Colorado is called God’s Country

Why is Colorado called “God’s Country”? I first heard the expression from my Grandpa, who spent his life camping, skiing and hunting on the Western Slope when herds of deer still outnumbered the humans who populated the area. He wasn’t boastful or even poetic. Just matter-of-fact. Colorado is as close to the divine as it gets.

Dozens of references and superlatives later, I still haven’t figured out the origin of the term. The physical beauty of the state is obvious. Colorado’s 54 perpetually snowcapped summits, towering more than 14,000 feet are nothing short of miraculous. Even the Ute Indians, who arrived in the state over 1,000 years ago, named their sacred grounds near Pike’s Peak “Garden of the Gods.”

But then again, there are a lot of nice places around the planet that could be heavenly hangouts. What’s certain is that when you’re in the state, awed by the magnificent scenery, it’s hard to dispute – Colorado is God’s Country.

Earl E. Bennett – aka “Grandpa” – skiing circa 1930.

Spending a few hours coming upon one lovely site after another is sheer joy. The polished lakes reflecting sapphire skies and glaciers are unforgettable. It’s impossible not to feel a kind of spiritual connection with the land and its natural wonders. Just like Grandpa said……

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