If you chose to be a patriot

If you chose to be a patriot that believes in the concept of America, a true patriot that is willing and prepared to defend the rights of the citizens of the United States, Governments change, true democracy stays the same. The defense of the people is from all those who are attacking. From the beginning, America has been under attack from a white wave, the aborigine people were displaced and eventually almost annihilated. A natural animal, in the buffalo, that was completely almost annihilated. An economy that was propped up by the enslavement of black people from Africa, All the pollution they have dumped on our soil, all the brave souls that they have sent to fight in their bullshit wars. For only 22 years, the U.S. has not been at war with another country. Saying something and doing another is what this country was based upon.

Have they no heart, are they complete frauds, have they lost their souls. Self preservation does not require genocide. Wickedness has many masks, real eyes can see truth at a glance, ears only hear truth, lies become deaf.

So, bravery towards the goal of American patriotism has a responsibility to become involved in the inefficiencies of the current systems, which are many and seem to be overwhelming.

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