Muslim invaders drove out Indian scholars to Tibet Muslim invaders destroyed Buddhist monasteries of Udandapura and Vikramasila (In Bihar region) … More

The Life of Saint Issa

This document is the most talked about document concerning the idea of Jesus traveling to India during his ‘missing years’. … More

Kingdom of Hejaz

The Hashemite Kingdom of Hejaz (Arabic: المملكة الحجازية الهاشمية, Al-Mamlakah al-Ḥijāziyyah Al-Hāshimiyyah) was a state in the Hejaz region in the Middle East that included the western portion … More

Colonial Empires

A colonial empire is a collective of territories (often called colonies), either contiguous with the imperial center or located overseas, settled by the population of a … More

The Hopis of Alcatraz

On the rainy morning of January 3, 1895, a group of Hopi men waited on San Francisco’s Clay Street wharf … More

Hopi History, 1906

The Hopi have lived in a number of autonomous farming villages in northern Arizona for thousands of years. The designation … More

The Oraibi Split 1850-1906

In 1906 three Hopi mesas faced off with each other under the argument of Westernization. Each mesa had different motivations … More

The Oldest Mountain Range

The Makhonjwa Mountains are a range of small mountains and hills that covers an area of 120 by 60 kilometres (75 by … More


Heliocentrism (also known as the Heliocentric model) is the astronomical model in which the Earth and planets revolve around the Sun at the center of the universe. Historically, heliocentrism … More