Amorica and America

When I was in Third Grade we were studying Early American History. It came right after a three-week session on the Spanish Conquest and the European colonization of the Caribbean, Meso-America, and Mexico. Whew! I was thinking I knew more about South America than North America when my teacher, Mrs. Sampson (an otherwise reliable adult) told me that America was named after an Italian mapmaker called Amerigo Vespucci. No doubt most of the rest of you have been told this same ridiculous lie? There are probably school teachers reading this who are still teaching this same drivel? America is named after Amorica, a region of far western France facing the English Channel and more or less directly east of Northumbria, the ancient ancestral home of the Amoricans, The Amoricans come from coastal Normandy and they are the ones who discovered and populated North America — hence the name, “America” is just an English transliteration of the French Tribal Name, Amorica. This is an inconvenient fact because the Amoricans have always been allied with the King of Gaul and the same Barons of Normandy who beat the crap out of England in 1066. The King of Gaul’s home has always been the Auvergne province of France, where the ruins of Camelot (“the charmed land”) are, where Lancelot returned after the disaster of King Arthur fame. There is a very good reason why Camelot has never been found in Britain and never will be. It’s not there. It’s French, not British. Look at the words: “Camelot” and “Lancelot”. Think that is just a coincidence? Do those look like British words? Amorica and America. Lancelot and Camelot. The common people of England captured the story of Arthur’s Round Table and kept it alive and Anglicized it, though none of the principals in the whole story were English. Arthur was the grandson of a brutal Irish privateer who conquered a large segment of modern day Wales. Not English. Guinnivere, the White Owl, was Celtic French, part of the same ruling family as Lancelot; she was heir of the Kingdom of Powys in central England. Not an Englishman among them. But they were all greatly impacted by the Roman occupation of England and by the arrival of Christianity and they were all allied against the invading Norsemen who ravaged the coasts of both England and France. We know the truth. The Holy See knows the truth. There are plenty of others still alive upon the Earth who know the truth, too. Why don’t you? So when I am told (with a straight face) that the Vatican owns the name “America” and by assumption, owns this whole country — I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. Are we all so gullible as to believe this? Let me tell you all for a fact and for your profit, the Amoricans were a Celtic Tribe and had their name before the City of Rome was founded. The English knew the “Americans” and traded with them long, long before Julius Caesar arrived in England. The land of the Amoricans in Normandy was never conquered by Rome. Quite the opposite. They allied with the Visigoths and kicked Roman butt clear back across the Rubicon. They sacked Rome and carried the plunder clear to China. The whole idea that the Holy See — or their Property Managers at the Vatican– either one, have any valid claim to own the name “America” is the kind of Big Lie that makes one suck in breath just because it is so wildly audacious and so completely bogus. It makes the Amerigo Vespucci Whopper look small by comparison. Remember that you are dealing with those who worship The Father of All Lies. Take nothing they say seriously. Look diligently for the truth in all things. The Belle Chers and the Amoricans / Americans have never been conquered in war by the Romans, by the Holy See, or the Holy Roman Empire, either. Guilleroi de Lancelot du Lac (Lancelot’s actual name) handed them their heads in 506 AD. William the Conqueror did the same in 1066 AD. And William Belcher did the same in 1781 AD. Three times and out. They have no legs left to stand on. And so, why do you suppose the Marquis de Lafayette came to our aid during the Revolution? Because he was the French Heir to the King of Gaul from the same ancient Kingdom of the Auvergne, Camelot. He came to the aid of his kinsman, William Belcher. And together, they beat the Vermin bloody once again. It is tiresome to even speak of all this. It is settled and done and well-won and over. We are not going to go through any more terrestrial argument over this. Our King, the true King of Heaven, the Creator, is triumphant; the Liars are just Liars, as they were and are and always have been. As a good polite child, I didn’t tell my teacher, Mrs. Sampson, that she was full of #$%$# —– but that does not change the fact that I knew she was. And now you know it, too. America is named for our ancestral homeland, Amorica. And nobody owns that “copyright” but us. All men are set free to know and be their Divine Heritage. Nothing on Earth, no Lie, no Deceit, no Venal Sin is left to betray what will be. Know this, all you people of the Earth: Our flesh is nothing. Our spirit is everything. We burn clear through the lies like so much brush waiting to be consumed. Let those Liars come. Let them come and see what their lies will merit before the King of Kings.

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