Mountain and complains of “the giants” who harm to them: 

O Shah! Behind the mountain a party man who called as Gog and MagogHeight of some is a span. Some of is tallTheir faces are similar to men. Teeth are out of mouth like teeth of pig. Ears are as far as their heights. Bottom to top full of hair. Foods are snakes in summer, grasses in winter. Always out of the land, hurt us. They get what they see.”

In “History of Tabari”, Tabari mentioned that war of Kayumars, son or grandson of Kaynan, with “the giants” and how he defused them. Below a part excerpt from these narrations:

“(Kayumars) attacked to giants. The giants fled away for frightening of Kayumars stateliness. His sons captivated lots of them. Kayumars tied the captivated giants with the name of Allah SWT. Used for his works. They did what his sons order to giants. When they went somewhere, giants were used as vehicle. The giants did not find any way to escape from there. They cannot harm this nation thanks to the name of Allah SWT.”

“In the History of Tabari”, it is mentioned that “giants” and “djinns” could be seen with eyes at the time of Mu and Atlantis, however, after Noah’s Flood they disappeared:

“At those times, giants and fairies could be seen with eyes. In fact, friendshiphostilitywar and peace conditions existed between them and men. This condition continued until the time of Noah. After the Floodfairies and giantsdisappeared.”

In the “Myth Dictionary”, chapter Tibet is below:

“In the text, from 14th century, ‘The Book of King’s Words’ mentioned there were more ancient traditions. In one of the chapters, devilish mythological creatures were narrated, who ruled over Tibet, before the potency of first king. First of all, a dark devil ruled and the country was known as country of devils. After then, djinns emerged by names NienPo and DjinnPo. Then a devil and a mother giant ruled. And the country was known as country of two holy ogres. From here, red-faced creatures emergedate red meat. Then, snakes and powers ruled and whole country was known as Tibet.”

Mythology of Chiangs, who live the west of SichuanChina, tells us they had lived before another place, then when they had been obliged to migrate their regions, they were obliged to struggle with creatures, named as ‘Qa’, and chased away them. Those Qa(s) are displayed strong but foolishcreaturesHad tough and wide structure, long teeth, lived in caves.”

Finns’ are among Scandinavian societies and rated among Mongols in terms of anthropology. Below some states from their national saga “Kalavela”s poetic speeches that narrate hero poet Vainamöinen who fights with Vipunen giant:

“I have heard that Giant Vipunen fell its weekly asleep, nowhere to be found any traps, cobwebs; the Giants became invisible. Rests underground. He went to Vipunen, (and said): ‘Abundant said, senile giant’… Then took out his sword; attacked against dragon with his iron, strong pike, and said: ‘You became slave to men, put your sleep an end, come our from weekly sleep, from the underground’… The giant swallowed the poor man, and said: ‘I have swallowed hundreds of men, demolished thousand hero, never seen like that…'”

In Greek myths, there are “cyclops” who have single eye in the midst of their foreheads, in other words “giants”. They were afraid of neither djinns nor mencruel creaturesfedwith human flesh; lived in caves. Response of that in Turkish mythology is “Tepegöz”(Cyclopes). Dr. UfukTavkul explained that “Nart sagas” and “emegens”(giants) in the Krym Magazine:

Nart sagas, which may be called as myths of Caucasian nations, consist of one of the most important part of KarachayBalkar folk. According to Caucasian myth, mythic nation Narts, ancestors of present Caucasian nations, in narration of myths, they domesticated horse, found iron. Narts are symbols of valor, courage, favor and Caucasian culture. Narts, utmost intelligent and master fighters, did defeat their superhuman enemies by not brute force but wit and ruse. Dagestan nations are Caucasiannations that generate ‘Caucasianculture’. When Narts were defeated in the war over against the ‘giant creature’ cruel enemies ‘emegens’old Nart people found Iron smith Debet, and sent young Nart people to Elbruz Mountain in which Debet lives in order to have a made-sword, so that they defeat ‘emegens’ with the sword.”

Uglysuperhuman giants in the Caucasian myths call as emegen or imegen. In the Caucasian Nartmyths “emegens” proliferaterapidlyNartheroes are always in the fight condition with emegens. Nart heroes hesitate from emegens, although they could always defeat them with high intelligence. Because, emegenseat Narts when they catch them.
With regard to struggle between CaucasiaCaucasian nations and Abhazlar and giants; the study “Omer Büyüka, Is Abhaz Myth Mature?” is a source study and sheds light on those giant myths adequately. In the study, “Promete Who Stole the Fire” event is mainly a Caucasian myth“residual nations”, after the Flood remained without the fire, eased their lives by stealing of fire from “the giants”, and also they protected themselves from giants with fire-forging. Below a summary from the study:  

Daw(Giant)=Dağ(Mountain) named nation’s motherland Caucasia=Mountain Kaf and behind is displayed as motherland of giants. Thus, in Nordic mythology Ymer, who are called as pre-human creature, are named as Giant Race and the word Ymer is a Caucasian word like Daw. Over time, concluded that the giants were described as great as mountain derived from giving the name, meaning ‘mountain’ and ‘giant’, the giants. In general both Abhaz nation and Old East civilization, it is narrated that those ‘giants’ physical structure and strength were superhuman great, however, due to lack of mental strength, or sanitythey were defeated many times by human intelligence. The giants called men ‘Apsuwan Ççiyeslacker Abhaz’ by despising them because of the fact that men were very small and sapless than theirselves; Abhaz nation called them ‘Dawxida=stupid Daw(Giant)'”.

“As far the fire, it was in the monopoly of giants who lived in volcanic and high mountains. They were sometimes raiding the nation they called Apsuwan Ççiye= slacker Abhaz, abducting their animals and taking their various things. Slacker Abhaz people, they were nothing in terms of physical strength, but as long as they take the fire, they would not defeated by the giants under favour of their high capability and mentality. Because of that, giants were protecting the fire by enclosing its both in sleep and in being awake.”

These statements excerpted from the book “Hidden Worlds in the Underground” of Turgut Gürsan:

“Legendary ‘giants’ of Peru were masters of megalithic buildings. Mysterious people of Tiahuanaco are assumed that they are these giants. Old Europe had giants. Lestrygons of Homer were giants. It is assumed that the giants did place on old NorwayIn some caves of Norwayenormous arm and leg bones were found. According to some claims, these giants, who emerged before and after the Flood, were leaders of lower cast in AtlantisThey rebelled against Atlantis’ dominance cast.”

Beowulf myth is an Anglo-Saxon myth, as well. But it mentioned not Anglo-Saxons but ScandinaviansScandinavia is motherland of Anglo-Saxons. The saga is known as the oldest saga of English nation. A strong Scandinavian, named Beowulf, killed the monster(giant) Grendel, killing people, because no one could stand the noise. In Beowulf saga, it is narrated that mother of “Grendel Giant” was becoming from posterity of Cain.

In 1930s, English literature history Professor J.R.R. Tolkien did write “Hobbit” by inspiring from Beowulf. In the “Hobbit” novel of Tolkien, “Orcs” were described as “always hungry”, eat all meats included horses and men. Although no clear statement about the fact that “Orcs” eattheir own speciesbut there are some implicit statement about that. Despite the movie “The Lord of The Rings” is serving the Devil’s plan with deviations that over whel ming the truths; it reflects orcs(giants) reality.

Though djinn-devils want to hide the fact that how they produced Gog-Magog; sometimes, when they desire to proliferate theirselves from mankind, via their physics, they are betraying themselves laying some infobit. Below a bunch from infobit that are whispered by “a party of Lemuriandjinn-devils” to their friends:

“In consequence of intimate relationships of Atlantis people with LemurianssemiLemurian and semi-Atlantis babies were born. Mix of two societies lowered the vibration of all Lemuria and this circumstance contributed to collapse of our civilization. Besides, most of our people were married with the people of Atlantis and other visitors who came to our continent. Upon increasing number of the marriages, Lemuria vibration still lowered. However, a Lemurian was not judged or criticized because they were married with a foreigner; with the severe alterations on the Earth. In BC 10.000Lemurians and Atlantis people were beginning to visit each other. It seems in spite of some fundamental troubles between them, both societies were impressed from each othereven some marriages were realized. At the beginning, these creatures seemed in men appearance, butin general they had some organs that belong to animals such as pawtailwingfoot or hoof. Some had heavy furs, some was dwarf.”


In conclusion, consequences derived from this comprehensive study would be arguable conclusions, off course. However, though ‘conclusions’ or ‘thesis system’ would be arguable regarding history of the humanity, Cain’s posterityMuAtlantis, emerging GogMagog and TheApproaching Hour; the closest ones to the truth for us. Furthermore, increasing number of scientific, archeological studies and presages of the Approaching Hour will be confirming the study, in our opinion. Here the summary of conclusions:

1) Root of the mankind, the very first Ground garden in which they lived is “Mecca centered Eden-Yemen-Oman region”, that is “South Arabia”. Mankind had spread all around the world from here and had three spread way: First one is through Eden Gulf towards Southeastern Africa. Second one is from the midst of Arabia towards MeccaMedina and from here to Middle East and Mesopotamia. The third one is, the fundamental subject of our study, through Oman Gulf to East; from Kabul Gate to Asia.

2) Intensifying in Asia, Cain’s posterity did generate “Mu nation”, and then “Atlantis nation”. Those nations are ancient societies that had lived at the time period between Adam and Noah. “Djinn-devil” nation, between both in Pacific, lived sunken “Lemuria Continent”, guided to those nations, also “Iblis dominated Sun(Ra) religion and culture” got under the control them.

3) All mysterious-devilish symbols, religious rituals, ceremonies and poly-theism in the ancient Mu-Atlantis nations; although these nations were destroyed with the Flood, impressed the societies after Noah’s Flood; particularly Ancient EgyptAncient GreekSumer-BabylonMongolChinaIndian, Japan nations. There are two ways of the effect: The first one is few societies who survived from Noah’s Flood, lived in high regions did make the cultural flow. The second one is all djinnsdjinndevils, and already Iblis were not destroyed with the Flood, then they successfully(!) accomplished the mission which is to convey “Devil religion” to Noah’s posterity after the Flood.

In the book “Lemurian Way”Lemurian devils have their friends written, they such confessing the truth:

“However, our thoughts, lifestyle and knowledge have been maintaining in many areas of Earth, particularly among indigenous people, and the lands in which some of us did flee away to there. We believe that aborgines, native population of America, indigenous people of Peru, Hawaii, Tahiti, Samoa, Tibet and more are descending from our posterity.”

In fact, they did confess that they became integrated with particularly those indigenous people, and manipulated the ancient nations i.e. Egypt after Noah.

Source of roots and mysterious rituals of the present masonry should be searched in Mu-Atlantis and already Lucifer(Iblis). Today, masons are proud of declaring this connection in their marks. Founder of masonry is Lucifer. Although, Masonry was organized to avenge on the Prophet Solomon and those who have faith, however, symbols-rituals and sanctus of masonic sect would attribute its roots to Egypt, and then Mu-Atlantis. The movie “The Lord of The Rings” is the most certain document of the revenge. Analysis of the movie is given in our website, who wishes can read this.

4) Today, the societies are propagandizing implicitly and explicitly via Iblis’ physics and light workers(!), those are Mu- Atlantis societies which were under the control of djinn-devils since Cain. In fact, the lie that these ancient nations were ahead of present nations, they were operating ships with Solar Energy, using sound energy, studying over DNA“Golden Age Nations(!)”; all is breaking claims within many “authors” books. All is gilded humbugs that already affected Mu-Atlantis researchers, and emerged as a result of deviation and to be deviated.

Mu-Atlantis nations have no concern with today’s technology; they may be counted as privilege and already organized societies compared to their era. The greatest improvement they achieved is to invite Eternal Almighty Allah’s torment under their manipulation by digenesising, and generating the works based on magic-sorcery traffic, making friendship with devils.

Today, Iblis who aspires to completely capture world humanity in the Approaching Hour, takes the guise of angel, firstly praises Atlantis to the skies with Atlantis literature; and then saying “O Ye Men! You are sons of Atlantis, if you desire to found new Atlantis once more, surrender your hearts and minds to us.” sending the message every month to his light workers(!).

5) In mythology, Gog-Magog named as “Giants” had emerged in the first period of mankind history; in other words, the time between AdamNoah; most probably in time of Yeret who was father of the Prophet Enoch(Idris). As a result of affair between girls of MuAtlantis nation and Lemura djinn-devil nation’s leadersGogMagog giants and dwarfs had emerged. Giants had damaged heavily to people due to their heights and strength, generated chaos in the world, and been reported in myths.

The anticipation, which is anthropomorphic creatures that emerged from affair between djinn-human; that is anticipation of “superhuman” who can include superior characteristics of both men and djinn, which is expectation of both men and djinn-devils. So that, Iblis planned to get under the control and enslave all humanity with this interproduction. However, all plans are within “Allah’s Plan“. What Allah wishes, it realizes; those who in slavery to Allah drift to salvation, those who in obedience to Iblis drift to destruction. Thus, all devilish expectations collapses; weak-minded, aberrant-strengthened or helpless creatures had emerged, who were accursed and bear hostility against both men and djinns. That is the original of “Gog-Magog” nation.

Presently, evolution-scientists who desire to create “superhuman” are not aware of what sort of fire they play. As long as those scientists will maintain their efforts and desires with ambition and whim, low knowledge, few experimental achievements, believing in miracle(!) of the evolution, they will be end up by the same way, there is no question!

6) In that case, Gog-Magog had two main production centers. First is, Mu Nation in Asia, second is Atlantis nation which was sunken in Atlantic OceanCaucasia seems a third center, but in our opinion, it is arguable. There is no any record, evidence or sign about a nation that be in such affairs with djinn-devils in Caucasia. Besides, giants who emerged here, harmed to Caucasian nations, Gog-Magog, emerged after Noah’s Flood and exit gate was closed by Dhul-Qarnayn. We consider these giants are “residual giants” who fled away from the Flood and hided in Caucasian Mountains.

7) Noah’s Flood is not just submerging of the Earth. That is a consequence and this provided removing and covering of civilization before Noah. In order for occurring such a global Flood, these are required; “collision of a plenty of comets to Earth, continuous releasing steam to atmosphere, at the consequence of increasing heat and pressure of magma; existence of severe earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, sinking some lands and ascending some lands or mountains.” Here, beforehand Earth was submerged, enormous disasters happened. Today, some inland seas like The Black Sea was formed throughout Noah’s Flood, said the acknowledged experts.  

Thus, Lemuria continent was sunken, a part of Mu nation and land was destroyed, and then Atlantis continent was sunken; beforehand earth had globally submerged. With the collision of comets, both Lemuria-Mu-Atlantis nations and a party of “giants” in the ground had been destroyed. Other party was sunken, as well, with the underground caves or jailed into the mountains.

They will proliferate until the day which Allah promised will bring, and to the end of Approaching Hour, likewise before Noah’s Floodwith the period “severe earthquakes-volcanic eruptions, splitting mountains, going down or ascending lands from seas” they will be coming, and swarming from every hills.

8) One of the essential two societies’ center or region is, as we mentioned above, Asia, the other one is Atlantic Ocean. Hence, there are a few signs about some of giants were being destructed; some of giants did hide in these two regions. So, we can talk about three possible place in which Gog-Magog hided: First one is; where is known as the roof of Earth and consists of high mountains Tibet Plato; particularly southern Tibet Himalayas, or Pacific Ocean in the east Asia. The second one is; northern AtlanticIcelandScandinaviaEngland triangle. The third one is; close to Derbent at the border Daghistan-Azerbaijan; the region Shah-Tufan-Red Cliff Caucasian mountains.

Although it is understood from the Qur’an that GogMagog is hidden “underground”; to estimate their place is very hard. In this case, what we have done is just estimating based upon few signs. There are a lot of things regarding the third center Caucasia or “Kaf Mountain”, however that is as extensive as being subject of another study. We attract attention here to some points, in a nutshell.

Hence, 36th verse of Surah KAF is so meaningful. In addition, name of surah KAF, also there is a token of underground shelters of Gog-Magog in 36th verse. Here, statement of verse:

But many generations before them did We destroy stronger in power than they! Then (they) did wander through the land: was there any place of escape-salvation for them.

Considering that letter-word “Kaf”; intriguing circumstance would be emerging in connection with “giants”. “Kaf/Kof/Kuf” letter is similar in the languages of ArabicAramaicSyriac and Hebrew. Particularly, its origin is same in Arabic and Hebrew, and has these meanings: “hole”, ” empty”“head-nape”, “pinprick”, “rotten”. Besides, some words are derived from the word “Kaf” in Arabic meanings “to chase”“to pursuit”; in Hebrew meanings is “monkey”.

In a nutshell, the meanings, “rotten-stupid-empty”, “monkey” and “hole” are directly signs to “giants” and “underground tunnels” and “caves” they drove. Moreover, “giants” did came to particularly Caucasia via probably “digging-chasing underground holes-tunnels”Caucasian(Kafkas) Mountains; that is “Kaf” Mountain name is meaningful name and involves in its extents some messages regarding “giants” characteristics. Presently, it is very meaningful that findings of “underground tunnel networks”, studied by Russian scientist in Caucasia.

9) Already, there are some signs and hints in which the journey of Dhul-Qarnayn from West to East, and then to once more West; probably Caucasia. What is the time, aim and signs of news which were given via the verses regarding the journey? Here our interpretation:

The journey had been made after Noah’s Flood, at the time drawdown of the water from Earth, normalizing the life and emerging few Gog-Magog residuals probably in CaucasiaThe message of verses that narrate this journey is revealing residual tribes from Noah’s Floodtheir lands, conditions and geographic regions in which Gog-Magog hided. Hence, when we mention about two regions at “Asia or Eastern Pacific and Northern Atlantic Ocean” in subject 8th, one of the important evidences is messages that verses gave. Here, the significant journey of Dhul-Qarnayn in the Qur’an:

(O Muhammad), they ask thee concerning Zul-qarnain. Say, “I will rehearse and express to you something of his story.”
Verily We established his power-handle on earth, and We gave him the ways and the means to all ends.
One (such) way he followed,

Until, when he reached the setting of the sun, he found it(Sun) set in a spring of murky water: Near it he found a People: We said: “O Zul-qarnain! thou hast authority, either to punish them, or to treat them with kindness.”
He(Zul-qarnain) said: “Whoever doth wrong, him shall we punish; then shall he be sent back to his Lord(Rabb); and He will punish him with a torment unseen-of before.
“But whoever have faith , and works righteousness, he shall have a goodly reward, and easy will be his task as We order it by our Command.”
Then followed he (another) way,
 when he came to the rising of the sun, he found it(Sun) rising on a people for whom We had provided no covering protection(curtain) against the sun.

Then followed he (another) way,
when he reached (a tract) between two walls, he found, beneath them, a people who could not understood almost a word.

Above the messages in KAHF(18)/83-90, 92-93 verses and the name of surah, the fact that meaning of “Kahf” is “cave” is very meaningful. Here, the explanation and messages of verse:

a) Dhul-Qarnayn had gone to West, firstly, where is Atlantic Ocean. The Atlantic continent was sunken by comet collision and volcanic eruptions before Noah’s Flood. Particularly, western of Atlantic Ocean is such hot slime from mud. As Platon stated that “shallow bogs” are in question. The tribe, near Ocean, is a “residual tribe” who survived from the Flood. Allah did authorize to Dhul-Qarnayn, like Enoch(Idris-Khidr): “either to punish them, or to treat them with kindness.” However Dhul-Qarnayn was not tormenting them and telling that they will be tormented at the long future, in fact, referring torment to the Approaching Hour. Generations who will be arriving the Approaching Hour are certainly posterities of such cruel residual tribes. Another intriguing sign in which the journey that made towards WestAtlantic Ocean is made to “underground center” of GogMagog who are Atlantis children

b) Then, he did go from West to East, where Sun rose up; that is East of AsiaPacific Ocean. Thus, there was a tribe that rising Sun on them. This tribe is not sons of Noah but Adam’s sons, residuals from the Flood. He did neither warn this tribe like Western tribe nor torment them and describe them as right tribe. But, the message here is that there is no cover, hill or mountain in order to protect this tribe from the Sun. Here is the Eastern border of Gobi Desert. Between Gobi Desert and Pacific Ocean; from Gobi Desert going to Pacific, level is decreasing, reach to sea; incidentally there is no mountain-hill to protect against the Sun. The second token in this journey is reference to Gog-Magog who are hidden in this region. In this case, there are two “underground Gog-Magog hiding center”, which are both in West and East.

c) Why is constantly accentuated the Sun by stating “setting of Sun”“rising of Sun”Surely, there is a direction notice as well as another message, in our opinion, which is those two “residual tribes” ancestors are AtlantisMu and the religion is “Sun(Ra)” religion. Emphasis of the Sun constantly evocates Mu-Atlantis and “Sun religion”, and gives coordinate of Gog-Magog.

d) After the EastDhul-Qarnayn came to Caucasia by following such a way. Arrived between two mountains; that is two settings, met a tribe outside the wall, who were almost deprived of a language that explained subject and understand the word. Thus, Flood residual tribe whose language was not much developed. However, the tribe probably deserved assistance, and better than tribes in West and East. They requested from Dhul-Qarnayn to make a setting that could protect them from Gog-Magog harm, who were scathing them. And Dhul-Qarnayn made this wall.
Here, where is the aforesaid place? A hadith from “Great Hadith Corpus” states that where is, in our opinion, Caucasia and Kaf Mountain in which iron and ironworking were from of old widespread. That is the narration of a companion:

“He told Abu Bakr he had gone to a country, its people only striving with iron. He entered a house. Heard a voice that he had never heard before when sun was setting. He said; ‘I am afraid’, and house owner replied: ‘Do not be afraid! It does not harm you. Because, this is the voice of tribe(Gog-Magog) who left from the Wall right now. Do you like to see it?’ and I said ‘Yes’. Immediately, I went to look it; iron brick in its structure seems a huge rock. It was like an ice in color of ink. Its tacks remind enormous timbers. I saw the Prophet (saw) and narrated that. He pleased; ‘Tell me that.’ and I replied: ‘It was just like an ice in color of ink.’ He said: ‘Who wants to see somebody who had already seen the wall, may look at this man.'”
(Rudani, V.5, H.no: 9191)

10) Where Dhul-Qarnayn came from East is Caucasia. Closure of Gog-Magog with a wall, probably in Kaf Mountain is another evidence of the fact that they are hidden in caves and mountains. Kafkas(Caucasia) word is fundamentally consisting of two syllables which are Kaf and Kas. First one is “Kaf” that is the name of Mountain in mythology in which it is mentioned as “Kaf Mountain” and “Behind of Kaf Mountain”. “Kas” is the nations who lived there. Etymologically it is claimed that the word is linked with “ketş, ketiş, kedş, kedoş”. “Kedoş” means holy in Hebrew. Besides, “kas” word means “throne, sultanate, shah” in Hebrew, which is related to Shah Mountains that is one of the most famous among Caucasian Mountains. Even, today in Azerbaijan near to Shah Mountain, there are “7 villages”, each has own language-tradition, no similarity and no possible to reach their roots. These ancient villages called as Shah Mountain people. When “Khinalug” village is considered amid those “7 villages”, near Shah-Tufan-Red Cliff mountains triad, an impression is given that their history is extending before Noah’s Flood. In all Azeri sources, “Khinalug Village”, amidst the Shah people, is narrated like below:

Ketş people at the time Noah’s Flood had been living on Ketş Mountains. When an earthquake occurred, no house did survive, all was destroyed. Survivors refuged to a small hill crossing the river; thus, Khinalug emerged.”

Here are the messages of Dhul-Qarnayn in the language of Qur’an, when he was doing what tribe wants; he “found the tribe” near “two walls” he came:

They said: “O Zul-qarnain! Gog and Magog (People) do great mischief on earth: shall we then render thee tribute in order that thou erect a barrier between us and them?
Zul-qarnain said: “(The power)handle in which my Lord has established me is better: Help me therefore with strength, I will erect a strong barrier between you and them:
“Bring me blocks of iron.”
 At length, when he had filled up the space between the two steep mountain-sides, He said, “Blow(incite) until when he had made it as fire, he said: “Bring me, that I may pour over it, molten lead.”
Thus were they made powerless to scale it or to dig through it.
(Zul-qarnain) said:
 “This is a mercy from my Lord(Rabb): But when the promise of my Lord comes to pass, He will make barrier(wall) into dust; and the promise(Gog-Magog) of my Lord is true.”
On that day We shall leave them
(Gog-Magog) to surge like waves on one another(who covering the Truth): the trumpet will be blown, and We shall collect them all together.

Gog-Magog event, who emerged in Kaf Mountain and their exit place or cave was closed by Dhul-Qarnayn, shed light on us in order to reach true results. To wrap up, a party of Gog-Magog(giants) who fled away from mankind, refuge giant caves in which Northern mountains, they were destroyed due to pre-deluge calamities; the other part of giants were sunken with “the underground cave cities in which they hided”.  

As far the “giants” in Kaf Mountain, we may think that they sheltered from the Flood, and survived. Another circumstance is, as in subject 8th, from “Kaf/Kof/Kuf” letter; derivatives are “to follow”, “to pursuit”; this tell us “giants” did come from East or Northwest by “following-digging underground holes-tunnels” towards their exit cave in Kaf Mountain. Eventually, we believe in that those “giants”, emerged after the Flood in Kaf Mountain, did not proliferate in this region, and they are “hidden residual giants” there.

11) Who is “Dhul-Qarnayn”Dhul-Qarnayn is man of two eras. At the line on which before and after the Flood eras were united. Dhul-Qarnayn or Zul-qarnain is an Arabic word, and an adjective that consisted of merging “Zu” and “Qarnain” words. “Zu” means owner. “Qarnain” is the binary(twosome) condition of the word “Qarn”“Qarn” means; “horn, generation, century, era, time”. In that case, “ZulQarnain” means; “two horned one, two generated one, two-timed one”. We would prefer “possessor of two times” meaning and state “Dhul-Qarnayn” as “two timed prophet” who has given knowledge by Eternal Almighty.

He had gone to West and East; such gone forward and back in the time. But the essential meaning is who lived in two times, two-timed one; for us, Enoch(Idris). As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, the Qur’an divides into two the history of humanity. The first one, from Adam to Noah, second one is from Noah to the Approaching HourIdris is the Prophet in both time periods, who “raised to the angel dimension”. Considering that the subject 10th, verses KAHF(18)/83-90; speech style of DhulQarnayn and his power that is given is completely corresponding to Enoch(Idris). Enoch, who is given wisdom, handle-power from Allah and uses all ways, IdrisKhidr. Analyzing that story of Idris(Khidr)-Musa; perfection and speech style, i.e. “we did that”, refers to Idris. Furthermore, Dhul-Qarnayn is not a name but an adjective, and this ideally represents Idris.

Glossators, who explained Dhul-Qarnayn as Alexander, are in completely fallacy. Also, this is a grand mistake. Alexander and Dhul-Qarnayn are distant such as West and East. Alexander is even close neither prophecy nor “Islam Nation”. This common fallacy is an evidence that how Ancient Greek and its devilish philosophy affected Islamic scholars. Moreover, presuming of MongolsChinasTurks; namely sons of Japheth, who are sons of Noah, as Gog-Magog is another great fallacy and a historical mistake.

In this case, other religion members; particularly Jews and Christians have seen theirselves as saved ones in the Approaching Hour; and declared all their enemies as Ye’gog-Me’gog in proportion to grudge in their hearts. Those are deceptions and rooks, and in fact another name of “That Day” is “Day of Delusion”.

12) At the end, we are telling that when the time-phase, Eternal Almighty Allah in the Approaching Hour, has come; due to collisions of cometsthe ground will be splitting, mountains will be sinking, lifting and emerging Gog-Magog. Almost, those creatures, opponents of mankind, who greedily prepare for “That Day”, geometrically proliferate, will be emerging and swiftly swarming from every hill. Below, beforehand ‘the Day’ will come, a part of the Qur’an verses that urgently warn related to the subject:

(Zul-qarnain) said: “This is a mercy from my Lord: But when the promise of my Lord comes to pass, He will make barrier(wall) into dust; and the promise(Gog-Magog) of my Lord is true.”
On that day We shall leave them
(Gog-Magog) to surge like waves on one another(who covering the Truth): the trumpet will be blown, and We shall collect them all together.

But there is a ban(haram) on a population(sons of Israel) to destroy them: that they shall not return (to the True).
Until the Gog and Magog are let through, and they swiftly swarm from every hill.

Then will the true ‘promise’(destruction) draw nigh: then behold! the eyes of the those who are covering the truth will fixedly stare in horror: “Ah! Woe to us! we were indeed unaware of this(destruction); nay, we  truly are unjusts!” they say.

Here, those who want to know that what extent strong and severe True Threat “Gog-Magog attack” in the Approaching Hour may read once more the “Gog-Magog” part of our Site, “GOG-MAGOG IN THE QUR’AN”, “GOG-MAGOG IN THE HADITH”, AND “GOG-MAGOG IN TORAH”“verses, hadiths and states”.

To conclude, everybody should know that “That Day”, we mentioned, and constantly be mentioned in the Qur’an and even Torah, not “the 2nd Hour which is Factual Apocalypse”, but “the 1th Hour”, and surely the life will be maintain after “Gog-Magog” attack. And certainly, those cruel creatures will be destroyed like cruel nations that they will destroy.

O! Our Lord who all most true knowing, and duly treating to all creatures that He created, “You are Eternal Almighty”! O, Eternal Almighty who penetrates into everything with the Al-Latif attribution; holds all creatures’ lives-deaths and punishmentsWe taking refuging in Your Mercy, We supplicating You; from approaching “torment of That Day” and “mischief of Anti-Christ(Dajjal)”.

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