I got you

Eve Seth was the third son of Adam and Eve and brother of Cain and Abel Enos or Enosh (“mortal … More


Love and your soul are the key to the next dimension. There are many dimensions, we are all of them. … More

God test for me

I believe there is a God (or conscious creator force). Strongly agree. Agree. Neither agree nor disagree. Disagree. Strongly disagree. … More

O Ruairc

Bréifne (the Breffny, Brefnie, Brenny, …) was the traditional territory for an early Irish tribal group known as the Uí … More

My Name, RUARK

Ruark number (RU) is a dimensionless number seen in fluid mechanics. It is defined as: where: density velocity pressure Serviendo … More

The Ruark

A poet wrote of Ferghal: “Since Hector was slain by the Greeks, or since Achilles was slain at pleasant Troy, … More