The NEW Middle East is Coming – Peace is Alive

Trump has said Jerusalem is the capital of Israel, why did he not also make East Jerusalem the capital of Palestine. Because we all know that Trump, Kushner, etc., care not about a Palestine or the Palestinians, nor does Bibi. These actors have played their parts and shown their true faces.

The PLO is still where it began, without a nation or an international community that has the conviction to stand up equally for all people.

West Jerusalem was to always be the capital of Israel (a Jewish State) and East Jerusalem was to always be the capital of an Arab State; it just also requires the Dome of the Rock, Al Aqsa Mosque and the Third Temple on the Holy Mount.

Jerusalem must be neutral and was always going to be a corpus separatum (“separated body”) in the 1947 United Nations Partition Plan for Palestine – according to the plan the city would be placed as an international regime, conferring it a special status due to its shared religious importance.

These are the facts – and that Israel must move back to the borders of 1967 – with land swaps. The Palestinians, Christians, Bahia will not all die, they are real people too – so how can there be a Jewish State with these individuals in the country – they have and will continue to be ostracized, second case citizens – this not democracy, this is theocracy and a dictatorship.

So for peace, we must go back to the future, back to 1947 –

– in British Palestine, British Mesopotamia and French Syria –

and create a NEW Middle East for today:

  • Jerusalem – two equal sides of one independent country, one primarily Jewish and one primarily Arab and Christian – freedom of religion for all – the Knesset is outside the western borders – with uninterrupted southern access on the Arab side including the City of David to the Al Aqsa Mosque and the Dome of the Rock including the Islamic Quarter, the Christian Quarter and the Armenian Quarter with East Jerusalem up to Shu’fat and with passage under Mt. Scopus, reaching from Qalandiya down to Bethlehem – and with uninterrupted northern access and passage over Mt. Scopus on the Jewish side to the Third Temple – to be built next to the Dome of the Rock on the northern part of Mount Moriah – including the Mount of Olives, the old cemetery to Ma’ale Ha-Zeitim and with Mount Zion, the Jewish Quarter and the Western Wall, reaching from Ramat Shlomo down to Homat Shemu’el – Har Homa.
  • Israel – from Rosh HaNikra around the Blue Line, without al-Nawaqir and Arab al-Aramshe, less the Shebaa farms, to the top of the Mount Hermon ski resort with the lower half the Golan Heights (for Genie Oil) around the Sea of Galilee along the Jordan valley to Masu’a up around the West Bank including Ari’el and Ma’ale Adumim with the capitol in the Knesset/Supreme Court in West Jerusalem and then down to Nitzanei Sinai and including the southern Sinai and Tiran Island.
  • West Bank (Fatah) – almost all of the uninterrupted West Bank from al-Manshiyya mosque down to Beersheva including 10 miles of the Jordan river crossing up to Irbid and around the Palestinian refugee camps with 10 miles of coast on the Dead Sea
  • Palestine (Hamas) – including at least a one mile buffer zone around the entire Gaza Strip then down to Nitzanei Sinai and the northern Sinai
  • Bedu – southern end of the Sinai from Wadi Feran to 5 miles north of Sharm El-Sheikh and 15 miles north of Rās Moħammad
  • Acre – from Acre to Nazareth, including all Arab villages, and as a sacred home to Baha’i
  • Greater Egypt with 20,000 sq mi of Cyrenaica and a 15 mile buffer zone along the western Sinai around to Sharm El-Sheikh and including all of the Hala’ib Triangle
  • Jordan – along the Jordan river down to Masalha around the Palestinian refugee camps and all the way down to the tip of the Gulf of Aqaba including Sanafir Island
  • Greater Syria from Damascus to Homs and on to the Euphrates including all of the Syrian Desert
  • Al Qunaitra – from the summit of Mount Hermon with the northern half of Golan Heights down to the Yarmouk, including all the territory Administered by United Nations Disengagement Observer Force (UNDOF)
  • independent Daraa, for beginning the quest for freedom
  • independent As Suwayda – more than half of the territory – for the Druze
  • independent Alewite country north from Addabousiyah including all of Tartus and Latakia for the Assad family or whom they give it to
  • Greater Lebanon with al-Nawaqir and Arab al-Aramshe including Shebaa farms then up the Assy to Homs onto Hamah up to Qastoun
  • independent Tripolitania, as it was during the Ottoman
  • independent Cyrenaica, as it was during the Ottoman, with less 20,000 sq mi
  • independent Fezzan, as it was during the Ottoman

These are independent countries – not slave countries to any other nation.

There are many more changes – Greater Iraq, Greater Turkey, a new Kurdistan, Saudi Arabia with direct access to the Gulf of Aden and the Arabian Sea; and a free and independent Hejaz.

All this is coming if Israel will comply. But, Israel will comply because Israel wants the Third Temple and land for their continued Jewish settlers. Peace is ultimately more profitable than conflict in the long run. Eretz Israel could also drink from the Euphrates, in my plan – just an isolated pocket of land. From the brook of Egypt to the Euphrates.

This plan also provides a solution for Palestinian refugees. I am working on this plan and I will introduce it to the world.

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