Patriots should not be wasted

From the Author of the BLOG –

I walk through life somewhat fascinated how corruption is at the root of all our society. The leaders have sold their souls and all of ours to the highest bidder. We, as citizens of the United States of America, in the greatest democracy, or at least the foundations of the greatest democracy in modern history, live on our knees, to corrupt charlatans who have enslaved the Planet Earth for far too long. The blood supply is cut off. We do not need your services anymore on this planet. Take your money and go – or take peace. Your weapons have been sold, your victims have been mourned, you can live with all of us equal, or you shall be banished to history. There is only harmony, there is only peace, no surrender. You are either with us or you will be. Evolution is on our side, knowledge will force the most evil to change or die. The truth is non-violent, even with your so-called enemy. If you demand too much, then who do you think you are? If you use lies to stay in power, then you are slowing down the process on human beings evolving into the purpose to which we were born. Your weakness has been your strength and your strength is a house of cards – an illusion. Humans were not meant to be slaves to money. Lives were not created to be destroyed for a price, freedom is at the heart of all life, not some, everyone. Until you understand then you must relinquish your gains, you must continue to loose to creativity and balance, you choose a side of strength that is only for show. Peace is always the better option than war. War is only motivated by deception and lies, every time, no exception. A false-flag is to attack the people and blame it on your enemy in the media, oldest trick in the world. Most people won’t research – so a lie unchecked within 24 hours becomes the truth – in one’s intellect. Lies have fought the life planet for thousands of years. Deception tries to silence positive change, at the heart of the force that tries to make truth a lie, is straight fear. Crying about why you can’t destroy the planet for thousands of years, we do not choose to live our lives that way, so we will evolve past your unnecessary non-sense and cut you out of our dollars. Peace is the natural way, I can’t believe all the human beings that have been led off to war, only to come home knowing that the war was all a lie. Patriots should not be wasted, what is necessary cannot be based on lies. The true bravery of our countrymen cannot be weighed on the scales of profit. We are the change and the world is our canvas.

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