Heliocentrism (also known as the Heliocentric model) is the astronomical model in which the Earth and planets revolve around the Sun at the center of the universe. Historically, heliocentrism … More

The Last Slave Trader

Timothy Meaher (1812 – 3 March 1892) was a wealthy Irish-American human trafficker, businessman and landowner. He built and owned the slave-ship Clotilda and was responsible for … More

The Bedouin

The Bedouin, Beduin, or Bedu (/ˈbɛduɪn/; Arabic: بَدْو, romanized: badū, singular بَدَوِي badawī) are nomadic Arab tribes who have historically inhabited the desert regions in the Arabian Peninsula, North Africa, the Levant, and Mesopotamia. The Bedouin originated in the Arabian … More

Ur in Iraq is the birthplace of the patriarch Abraham

Ur (/ʊər/; Sumerian: 𒌶𒆠, 𒋀𒀕𒆠, or 𒋀𒀊𒆠 Urim; Akkadian: 𒋀𒀕𒆠 Uru; Arabic: أُوْر, romanized: ʾūr; Hebrew: אוּר, romanized: ʾūr) was an important Sumerian city-state in ancient Mesopotamia, located at the site of modern Tell el-Muqayyar (Arabic: تل ٱلْمُقَيَّر) in south Iraq’s Dhi Qar Governorate. Although Ur … More


Eber (Hebrew: עֵבֶר‎, romanized: ʿĒḇer; Biblical Greek: Ἔβερ, romanized: Éber; Arabic: عٰابِر, romanized: ʿĀbir) is an ancestor of the Ishmaelites and the Israelites according to the “Table of Nations” in the Book of Genesis (Genesis 10–11) and the Books … More