The Last Slave Trader

Timothy Meaher (1812 – 3 March 1892) was a wealthy Irish-American human trafficker, businessman and landowner. He built and owned the slave-ship Clotilda and was responsible for … More

Hiram Rhodes Revels

Hiram Rhodes Revels (September 27, 1827 – January 16, 1901) was an American politician, minister in the African Methodist Episcopal Church, and a … More

The L’Enfant Plan

The L’Enfant Plan for the city of Washington is the urban plan developed in 1791 by Major Pierre (Peter) Charles L’Enfant for George Washington, the first president of the United … More

Christian European discovery doctrine

The discovery doctrine, also called the doctrine of discovery, is a concept of public international law that was promulgated by Christian European monarchies in order to … More

Madoc – 300 years before Columbus

Madoc, also spelled Madog, ab Owain Gwynedd was, according to folklore, a Welsh prince who sailed to America in 1170, over three hundred years before Christopher Columbus’s … More

George Bird Grinnell

George Bird Grinnell (September 20, 1849 – April 11, 1938) was an American anthropologist, historian, naturalist, and writer. Grinnell was born in Brooklyn, New York, … More