‘a wild Irishman’ in Gaelic is ‘a black Irishman’

Ireland is a place of my families’ origins. While I have never walked its sod, there is a strange beaconing call from those distant shores that have haunted me throughout my life. When I was in college I was befriended by a big husky black star of the school’s football team who referred to me as his “black Irish pal” when we tipped beer together.

I didn’t realize until much later that his reference to the black Irish went deep into the history of Ireland. It seems that among the very ancient settlers to that haunting place were the TWA, a tribe of black pygmies that migrated north from Africa and made the island nation their home.

Historical research strongly suggests the TWA may have been the very first humans to live in Northern Ireland and they were there long before the Druids and the influence of the Roman Catholic Church. Some trace their history to over 10,000 years BC. 

Other cultures migrated to Ireland in later times, mostly from the Middle East and Eastern Europe. A gene study led by Dan Bradley of Trinity College in Dublin, traces the origins of ancient Irish genomes to Spain and Sardinia. Other ancestry was found to have originated in a region now known as Russia and the Ukraine.

Consequently we find that as proud as the Irish are about their heritage, they appear to be a genetic mix of peoples from throughout Europe, the Middle East and Asia. The only true Irish heritage may be traced to the TWA people, who still inhabit the jungles in various parts of Africa.

So if the TWA pygmy people were the first settlers, why are there none living in Ireland today? Believe it or not we have St. Patrick to thank for that. The old story of St. Patrick driving the snakes out of Ireland appears to be a twisted version of a mass genocide Patrick led against the TWA. 

It is said the TWA wore a Uraeus, a particular hat showing a snake image which is also found on the heads of the images of the Kings and Queens of ancient Egypt. Thus St. Patrick is apparently celebrated by the Catholic Church for his work in the mass slaughter of the TWA throughout Northern Ireland.

The existence of the TWA also is reflected in many of the Irish legends that were passed down by the Druids to contemporary times. The story of the Leprechaun, or a type of fairy that dressed in a green coat and who saved cold coins in a pot is a reflection of the diminutive people who were craftsmen in their time. It was said they had special knowledge of medicine, metallurgy, textile and shoe-making which the Caucasians perceived as “magical.”

Whatever wealth the TWA possessed was obviously seized in the mass genocide that occurred under the direction of Patrick who acted on behalf of the Catholic Church. Author David MacRitchie, in his book Ancient and Modern Britons, wrote “that the wild tribes of Ireland were black men is hinted by the fact that ‘a wild Irishman’ is in Gaelic ‘a black Irishman (Dubh Eireannach).” The word Dubh in Gaelic means Black.

The old story of St. Patrick’s evil deeds are twisted in the historical record to state that the man saved the people of Ireland from deadly serpents. But there is no evidence that snakes ever were found on the island nation. 

There is strong evidence that the Pharaohs and Kings of Egypt also were, at one time, black skinned people rather than Caucasian, as our history books make it appear. That these royal people are shown in ancient Egyptian art also wearing the Uraeus, or head piece with the head of a snake showing, may be significant.

In many African cultures the serpent is not a symbol of evil, as it is in the Christian world. For them it is a symbol of eternal life, of regeneration, power, protection and wisdom.

Because the indigenous people of Ireland were African and dark skinned, there has been a general misconception that they were Pagan. This appears to be untrue. They may have been more culturally advanced than the European raiders who eventually took over their land and drove them out.

We should think about this the next time St. Patrick’s Day comes around. It appears that we are celebrating the mass murder of an entire race of people on orders from the Vatican.


  1. Salud Michael 👏

    Most excellent article. You sure have a way of articulating your words. I thoroughly enjoyed the summation. It was spot on and well written.

    Thank you cousin for speaking truth. ☘️

  2. Are you serious ?
    I was under the impression that the term ‘ black Irish ‘ was a reference to the emergence of dark skinned children following the Spanish Armada catastrophe when hundreds of dark skinned sailors washed up on the shores of West Ireland coastline. This was most obvious in Co Mayo.They settled and interbred with the indigenous west coast peoples.

    Of course, it is not as well researched as your post- more details of the TWA would be helpful perhaps?

    Meanwhile, I will hold my breath ….

    1. You don’t have to hold your breath too long. The TWA is actually called the Batwa tribe. They are little people. They wore Dreadlocks – Now you know why mythological academic scholars refer to Greek Medusa as having Snakes as hair. This story, among others is 100% related to the Batwa of Ireland. Dreadlocks, when dancing around would resemble the image or appearance of snakes atop of the head.

      For further investigation, study Human Anatomy of the head. Golgotha, Sheol, and Calvary all mean Skull – this should be where you should began. Why else do you think the aristocratic societies known as esoterics removed as many artifacts from ancient Egypt (Khemet in African language)? It was obviously to study them and create stories or mythologies from them.
      Author David Talbot wrote a book relating to ancient Egypt and many other cultures around the world, all whom have had their artifacts removed by the British Monarchs. In his book, he makes it easy for even a beginner researcher to gain the insight to what has actually taken place and he shows this due to symbolism.

      Back to anatomy….Within your brain at the stem behind the ear resides PTAH/PTHA (opthalmic region in Greek). Opthalmic region is where the Pineal Gland is located (inside the cave of Brahma) The Pineal Gland is the singular “cyclops” eye when the other two KA’s have been united (KA- Consciousness and Subconscious aka Yin & Yang ☯️, and/or the place where the serpent’s in your lower spine aka “sacrum” begin their journey and rise to the basal as one…combined. The journey to the upper region, up the Basal to the Ganglia to light the Fire/PYRe (Yod) within the mind aka Raising the Phoenix from the ashes…

      Basilica comes from Basal and means snake, serpent, dragon according to the Proto-Indo-European linguistics.

      etymonline.com is a very useful source.

      Moses holds on the erected cross the snake above the two cross beams in imagery. The snake or rather the King Cobra depicts the two eyes on its back as similar to our eyes. When in the Know/Yoga/Unison they become the One eye. The eye of the Cy-clops.
      (Psy, Sai, Cy, Scy, Sci, Zi, Psy-che…Psy-chedelic…Think of the Bindi dot the people of India wear…centered in the forehead…symbolic of the snake….”Snake Eyes” Nicholas Cage film.

      Pa comes from the word Ba linguistically and etymologically. Pa-Ga-N. The letter K is original. Next came the letters C, G, and Q and all produce similar sounds as the Khemetic letter K. Now we really begin to see…PaGan = BaKa-N, Now think Kabbalah (let’s not be redundant with the letter B) Simply put – Ka-Ba-Lah…Ka (2), Ba, created by the joing of the Ka’s, Lah/La – Solfeggio/Solfege= Vibrations and Frequency…

      Think of the beer “Dos Equis” Etymologically speaking, Equis means Snake. (2 X,’s – or 2 Snakes) – Ancient symbology of Wisdom. XI = Chi. Chi, is same as Qi, KI, Prana, Energy (Inner Chi)
      Druids were Batwa’s – Sages, Magi, Visionaries and Druid is literally a reference to the Magi for it means Tru-Wid as in Tru-Wis-dom(e). The dome is inside your Skull 💀. This is why Wizards are seen with Long hair and Long Beards…Old men…Wise Old Men…

      Back to the Kundalini Serpent Fire – this takes place when you send the Ida and Pingala (dos) up the spine – they resemble two snakes – up the stairway of heaven, 33 Vertebrae…the Basal region (Hindu – Ganesha’s Trunk) aka the Neck…
      7 nerve endings in the sacrum of your spine near the cocyx. 26 vertebrae in the human spine – 26+7=33 degrees…to the Basal region to unite the Kundalini Fire within the 3rd Eye…

      On a side note, Vatican comes from the Vatica/Vatika…research that for further truth.

      Both the words Dubh and Swarthy mean Black as does the word Blæc/Blaec.

      As the Bi-Bull states, we all do come from Alkebulan (Africa/Afrika) but in a more genuine sense, Black people’s came from Africa and we, all other humans come from Black people’s….No white person can create a black person. Albinoism comes from Black people…we, all of humanity have had the wool pulled over our eyes for quite sometime…by the people in power…

      Game of Thrones – Daenerys Targaryen – “Mother of Dragons” – the Mother has been recreated as ugly, evil and wicked by Catholic religion, but nothing could be further from the truth…. Notice the word Daenerys – see the a and e, put them together and tell me what culture created that “æ”, now you know whose in power…

      Both the Batwa and the Fomorians/Formorians (Moor’s) resided in ancient Ireland prior to any other humans. The Lebor Gabala confirms the Fomorians were there as the Tuathe De Dannan overthrew them. They also sent the little people (leprechaun’s/wicked tricksters to the nether (Neter) world. What a trick on word play…The Khemetic peoples of Ancient Egypt called their God, Neter (NTR, Nebertcher, NTCHR) Their Tree of life, before the Yggdrasil and Kabbalah Trees, was known as the Paut Neteru….when you research to disprove me or to learn, you will quickly realize the similarities….

      As the late Tupac Shakur said, “Realize, Realize Realize” which meant….Real Eyes, Realize, Real Lies…

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